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Snail Bob 6 Part 2

Jun 10, 2021
and we go back for a second rearranging things, okay, so I had some problems, excuse me with my other recording and it had been ruined and I thought it wouldn't be published on youtube because, as I told you in other videos, I have made it so that I can publish directly on youtube with this beautiful thing that I'm using, well, it turns out it's a second, I'm leaving, okay, turns out I couldn't upload it directly to youtube and I couldn't find any. I couldn't think of any other way to upload it, so I was ready to redo it, as if I had restarted the page.
snail bob 6 part 2
I was ready to do the first recording again, I didn't need it, so if something appears on this screen. different or anything in the end looks different because I went straight to the last level I was on because this game is good and it allows you to do that in a second, okay, sorry guys, okay, stop, little ice moles, They're so cute, okay, if I click. in yellow can I move faster please, then let's cut to red and do this, then we do this and we're fine, look at this little ant friend, isn't she adorable though?
snail bob 6 part 2

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snail bob 6 part 2...

He wanted games around him oh yes. I think he's about to eat another bucket of marshmallow, oh, if you click on these, you drop the ladybug hats because who doesn't like ladybugs with hats and then I think they're a lot of decorations, so yeah, It's getting really close and I think it's supposed to be a ski lift or something, I don't know, but what I do know is that that hornet is getting too close for comfort, run, little buddy, run, that's a moving


. fast, so let's slow down a


or a slug. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a snail and a slug?
snail bob 6 part 2
Also, you know what the shell is, what other differences do they have technically? And if none of you have thought about that question, I feel so alone. Just kidding, today is one of those awkward days where you don't know what to talk about, so I'm just going to sing some random stuff, it doesn't make sense, okay, so this is going to be one of those real ones, yeah, here we go, It's the Grinch and what. what it's going to do is set them randomly and what we have to do is not click on the bees because the bees are evil and you just go to one of the buttons and it will hit it like you remember at the beginning. how I wanted to hit him anyway let me do this, oh stop, okay, destroy this, destroy this and destroy this, don't click on the bees because Snail Bob has allergies to bees like um, I don't want to show you, oh well, anyway, wait, see again.
snail bob 6 part 2
No, it's not an allergy, they just hit it, so this brings us back to the beginning? I just wasted it. Yes, it takes us back to the beginning. Okay, there you have it guys, this is a longer episode because any face time, uh, that. noise that you may or may not hear in the background um, we're babysitting my nephew and he's cranky and neat and should probably take a nap, but he hasn't yet so he's hungry and needs to take a nap, oh, no I don't like you, I don't like you at all anyway, I need to get by without running into him because I've never figured out what happens if you run into them, but I really don't want to hit you again ta-dah and the bees sting him, I look at him cry and says, oh my God, I saved you, uh, Santa Claus snail and then he gets on his little Santa Claus snail sleigh with his little ladybugs that weigh, there are ladybugs right there, he goes around leaving things and he says: here's our free present oh you're with him he says thank you that's the nutcracker and then that snail that no one really noticed I think he was supposed to be like mr snail jack frost or something then there's mr green and his gift is a rubber duck.
There are fireworks because he has a rubber duck and then it's actually his grandpa and they turn into slugs because they can obviously peel off their shells, so remember the first one we played well and what did you find out anyway? You know, he remembers the first snail ball we played and how his house was destroyed so we needed to find him a new home, well you know, recently or maybe it's been throughout the event, he crawls into his little shell and comes out like a little one A pile of smoke like that doesn't technically mean this is their house and it's technically their house anyway for the snails so it's like oh and there are a lot of games, when you collect enough stars you get a lot of games and these are the little ones things I will show.
You, because we have a lot of time, so what you're supposed to do, no, no, bad, that was a commercial, what you're supposed to do is put them together as fast as you can, kind of like Santa Claus, baby. you have those little things, they're cute and they give you more time and eventually, um, this one you'll see if I get there, oh my gosh, I'm so bad at this because I'm like looking around here trying to find them. and instead of memorizing everyone here like, oh, there's this guy and that one and the moon and the pinecone and the bow and the bell yeah, I was looking while I was looking, think about them, if they're looking, okay, there's that aside. of that and then just click on them here, click on them here, I'm like, okay, there's that and then there's that and that and some of you are probably saying there's something like this, this person really needs to get their stuff together. because this is easy so you get this and you open it it's like oh that's wrong oh that's wrong oh that's what starts happening you have to like opening little com


ments so it's probably easier to just click on everything you already have If you already have things that I apparently it's not okay I don't need that I need that I don't need that I need that and I need that oh my gosh yeah that's this minigame click on everything.
I'm bothering now in space and oh that one and um. You are the tree, yes, with you and you can, you know, yes, yes, English, but not today, okay, I have eight seconds to do this, we are not going to do this, oh, let's see what my score is, the best score is new , the best score and then we have a little snap of the three, so yeah, there's a wrong button, back, okay, and then there's this one, which was this one again, oh, you're trying to find the gifts at the bottom, three, two, one, go, there is one, there is one, there is one, there is one, there is one. and okay, okay, we're doing good right now, we won't continue to do good, but we're doing good right now, oh, that was all adrenaline, you don't actually realize how they have different cuts, like tones purple like them.
They are all purple, but they have different shades of purple. Okay, we're running out of time and I'd really like to show you all of these, so maybe I should play one, I should have played one guys. I can probably see the other two, the other one right now, um, okay, we're done, the next one is this one and or you click on them, but you don't want these, so I didn't do well on this one. last time because if you lose a lot of sissies, you lose like in general, so I don't want to almost get thrown anyway, so they start to go down from both and they go on and on and on and on and on it goes it's like why when they start to to do that we have to clear the snow off them and sometimes it just doesn't work so that's this one for now and then there's this one what was this one again oh this is one of those?
The sledding stuff minigames are a lot of fun, aren't they, guys? It's like, you just finished it. It was only supposed to be a five minute episode or even and now you're pushing it because you're showing us all these games, oh. Am I supposed to pick up the gifts? I don't remember, yeah, okay, the presents are nice, random cracks in the ice or not, neither are the trees or the snowmen, that was quick, hey, better than last time, but yeah, there it is That's it, I'm just going to leave. That's what we did, I showed you all the minigames that we played in all the games, all the levels, so yeah, this one is done for now, so, um, I'm, oh yeah, this was Snail Bob Six Winter Story, wait, here, okay, sailboats, snail.
Bob Six Winter Story you can play it on in the logic section and what else do I usually say something else what else do I usually say? I don't remember so um yeah I'm leaving now stay sweet

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