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Snoop Dogg Inducts Tupac Shakur into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017

May 31, 2021
I really can't believe it's been 21 years since we heard from Tupac. No, not the YouTube clip, not the movie, not the hologram... Tupac Amaru Shakur, the human being. 21 years ago in Las Vegas, Tupac Shakur was taken from us. He was also only 25 years old, almost the same age as my oldest son. As I sat down to gather my thoughts about my labelmate, my friend, and my brother, there was one thought that kept coming back to me... Tupac, the real human being. And although many now remember him as a kind of thuggish superhero, Tupac knew that he was just a human being and represented that through his music like no one else had before.
snoop dogg inducts tupac shakur into the rock roll hall of fame 2017
It's the fact that he never shied away from, he wore it like a badge of honor with an unapologetic rawness, Pac embraced those contradictions that prove we're not just a character out of someone else's storybook. To be human is to be many things at once: strong and vulnerable, stubborn and intellectual, brave and fearful, loving and vengeful, revolutionary and, oh yeah, don't screw it up, gangsta. So while we may be here today to celebrate one of music's most prolific and outspoken artists, he is rightfully enshrined among the greatest musicians to ever do it. I'm here to make sure Pac is remembered as he would have liked to be, a strong black man who stood up for his own.
snoop dogg inducts tupac shakur into the rock roll hall of fame 2017

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snoop dogg inducts tupac shakur into the rock roll hall of fame 2017...

Not simply as an actor or rapper, but as a human being. That's what made Tupac an incredible actor on the big screen in movies like "Above the Rim" and "Juice." That is what made him refuse to lower his head when he demonstrated against the injustice towards his people. That's what made us so committed to everything he did, both before and after his death. That's what made Tupac the greatest rapper of all time. But to me, Tupac was first and foremost the homeboy. We had a lot in common and the way our journey began together. We were both born the same year, 1971.
snoop dogg inducts tupac shakur into the rock roll hall of fame 2017
He released his first single "Trapped" from his scorching first album, "2Pacalypse Now" in late 1991. Not even a year later I will be making my debut alongside Dr. Dre on the song. , "Covert". I finally had the chance to meet Pac in 1993 at a Poetic Justice farewell party in Los Angeles and that night Pac handed me my first joint. Yes, no, really, that's right. Tupac is the one who got Snoop Dogg to smoke joints. You see, I was a zigzag man before that shit. And soon after we became very good friends. And then in 1995, I said to Suge Knight, "Suge, get Pac out of jail.
snoop dogg inducts tupac shakur into the rock roll hall of fame 2017
Get him to join our team at Death Row Records, you know, the least fucked up record label of all time." And our friendship there was like player to player, he never had a team before, it was always just him. Now with us, it was like he had joined the Showtime Lakers: Dre was the coach, Suge was the owner and Pac and I were the stars on the court making history with each new song. We were rich young people and


stars. But we were also young black men with targets on our backs. We were detecting cases simultaneously.
So when we got together, we really were two of "America's Most Wanted." He had just gotten out of jail, I had just gotten over my case. I buy a white Rolls Royce with that creamy peanut butter interior. And Pac, he would go out and buy a black one with the same thing. He would have his tailor come and dress us in those Hugo Boss suits, you know, mafia style. He put me on a lot of boss and player stuff; like Gucci and Versace and things like that that I can't even pronounce. I got a penthouse suite on Wilshire and two weeks later Pac got the one right across from me.
Neighbors, do you understand? We didn't have side-by-side peers, just two black boys struggling to become men. I've never shared this story before, but it really speaks to our journey. I had just gotten over my case and Suge had taken us to South America to get away from all the drama. And Pac and I were parasailing. You heard right! Snoop Dogg and Tupac parasailing along with Suge Knight driving a boat. Now, you have to remember that I had just gotten over my case and Pac had just gotten out on bail, so we would have tried anything at this point.
Does anyone know what parasailing is? Because we're pretty sure we didn't. Pac and I were sitting on the edge of the boat with all this gear and shitting and all of a sudden the boat pulled away and we started floating in the air. We were scared like a motherfucker, almost holding hands. And Suge's butt kept lowering the lever and launching us into the water like a boom! I don't know what was there, it could have been sharks or octopuses or whatever, and I was like, "Man, stop playing!" It was crazy because not only did we think we were on top of the world at that moment, but we were actually on top of the world floating in the sky.
Then, suddenly, Pac started telling me about an idea he had for a movie. About me being the main star, he was talking shit, I wasn't paying attention because he was like we're too high in the sky and we need to get down, I mean the shit he was telling me at that time was different. He saw me as an actor, he saw more potential in me than I saw in myself. And it's funny because after he died, I started getting a lot of movie roles and I always felt like Pac was taking care of his black, even after he was gone.
See, that's the thing about Pac, when he loves, he loves a lot. Whether it was because he loved black people, he loved his friends, he loved his record label and, of course, he loved his beautiful and incredibly strong mother, the late Afeni Shakur. Memories of Mrs. Shakur embedded in my mind. Right after I heard Tupac got shot, I immediately flew to Las Vegas and walked into the room when I saw him lying on the bed with all kinds of tools and shit in him and I was so weak I almost fell over. And his mother came up to me, grabbed me, picked me up and said, "Baby, you have to be strong." And I sat next to her and whispered to her that she loved him and to hold on, that he was going to be okay.
And even at that moment her mother was thinking more about me than herself and showing me how to love hard. I mean, it was amazing that her mom was so strong and loved her so much. I realized that Pac was taught to love from a very young age and through his music, he shared the love with all of us. And that is ultimately why we are here tonight. Pac is part of history for a reason because he made history, it's hip-hop history, it's American history. And just like in school, the more you research history, the more information you have.
So do your research and watch the movie "All Eyes on Me", understand all sides of Pac. He was a lot more than you probably think, I'm not talking about "Pac the rapper", I'm not talking about "Tupac the actor", I'm talking about Tupac the human being. With that being said, we would all like to officially welcome Tupac Shakur to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tupac, we love you dog. You will always be okay with us, we know you will live forever because legends always do. They can't take this away from you, friend, and since my brother is not here in physical form, I will accept this honor in his name.
I love you Tupac, welcome to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Thug Life.

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