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SML Movie: Bowser's Parrot [REUPLOADED]

Apr 04, 2024
charlie and friends was filmed in front of a live audience charlie and frizz is my favorite show oh my god oh oh hi guys I'm charlie and today I bought a new


straight from the pet store and I named him paulie I'm paulie oh you and Yo, it's time for me to feed them and from what I learned on Google, this is how you feed them, eat, I'm not going to eat that, oh my God, how do you think about these things? Who is the writer? Who is it? obviously, oh my god, oh man, hey guys, it's me again.
sml movie bowser s parrot reuploaded
I'm giving away my


because he doesn't know how to listen, so where can I sign? God, yes, no, whoever calls will get a free parrot, that's right, Charlie is giving away. his stupid parrot so if you want to win a parrot autographed by charlie the only charlie call this number right now and answer a trivia question and you could be the winner oh my god a charlie poster i gotta have it tho I don't really want a father, but it's not about Charlie, oh, I have to make the phone call, okay, no, okay, nine, four, four, seven, hello, hello, yeah, I'm ready to win the contest to Have Charlie sign that parrot.
sml movie bowser s parrot reuploaded

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sml movie bowser s parrot reuploaded...

Well, you have to do it. Answer a trick Okay, oh yeah, I'm sure, yeah, I'm ready to answer questions, okay, well, what is Charlie afraid of the most? oh oh, charlie is more afraid of um, he is more afraid of hippos because they are hungry, yes, hungry hippos, that answer is right, you have won a free autographed parade by Charlie, oh my god, this is crazy, oh god mine, I think it's about how hard exactly it is, but oh, wait, wait, you'll deliver it when at the end of the day, the end of the day, oh. man that's amazing oh my god I can't wait I have to tell someone about these chicken flavored instant noodles I live in a fight hey chef pee pee oh what do you want Bowser I'm trying to make some noodles, guess who, what sign? charlie bearing wait a second why do you need a signed father you already have junior that's already too much and a father I don't think they allow that in the apartments well I don't care look look just go to the door and wait for that and I'm going to go to finish watching charlie a signed parrot why the hell thomas you've had a long day you need to freshen up charlie hey dad i heard you yelling at the chef pee pee weren't you yelling at him?
sml movie bowser s parrot reuploaded
Oh, don't worry, you'll learn it when you're older. No, I'm old enough now. Tell me what you were yelling at him about. My God, you are so worrying, young man. Look, I won a new one. parrot signed by charlie what is a parrot? What do you mean he was a father? What is your father? Don't know. I told you you wouldn't understand and that you had to be older, but dad, tell me, what is a parrot? Oh my God, it's just a bird, a talking bird, I'm talking about birds, yeah, oh my God, dogs, what's going to be here?
sml movie bowser s parrot reuploaded
It will be later today, who can I play with when I get here? No, he is signed by Charlie, that means he is very valuable. and if you touch it I'll strangle you, okay dad, I won't touch you, so don't touch it, okay, just play with your stupid toy, whatever it is, I'm looking at Charlie, oh Thomas, why does dad have to be like that? I mean, let's get you dried off, oh, when is this guy going to be here? Finally, are you the guy with the oh oh, is that a period? What is this? He was screaming all the way here, but like, like in people's language, like there's like a baby or something, shut up, damn, shut up, oh wow, oh no, I don't know if I really want this, yeah , okay, I sure don't want it either and it's priority mail so if I don't give this. for you I'll probably get fired you take it god I'll take it I don't need this


I'll be mad if I don't get it stop fighting with me damn bird oh that's definitely a parrot oh my god that was definitely a parrot oh yeah they imitate people oh yeah , they imitate people right, shut up, shut up look, I'll just take you to your teacher Bowser look, I'll just take you to your teacher Bowser instead of imitating me, oh yeah shut up here's your stupid bear oh my god my son charlie barrett oh shit oh it's so real wait wait where did you sign it under my wing oh i have a template oh oh my god it's so real trying this on you oh my god it's so The real Charlie didn't slide you right wait, wait, wait, why did I do you repeat?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, why are you repeating yourself? Oh, you're a parrot, I forgot you're a father, I forgot, wait, wait, cookies, wait, wait, cookies, um, oh, chocolate. um, I'm chocolate, oh, are you so cool? Dad, your parents are great. Dad is your parents. Hey, bacon, bacon, bacon, silly, pizza, stop having fun with my parents. Why dad I want to play with your parents. Why dad I want to play with your. parents, he is my beard, he is fine, my father, he is fine, did he repeat everything you said? Did he repeat everything you say?
I don't know, I don't know, I haven't found an off switch yet. I haven't filmed it yet. Off switch. Oh well. That could get annoying after a while during the game, well, that could get annoying after a while, don't you think? Yeah, I guess so, I guess so or try to find it. Why did you hit him? Don't know. I try. turn it off wait, he's not repeating what we say oh, say something, say something, beach planes, trains, thomas, say something, say something, okay, that was the attack, okay, then you hit him and that shuts him up, yeah, You don't hit him under the chest enough, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, that's the plan, so yeah, okay, I'll shut it up now oh dad, can I invite my friends over and we can play with the bird? No, you're not going to play with my bird. It's signed by Charlie. It is a prized possession. I'm not going to touch it at all if you ever touch it I'll strangle you boy oh well can I at least play with it right now in front of you? don't just go away, go away, go away, go away, now say something, say something, he's this trash. it stinks it's so disgusting oh chef pee what do you want my dad won't let me play with his new parrot you shouldn't want to play with the parrot it's disgusting he just repeats everything you say and it's just repulsive he's a bird That I can talk and it's so cool, isn't it cool, oh, my friends are at the door, can you answer?
No, I'm trying to take out the trash, it's your trash anyway, you're trash, fbp, how are you doing, brett, I'm coming? Hello guys, hey. Junior, wait, what's up, buddy? Oh, you got a cyst in your bed too? What, what, anyway? Guys, I'm sad because my dad has a couple of pets and won't let me play with him. A parrot, wait, no, wait for those things. They're extinct, I actually don't think they are, no, my dad is a pet parent, I swear guys, yeah, no, yeah, uh, no, he has a pet parrot, he won't let me, come on guys, I'll tell you I'll show.
Everything, I'll show you guys, so my dad is in his room watching Charlie and his friends with the parrot. Well, you know, I don't think so, brothers, I'll show you all. They just have to be very quiet. okay, look inside, okay, don't bother it, okay, it's there, it's there, look, that's cool, yeah, it's a real pair, so everyone saw it right there, can we play with it? Yeah, no, I mean. my dad said we can't play with him he's not dumb, isn't he cool look, look, if I can get my dad out of the room and we can play for like 30 seconds, that would be cool, yeah, a prepared guy, okay, so Stay here. go try to get my dad out of the room okay hurry up oh I love you bird you're so cool oh I love you bert you're so cool okay shut up Charlie's on uh dad oh yes, Julia, what are you? doing here, you know it's time for Charlie, well, um, spit it out, uh, chef, pee pee, he broke a lamp, wait, wait, what broke left, that's a dismissal, oh, I'm going to hit his Butt, yeah, do it, okay guys, come on, come on really. quickly, very quickly, my dad is becoming majestic, yes, he is cool, right, he looks like a magic bird, why doesn't he speak junior? oh oh, sorry, gotta push it, talk, talk, see, cody, the best is the best, no, joshua, the best, no, no, no. cody and joseph shock and junior are the best no cody and joseph sucky junior are the best watch basketball basketball uh boobies toasters Hey guys, want to see something funny?
Hey guys, see someone. Bowser is a Bowser, yes that's my dad, why does he say that limit? cody tell me something shut up this is bad junior my dad is coming tomorrow guys don't leave me here alone let's go parrot come on wake up wake up um spaghetti something say something say something oh my god come on let's get up get up oh come on my dad won't know the difference hey little bird, I missed you hey little bird, I missed you wait, wait, I already ate you, uh, do you mean, I mean, yeah, yeah, something seems different, something seems different, potatoes, potatoes, uh, oprah winfrey oprah winfrey uh pillows pillows uh tv tv uh green bees ew, I mean green beans, something is happening, I'll wait for you, I have to inspect you hmm, you must be hungry or something, yes, yes, yes, I'll go see if the chef pees.
I have some bird food or something or a cookie. Oh my god, that bird is heavy. Okay, so what can I do? What I can do? I mean, I can't tell my dad that I killed him. Wait, what if I make the bird look like this? he committed suicide yeah that will work that will work yeah that looks good it looks like he committed suicide okay oh no my daddy is coming okay little bird I brought the rice oh my god what the hell happened? Why didn't you say it? I was depressed bernie why is that the good thing about that it has to be formal oh it has to be let's bury them yes we have to bury them well um oh come on little bird that carries a gun it's okay dad, it's okay no, it's not okay junior my bird my son charlie the bird prince is dead he just had to kill himself why didn't he tell me right i mean he was too busy repeating everything everyone else said he didn't have it's time to tell someone oh man now throw it away I think the hole is big enough now I don't think it's deep enough don't worry about what you think okay, okay, I guess start burying it yeah, oh my god, okay, yeah, that's it.
Well, that's good, okay, this is nice, um, he, well, he was a good bird and, uh, he was, he repeated everything we said, but dad, wait, what not. What's the matter? Forget about it bro, he's saying I'm a reboot. and everything you know, just bury it but bring it back, I'm leaving, wait dad, don't get in the car, Julia, what, I can't believe that stupid bird calls me, no one calls me, I'm smart, uh, yeah, you. re dude, I know my ABCs and my one, two, three, oh okay, it's just that you loved him so much, I mean, look at that bird, he said I was dumb and that I'm smart, oh, well, well, anyway , what are we doing now?
Let's go search. another pet god okay I want a puppy I want a kitten you

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