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so they made a Pimp my Ride video game...

Feb 20, 2020
difference. It's a waste of time, there's really nothing else to do in this


, there's nothing you can walk in the car or Kate jump in, step on the car or drive really slowly past people because apparently that's cool, that That's all, it's those soda cans like me. I can tell it's not a Pepsi I can wait the cans are like a man from the 1970s popularize there are diseases that are more popular than this come on, let's meet Hari and


his trip hari I mixed it up with the exhibition Z I




for your trip a traces the future of entertainment now in stereo.
so they made a pimp my ride video game
Me, my friends like to hang out here and it's nice to have some songs, you know, rock your friends. Hey? Okay, Ari, one more thing and that's it, we're going to pimp your vehicle. I guess we have no choice, we go from What in Van Gogh 93? Would Harry like a champagne colored faux leather seat cover or a soft leather seat with extra padding or a lightweight padded double seat with waterproof. Chances are he's kidnapping kids in his truck, so he'll probably want to waterproof it too. Take for example, does Harry want a surfboard rack on the ceiling?
so they made a pimp my ride video game

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so they made a pimp my ride video game...

A sofa. Q here a foldable beach barbecue storage box a fold out surfboard rack with wax dispensers a rollover bet yeah we know what Harry I don't even need to look at the rest he definitely wants a bag not Harvey you popularize which is so popular when we picked it up, but that's it. Now check out your new vehicle wow that's awesome come on so if you're going to be here you should make it uncomfortable aha yeah that's awesome dude that rocks you. I heard you sleep here sometimes. I do not know how you do it.
so they made a pimp my ride video game
We'll check this out if you're going to do that. Making this mosaic will hit you with these folds. off the sofa bed seats, that's amazing, guess where I'm sleeping tonight, so you've seen both girlfriends, it's time to make a decision, don't you better take me, you better take me, you better take me To my friend, that's fine, that's fine, what's not a thing? I've officially been pimped good job okay we opined o Alex I don't want to pimp any of these vehicles blah let's get on with the tattoo review to make it look like I'm in a new town or a new part of pimp town islanders.
so they made a pimp my ride video game
Tim City whatever it's called today and it seems a little more industrial here I guess it doesn't add anything to the


get some coins get some parts give him a car repeat get some coins get some parts give him a car Whoopie I feel bad for any kid that got you this game at Christmas, okay, you know how excited Christmas is when you have


games, it's like, oh, this is the game I want to play, you get so excited, you get so happy and you put the game on and you play it all day, your parents They are like me.
You'll go down to dinner instead of on time, you don't want to leave the game, but if you were given this game for Christmas, you wouldn't even think twice about leaving, you won't run away from this, burning wood. I still don't have enough money. I've been doing this for at least ten minutes, but ten minutes in this game feels like 10 hours. I want to cut my fingers. It would feel better than this. See how to pressure these people. Look, he must have done it. I also played the game. Oh, I've never set foot on this side of town, although I'm pretty sure this car was standard too, so I have no idea this vehicle moves on its own.
This makes no sense. Is there a brick in the accelerator? running or how I am more curious to know how this man has his vehicle driving alone. Someone better call 9-1-1 because this rival has no fight left at all, let him see how long it takes a contaminated person or what am I going to do. I'm here to pimp your girlfriend, come on, I thought I was the crack dealer, the rival was in the middle of a fight in a bar which turned out to be where I'm training with this mechanical bull, but what a mechanical bull I am.
I'm not even going to touch that one, you think I can't recognize the signs of an abusive relationship when I see one that's not Russ, that's blood Alex, you've killed someone, that's their mind, I mean if someone else's blood , I mean, you know this is starting. to sound less like my journey and more like an episode of why is there blood? I don't think we should help this woman at all okay so we'll go to the parts store again since that's what we do in the pimp game my journey is very very linear would you like a bull horn Front mounted tattoo ink gun Oh yeah, that's what you want?
You want to get a tattoo in the back of a truck no, I'm going to give her the DVD Player in the back because I feel like this is the type of woman who spends a lot of time in the back of a vehicle Jake, cowboy, cow cane, okay, I think she might be here tonight, oh no, the bad girl, wet look, so check it out. on your new vehicle, come on, let's take a look, look Alex, we hit you with 17 inch Cougars, oh that's cool, those rims look amazing, this is it, yeah, no way, man, no way, I don't believe you, come, take. the orange Alex, take the orange, oh man this game is so easy, you have officially been pimped, there you go Leon, he likes boxing, working out and gardening, yes we know what he is doing in the garden.
I passed this way I'm pretty sure my car just went through the land ah tornado that looks like it was hit by a tornado let's find out what happened please don't do this at home what's going on you well oh man , I'm not good, I'm great, okay, Tony the tiger, you have those keys Well, I don't actually have a key anymore, so you just have to hold the two cables together under the steering wheel and it will start perfectly. Great, the car was stolen. The display of the cup. We can give you a removable weight bench and a six-piece weight set. quite a bit of weight placed in a car take out the boxing speed ball in the trunk weight bet do what are these hydroponic things can you put a multi gym in the back of his car I'm going to put the hydroponic set in the back of his car but that's all ancient history, take a look at your new vehicle, wow, that's amazing, yeah, come on, let's take a closer look, laughing, so Leon's gardening is something you really take seriously, is it? right?, oh yeah, I love growing things, you know?, oh yeah, I know everything. about that now look at this you lose your own hydroponic garden in your trunk huh no way that's so cool i love it what are beans talk like that hello leon make the right decision don't you dare choose that one, yes, that's the one, León, yes. come on, okay, okay, that's one more thing, you've officially been pimped, good job, I feel like he's been pegged before, pimped before, I feel like I'm pimped, oh, fantastic new clients, Ayana Jason and Sandra, ya I can't do this, I can't stand it.
I've already been playing this game for two and a half hours and I wish I hadn't played for two and a half minutes. Now I have a question for you: put my journey in an L or an L to get a name and endings. neutral and then it means you want to give it an L, but you don't care enough, so you give it an end. I give this game a warning. I don't want to give it an ending, but I know this game, so this is one of the worst games I've ever played. I'm not kidding, this game had all the promises in the world, but it delivered nothing.
In fact, my favorite part of the game is probably hitting cars, that's all. and it's so boring it's my favorite part. I hope I never have to watch this game again and I hope the only scenario I ever play it again is that there's a gun to my temple and even in that scenario I don't know what. I would, I have to flip a coin guys, thanks for watching and as always, keep your stick on the ice.

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