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So macht Autohandel Spaß! | Die etwas andere Verhandlung! Preiskampf in @Halle77 Klappt der Deal ?

Feb 20, 2023
ah I know I can't really break away I'm kind of emotionally attached so no it's always the same thing watch the thing bounce then you know it almost sounds bad to me but there are periods of time where I've been in the hallway three times, looked at the car for an hour, we're sweating and thinking to myself that the negative is always assumed to be our fault, we're the bad guys, it's always the same, Nadine created it and cut it like shit. there we are in the sacred halls at least probably in one and country long story until they know or not really with the car I have the biggest mishap right now I lost the letter I lost everything I see you but I can see what I can do do you know a Doka with the city cleaning department?
so macht autohandel spa die etwas andere verhandlung preiskampf in halle77 klappt der deal
Do you know a Doka? Yes, he is again in other camps. How far is that? It's already great. You don't really need a pig we already put in a lot of time and I loved it then the external editors came out so sideways it really shows so we started tweaking it it looks a little bit better at least optically and I'm very proud of that just look your equipment and then do you have any maintenance tabs? so to speak so typical of the Winkler company 1950s conversion at the time called the converted cars oh that didn't actually exist yes there are engine mounts there was an engine conversion kit and it was they converted again later, of course unthinkable today, their conversion went in again to get but this conversion here is fully entered everything also rims and then everything went in and that's why it probably has 136 hp no yes but they have has 120 or 123 but drives in the bus not bad it has rough servol generation but cool really cool so I was kind of tightfisted and didn't want them to paint anything and these ferns were bad from the paint here then we wrapped them in foil look up close because the paint came off which frustrated a bit more and we made it a little bit white on the front which wasn't so no it's actually completely blue or what is this blue completely from top to bottom exactly but the paint on the fern was totally broken because they needed to be galvanized and the paint that was cut around it kind of peeled off it's ok because I came back I was too stingy to paint the products all over so I need to talk about that if you go around here once in everywhere because the rust is really good but it has a little quirk somewhere I think on the other side just have to paint the flap again but from the thick ones here it looks passable also here on the flap that's easy there you can go to the other side ok and then we have in the back which is exactly a double cab and in the back you have there which was originally a Bundeswehr bench, which I had then covered with a material similar to Recaro seats in the front then we pulled the sky and did it ourselves it wasn't all there no that's what it was I just bought it from the classifieds and put a lot of love into it and they welded it here in the back somehow something like that is usually clear why someone did it.
so macht autohandel spa die etwas andere verhandlung preiskampf in halle77 klappt der deal

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so macht autohandel spa die etwas andere verhandlung preiskampf in halle77 klappt der deal...

I still don't understand to this day. We cast rappers at the time and at least we did this black checkerboard because aluminum colors still suck, which I was interested in if, if I'm honest, if that was. I don't sell a closed bus for any money in the world, yes, but you have to or even so, that was always it, but what I think is cool is this T3 Christian conversion, nothing at all, and if you put 15 or new tires on it because they feel 125 years that was once a public works car crazy thing definitely ne you have covered everything with Alcantara yes but also only cheap ne nothing here envy factor and so but that's on ebay cheap on cheap the director are of course great ne yes too electrically exactly then continues so OZ rims I don't need anything here 512 ok probably due to loads then ne also great so I think that's really great Approval will be difficult again with foil ne starts there again, that the topic here is only a partial foil and there was here on the bus Attention, first there was a bitcoin and we also have a foil design for the buses, so the foil at that time was already a normal record now quite normal it has a cargo area longer than the passenger compartment I think all the truck records are in it and then that's relatively somehow know 180 190 euros that's fine in any case so the thing I could write what I with the beetle here is for me 1600 also bought again from classifieds little Marco bought again without papers Fanta great I buy everything without papers but I don't learn from my mistakes either you know I don't give a fuck but I in The state of paint is not good but body condition is great unbelievably good so no rust at all, floor plate or wheel arches but that's how typical 90's make 80's boards 90 be great like I said Nadine doesn't know and in my video I said it's true I haven't heard from you Do you think you're keeping something or are you saying anything is possible in my sale?
so macht autohandel spa die etwas andere verhandlung preiskampf in halle77 klappt der deal
For example, if the car doesn't always arrive immediately Question I just have to live with it at the end of the day no, I have to live with it too if I sell something that just disappeared it's at the next stop with it then the water does for the right course no so what I think I feel is Golf Country where I also have fun then it's easy for me to drive because I've already said that but you get disappointed very quickly you can negatively sell what I'm doing just honestly folks I took some extra photos to that they can have an overview, theoretically we have on the agenda now T3, yes, yes, they liked it, yes, I think it's a great car P15 because we have it, we have the Golf Corvette but what I forgot, but I think a good company he works with his employees the boss has to give good orders for sure but i say without employees i'm wet everything would work like this but we got stuck on the T3 bus don't be sad people video will continue shortly just a short announcement in our own cause and we have been buying your cars for quite some time outside of the community, thanks so much for the many introductions if you have vehicles for sale or know anyone. want to sell one, then you can do it here in a relatively relaxed way, just send us via WhatsApp here at this number.
so macht autohandel spa die etwas andere verhandlung preiskampf in halle77 klappt der deal
You will receive feedback for me relatively quickly. I need some photos of you on the mileage on the chassis number, a few brief details about the vehicle and an idea of ​​the price and we will buy up to 90,000 km around the commercial constructions in more unfortunately it is no longer possible from the point of view of the warranty Thanks for your attention I'm on point now have fun with the video bye and probably ask me some data the database of 1986 BMW 02 compressor C32 AMG how many previous owners has something like this on the car Monster Silver Omega Fiat 126 NSU 200er Diesel Audi 50 from Escort Cross becomes Corvette C4 I love the papers ne if expensive we the Corvette I affirm from history very very very good and German first German registration I think you can't compare that with an American nee that's really a difference because Americans they had but with the cars they don't have the same mentality as the germans with the americans they usually drive that long they just changed a lot sooner they are the smallest so we have my additional separate folder with don't ask me exactly what there is in it I think there is for example it had 94 55,000 km 97 had the Corvette 58000 I see correctly what do you have on the agenda for the rocket but not at all because of how I offer the knowledge the current ones talk a lot here open with numbers yeah yeah ok obviously you need a new TÜV here now it seems like you don't and then oddly enough it has to be hard so you don't have to worry about it anymore but I think with some oil leaks and a bit of tire maybe probably done first.
No, I think the rims because I think everything is clear so really because the outside knows Internetz has been relatively rare and then the German car those are the speaking factors. for that The downside is only how small the old engine still not yes Exactly that's a little after that sometimes a little I don't know what but you said yes and it also drives well based on experience it warms up but nothing that just it happened after the facelift of 95 or something, which then also gave it LTE or I think the car is a beautiful car and together on Sundays a round of numbers with my mother with a good story, but that's a capital, so which I think the market value has no idea, but theoretically a good day, probably somewhere around 3 p.m.
I will say of course you can try to get 20 although I think it's very difficult because it's just about the history because maybe you have a German record you don't have mph what's fancy is that you've been shown to have run under 100,000 So we have the C4, we imported it a lot from the Netherlands, there were lots of those things and they always sold me a 2011 12 but it was half broken there, the Americans who sell from ten to €13,000 in red or black, there you always had two or three pieces and it worked. pretty good that it's super finished or something like that here I'm interested in the car you want because of it I have number 18 or something like that I give you 15 somehow but if I hit it now it's just a stupid face or it doesn't start then it's 15 or it's the thing with and there it was done well look these are the papers of Suzuki Samurai and how long is that Thing so sometimes you can see if it was very short probably found somehow crap or too expensive Engine 51 KW like the machines are so cool from the 1990s that have no hair mark is probably Euro 1 and then you know what you're in there losing €500, ne not so much in 13 cubic is for the petrol engine that I don't even know I paid for my 2.2 liter turbo without a hitch sign 2.2 l €1355 but €2.24. yes, but I think it should be, but in my opinion, yes, it marks moderately, that should work too, in my opinion, why not? that's possible too but i see it's possible now there was also 10 or so years of cyclists say 90's so it's a bit in the 2000's the colors maybe too yeah just to see if that would be a added value for the car, no snow chains, oh, and crash bars, running boards and then the steering wheel again So you probably had several tires Combination here Eighth stop times 15 in any case something has already been entered which is also important a lot of screws just give you we put the wheels the original thin cutting discs look like Kaka yes the best weather conditions you know so far these TÜV reports yes that's rare super super rare because it's easy 30 years old that's the 2003 coupe has been decommissioned too only 20 years ago also two firestone 175 70 13 tires are priced honestly in the meantime really absolutely rare ne and that thing was in dortmund the whole time i have to think about whats for approval he said its the skinny 77 77 20 it would cost to get one Emissions test.
I really know, but like I said, I can always be happy if it has the right owner for it. Do you also have fun on Sunday? That thing, I think it's going to be completely repainted. our joker who is 64 and please put the thing right away 50 no wait a minute 60 years old and looks good for that from yes a nice patina of paint not showered more than 300 times and glued from below is really good It doesn't have rusty through it it has the last permit 1998 unfortunately this car has no lobby so that will be exactly that is it only goes for lovers of this they are in the mood for it they say it's cool right away my grandfather had his car, look there, look at the history, we're still pictures, even with you, then there's the old TÜV reports and that kind of shit, it's always good when you do that, it was cool, I thought it was cool before it still said that the professions of the people in it the green coffee certificate has to indicate what kind of profession they had the surveyor engineer is not seriously I did not know that for example this car is too old for me that as they say you yes for that's there too i'm a bit unworldly because i know exactly a lot of people i associate with that it's always hard to sell to people because a car like that ain't cheap either you said i can see a car like that in the uk easily in 10 easy in condition and €10,000 is a lot of money, but don't fool me, yesI'll say it like that, but whoever buys 10 could also buy a nice Passat for 10,000, I don't know what model there is with a heated seat, you don't fancy the Golf 3 and that's probably never really the case it's in its early 20's so also imagine you'd still have it would drive better drive drive better yes and there must be something really nice to the car from the front I think but I have to admit what can i honestly say i can't start with videos i've never said so blatantly the same thing happens to me yes i can make friends with a corvette or a t3 or a samurai you can do that those are just cars too where you have a connection to where you grew up with that thing where i was The kid was already a vintage car like that, that's what it looks like, thenwe'll see I said the papers are completely gone yes I still have I hope that's how it is for me looking for papers catastrophe I have after that we ourselves are so insecure I'll tell you that you're after you paper was there I looked everywhere I threw the contract sale four years ago and on the luggage tag is a receipt for the letter so I handed it over so I rang the bell write golf country under here so okay so we have the story here 100 kW there sometimes it can be so crazy, they also installed Porsche engines, no or 20, there We also told the fans, they also installed them, we have the problem of thermal problems, the temperatures in the front are quite high and the gearboxes they have of course they're not really in the mood for real performance that flies either, that's going to take time, it's still so homogeneous that everything feels pretty good so it's not like we have to say the truck isn't going to leave tomorrow and that's it, I also bought the car at the time I have to pick it up with the trailer not running and I always said all kinds of things, I don't really want to sell it and in the summer it's always out here with us so I always have it here but no We need an engine in the loading area or landfill, that's why the thing went away, yes, and that's why it's a pity, yes, and going on vacation, that's really more than what has to be done now, I'm afraid that the employees don't always go to the 100% with everything and we're closed that's why it's a shame you're just rammed and that's why when the new life finds me I probably don't think it's that bad and it's just rude because I think the entrance is great today as I said with rims came in the extension came in.
The engine could be come in if the original top had kept fantastically cool. I chose a different color and made it a bit more old school. It would be cool, but the layout was so typical. 90% can be given 800 euros. see when I have a three piece I always like to buy a three piece BBS the RS wheels were previously available for 1500 or you already made a bargain today see I looked at 512 now because I would like to have something for an S2 for a 17 inch Audi three and a half, three, seven, four, two and more, just plain rims here we got wild numbers I used to do it that way you wrote numbers Should I do it earlier? to do it like this, you'd better write the total number down here on the calculator, but I have a feeling something's not right, be careful with your serious interest, you lie, yes, the bet is definitely interesting for you, ne for Lisa , please weld, probably to drive.
Sometimes I strongly assume maybe once in a while you order how it is for you mate that's stupid too ne what's interesting you're just meeting Samurai that's really hard so I'd call you a collector who's really willing to go through states then now look yeah yeah there ain't nothing I don't think nothing's in roadworthy condition so junk under six yeah honestly we sold a thing somehow for 10 € in the money ceiling but that was a few days ago too, in the meantime prices have gone up and you can I can I tell you I'm on sale I'm out of it all better get rid of it quick no what what , where, where do you see that if you carry five-digit numbers with you and the first, of course, is still clear, the next numbers you can write something no, we'll do it already the first number is already good in 5 numbers the first training is available four digit numbers will make it more difficult why sell €1000 really yes yes four more numbers oh come on somehow we can also make a new one nine yes but then the car only exists in connection with the ports exactly the problem was very briefly how much it should cost the thing if that's why we have to write them individually here it doesn't help anything so we stay in the area oh god that's the bonus maybe there's a gift with him another age three and a half he's 30 years old That's probably how he sees it a little wild from the paint, it's not right and he didn't let it act, that would have to be the device. if only 1300 motors later but the little one after that is always so always the same i know i wouldn't have seen four in any case at least 6 like i said for that to speak great so you have to accept the second number from me shit i think you have too much trouble selling then catching anja here loses there is still out there has to be completely varnished where i said even if such a thing is are you also doing 29 and sometime retired before that yes you are wrong but then the episode should download yeah and then the painter starts scratching something somewhere or oops then it starts again no come on be careful talk look now it's off we'll get some numbers otherwise it goes to be Golf 2 right away, so I said I see something like that here, yes, age 250,000 km, 84, okay, excuse me, because if that is already down there, the bonus will already fall, like when tinkering, the additional option with the three with the 63 you have not arrived that I can already see when we add there is no but level you know trick no trick the dice game that Nintendo used to play reached at least 63 points so there is a bonus of 35 points the player with has won the greater amount of total points in any case you can say that there is no special book it's ok good perfect good better do it maybe another color if you like me I don't deserve anything why would I earn money that fits and here I put it well on the right yes why very , very easy here, the obvious way, but here we have to change the numbers, what is that then, come on, then it happens, now it's one with two, so you'll probably knock the Golf over because that's going to hit me, I don't think so, because I think it's really a really crazy individualistic car where you have to find suitcases and in the color and that's why we built it ourselves it weighs only 300 grams that's not a problem of course there are many kilometers yes but drilled well , so I want the Golf to probably skip it, it probably doesn't make much sense because one, two, three, four cars, I forgot something, should I buy the yellow BMW now?
I've already had two offers from you, but I still don't agree, okay, well, because that's what I indulged in or we take care of it, it happens here now, there's no question what I'm going to do with it. Come on, super good friends, then we got it and now we're going after the others. All the good tactics were understood, but having fun, it was fun to trade and I think it was fun for everyone. i have to see all the cars get back on the road or have fun if we still have room if we do something right away eat maybe until tomorrow until we can have left town until maybe figure out what to do i probably have to send the truck some way that everyone has three forever train vests or something but we can do the contracts all we have to see what he has to pick up but probably some way late feb at the start of shit but it looks amazing and sounds amazing and it always looks what car i always impressed before car in latin which in my opinion looks like your pocket is overflowing and i know where to put it but it costs CLS it always seems like you're the boss then you get a 350 dead bird which it looks now I think for 5 now and it looks like the one with 20,000 there has my business partner at the time I drew a thing about the campaign on the CLS 350 on the outside dark green and inside with ahem with dark that was really the director executive from with a seat theme i think i had and it works see the nav system and sunroof and so on you walked in there you thought you were looking at it that's all now not there you have it Everybody thought mercedes would pass then bought the thing and he registered and he had a brother who was a few years older I had food at some point and then he told me that his brother was taking drugs or something and the car at that time maybe somehow 20 32 so nothing at 30 the car it was three or four years old it was maybe 80,000 kilometers down there was something around the Allround 20 you have an Oberchef car and it looked at the stoplight like it was at least 80 and the Cars i think CLS still looks like that today the thing yes the first it has to be 55 I think one of the hottest engines anyway the compressor runs fine the thing exactly we put out 32 degrees 55 AMG I always wanted to get it because it's the lightest car it's with the base which is the lightest it somehow weighs a little over 100 kilos less than already unbelievable several times and I couldn't fit the truck from the B21 actually what you need in CLS 55 and a B12 T-model 55 Limo would have been a nice car to celebrate but C32 as Lego would mega so like i said there are enough cars 35 somehow what i thought thats what i had back then and i can remember exactly i had a silver one in black leather that was weird i had walked around back then but i would look back i mean 2005 or 6 I bought it again then but it was already running it was not an old car 150,000 no one answered it I put it in classified ads but at that time it was still mobile I think I bought it for 19.7 I still think the costs are still there today I think the money 171 is SRK, the 355, but I'm already excited because it worked so well and also when the thing was really where you say every band wanted to date me in some way. problem with the spur gear and timing chains which is the pineapple there were very special for example can I also


with the car


er with the new ones where things came out then where things paid if there is already a a little with a black or silver AMG package there are people standing there in the meantime deliberately far away but things friday its not my car at all i just think its cool to sit and grab the passenger yeah i been out of the dealership so long and i can do it , my daughter is completely celebrated, I'm with the last one taking a ride on the block, they drive it, that's totally cool, yes, this big monster loud car, everything in this V8 Diesel, start again, you must have such a thing . really cool had a good impression when we turned it on it was also cool that 15 seconds you have to hear more wind noise from the front because you felt it around the thing fell off even drove 160 curb weight what do you think 1500 drive I'll tell you where to you will be positively surprised if you are familiar with it.
The ticket is handled very well. It handles very well. When I'm with chocolate kittens. I, negatively, is definitely the correct one. There is a great history with the car. Everything is clean. I have the whole beach. There is nothing rejected. Do a speed step. Enters. that's just a completely different one don't put it you feel the thing yeah so you're sitting there you've got these two that's just great that you really believe in automatic it's like that you get the feeling that the candy was loose and the power and the explosion and there's a lot joint but I looked up and down it's all there under the steep ax looking new so things were probably always said better but that's from the point of view of the responsible yeah I think the stand It's also just like I told you, maybe you'll get a folder with all the cars, but it's just doubts and thanks, imagine that we also register at some point and drive a bit it's so optically the thing is, of course, wonderful, but also nice Siri ne not play for me all original German approval somehow really not shit that the documents are complete ok Marco so we have it after all or now we will do something that we deserved something to eat or yes in any case already again to 7 p.m. not on your lapel well we have to do that good friends i hope you had fun so i definitely had a lot of fun it was really cool i liked it a lot whether i win something from it or not of course that's written on another piece of paper that's always a matter of luck probably too and i'm happy the new owner thinks he might want to find or have good owners maybe even have some fun with him yes there's definitely room for something new and cool to start call exactly then we need our prankster again the place is already listed 3 years with me now you can have it again how the thing turns into a cup of water so that's it Things turn black when you masturbate you get a turbo then i think its cool again or something like that guys thanks for watching i think it's a bit long video probably have to be later so i hope you liked our season if so more enthusiastic if you have something like that please let us know in the comments and then we'll see what you can complete from behind in the future. you're bummed i'll even bring it to you after you shoot if you got a red number that's how you'll go you're shooting downtown i'm in last guaranteed that time we lay down yeah that's see and so on maybe a little wild right now of course I didn't think of that lobster

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