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Soundpaint - Bazantar

Feb 23, 2022
it sounded like a whole symphony almost warming up. Hello everyone, my name is dan schmelinski. I share this library with you today. This is the first base I have seen with all of you and it is by far the most unique base I have come across in my many years of playing. the fact that there is only one and that there is only one person in the world who knows how to play it and that Mark Deutsch would be the inventor of the instrument and this bass does not have four strings it does not have five strings he thinks about it 30 things that always bring smiles The biggest draws to my face in sound painting are doing weird combinations of things you never thought you'd be able to do, like having 10 analog synths playing all at once or combining a guitar with a trom. bone or just trying a bunch of different things and this one instrument encompasses all of that mo for me and it's my honor and pleasure to present to you the byzantar in short it started life as a five string double bass and acquired about 30 or so I think there are 33 more strings on the whole instrument, some on the back of the fretboard, others to the side that act as resonators and this instrument is so wild in what it sounds like it's hard to describe, I just want to dive into these parts. uh and i'll show you why it's uh quite the sound and i know you're going to love it it's a lot of fun look what i'm saying it's like this so ah with byzantar we have eight parts we have four types of bow articulations uh a plucked articulation two sustained parts with different types vibrato part and also a plucked part a percussion part and what you're going to notice almost immediately is that this instrument is basically like you have a sitar and a base ehy just working the blend knobs on each one it's like the attack The initial instrument was like, oh, that's clearly a double bass, but then you know that slowly, very slightly, these kinds of upper harmonic resonators kick in, uh, that just makes it sound like that. sort of renaissance almost medieval folky sounding instrument um and it's definitely one of the most amazing sounds I've ever heard so let's take a look at the instrument it almost makes a call and responds with itself uh the initial warmth of an arcing sort of bass sound that I know and love and that's been around my whole life and then this creepy hum comes in the background, it's, uh, it's, it's like nothing I've ever heard before and, uh, let's see these other parts of the arc real quick, so they're two bows a beautifully masked transition between bow down and bow up as a bass player I appreciate that I love some carp it's so sensitive but yet it has all this information in there that I kind of like you know strikes a chord with me Sensitive at least, um, let's see three, that's something, uh, that's like some false harmonic stuff going on as well, you've got all this sympathetic vibration from the resonators and then on top of that the bow. it fades into the background a little bit more so you can see this is going to be a really useful library I mean oh my gosh what a sound and you know the bass itself sounds good just the core bass sound quality I mean that's a that's an ideal bass bow tone for me at least I think sometimes you know when you see instruments that are kind of these hybrid mix shop things sometimes the quality of the core instrument gets lost huh in the effort of creating this Crazy crazy huh and that didn't happen here I mean it's a great arched bass sound um and then the resonators not too overpowering really just add a little extra excitement and travel to the notes The chords are fun I like The bass chords I've arranged for multiple bass ensembles so this is just a treat to bring me back to that part of my brain look four so we're going up in numbers here we are. also getting more arc hits very very cool and i just have to mention the speeds man they went to town i mean there is such a wide range yeah yeah thats ideal i mean it feels super organic and rich and um everything you want out of a library like this man hey I always think of things in synth terms it's like you have the sitar part that's in the background with a slow attack this instrument is literally something I would create in sound painting, you know.
soundpaint   bazantar
Oh let me take a sitar and make it a slow attack and then a double bass. It's crazy to think that this actually exists and sounds like it. I don't know if the brand is a bassist huh it probably is I guess I didn't do my full research but a lot of times when you get double bass libraries the vibrato is usually the cheesiest because it's too wide or too fast and this is just perfect. dialed in the amount of vibrato i mean it's so tasteful let's see another vibrato part and of course it opens the fifth sound awesome it has a renaissance vibe you hear me i mean it's like medieval times it's me i'm all about it and then this part, oh man, this is one that just takes you into a whole different zone for me, um, I think of the aphex twins druks album, I don't know if you're familiar with that, but there's a lot of acoustic flair. uh percussion elements um and it's very evocative of that kind of picado you know something unique it's like what instrument is that where it comes from but it sounds so interesting and it's almost it's melodic without being melodic it's I think it's still possible b e melodious without necessarily being an instrument melodic and this part here is kind of the epitome of that to me look at this just improvise it's amazing it's a rhythmic device I mean you can't just take any of those elements and just know how to combine it with something else like we do so often but you can create a whole rhythm out of that and I mean it transports you transports me well at least it's like time travel you know it's instant transport to just some kind of world that really works for me I'm going to go ahead and play because that was just a bunch of notes i'm going to play straight for this one uh you just can hear all the different kinds of sounds and by the way i don't know the information about rotating shifts for this library but you can tell there are so many little inconsistencies and differences between the articulations of the speeds that there has to be a ton and I mean it's just makes it f I feel like it's much more authentic and alive but this is the library tapped directly, yeah isn't that cool?
soundpaint   bazantar

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I was gathering that in many of those there's like a chromatic grouping of three notes of the same type of sound, so that's very helpful. you've got a lot to work with you know you could definitely a note stretch a lot of that stuff by combining it with something else and I'm sure we'll see a lot of that kind of stuff in the show section as always we get a fair amount of shows here and these are all great i've played them all um i know we want to keep things moving but i have to touch a couple of my favorites um this is just a really beautiful preparation of library trolls tapped is going through a very cool eq and then because of alexi's reverb and of course we have to do that that could stay there that transformation because there's only one part but we have a cc control over the frequency of band 4 so that's oh interesting so it's actually mo by increasing the frequency range it doesn't actually move up and down interesting let's look at that and in between that movement and also just the rotating shifts of this part i mean it's getting a lot of variation on a single note but uh let's do another one let's do another little demo so one thing i didn't notice about it and i noticed as soon as i started playing is we're using an extension of note here so we took a sound from this part and stretched it across the keyboard really, really cool so it sounded like a complete symphony almost warming up going into this uh the piano bode kind of uh hybrid sound i really like this uh would a hidden gem so you need this this library and uh the combo just sounds really really nice and there's some great stuff on the mod wheel so let's take a look oh the low end is so good but that's such a touch nice, the second part isn't even there, but it's really doing something. amazing support work comes out when you lift the mod wheel wow wait ok yeah that's a very different sound so almost a little bit of aggression and added just grunge uh to this this uh program right here is so cool , it's fun so it features some I think spoken uh recordings from belgium it seems um so we talked a little earlier about how uh you know these things are kind of transformative and really transport you to places uh I could hear this almost anywhere um ya you know geo type world from a documentary score or something it's so lovely it's a really beautiful show from the trolls here oh before you play just check this out the mod wheel actually controls the transform so that we are transforming the


sound into spoken word so you can are getting literal formant sounds from the byzantar of this morph it's not that amazing if we push it to the bottom it's just byzantar so maybe see ez if you were scoring something maybe you'd start with the bass sound and then slowly start to bring in a little bit of squeal which would be very very effective something like this yeah really cool that's just ah it gives me the creeps I love it, this is called a film ensemble and it sounds a lot like a film orchestra.
soundpaint   bazantar
I'm a big fan of many bases so base bands are a place of my heart and so I grew up listening to base bands and big bass ensembles so I really like this show it resonates with me a lot as well that and with all that sympathetic vibration, all that kind of thing that exists, you're alive, it's beautiful, it's evocative, it's just oh man, so sweet, let's see the gate distortion, so even though we're not there, the wet and dry mix The gating is stays the same but the analog distortion is coming up with the mod wheel so it's getting more feeding and getting a little bit more biting and aggressive it's a great program let's see the good dreams of I think I think the mr nick emrad great it's been a while since we've used the spread delay excited about that on a shiny reverb and this is our ripped part very very nice just a little wet for my taste lets turn it down just a touch that's great i'm not gonna even try pronouncing this as no hip i don't know what it means but we have a morph part and uh two additional parts wow there's a lot going on here holy cow nice let's look at this cool option to put a filter on that it's kind of an interesting effect, i think it works for me, that filter is really really cool, it just gives a little bit of roundness, maybe if you're doing something a little more in the background of a score or something that could be really really cool, but uh cool so hey this is one of mine it's called a drum drone and uh take one of the uh played parts stretch out a note and then um we have just the uh sustain library also going through a filter analog so i literally just said oh i want i never put a filter put a filter on it so there you go and then through an eq lexi reverb into a brilliant reverb and the matrix does some fun stuff too so actually I don't remember how they sound to this, so we'll find out together, sure, it's fun.
soundpaint   bazantar
Here's one of the trolls using an inverted uh part sound here in pluck so you can invert your parts here in this menu or you can go and do it. I believe in displacement. play there the same thing but uh yeah let's hear how it sounds actually i just wanna hear the inverted layer first oh that's cool that's really cool and we got a little trace of uh lexi in there to say oh i wanna Listen to how the delay sounds. I like that delay, maybe a little less and then the main part, so basically we're going to have part one transitioning into part two, so it's going to be an arc and then it's going to have a slow fade out of part two. that's going to be really effective in a nice chord I love that I love tha It's a lot and it's going to be kind of like a rhythmic pattern, maybe you know that anything else you build around it can be driven off of that kind of natural tempo, uh, very good, ah, this is one of my favorites. when i was doing these uh revival times and only two layers morphed here i think i did a yeah a stretch note um and we're morphing the sustain layer into the percussion layer so yeah so you're getting the attack but it's pretty clear you've got an arching layer in there and then I chorused it through a reverb and to me it's just some kind of happy renaissance sound um folksy let's take a look at the sensual oh this is just a layer from i love love it with just a little bulge here and oh and i notice a note is stretched oh interesting so the trolls must have really liked the way this note came out and they decided to stretch it across the entire bed of keys because this is so you know that it's intricately sampled, that you know that some notes are going to speak differently than others, and so if you're looking for a sultry or more even sound, maybe you want to try ex experiment with stretching a note in libraries. where or in parts rather where you know that alreadyit's sampled for each note just to see what kind of sounds you get wow a very cool sounds softer to me i think i'm getting more of uh i mean sensual is the right word but um really cool from the trolls go in and find one uh specific note to stretch that's awesome something i wouldn't have thought to do and then finally stick a vertical stick to this one i love this one uh we have a dobro guitar here sticks from the library bastard bastard uh and then the uh the uh ripping the zamtar going through an eq and a lexi reverb not to be missed with that combo beautiful beautiful i mean the guitar layer just does a lot in there i want to kind of isolate it by adding even more types of resonator sounds from siting to a library that already has a lot of baking in it naturally and then adding these sticks for an extra punch it's really good in the mix we got over 7db here such an effective program i love it do it so now let's go ahead and make our own sound I'm going to go back to the parts section and my instinct is to go with something a little punchy something a little gritty I think that played uh part it's so cool I really just want to dive in and find a good attack sound and using it on one note this is a trick I've used in past demos and I think it's really the most effective way to get an attack that really works it relates to the whole instrument as something consistent uh when you start going in, you know different directions with the parts you choose, so I'll try to take a tapping fit and then maybe even layer it. uh the part uh ripped off too just to hear what t two of those sound together but let's find a note here I like it because it has a bit of a punch um but it also has a low resonance and it's tonal so it will add even more resonance.
I like that one I'll stick with that let's do a note spread then if we're going to do a pitch right because if it's going to have pitch I want it to scale across the entire keyboard I'd like to hear what that sounds like combined with the plucked part this is that easy ok see ya next time no im kidding ok we gonna do too much somehow here um that really works man those complement each other alright, maybe turn down the volume the best way to do this, by the way, you know? I pick the sound that I want to be my um, my leading tone, so that's going to be the dotted sound and just slowly turn the volume up and see where it's at and let's say I want this to be something that I have the ability to ty to increase my amount of attack or shaping my notes a bit, I could go ahead and assign the midi cc wheel starting where I ended up, which I think was about three negatives or so and then maybe, maybe go up, maybe more three or more four db so I can get this kind of accent from the mod wheel let's check it out to keep the speed the same and I'll turn the mod wheel up just to really accent how much I'm bringing it up I think we can go even further let's try more seven when in doubt always uh plus or minus three db is a good starting point i like that cool nice i got a really dynamic instrument here and then you pair it with just the natural speed of your fingers huh and it's really going to starting to sound great the other day i was watching turt's wonderful uh guitar demo and i'm tempted to see that dobro really inspired me i want to see what maybe a um what's in the same ballpark is this sound i would say pr Probably Palm Mute, but I'm not sure, let's check it out, let's just listen to what that guitar layer sounds like. the plucked part really complements it well, it's a nice soft shade so i'll keep it there.
I want even more attack. I'm turning our mod wheel down. How can I get more attack? It would be too much to add Turt's attack. I'm just going to click and listen to how things sound. Don't think that's too much. db turn that down a couple db and I might even do the same mod wheel trick here so now it's going to be really a little sloppy which is the sound I'm definitely going to go for um and then let's bring these guys over from turn around and see what sounds good i notice our volume here on top is getting a bit distorted so sometimes if i have custom setups of various midi cc things and i don't want to go and redo the volume i just i take the volume now on top and sort of turn it down a bit i think i want to do just a little bit with the pan so what would that make sense to me?
Obviously, you know this cape touched here and the attack stuff here. center because it just cuts through and then I'm thinking about having part three and part two uh ride them up a bit maybe turn left thirty percent there's no rhyme or real reason for this you know just do what I have sense if things start to sound weird well let's push it come on 40 yeah and then 40 i like to balance sometimes the balance doesn't work though i mean you know maybe this sound is a little louder cut a little more and you need to kind of pan back a little bit okay whatever works for you Great that's really good oh and let's set up some envelopes why not okay?
So let's see what would make sense for each part, the first part, it's just a hit and I think there's an odd amount of pitch here, maybe just a little safe, the second part. We're going to have some reverbs here in a second so I don't want it to be too long that works for me the third part yeah I might even turn this volume up a little bit more sure it works and finally the fourth part super Slappy alright so I almost want to say it doesn't even matter it's really just an attack so we'll leave it yeah so now that we've fine tuned the shape of them I think the next step is probably something. eq you know we have so much resonance and so much low mid frequency stuff I think we need to cut a little maybe even on the low end keep it at zero just listen to how that sounds oh that makes a big difference check that it really clears things up and I don't want to lose too much bass so I think you know, maybe just a little bit of boost.
I like this 128 region 125 that will generally stay out of the reach of any hype or hype or anything. it's going to want in that region but it's going to preserve the tonality of the instrument and then you know why we're not going to do a little bit of a high shelf yeah so just two little tweaks will get this even more out of the mud and uh really make that everything gels up super nice and I'm actually going to do my favorite little trick here and just crank it up so it was about five db is where we want to start let's do like maybe another 5 db boost when we move the mod wheel yeah like that that we've got a really dynamic instrument here starting to take a nice shape, um, where else can we go from here?
Well, we could add a reverb and call it a day, but I think maybe it would be fun, um, to experiment with maybe hmm that we can do that we can do we go to our uh our scare on or the most sustained layer that we have, that it's probably the second part yeah and let's try an lfo um just to improve the um a little bit you know maybe we can even control it with the mod wheel but I love adding just a little bit of vibrato on these well sounds here because you know it's a stringed instrument, why not?
And I usually find vibrato like this to be a good range around here, yeah I like that and then, um, let's make our cc this guy and move on. turn it up a bit maybe like 40 ish and then make it full by the end so let's see how it sounds very subtle but it works I like that I really like it and let's get everything going again and hear how it sounds ah me love that kind of sound, but you're not losing definition in the bass, it's not saturating the treble too much, it's just punchy, it's very nice, it's like the best part of a base, uh, a percussive hit. and um almost like a bass drum uh sitar it's just I like this perfect mix of things going on right now and I'm super into it I'm really happy with where things are I mean I have a super clear crisp attack and defined, and also just a nice bunch of frequencies that work really well together. it's a really beautiful instrument and with parts like this you know if i'm building something inside the byzantar library i don't want to do too much you know there's one gene too much i tend to have it in a lot of things i think one thing that might sound good is a little bit of compression because when I play soft I almost want to get that modern kind of piano pop sound out of it um oh hi there's a preset called piano pop let's see if that gets us anywhere in the ballpark yeah that really bolsters it very very ok i could dial it back just a touch at the threshold and then i think we should finish it off with a really nice reverb um let's see you know i'm almost interested let's play along for just a second we can absolutely drop this line of thought , but I just want to see what a little bandpass filter would sound like, like you know we're dealing with a lot of this as a really sweet midrange. uh harmonic stuff happening a little boost from a band pass could be interesting i would probably put this pre on yeah probably precompressor i'm really trying to highlight that almost interest would sound like pre-eq and then exaggerate a bit the bass is more It's cool to see how it sounds without it, it's a very different kind of sound, hmm, I could see an argument for it, but I think again, I don't want to do too much, no honestly that might be nice if you try. to make maybe a little bit, you know, a high pass sound but no no I'm really digging into where it's sitting yeah it's just perfect i don't need to go anywhere else just a nice lexi reverb , we go. try a soft setting man yeah that's cool maybe a little wetter that vibrato really goes a long way for that second part anyway i think we got a really good show here let's go look so beautiful yeah and it's super fun, I mean, I just like you, the instrument composed that as far as I'm concerned. worried, you know, like you just get into these vibrations and these energies with these sound painting creations and it just leads you to know natural compositions.
You could use that for something that's beautiful. using the core tone of the


as the main one is very much the substance of this you know we're getting some help from the turrets and the and you know the attack and the palm mute but even if we remove those parts I mean that it is still incredibly powerful. I'd even almost say that's a nice tone and maybe scale these volumes a little more drastically over the cc so we can really know to bring the attack on when we're at it. no but that's what i got for you so in closing the bazantar is a beautiful one of a kind instrument probably one of the most special if not the most special uh ever sampled for sound painting and you know painting sonora is so unique this instrument is so unique it's just a perfect natural combination there's so much here you can take it apart and the instrument itself is so beautiful I mean I could sit here and play sustained parts all day and be totally happy , whether you do or not. you're looking for some kind of foundation with a bit of spice or you just want a variety of sounds that will really take you into this kind of medieval folk, eh it was, the bazantar is the way to go and i'm so glad i did. i need to explore it with you so thank you very much for watching my name is shimmy sign out see you next time so you too

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