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Solo Overnight Building a Bushcraft Raised Shelter and Dining Area and a Rise and Shine Bacon Burger

Mar 11, 2022
we're alright that time again it's time for those



s in the woods and this will be another inspired build let's go to our site and talk alright so here we are now a long time ago in a galaxy far far away vi this photo and years went by but i never forgot that photo and it was outstanding because it appeared to be four bipods with a


platform and a stained canvas on top but what caught my eye was that below was a kitchen


that had a full length table and side seats so I thought you know what for a longer term situation why not try to recreate that?
solo overnight building a bushcraft raised shelter and dining area and a rise and shine bacon burger
So let's look at that image and reverse engineer it, add my own little twist to it and see what we get. go ahead let's do it so first so now these brackets here are going to do three things for me first they are going to secure my bipods from any movement in this direction second they are the beginnings of a table i can put perpendiculars through here boom boom boom m boom boom boom i have a platform or a table and more importantly that same table is going to be blocked all the time here on this side and on this side preventing my bipods from moving in this direction problems problems problems problems problems and that's how life works you solve a problem five more jump out okay so the ground is not level in the back here we have about a five inch drop or a gap in the middle where the level would be or it should be and kind of tapers down.
solo overnight building a bushcraft raised shelter and dining area and a rise and shine bacon burger

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solo overnight building a bushcraft raised shelter and dining area and a rise and shine bacon burger...

So here's the solution. I'm going to have a spacer put under it and then drive stakes into the ground around that spacer and then tie or knot them in a chestnut knot to my existing bipod leg and spacer, okay this is a bitter nightmare we have. our bipods tethered to our stabilizers to prevent that back and forth movement we have the top of our table tethered to our bipods to prevent side to side movement then we have our table latch to our stabilizers to avoid pulling diagonally on a lot of things are happening here this is my solution use tripods a tripod at each corner do a simple tripod whip land the ridge posts and you're done this design here was something boy scouts do and i understand the reasoning behind if they want you to practice the tie up and i get i get it but my ass still hurts ok so our deck is complete and our table is finished this is what im thinking we left these long on purpose this here and here i want to fit some kind of support structure under this then find my mid point use my one inch auger bit from the pr overs silver lines and auger into or through that bracket so I want to put a vertical here in the center as well as the back and then attach a ridge post and just throw our tarp over that so that's ok, the method for that folly here is an eight by eight tarp, so the center is four feet. and here's why the lower the profile the wider the footprint so now our tarps will cover not only our sleeping


but our kitchen or


area below so that's ok im thinking the latter but not least and we're done with this bad boy need some bench seats here boom boom so okay we've got our mule tape here that we turn into a giant loop using a fisherman's knot then we take the loop and run a lever in a lark's head configuration behind our bipod so we've removed our side to side movement on our diagonal movement but when I touch this I can push it and it moves front to back which means the offset behind of me wants to swing in this direction so we remove we have our loop toggle stake now taking a stick called a pinwheel I'm going to place it in between my loop and then just spin it three or four times and stop doing it to the next one and then go backwards three or four times what's going to happen is the bipods are going to pull against each other locking it in place so uh ladies and gentlemen i give you the scaffold hitch we're good so check this out no side to side movement most importantly no back and forth movement and no diagonal movement so I'm happy with the latest on the agenda .
solo overnight building a bushcraft raised shelter and dining area and a rise and shine bacon burger
I need to sleep in here so I need to build some kind of ladder and I'm thinking two post spike hook hit quarters over spike hit a series of half hooks where my rungs should go and finish with a spike hitch and i give you half ladder hitch so ah uh so uh okay so so i'm sitting here thinking this is the first time in 13 years especially the last two years of staying


i actually sat on a table and had dinner excellent af with that i give you the


and glitter bison


oh heavenly man by design i got that runny yolk mixed with the cheese and greasy too man catch them all in a few if you like what you see here please do them that please hit that like and subscribe button and then ring that notification bell once you're on that bell select all notifications and then go one step further grab your cell phone download the app ication of YouTube and sign in.
solo overnight building a bushcraft raised shelter and dining area and a rise and shine bacon burger
This will give you push notifications when my new videos drop there. I'm digging this


, this is awesome, we'll talk about the


tomorrow, but I've seen that image for probably a decade and it just drove me crazy because I can't find anything about it, those who know where that image came from. it's scouts it's boy scouts girl scouts the scouts let me know where it came from because it's freaking me out but to take that picture and then be able to reverse engineer it I'm happy with the result um that's cool now let's go ahead and tackle the elephant in the room I use ropes and different colored webbing and here's why it's not like i'm here


a mcdonald's playground in the woods i made it so when i tied these knots you can see what i was doing and along the same lines and you look at the thumbnail and you can see oh that's a half hitch for a half step ladder oh it's a scaffold hitch with a swing that made it stick out like that does that make sense so nothing terribly important to talk about tonight? this is my second build i did looking at a picture the first was last week it was actually a red dead redemption 2 video game there was a trapper cabin in the woods so i went ahead and videotaped that cabin and then we tried recreate it if you haven't seen it check it out it was outstanding though i want to thank all my subs all my old subs all my new subs especially all my old subs thanks for following. hanging around and taking a chance on me um it's been 13 years and we're still hooking up here we're coming up on august so yeah um good things are yet to come um I promised you guys and I'm going to keep delivering so much time like you i'm watching so with that please do or continue to do what i'm watching my videos till the end sharing with everyone everywhere and most importantly when you get to that playlist at the end youtube recommended playlist scroll there see where do i put that leave me a comment and let me know and then watch that next recommended video and let it play to the end show youtube you want the corner of the cape and we're going to keep giving you a corner of the corpus now on that note let's get into that shelter it's okay so here we are we're in the shelter and there's plenty of room it's the same size as a military tent it's enough room for two people or one person and everyone's here now think about this that table right below us might as well serve as bed um i'm starting to sweat just laying here and here's why that fire is right below us and it's doing exactly what it's supposed to do, the heat is coming up, it's going over that table and it's going right between these logs, it's going to the ceiling and it bounces it off. ok back off so it works out I'm happy with this um just that little fire and I'm starting to roast here but again I'm happy we took a picture and made an awesome shelter that will catch you all in the morning um that's a long way down for an overnight coffee hour ugh uh always outstanding black rifle coffee ok let's talk about the shelter what are we doing here?
Well, we created a McDonald's playground in the woods, no, we took a picture that I've seen for probably a decade, it's probably older than that and reverse-engineered it and created this exceptional world of its own, we had four bipods front and back, two and two then we go ahead and build our platform and table simultaneously with tabs multiple tabs there's probably over 20 lashes diagonal lash and a bipod lash from there we go ahead and put our shelter on top with our two poles verticals using our auger bit and a ridge post we hung our tarp and then went ahead and made our awesome swivel seats right here from there.
We didn't want to make sure the whole shelter was secure, we used our toggle loop system with a stake and we twist or tighten it all with a pinwheel and this is rock solid. I'm happy with this scale of one to ten ten. Being the hardest shelter, it will always be that sandbag shelter. This was number nine because of the moorings. If you have two people, you'll probably finish pretty quickly and go there alone overnight. You build a high shelter with bipod in the woods. as always all the gear in my videos can be found in two places one on my amazon influencers page and two on my self reliance influencers page and if you are interested in body corner merchandise that can be found at t-spring all three links are inside my description box now do yourself a favor hit the like and subscribe button and then hit the notification bell once you are on that bell select all notifications and as usual , thanks for your comments opinions and support thanks for watching go out on the field have fun i'll catch you next time

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