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May 31, 2021
The foreigner is running out of breath. I've been running out of energy. Tell all your friends that you don't want to be my friend. You are making up lies. Why are they punishing me? I want to talk about this, but they are talking. to an enemy I've been torn apart like my food in my stomach hating these feelings but act like I love it I don't want to cheat nah I want fair play I don't want to crush the earth like a plane I want you back but when you act like that like a one-sided talk no you call me again your times were hard and when you left they got harder my bed got colder and my room got darker I'm still in love I know you're fine too I pray for rain when our skies were blue I'm still in love I know you too let's talk tonight and we can talk three times without it happening You know long sleeve I can see you're freezing You know I'll stop your bleeding, let's not make this hard, let's just listen, we're starting to be a mess, how did all this happen?
songs to self isolate to
No closer each year these emotions, I don't want to get closer, I see that my eyes could make me psycho, I can't stop it. on the way to the morgue I'm dying young if I don't slow it down too much money in the bag I'm burning it in the thing can you stop me now I gave you one more chance you lost that and you just lost the crown he said he loved me time I can't move I'm making you blind to this new I'm so close saying this is old news but you ain't new too many drunk white hoes spend take pictures I might go psycho too many white drunks, I might go psycho, too many drunk white hoes, just like another drink, I guess This is filling up, yeah, I got what you need, but tell me, is it enough, baby, tell me what's on my mind Sometimes, huh, I feel like I'm high on a dime Sometimes there's no juice in the world I let it loose in me mind sometimes I feel stupid loving you it's like crying sometimes yes I'll be stuck in my mind I'll be stuck in my mind I'll be stuck in my mind but I don't understand today there are no gasps why we're rolling on the road I don't want to fall in love but I'll try It's not there all on my wrist I find my demons every day like what you know about it what I know that even when I'm at the height of my weakness, would you think I was lying?
songs to self isolate to

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I'm not playing. I'm trying to take you to an island. You've been on my mind. I wonder why you're not by my side. I can't find a reason to wake up in the morning and be as productive as you do. I prefer to smoke my lungs out. Probably explode like my music will. I know the world as you know. It's heavy. Is more difficult. grab sometimes you fall sometimes you crash get up and I realize you're back on your ass I see I hate the place I'm living I have a and she claims she's innocent when I stop and show her the evidence yeah, I'll be the one and Consider it and lately I just want to finish it, finally stomp, they put you in my woods, you say you want smoke, I feel the energy really, you're not really in the temple like it's going to blow, I need that ice that looks like me soul because I know there are people who think I won't see I hate what I'm experiencing look me in the eyes when you say you want smoke I feel the energy you really don't own the temple like it's going to blow I need that ice that looks like my soul because I know that there are people who think that I will not see I hate the place in which I am living I have a I know that there are people who think that it is fair and I don't want to keep running I never don't want to keep living inside the labyrinth.
songs to self isolate to
I'm fighting my chest and the demons inside my mind hoping that one day you'll change. I've been lost in a world full of people who don't even care if I drown inside it. my pain and the more I think about you when I'm grieving, the more I realize they are one and the same. I'm stuck in a cold place. I miss a day, so we talk more. Yes, that was hard with a broken heart every time. the day you are my head spills if I'm losing connection you're losing affection it's hard to complain when I'm texting you know I still love you that's why I've been stressed it hurts knowing we were It's not effective I still feel so broke alone Just thinking about you, the pain in my chest made me feel so used, I made a mess, but just thinking about you, the pain in my chest made me feel, I really wish I kept getting so dirty.
songs to self isolate to
Just thinking about you the pain in my chest made me feel so used that I made a mess but just thinking about you the pain in my chest I wish it were true you taught me that I had a purpose and I used it to my advantage and you gave me my life advice when he was dead i took it for granted the only person who saw the undamaged potential lost someone and watched them die that's how god planned it remember the day they told me you were dead i know your students are rude and they I pushed you to the limit I just thought pain wasn't the last thing he said to me not for a second I wonder if you took pills that had a rope around your neck you're the man who broke his back for a drop of respect he always told me that Keep going Living, I never thought you'd be dead, I told my


I didn't have time to see it stuck in my head, crazy, how it fell into place when I found out about your death, now your blood is all on my hands and I don't know what . do, I should have seen all these signs, I was going through it all too, but you smiled in my face and told me to keep going.
Now I realized that's when they told me they found your body in the wall, I swear to God. At that moment everything stopped. I've never really been religious, but I started yelling at God asking why He would take away someone who did nothing wrong. Tired of people telling me it's just to make me strong now that their daughter doesn't have a father and I know how. she feels, but hers was torn off, how do you cure that? I swear that those who have lost but are alive and made us still and the greatest people created were made for God.
The memories are hold me, don't let me bleed this man, why do you help? I breathe I feel like you don't hear me I often think about the past and how the good times never last I find it hard to fall asleep when all these thoughts keep tormenting me But now there's nothing more to say So I just hope you're okay Often I wonder how you've been often I miss you too much but I break everything I touch I know it's hard for you to see that you're better off without me So now there's nothing more to say I need time and You need space often Because I still feel responsible for your pieces on the floor and I know that you deserve much more than what I could give you.
I'm sure it's Diana. I feel like an animal. I'm tripping like a daniel two servants of my baby daily like a cannibal why do they previously know me as that ATM? I feel like the king. I have a crown on the bands and the one he said was placed on his bed. in such a demanding swing with tens of two million and two of them alone in bed two of them watching and tomorrow I speak like 2k said they want to know that they love me forever I will miss you she is not in the United States, I said please don't Whatever you do, but I don't want to talk tonight, let me put you in some game, it won't even take a minute, just keep working on the pain and then you will see the difference of the plague, tell him I would have seen it. everything and I still refuse to give it up like a soldier, it's as frustrating as it gets, this reality is the father, he says seriously, it's funny we call him that because if you think about it, we really just have to exist, the fear is missing.
It's time no one notices we take what we have for granted and obsess over the things we don't complain about because the smallest problems and our wish lists make the things we buy cover up how we feel. . I was sure but a lot of money man that can't be healthy lost in the depths swimming someone help me but they won't cause the world it


my oh oh so we go back and forth but I just know that's the beginning of what runs through You care about me, but you don't want anything to do with it. I hate it when you leave me because I feel so alone.
You say you love me. Why can't you just show it to me? Hey, we don't want to talk right now. Tell me I've changed. since I got off the bus tell me when it rains don't you want when I fell but I have dubs now all these cars have been dealt to me I give them hell like I'm the best although look my money invests I just need These bullet proofs in my face now I've only been a tool so I can't stress out. I remember the days when my mom told me to leave. I remember the days when they had me in a bad line to show that I felt like MJ when I was on the moon I can't flow I'm in a valley in my pocket that's a death note you can't tell me what to do for something I said so Yes, no, I'm serious, why do you have to talk too much, shut up, leaving money in my cup right now I feel like sleeping and yes dad addy I don't know if I'm still breathing but I'm already up she told me that my habits have changed they don't have much to lose why this love comes a lot of pain do it for my family I don't want the fame we don't want to talk now tell me what changed since I got off the bus now I didn't take these exits when I fell but now I have dogs all this because I'm depressed I give them hell like it's the best thing I've been told but I've been working so hard to find some meaning in this life to find some meaning in this life in a life that God and oh so dark it gets dark a life that's falling apart falling apart my Heart's been shattered shattered I've been bleeding inside I mean, I don't want to die I just want to feel alive Maybe in my next life I'll get a chance to feel alive Can I have a chance to go back to the beginning?
Press rewind I have a chance to find Can I have a chance to go back abroad? This could color my ex and show all my statements just to flex, I don't. I really care, I don't care if you get mad, I got my choices, I got a pop and I get paid for raps and she brings a friend, love, I don't have all my hands, hey, just another night trying to write a song when I get a text saying the parties started again so i changed my setting i put my keys on my desk my mom asked me where i was going and i told her to go see some friends paula at the party she's already jumping out the door already It's open so I don't need an arch walking into the action, everyone dancing, catching up with friends, it's been a while since shopping, I see a cute face that used to sit behind her, okay, I don't know if she knows me , I hope not.
I have a man, I think it wasn't great, damn, when she disappeared, I forgot about her. I haven't seen her in a few years and all those days are gone, but the memories of her stayed and I don't want to be alone anymore. Yes, I see all my friends looking at me. I can feel my pace getting faster and I don't want to completely throw this away hoping this isn't a disaster. My buzz is helping. I hope I don't do it all. The friends left they started talking and she said and all those days are gone now, but the memories stayed and I don't want to be alone anymore, yes, black on black is Armageddon, it's left for the men, a legend came back, they said , don't go in that direction. that's all that's a dead end alright God I get the message too many men I know they have bad intentions I guess I had to learn my lesson I trust my gut that's how I answer questions yeah living the dream, that's what everyone wants. think still get a balance to learn when you grow up you still have a phone with a broken screen first you become famous for doing more then you get money to court and sheep now you're a joke even though it's not funny at all that's how you're a professional meme w w black on black and soma leave it to the men came back a legend they said don't go that direction that's that's that's a dead end yeah I'm mean as nails it's a cold world a real cold world baby trying to travel at my hotel she went back to the hotel it's okay it's a motel when she pulls that ass look at that stick in my hand like odell out of the yak that I catch that keeps running I land I don't I don't know the last time my team said try to be with the big ones you don't really want it you think you're between 3k but you like meth better andre 300 that's the taste of my medicine that's the rhythm with which I speak with voices from that race running around in my head again that's the place where my thoughts run like chalk when I take my sedative I need to take the night off I replace the light bulb instead I take 10 of them here we go jumping delorean gas floors I'm from the future exploring the past on the computer extorting money and trying to undo everything the foreign black on black is the armageddon left for men a legend returned they said don't go in that direction that's all that's a dead end if you want it come and leave him for dead I'm resurrected they said don't go in that direction , that's it, that's it, that's a dead end, so why did I mention it now?
I'm thinking about it every time I think about trust, lots of bruises. I've been freezing people out, I want to take advantage and continue my kindness. Now I have to write this. TearsThey run down my eyelids. You have a bright life and it's blinding. I tried to help you, but you've been so fooled by the guys who didn't. I don't care about the state your mind is in, yes, tell me every lie, tell me you're not okay, tell me everything that when you see me you decide to hide, I just want to break your fragile walls, you try to hide behind the ones I opened.
I stood up and told the whole story behind my costume. I know you are one of one. Nothing like the others. Things will get difficult, but I won't call it cumbersome. I'm not trying to preach. I am reinforcing concepts. Come be my best friend trust the process you can fall asleep while I sing on a line below your waist it's so cute I waste my time trying to make time just for you talk a farce if you break mine that's not new I say I trust you because deep down I know I do and honestly I think I might be falling into a mood with warm feelings but my mind is summer stuck on the moon bring me back with a kiss on the cheek you're the one summit on a peak you are the constant runner chasing every goal as we speak I like that I like the energy never codependency I want to build you like skyscrapers in the sky please be what you see in your dreams that is the only key to achieving peace you can really see everything you want to see maybe we could take a train to a place by the sea maybe stay on the beach while lying under trees sam playing in the breeze knee deep water returning to the place full of grace removing all the makeup from your Face I really like that love finally calm down fight for losing your balance for your love I'm going to fall down why not?
Won't you stay on your side? Why don't you stay on your side like a girl? Your life and you're gone, always a life is me, so I was driving, you were hanging out the window shifting gears, remembering kids shows, you were great, we. We were calm why did you move on now it's just me with these blink 182


what's next I feel depressed eating breakfast no one to call getting tired of watching Netflix this as far as I can see maybe that's why my weeks feel longer? dark broke my cell phone and crashed my car I think about everything we both went through I'm sick of feeling separated from every day my cell phone and I crashed my car I think about everything we both went through I'm sick of feeling like I separated, you're busy trying to learn my anatomy, we can relax watching 80s videos because I don't think that's anywhere else I'd rather be, but they try to make it harder, I'm sure it's all fake because you know me better than I do.
I myself think about everything we both went through. I'm tired of feeling separated from you every day. I feel dark. You broke. My cell phone passed. I'm tired of feeling separated. So, piggy, pick up the phone. We could have a bottle. Maybe hit the...liquor store and we'll make it explode until they can't ignore us now I don't even have to tell you you're a goddess even in the coldest weather girl you know you're the sexiest even in the hottest weather girl You know you're the coldest one and I know it's corny, but I just want you to know because I'm not going to mess around with your dumb asses.
I could get some Cartier glasses, that's it, get the stone and I can't pass, shorty, giving me some brain classes, a different style, no. a sagging chain I won't come without a plane suit I'll fly like a Boeing jet that's my girl falling on me like the plane crashing Every time I try your phone all I get is the dial tone so I'm home baby I don't like it be alone, so baby, I'm about to drive home, but maybe you could ride alone for baby to pick up. I could get a private room and we could spend the night alone, so baby pickle Tommy, he'll put the jacket on because I.
It feels amazing listening to classical music to entertain myself drinking Hennessy and Sprite with Evan and Joe Hunter rolling a joint at the end of the table and I know we'll make it. I am willing to enable all the power of money, fame, you know what I came for. 'cause and I'm keeping my spirits up still trying to stay under all this water dripping off of me I need a raincoat you're not going to pick up it's driving me crazy the buzzy young naughty guy made me feel like swayze new york state of mind made me feel like jay-z just to sum it up man I feel amazing I thought we were going to be the perfect couple now you're trying to hit me and shorty I don't care if you see me in public then you could just look at you it was clouding vision but I blocked that glare oh yeah no I'm going to be with your dumb ass, I could get it, so honey, I'm about to drive home, but maybe you could come with me so the baby can pick it up.
I could get a private one. room and we could spend the night alone, come on honey, I could teach you now my dumb mom said I'm smoking too much dope, I turned it off and then I got up again I used to kick at recess at school probably because I did more than my teachers I'm not learning not a single lesson come on honey I can teach 20 in divisions fast I just need a thick guy to come and get me down how did he do this how is he so big I quit but still on a roll because I earned more than my teachers I'm not learning a single lesson he gets up in goodbye recess

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