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Simon Sinek's Brutally Honest Opinion Of Gen-Z

Sep 03, 2023
This Young Generation because of all the reasons we've talked about and more seems to exhibit the traits of being very conflict avoidant very uncomfortable with how uncomfortable it has some impact which is sometimes funny in quotes but always tends to make someone feel lonelier, so for example, I've seen this happen. I've heard these stories so many times about a young employee who may feel like he's in line for fixes, but it's so awkward to go to his boss and ask for a raise that he just quit. They'd rather quit than have an awkward conversation and then sometimes it's followed by an angry email saying, I'm undervalued, you don't appreciate me, you pay me less, you know, and I've heard this happen a lot. moments in which leadership is what we would happily have liked.
simon sinek s brutally honest opinion of gen z
Sorry, we were planning on giving you a raise, we'd have to give you a raise, you know? and it's really awkward to walk into your boss's office and say "hey." I'm working really hard can I get a raise please now the time you can quit is when you've had this conversation four five six times and you've seen nothing, you've gotten no feedback and you've had no impact, then you absolutely quit. and You definitely say you underestimate me, you underestimate me, we underestimate each other, we've had this conversation five or six times, so it's their fault because they had all the information, but again, it's very funny how many little kids would rather quit than quit. have a difficult conversation or would rather break up than have a difficult conversation or worse, would rather go with someone than break up with them because it's really awkward to have a fight and a breakup and insult each other, it's much easier just turn off all the networks social stop following everywhere I know we've been dating for six months but now I'm going to ignore every text ignore all your calls and think about it since we talk about service think about the service or disservice we do the other person for his point of view is like you were in a car accident it's like you were killed it's like you just disappeared from the planet that's trauma because you feel uncomfortable having an uncomfortable conversation you would do that to someone else so the service goes both ways, i.e.
simon sinek s brutally honest opinion of gen z

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simon sinek s brutally honest opinion of gen z...

I will make myself uncomfortable and have a difficult conversation even if I screw up and ruin it and it ends up being a shouting match because that is a better option than traumatizing a person where they have to. They think I'm dead first because they can't reach me out of panic and then when they realize I'm alive because they see me on Instagram, now I've destroyed their self-confidence. How dare someone do that to another human being because they just feel a little uncomfortable having an uncomfortable conversation. Where we can help is that we can teach people how to have uncomfortable conversations.
simon sinek s brutally honest opinion of gen z
That's a skill set we don't teach leaders to have. uncomfortable conversations we don't teach students how to have uncomfortable conversations we don't teach you know we can teach these things everywhere and I think it's a big gap in the curriculum that we teach you know math and we teach English, but we don't teach social interaction, we don't teach to listen, no, we don't teach how to have uncomfortable conversations, we don't teach how to give and receive feedback, you know, now tell me what it's going to be. be more valuable for the rest of your life how to have a difficult conversation or trigonometry and shouldn't we be?
simon sinek s brutally honest opinion of gen z
Shouldn't we be preparing people for life at that point in that new generation in the workplace and how? They're exhibiting traits of being a little more cowardly in terms of having those difficult conversations. You made a video about Millennials in the workplace that probably had hundreds of millions of views. Yeah, I remember seeing it on Facebook maybe five years ago. And I think he had 50 million views on that video, but on YouTube he has tens of millions of views on many different videos. But now I'm thinking about that new generation that you've described, that younger generation, generation Z.
Generation that is emerging in the similar post-covered world. What is the workplace for them? How can I, as a leader, make sure that if I'm hiring Gen Z and I have a couple even in this room that work at my company? What do we need to know about them and what to do to ensure they thrive, stay motivated and achieve their goals? This is my own bias. I don't like the conversation about strengths and weaknesses. You know, it's the famous question you know in an interview. What is your greatest weakness? Well, I'm a perfectionist, you know, I don't like conversations about strengths and weaknesses because often with strengths comes responsibility.
I have a lot of confidence. Okay, in the wrong context, you're arrogant, right? But Silver has weaknesses too. Liners, so for me I am chronically disorganized. I'm terrible. Every system app that works for a week and then I'm disorganized again is a good or bad thing. For years he used to punish me. to look for it and say it's a bad thing, it's a terrible weakness, but the reality is its context, so I was in this as a young entrepreneur. I was at this networking event and met this guy who was really impressed with what I had to say. my proposal and he's like, Simon, we need to work together here's my business card, call me, let's do this and I lost the business card basically as soon as he gave it to me so anyone who was organized would text me from the taxi or at least sending an email the next day, not to Yahoo, here.
I lost my business card. There was no way to know what this important business would have led to because I lost the card. Two weeks later, I found the business card at the bottom of a briefcase, so I emailed him and said: Hi, remember we met two weeks ago. You know, I'd love to reconnect and see if we can work together. Still, he wanted to work with me more because he thought he was busy. weakness the answer is that now it depends generally yes it is a weakness it is a responsibility and it causes me great stress but it is not always the point and therefore yes it is important for us to understand the characteristics that we exhibit some of which in the Disadvantages in certain contexts are huge strengths and some of the exact same characteristics in the wrong context are huge weaknesses, so we have to be very careful when we label people or Generations as strong or weak because the answer is that It depends, okay?
That's the preface. When we talk about this young generation, Generation Z, they exhibit many of the same characteristics as the previous generation, but they are quite different in the sense that they are very activist, for example in the 1950s and the people of the 60s hated their jobs back then too, they just went to work every day and suffered in Silence You Know, when you get to the 80's and 90's people hated their jobs but then at least they started talking about it. the office says, you know, this job kind of sucks, you know, and then when you get to the 2000s, people start talking to their bosses and say, I think we should improve the work here, you know, and now They are in this young generation and they are like they stand up and resign and I like it, and I love it, and they organize themselves, they are much more, you know, the older generation would like to tweet with the hashtag my discontent like me .
I'm sitting in my Uber on the way to brunch, you know, but this young generation is going out and organizing and getting together, it sort of depends. Sometimes it's a big strength that they have that kind of energy, but sometimes, as we've talked about, they also have the energy to quit instead of having an awkward conversation, so strength or weakness depends. , so I think the way we have to approach all of these things is with empathy, which is instead of deciding with the strength of weakness to try to understand where it comes from because I can tell that this generation is irresponsible and will give up before asking a raise or can I tell why they quit before getting a raise when they just need a raise, what is it miss?
What happened between a and b? And that thought and those two actions, you know, and I'm like, oh, they just missed the skill set, oh, we can totally figure it out, that's an easy fix, so I'm not labeling a whole. person or an entire generation, I'm not recognizing that there are gaps in the skills that we all have, so when you ask me about any of the generations, they all have strengths and they all have disadvantages, depending on the time period and the context. sometimes sometimes those strengths also become outdated they are no longer necessary you know they can still cause frustration they can still cause confusion you know we are still looking at them through our own prisms of our own generation I have definitely caught myself doing you know, I do, God mine, we never did that when we were kids, you know, when I was their age, I'm actually saying that now, but I think the test, the test is the practice of empathy, which is another skill that we can teach that's missing if you love The Darby CEO brand and watch this channel, please do me a big favor, be part of the 15 viewers of this channel who pressed the Subscribe button, it helps us tremendously and even more.
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