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Snoopy's Family Reunion

Apr 17, 2023


we've been thinking about your


your brothers and sisters and where you were born we've decided you should have a


we'll send out invites to all your brothers and sisters and have a big party and maybe even come back and visit daisy hill puppy farm . it's the plan we're going to have to get on a bus and go to daisy hill puppy farm for renovation everyone will get a chance to go home it doesn't seem like the right place so this is this is this is puppy farm from daisy hill i found her she was here i can't believe it i can't believe it that's all that's left here is where your old home was there's no more daisy hill puppy farm she's gone they built a five story car park that's where you realize what what happened they're parked in your memories you know big brother what's his name is correct you can't come home well it wasn't the best meeting but it was a meeting now how are you all going to get home now how did he do well he is his dog charlie brown
snoopy s family reunion

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