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Sir Alex Ferguson Full Length Interview (w/Subtitles) - Fergie Time, Van Gaal & Developing Players

May 01, 2020
born in Glasgow on New Year's Eve 1941 Sir Alex Ferguson's first taste of European silverware came when he took Abdine to the 1983 Cup Winners' Cup. Manchester United, once a great team, but Seeking leadership and inspiration, he knocked on the door, but after three mediocre seasons, his place at the helm was up for grabs until Mark Robbins' goals in the FA Cup altered his career forever. Sir Alex Ferguson was responsible for making Old Trafford a theater and a fortress for more than 20 years, while his rowdy neighbors fought their way through 21 managers. United held on to just one won an unprecedented 38 trophies, including two Champions League trophies, five FA Cup and 13 Premier League trophies.
sir alex ferguson full length interview w subtitles   fergie time van gaal developing players
I'm here to try and find out how Sir Alex brought out the best in


known for being talented but temperamental. All he wanted was attention, Eric. I know he wanted attention. I also want to try and get a rare glimpse of the man behind the manager and he got up from that seat and ran through that door into the dressing room shouting for the kit manager so when you get back he already had it. opened for coverslip oh this was it and I want to find out what places and people helped sculpt the most formidable character in gaming history.
sir alex ferguson full length interview w subtitles   fergie time van gaal developing players

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sir alex ferguson full length interview w subtitles fergie time van gaal developing players...

She showed up and kicked me, woke me up, and all three of them were standing behind her, you know? Ella, you know you're retiring, you're too young to retire, so get ready, it's Fergie


, this is your kind of second home, here you are, honorary golf captain at M, yeah, I've only played twice since I became in captain, but I'm on the way, so has your golf handicap improved or not? No no. I got into a good relationship about a year or so ago and only played about four


s, put here a couple of times by Bobby Charlton, eh, but that's it, and what's retirement?
sir alex ferguson full length interview w subtitles   fergie time van gaal developing players
What did you think it would be? I mean, I know you're still very busy, but if there were things that you were looking forward to and you thought well, that's what I'm going to do when I retire, everyone will definitely be happy of course, but I'm looking forward to it and so am I. I made sure I was going to be active and you know, the difference was maybe I would wake up during the night and put the TV on the difference. I used to get up at 6:00 to go to training camp, now I do, maybe I have to have breakfast.
sir alex ferguson full length interview w subtitles   fergie time van gaal developing players
With Kathy it's the first time she's had breakfast with me, so it's a big change, but I made it a point to be active all the time. The first thing we did was sail to the Scottish islands with my family and my mates, just all men and us. It started at the opening and there was a day when Andrew Mur opened so we already had the champagne yeah we went S A to W that and as we sat down and all the people in the key greeted us and with the champagne well out. Andy and we had a great time, it's fantastic and that was something you thought you could have gone anywhere in the world and it was actually a lovely summer that summer, wasn't it?
So you were very lucky, but was it something you had? I set out I I want to do the highlands I want to do the islands I want to go home really yes, exactly well as a Scot. I've never been to places I've been to, you know, on that cruise I've never been on. bin, yes in my life it's amazing, it's not even far from Glasgow and you mentioned Kathy who is already very important to your success. I think AB, what has she brought to a marriage that has lasted almost 50 years? I mean, I think it's 48 years. now you've been married 48 yeah yeah um how does she understand you she and how much respect do you have for her in terms of listening to her?
She says she's a great judge, a great judge of people in particular, um, she's never been a soccer player, uh. wife who goes to matches has never been to the Cup final and K used to say "I lost a ticket because she is his sister talking to her in the TV room" how did we watch the match but it was because it is the Cup final she she always goes and is basically a good mother, a good wife and a great grandmother, a fantastic grandmother, well, she thinks you're a pretty good grandfather, right? Because you have it.
I love that now, yeah, I always love it every week. we have a few of them here, you know, I have 11 grandkids, one is now 20, Jake and the youngest is two at five, great, and is it true that Kathy won't let you have any football memorabilia in the house? everything and what if you came back with a book or something, a football book, well we have a library of football books, don't get me wrong, but I don't have anything to show my career, it's all at United Museum. everyone is there and I think that's the best place to really love with CU that can be shared with all the fans that come into the museum.
It's a fantastic museum, uh, and it's not a question of me or the lady, I don't even think so. In this regard, I think it's a place, but the most crucial influence she had and it didn't come to light until a few years later, but she was the one who taught you the first time that you were going to retire and that was because she didn't want you. in the house or you weren't she thought you weren't ready yet she could feel that she had made a mistake she had made a mistake and I met you know the nonsense was it was an impulse it was In a kind of moment, I just decided and did it at the beginning of the season, which was even worse and I knew after a few weeks I said why did I do that, you know, but sometimes, when you're stubborn. about you say well I've done it and then you carry it out and then about Christmas Day or New Year's Day, I think it was New Year's Day, I was actually swimming on the couch after dinner with the kids and the families and uh, she walked by and she kicked me, she picked me up and the three of them were standing behind her, you know, she, you're not retiring, you're too young to retire and the guy says you're not crazy to retire, he He certainly did. his path his unmistakable door and his strides his discreet smile his greeting simply the last step of his journey towards the work carried out by Van persy in va VI B the icing on the cake his day, Mr.
Alex, with you when he was a child who were the influences in your personality my parents certainly created the foundation for me in terms of they kept saying no, why don't you cheat, don't steal, you know all these little things, don't be late. that's my dad, oh honestly, were you ever late, he was agony that way, but then you got to elementary school and he had a fantastic teacher, she was amazing, Thompson, Mrs. Thompson, she had a style , but she was very strict, I mean, there was, there was. there wasn't a certain amount of cpal punishment, but every time you behave these days, if you behave better, you get six to the belt, which was favorite, but enthusiasm, I'm determined.
I remember we played like a used rounds game. to have a rounders game on Friday afternoon maybe from 3: to 4: that was kind of sweet and um it was my turn to come back and there was first base here and I started looking for that first space, I get that first space and O the B next to it she she absolutely winning IT if you ever do that again I'll kill you next time she was hitting the most important thing in the world but she was fantastic and then when she died a few months later a package I walked into my house and it belonged to my nephew and it was his belt, the belt he had hit you with.
Yes, everyone understood it. You know it's fantastic and I still have it in the house. It's fantastic even though we've been. Speaking of retirement, you've gone on a completely different tangent and have this position at Harvard University as a fellow in the Executive Education Program. Now, what does that entail and how do you prepare for it? Because that type of performance is very well known. in front of a group of very, very bright students, it's quite stressful. I think teacher Anita Elbar, she's Dutch, a very intelligent woman, a great leader in her classroom, approached another young man and chatted with her and did a case study.
United training talked to some people from United and then they


ed me and then she did the case study for all the students and I was sitting in the classroom and all these bright young people and there in one classroom there were two classrooms that were let's say 65 each and one of the classrooms are 45 nationalities from all over the world and that was for me the most surprising thing that tells you about Harvard: it is a class of intelligence for the people who get there and how the progress of Bill Gates is there and M is um John F Kennedy, I mean, if you look at John F Kennedy's staff, all his staff, but all the former Harford students, all of them and that's what they called the best and the brightest and they understand your accent.
I don't know, but me. I have to say this and he just says to speak SL mhm way, which I'm doing with you. I am very grateful. You have a dashboard and you have certain keywords. What did you find most interesting? What do they question you? in them they lower the boards and keep P up, bu points and all the rest of that part was a circle of what is important, the manager, the CEO, the owner, the


, the staff, then the agents, the supporters , uh, they push all these things and I didn't write them all down other than The CEO, the owner, the player staff and I, are essential elements to do that job.
All of this will probably always be peripheral. The only way to satisfy fans is to make them happy. Winning on a Saturday, that's his job. The media. You can never satisfy the media. But you have to do it. and the agents, the only time you hear from them is when they make money, when a new contract others want to launch, since we know well that it is a job, so they are all peripheral to me at work, you have really always been. Very curious, which is a great quality in terms of learning from other sports, so I remember years and years ago we were in a yard in Lamor and you were looking at the veterans' stuff and you remember they were examining that horse and you looked . in golf and you're trying to learn from what they were doing with racehorses, golf you've always loved and obviously you went to ride a cup at Clen Eagles, how impressed are you with the way Paul McGinley prepared That European team and the work they put in to make sure the couples worked and brought out the best in each other, that's what attracted me when Paul came to see me over a year ago.
The details of him and his plan in map 2 were fantastic. It was brilliant and I was delighted and honored to be asked to take part and we kept it a secret, we actually did until maybe a few days before, but this has been going on for a year and we made sure it was going to turn out well. It's going to be good and I know how much you admire Andy Murray. I think Rory Mao is pretty high on your list too. Oh yes, you see there are geniuses in the wife and Rory produces shots that shouldn't be attempted, but he has the ability. to do it and sometimes it doesn't work out but their imagination as such they can make these shots and when they come out you yourself say how they did that you know and he has these that in his walker he is an exceptional exceptional player He is, without a doubt, I think he is the most talent I've ever seen and he's got personality, you know, and he's a United fan, so it helps.
It's the complete package. He has the right complete package during his 26 years at Old Trafford. Alex Ferguson took on some of the greatest footballers the sport has ever seen. Oh, wonderful, what a goal, what time, what place, what player, but unlike other elite clubs, he didn't rely on an unlimited transfer budget to change his team. at the world champions, ensuring the sustainability of the club by making its Academy the best in Europe was his priority, he cultivated local talent, developed them mentally and physically and turned them into sporting icons. He also trusted his instincts and instincts when he took risks.
The untested and untested players under Sir Alex United were formidable on the counter-attack, pushing their opponents to the limit. Pery gets going and Rooney finds him brilliant, that's sensational with him in charge, they won an unprecedented 61 Premier League games with a goal scored in the 80th minute or later and when the shouts of attack echoed around Old Trafford , the opponents were filled with fear and the horrible realization of the inevitable and it seems to me that with all their success 13 Premier League titles five FA Cups two Champions Leagues eh, 38 trophies in total, is the development of the players As individuals, what gives you more satisfaction than even that wide variety of trophies?
So, with the question, I think I know that there are many ways that many people have different interpretations of what he has done to Manchester United in recent years. 26 years with great players Rooney ralo cantana Keane, you know Robson, Scho and others, too many to talk about, but I honestly think the spirit of Manchester comes from those 19, the 92 team, I think that gave everyone at the club, not just the fans. but myself, my staff, the directors, Bobby Charlton, who grew up in the M Busby era, brought back the Manchester United story, no doubt, and it's fascinating that you were always willing to take risks, so pick someone like Canina, who wasn't an obvious signing and there would have been a bit of warning that could have come with that and he obviously got into trouble pretty early, how do you turn someone like that into aiconic player?
Well, I was my attitude towards Eric Canon. was this, but I decided that the whole package, all the baggage that was supposed to be with him, I was going to discard him and treat him like a new young man who came to my club and talked to him every day that he loved. that all he wanted was attention Eric, you know he wanted attention, he loves to talk about football and the moment when he says he wouldn't go back to P when H had been on that 8 month suspension and I went to Paris, you know, something happened With this R, the career itself closed, Eric was only his lawyer, his secretary lawyer and his agent.
R CL the r in the middle of Paris and all we wanted to do was talk to the big players a match about the PE AC CR the maradas World Cup finals European finals and he was a real football man you know , an underrated and underrated person and that's what I relived the old days with me. CU loved him. I was very young then and he used to play with his collar up and obviously that would be enough for me. But he had an incredible presence and I think. it's interesting when sometimes you see Boris Becker has it Roger Feder has it some of the great boxers have it it's like they have this glow around them that makes them even bigger than they are and it was different, it was different, I remember that We went to the civic reception and sang.
I'm walking in with this Indian jacket and every head in the room turned towards me and I turned my head away like I saw them and said, "Oh my God, it's just you." Be like a Jack jacket with a Nar collar. I know that the emotions are in the S and the big Indian like an American Indian. You see what you mean. Yes, American Indian. I'm sorry and then the players will focus on me. I say what you're going to see, you know, you know. so the next morning, the system headache said I didn't know, I thought it was coincidental.
I mean, well, some casual gear. What did you say to the players from the team coach after winning the 2008 Champions League? Can you remember what you said? "I told the players in the coach right after, so everyone is in a good mood. Um, you beat Chelsea in the final. Everything is fabulous. I don't remember. I don't know. You said I think you said if anyone does it ". I don't want to win the Champions League again next year. I will renew your contract. Oh, it's true. I have seen many things that we should forget, but that's how it is.
It's usually your reaction to even the biggest success of all. reboot ok, it doesn't matter, you have to do it tomorrow is another day, that's the best way to approach it. If you let yourself be carried away by your successes, then I think your complacency becomes complete. Compen is a disease, a disease. I absolutely tell you that you just have to do it. Be aware of it and your United teams had this incredible ability to win at the last moment, particularly in the last five to 10 minutes of a match which is part of fitness I imagine, but there is also incredible mental strength in that, so , What are you?
Were you doing to instill that belief because other teams started to be afraid of him too? That's definitely why I used to go to my watch. I voted for my watch. Honestly, never. I didn't know who my name was, but. you communicate with the opponents and the referee it's just a little trick but know what happens with the last 10 15 minutes of a game p Old Trafford is more P Old Trafford um we have 65,000 people there at half time they always emphasize Don't panic. wait patiently and in the last 15 minutes you can do whatever you want. I'm a player, push the bodies forward, take risks, um and not always it didn't always work, but many times it did and the value when the work is enormous, if you are in the locker room after the game and we have scored in the last minute, Their electricity is incredible, they are jumping on each other and clapping, the staff are spinning around, it is a fantastic place to be the most.
The important thing is that those fans are walking in that stadium desperate to get back to the pub to talk about it. He goes home to tell his wife and his kids what happened in Old Tra in the last minute of that game and that's my job to take them home. happy and it's the best moment, honestly, scoring at the last minute. You can probably sum up my United story about last minute goals. I love them. I could talk about them all the time and there's no point in any of us doing any of this on The Wonderful World of Sports unless we enjoy it and then again, were you able with an opposing manager to be normal people and which Was your technique to simply enjoy it afterwards?
My was to invite the managers and staff to the office. and if it was away from home we are part of the staff again because we always think that it is our dignity as Manchester United, don't forget it and we never talk about football, we never talk about the game. Sorry, we can talk about whose turn it is next week. and what happened last week and you know all these kinds of things that we talk about a lot of things, but there is always a good atmosphere, you know, and that is very important and every good bottle of wine, always a good bottle of wine .
I always made sure. well not always someone oh it was Chelsea I had to talk to Abramovich I told them their pain STP you give me here but what did you do to Sam allise oh like Sam here was my birthday and he brought me this nice bottle of hot um. Bon, I think it was a very nice bottle and it was wrapped in Christmas paper, you know, the kit manager brought it to him in the morning, he says the gaer brought it to you for your birthday, I said, oh love, put it there, so I took it and put a rine b wrapped again and big Sam came to the office after the game and I said thank you very much for R I'm going to open it he said no, no, you take it home, it's for you, I No, I want to share it.
I'm taking you, Sam, so I'm taking you. I said what is this and I'm looking. He got up from that seat and ran through that door to the locker room shouting for the kit manager, so when he came back he had already opened it. he took out a couple of glasses oh, it was very funny and he's a good friend of yours, right?, right?, and that's what we talked about briefly before the


started about José Mourinho, it's José Mourinho, someone who in the modern world of football is. He's the kind of guy who's always going to be successful, he's got a bit of star quality, he's unfair, really, because he's handsome, now he's got those George Coy white streaks in his hair. but I think he is a great example, he can speak five languages, whatever he can, whatever he does, and a Bobby Robson interpreter follows him to Barcelona.
He works with Le Vanal. He is learning all the time. He has determination. He wants to be a coach. By the way, he played the game now tell me how many presidents would have given a coach a job and he never played any, but he did, then he manages a small team in Portugal and then he goes to Porto when the week he wins a UFA Cup, wins the European . The cup goes to Chelsea wins the week twice in a row goes to Interland but that is an example for anyone who wants to do well, you must not let the barriers follow you if you want to get there in everything you say and the way you Say it, you're a fan at heart, you're a fan and you're now a


-time Manchester United fan, so as a fan, what's your opinion on where the club is now?
Well, first of all, come on, I don't. I don't know how you can expect to get the best results with the injuries he's had and when he gets the best P back, you look at United because he's a great coach, he'll do well. I'm not interested in what's happening with the players. They brought him because they are going to need time. When I took Patrice Evra and Man Viic in January of the same year, they were everywhere. It took me five months to get used to playing for Manchester without the culture and history of the club and these new players will be exactly the same and they still have great players.
I think Michael K is the best midfielder in English football. I really believe it. I think he is the best English player in the game. I think Robin van pers is in the World Cup, maybe a little bit, but if you watch the second half, you'll be fine. Rooney's back flying, you know? Rooney will always score the goal for you and that is always an advantage when teammates have the opportunity. The team's scorer and the one I like the most in the current war is Davidia when we brought him when he was a child, yes, he was very skinny, but he had ability, he has special talents and he is showing that now and I am very happy.
For that kid, you know I really am, but once they get the players back, Bo, it's okay, make no mistake, they will take the price of next year's title, yeah, I finally heard that there are rumors that a script about your life. Didn't they have it? Oh, you haven't because I want to know who is destined to play with you. Who do you want to play with you? All the great ones are dead. Don't know. I know about Daniel Craig, he is a blinking Liverpool fan. I can't have it I can't have it I don't know I wouldn't think about that no it wouldn't bother you not seeing yourself on the screen I mean you wouldn't do it one way or another I don't know If I sell them to you no thanks for the time please

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