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So we were walking in the woods...

Mar 05, 2024
they have ties here, so they clearly end there, so obviously this was just to save them here or whatever, or do you think they were going to continue and then I was just thinking that's probably the option there? otherwise they probably would have been scrapped or used on another line. This is worth quite a bit of money, so I was on Google Earth the other day searching because it's a good way to find places if you're interested in finding them. abandoned places or places that normal people don't have the opportunity to go look at on Google Earth is cool, yeah, and I saw a steam engine or something, something like a railroad car, so I contacted Journey with Jay here and I told him we had to go see this, so here we are, this is going to be interesting.
so we were walking in the woods
I hope there is a steam engine but we'll see it's hard to tell on Google Earth, I have no idea what this is or was it some kind of body of water, there are stairs going down to access the halfway point, yes you can see how deep it is, look at this tree, that water is not, you know, it's not just a couple of feet deep, that's definitely at least four or five feet deep, at least yeah, this is. Definitely one of the most interesting parts is just being outside and exploring places because you never know where you'll find them, especially if you know the industrial areas of the country or what was once Pennsylvania, New York, these places.
so we were walking in the woods

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so we were walking in the woods...

They are full of random train tracks and industrial buildings and it is very interesting to find them, find them and investigate to see what they looked like in the past, last year so to speak, it is like an old Hopper that is certainly not used anymore. Is this another one of those? What H is this? It's okay and now we're on top of where I was before. This is a great panoramic view of whatever this is. I promise you we will find these trains, train cars, whatever. locomotive and we are looking for an abandoned train that we think we saw through Google Map AB, so we can't continue


on the tracks because they are so overgrown, but there are so many punctures and bushes and it is so thick that it is basically impossible, so luckily there is a road or a trail that we can walk on at least for now until we get to where the location is, uh, where the train cars are, ah, these punctures are ridiculous, there are definitely a lot of them here that They are a groundhog. hole and I love the fact that there is very little graffiti on them, yeah, I don't know, would you say there's a steam engine up there?
so we were walking in the woods
I don't know if it's steam, it definitely looks like some kind of and it definitely has a strange look to it. Look at this monster, wow, those wheels must be almost 6 feet, they must be at least six feet, so the cab is obviously missing, but it's a 484 and, um, there were 32 of these built by the American locomotive company for the Mexican. national railway and as far as I can tell it's been here for quite some time, at least a decade if not more, and I think the goal is to restore it, however raising money has been difficult, so it's just sitting here, so it was built in 1946 and it spent 20 years in Mexico and then in '66 or so it came back to where it was originally built in the skin of New York and ended up here in Pennsylvania, it seems like it's kind of They started restoring it and now they just It's here, take this light, look up, go back, I'm looking, uh, just the inside, yeah, you can see it from the front, oh, never mind, so I didn't get it. up there still Oh, I thought you didn't do it right, come back earlier Oh, you went up there, yeah, I didn't, I didn't go up there yet, but I noticed, yeah, there's a skull that's funny, oh yeah, wow, can you see . definitely see in there that's amazing wow just shows you the size of that oh and these are locked together that's cool this is a passenger car yeah this is an old one that had a place where the windows were closed or they painted the windows white for whatever Reason why it is very good here.
so we were walking in the woods
I just wanted to come up and show you this one first, real quick, I kind of got off topic with that steam engine. What do you think Jay is this? Is this a barge? Don't know. Don't know. you know what this is Or it could be like it was attached on the front dude this could be a barge look, it has the oh yeah it was definitely wow that's where they would have tied the rope around uh CL um cleat, it's a bagpipe Yes, everyone yelled at me, it's a ribbon. I actually had no idea, so yeah, there's a uh, right next to us, there's a canal, yeah, the canal is down there, you can see it, so this is the old barge which is fascinating.
I don't think I've ever seen one of these barges up close, these ones for the smaller canals, you know, and um, yeah, and we're about to be poisoned by these propane tanks that have been constantly leaking propane all along. I've been here, look what this looks like, I mean there's even a ladder going down so it's weird, there's like manholes up there and the stairs go down so maybe you're right, maybe there's something that makes it happen. float I really don't know kid, it's kind of weird, you know how it works, so check this out, this is that channel, well I guess it's a different channel, there are a lot of channels around here, but I wanted to show this because I haven't really ever seen this kind of thing, so this is the original canal and then look at this, it goes over a river, so they basically built this, it's a bridge and the canal would flow through it and you can see on the other side of Right now the water It's almost like a waterfall because it's completely full, but it's not that impressive, they rebuilt it, but these are the original foundations, the original walls, that's what I think, but again, no.
Do you know what you think, Jay? That's cool, so here's the other railroad car, this one I've been on before. I forgot it was down here, but it's very. I don't remember those stairs being in this one, they're not steps. It's a shelf, oh, I was going to say no, I was here a few years ago, I don't remember that, yeah, this has been here for a long time, it's along a canal, and these old tracks are very overgrown, nothing has rolled on these tracks in decades, but they keep it pretty well maintained because this is a popular area for cyclists and people and dogs and everything that's fun, and if it's solid too, it works well, is it solid?
I'll go in real quick, it's not moving at all. I'll go in real quick and then just to show you, yeah, you guys seem to like it, they cut it perfect, yeah, they cut it to fit this, but yeah, look, here are the hinges where they would be. they've been like a door oh yeah, yeah, yeah, wow, it's okay, it works fine, the last time I was here this was probably like 5 years ago or something, actually now I think about it, there was a um um like a pole covered or something like that. Like someone had been living here, it was like yeah, there was no one there at the time, but that's what it looked like, in fact, I wonder if anyone has slept here recently, that looks like a blanket and cardboard, right? ?
I think that happens from time to time, people you know, if they're homeless or whatever, they just have to sleep here, it's a dry place, if it's raining, that's for sure, but as for those other cars and the steam locomotive, um. It turned out to be in a pretty populated area, pretty close, but you know, I'll leave it at that. A lot of times when you drop the names of these places, the vandals show up more, the kids show up and they destroy it. I mean, I'm a big fan of graffiti when it's in the right place, not on a 100-year-old steam engine. antiquity, so that's basically where I'm going to leave that, but this, yeah, as you can see, it's a lot more popular. and we wouldn't all like that steam locomotive to look like that, so there you have it, we found that amazing steam locomotive.
We found some of the other train cars and I knew about this one, but I wanted to show Jay that I had never been. Here before, a very interesting place, I hope you liked it. I don't know where, Jay. Hi Jay, there it is. Be sure to visit Jay. Check out his YouTube channel. Actually, because it's not uploading enough, he lost his uh, his U. monetization, so he's trying to get it back, trying to get people to watch his video so he can get it back and actually let you know a couple of dollars to pay for gas and then things like that, so go watch their videos, go watch a playlist. or something like that just press play and you know let it play yeah I appreciate it yeah let's get your monetization back from Moneti so let's get out of here thanks for watching see ya Jay I'm leaving thanks for watching .

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