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Silent Hill 2 (PS2) - No Damage - Hard (Walkthrough)

Jun 03, 2021
elevator, we will use the copper key and the leg key, we will have the gun equipped, it is a little orange, whether Maria takes


here or not, we have to stand in a very specific place to activate the appearance of the head of the pyramid, so trying to get Maria to actually walk over here trying to push her down just a little bit the head of the pyramid is a little slow there, but as long as we have ammo in the clip, we can go around the corner and shoot here a little bit through the classification, that's enough room for Maria to pass.
silent hill 2 ps2   no damage   hard walkthrough
Yes, you will probably witness your wife's death about 7,000 more times. James, poor bastard, places to go, how's Laura? Getting around Silent Hill is so easy, no one guesses. I made another save here so I could walk around and collect items, although I didn't really need to collect set items, basically I just wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. I could get some ammo so I wouldn't be stumbling around in case I took a wrong route somewhere, Mr. Shotgun Shells Over Here I think the only other time I end up using shotgun shells is against the abstract dad later nurses on the streets. just turn off the flashlight and run around them there is a blister next to this gun bullets also rifle casings two boxes of shotgun casings and there is a tree with a couple more boxes of bullets rifle casings and pistol bullets that are They just escaped that nurse.
silent hill 2 ps2   no damage   hard walkthrough

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Just in time, can I hug the wall here? Two more boxes of pistol bullets. A couple of healthy drinks directly to the right that I just passed in case you wanted to have them for yourself, although I imagine if you're following me. You're probably spamming the map button over and over again. Alright. I say this because I did too much when I played this game. It is very useful. I would have found point A and point B if I hadn't been speedrunning this game for a while. while then I probably wouldn't know where I was going, I go ahead and put it in the trailer here, we're here, we're going from the RV to the Silent Hill Historical Society oh, hey, right?
silent hill 2 ps2   no damage   hard walkthrough
I'm supposed to change this to stereo like seven parts ago. Oops, well, okay. I guess this whole game isn't full mono. There wasn't even a wall there. James, what was it? Okay, there's rifle ammo on each side. from happy burger there is also an extra first aid kit in case there is another case of gun bullets, there are shotgun shells on those stairs, but obviously be very careful with the nurse, as if they took an arc around her, they turned a little here. I did all this in one take, I think because I didn't want to practice something as stupid as picking up items, the only reason I did these saves was so I could go back and check the strategy guide and see where all the items were, yeah, I still use them. strategy guides, so what two boxes of pistol bullets and more shotgun shells could definitely take out all these pills?
silent hill 2 ps2   no damage   hard walkthrough
I don't think I would have to look for pistol bullets from shotgun shells there, if there were many I could have removed. Overall, I think I might do this race again one day. I just wanted to take down the enemy strategies now that we have the wrench we read another letter. I have no idea who wrote that letter, it keeps zigzagging until we find more gun bullets, although we won't really need them, also a lot of enemies seem to fall from the sky and Silent Hill for this game is quite strange, I don't know if they are falling from the buildings, they are falling from the sky your health drink more rifle casings we will need to collect as many rifle casings as we can specifically for Eddie or not for Eddie, but for the twin pyramid head fight at the end of the game there are no scenes in this segment talking about Eddie, could you go get some pizza on the street right now, some real pizza.
I think I could eat some for dinner. It's not a bad idea to stay to the left of this street so we can go through an alley on the right that will take us through the hotel. motel and to Rose Water Park, well, you had the right idea, James, let's see. James didn't really point his gun at the enemy, which is why I decided to shoot that nurse so we can get two more boxes of shotgun shells, still nice. Useful I guess, because I'm not really that useful, actually the shotgun is like one of the baddest weapons in the game.
I'm going to dig and use the key to get the key to the Historical Society in general, as long as I don't do


, there's always a very specific weapon to use against very specific enemies and the shotgun actually has very few uses aside from some bosses. on standard enemies, the shotgun is a little far away to do anything useful against said enemies now that we have this, we're just Personally, I'm going to walk around for a bit. I'm a fan of keeping the radio off because I'm not really a fan of ambient noise, especially when I'm trying to talk.
It takes me a while to run down this road to this Historical Society. If anyone has any donations to read, please feel free to read them. Greetings from Germany, long time viewer, first time donor compared to Silent Hill 1. Silent Hill 2 actually has a lot of dead space. I'm just not realizing that there are a lot of enemies, but you don't really need to talk about how to avoid any of them if they're miles away, there's a map here, this is just circular pits, bowl-o-rama , like who literally goes that far down the road to miss Pete. bowl-o-rama the pits bowl-o-rama scene I guess it's like a kind gesture if you don't go near Pete's Balarama in general Silent Hill 2 is a very linear game because all the doors are the keys only opened one door and there is usually only one set path you go through.
I think the game is generally designed to make the player get lost, so there's Pyramid Head and I don't even know what's going on with those hanging people. those boxes gave me a little spin, the save room is actually in the previous room, man I should have chosen the rebirth ending in this run but I didn't, we got the Maria ending so the building from the Historical Society is surely an interesting historical one. society building is interesting and it literally has a staircase going straight down to hell with something mooing very loudly. I don't even knock knock, knock, knock, who's there, a cow interrupting.
I did that, so once again we faced our archenemy like cockroaches we have. to make sure our flashlight is off for said roaches which probably wasn't a cow it was probably a ship horn maybe so the only reason I did this here was for the roach room coming up in a couple of rooms. At the bottom of this well here, fortunately, there is no girl to get us out of here. Place where James says honey, this is different, that's where we, so we hit it with our steel pipe one more time and turn off the flashlight.
It's probably good to go straight to the right. The first door on the right and the first door on the right here, so here's the trick to avoid damage to the road finish. Okay, let's go over to the flashlight, press the power switch and turn it off, then let's go. If you are going to combine the battery or use the battery, the roaches will not hit you, but they will still appear on the wall. If you can see two different types of cockroaches, there are riches that simply swipe left and right repeatedly. They're not actually cockroaches, the cockroaches that can really harm you are the ones that squirm on the ground, so once you don't see any more of those on the ground, you can take your chances with the keybinds and then just spin around. backed off due to V's mistake, but I already knew the solution to the puzzle beforehand after having retried the segment several times, you can definitely stop the cockroaches while you're there, while the flashlight is off, they're one of the few enemies you can actually stop while the flashlight is off with too much bass killing a person is no big deal just put the gun to his head you killed him but it wasn't my fault he made me do it calm down Eddie tell me what happened to that guy he deserved it me I didn't do anything he just came after me plus he was making fun of me with his eyes like that other one just because of that you killed him what do you mean just because of that Eddie can't you just kill someone? by the way they looked at you oh yeah why not until now I always let people walk all over me like that stupid dog who deserved it Eddie, yeah I was just kidding James he was dead when I got here. a race, you're going out alone, yes Eddie, that smells a lot like anyone zijn, there's the gluttonous pig tablet, how appropriate it's going to save our game here, the next section will go through the prison that leads to the maze we reached .
Pick up three plates and also three other items to leave the area, so we'll hit the door just before the straitjacket patient always runs around them with a flashlight off while they can't react. they can simply intimidate them with the flashlight off. I hope you can see that one of the unfortunate things about playing Silent Hill is that everything is soggy and damp and dark, so there's the wax doll, one of the first items. Actually, we're not supposed to walk out that door as soon as we have the second plate in the shower. Now let's go get the third plate.
This room here Jabba the Hutt won't let us out. this monster just says like a ritual, I haven't even figured it out Benny, who's in this through the door, it's like keep going as straight as possible until we hit the guillotine, the gallows over here and press match and use all three here, combined. The feature in Silent Hill works a little differently compared to Resident Evil, as you don't actually combine anything, it simply allows you to use three items at once without leaving the inventory, which is quite convenient, once again turning off the flashlights , simply squeeze around the patient. if for some reason they get in the way the shotgun is a good idea actually that was wrong that was the wrong visiting room i was supposed to go through this omg i wonder what crashed in that visiting room who threw up throw up all because they didn't have a flashlight off I vomited again it was a risky business let's go down here squeeze the patient deeply here in this room that is an armory rifle casings shotgun casings pistol bullets turn off the flashlight come back by here in Overall I opted to keep the flashlight off instead of fighting enemies simply because of how clunky the combat is, it's very intentional on the part of the developers and ready to combine the lighter, wax doll and horseshoe which No. dry with wax, as we can make an improvised handle, just jump through another deep hole.
I don't know what the deal is with all these holes, man, a lot of corpses, a lot of sprouts, it was a fun little trick for the developers of this game. He seemed to really like scenes where the field of view is adjusted on the fly. Field of vision is a very fun thing. At each corner, the elevator there are some supplies. Hanka bullets, shotgun shells, rifle shells, first aid kit. The elevator ride is going to take a bit, I'd say the maze is probably one of the most annoying sections of the game if you don't know exactly where to go, who builds this place properly, so although I don't use the big knife during the course of This game, I decided to pick it up anyway just because I wanted to pick up as many weapons as I could to experiment on the enemies in case I ate them.
In general, weapons in Silent Hill sometimes have pretty good cooldowns, especially the rifle, especially the sniper. rifle, sorry, shotgun rifle, sniper rifle and shotgun start with a butt. Sorry, four shots take this guy down and another four shots take this guy down, like kick them all, they're down, but I'm not. I don't want to keep the flashlight on too close for the first mannequin or not too close for the first patient demon, so I got lucky with the solution to this puzzle. It's completely random here in a difficult puzzle, but I just tilted it down and got the right pattern so I could go down the stairs are you alive Maria I thought that thing killed you or you were in a lot of pain nothing silly Maria that thing stabbed you there was blood everywhere he stabbed me what do you mean he chased us to the elevator and midis what are you talking about right before?
Don't you remember James, darling? Did something happen to you after we were separated for so long? Homer, are you confusing me with someone else? You were always so forgetful. Remember that time at the hotel. Maria. You said you took everything but you forgot the videotape we made I wonder if it's still there How do you know that? Isn't that right Maria? I'm not your Mary, so you're a Mary. I am if you want it to be all I am. What I want from you is an answer, no matter who I am, I'm here for you, James,It requires a bit of button work, although I was weak, which is why I needed you.
I need someone to punish me for my sins. That's over, now I know the truth. Now it's time to finish this, so off screen I changed the controls back to 3D controls so I can scroll, but basically what I do is hold l2 and l1 to keep the pyramid heads always in view, I'm pretty sure when they are fully in view they move a little slower but they move a little faster off screen so there is an optimal range for one shot, this is about a good two shot distance here, but what I'm ready to move just let go of ours but I never at any point in the fight do I let go of the l2 and l1 buttons in case you were wondering I have my straight button and r1 l1 swapped so it's like Resident style Evil r12 am l1 to look around l2 and r2 a straight ahead, you can see they are a little faster, the pyramid head on the left was going to cut me off, so I decided to go straight this way so I could try to group them together again.
Every once in a while I go into the inventory to reload, but always count your shots, it takes about 50 shots to take these guys down, like fifty-four, too many bullets, there's a much faster strategy with the big knife where you can tow into a wall and bounce the knife off the wall. A couple of times I shouldn't have let James reload there. It should have gone into inventory. There is still a good distance to go there. We're almost all the way through the fight and I say 2/3 of it is over, but I'm done. I'm not kidding when I say it takes too many bullets to kill these guys in one firing cycle.
He's very lucky, it should be another four-shot cycle right here. I think now it wasn't because I couldn't maintain. both pyramid heads in view, but it has to be a very specific circle around the room holding l2 and l1 and just tapping to the right to keep them in view. This should be a three shot cycle. Yes, no, it had to be for shooting. I shot because then the pyramidal head on my left foot finally got the better of me. Pyramidal head on the left. I can never tell if the other pyramid had something I'm not shooting, it's actually like moving into a position to do an ambush or if the other pyramid head is suddenly there. on the way and he's trying to go around the head hair, the right pyramid head, I mean, the right pyramid head, the left Herman head, it doesn't matter, they both look the same and the fight is done with 12 shells rifle to save the two from Risky. of these eggs, then we will save the game one last time before the fight with Mary, but between this segment and the next segment, I will deplete all my ammo to zero because it is necessary, it is absolutely necessary to decrease your ammo. count down to zero for Mary, so now we're at the literal end of the game.
I'm actually not sure what influences the difference between the main ending and Maria's ending. I brought you some flowers, honey, damn flowers, just go home, Mary, what are you saying, but me? You ended up getting Maria's ending, you could stop and listen to the dialogue, it's up to you. I guess I actually have no idea what influences the ending you get. Just know that you go into the water for taking a lot of damage and not healing by looking. the knife listening to all the dialogue may be different on a sliding scale or something. I wouldn't know they were doing the right thing James.
I've been waiting for Mary. I'm sorry she took so long. Didn't you want to see me? If I wanted. to see you even an illusion of you that's why I came here it's not true is that right QB? I couldn't see you have dinner don't make excuses James I know it's a burden for you we must have hated me that's why you got rid of I it's true. You may have had some of those feelings. They were three long years. That's why we needed this person Maria. Do you really think she could ever forgive you for what you did?


mode, he is extremely aggressive and I mean, extremely aggressive. The only way that has been found to reliably complete this without getting hit is to draw it around any circle in the room, well, more like a box, draw it like a box or like a rectangle or an ellipse or not. I don't know, man, keep going, keep moving, don't go too far, don't fall behind and you have to do this for exactly ten minutes. You may remember I said earlier that I had to get rid of all my ammo and yes, that's it. what I did is why every time I load at the beginning of this segment it was in a seemingly different file and that's because I made the part work where I only helped with the r1 and X button and just demo spam because it's like If no one was going to do it.
I want to see that, do you really want to want to see that to go shooting into a wall? I mean, Twitch Chat could, but I'm pretty sure YouTube wouldn't, so everything about that will just run around the circle, but this is it. practically throughout the entire race. I really don't have much more to say from here. I guess I could talk about how to get each of the endings because it was actually on the day of the link, it was actually linked in the endings guide, so for the ending ending there is a point system, ending starts at five points and you do it. next at one point, each listening to the entire conversation on the sickbed, which is the dialogue you heard while I was running my app in that hallway, but we just skipped it, you have to heal more than 200 HP, you should never have got permission on something that got the Morea ending or never have gotten the permission ending that got the water ending, so basically if you got Maria or in the water, then you will pretty much get permission, which will remove one point from the permission is to go east after meeting Maria and having her remind us of the way to the hotel.
Maria's ending begins at three points and these at a siege point. Or we spent ten minutes or more close to Maria, we ran into Maria less than three times. I mean, crashing is something that's just going to happen, so they hit you like three times, it's like a cushion. We are there, we do not take damage in the entire game or Maria, it takes less. of the 3% of the damage we took from the monsters and well I certainly didn't take a single hit aside from the pyramid head scene so I'm pretty sure I didn't count the pyramid scene as no damage or yes I told the scene at the head of the pyramid. like no harm wait didn't count didn't do whatever doesn't count as harm get meme wake up something else that will really get you so Maria the ending is checking Maria in the hospital I didn't do that and I I still have Maria's ending in this game .
I tried to go back to see Maria in the maze twice through the white door. Apparently I never got Maria's ending, but I did get Permission's ending, so if we already have an ending in the file, then that's it. We're more likely to get the other endings, so once I finish this match I could just load the same file and get the other endings for the ending in the water. Things that will influence the ending in the water are reading the eavesdropping journal on the hospital rooftop. to the whole sickbed conversation, reading the second message at Neely's bar, not the one about there being a hole here, it's gone, now there's another one saying James should die.
James should be punished for examining Angela's knife at least once for being in poor health. score above 60 have a bad health score of up to 40. Actually, I'm not sure what those values ​​mean because I don't know anything about damaged values ​​in this game, but like with Maria and the leave endings, if you already you have Those then you can also get the end of the water. You are more likely to get ED water. If you get one of those two endings, I'm pretty sure there are two more endings you could get in the director's cut. I'm not. exactly sure which ones await, no, the end of the dog in the ritual end.
I think the ritual ending is unique to the director's cut or Russell's broadcasts and yes, as I'm sure he saw, I almost got hit there, wow Jesus Christ, this fight is still going on! What else am I going to talk about, so do we have to reach those bluto points to get those endings or is it more about individual choices within the game? It's like it's point based, so some things will weigh more than others and I guess once it's triggered, up to a certain amount, you're more likely to get that ending than the other, it looks like it seems in the water, actually might be the


est ending to get.
Oh right, the UFO ending was in the director's cut and you can get the dog too. ending up visiting the dog house in a New Game+ save after meeting Maria after the apartment complex and then using the dog key on the room after using the videotape at the hotel. In fact, I left my first game cheese, are we done yet? There's still another four minutes left, why don't you remove yourself from the equation? Final boss please what is overhelp? Oh, I see you know I could go ahead and link to this endings guide. I'll do that.
I will put it. in the tweet pin for the comment pinned in the comments section below, a shout out to jokey w-4 the endgame guide, also a shout out to the ufo tech and shadow cert for some pretty helpful videos and figuring out strategies for this career, also a shout out to the lone newbie who was the The first person who didn't really complete any damage on Hart, at least that I know of, is finally Jesus Christ, yeah, so if you liked what you see, like, comment and subscribe. Also visit my Twitch channel at, delete the carcinogen SDA and all my others.
Executions can be found by checking the description. All playlists are listed there. I'll upload the other endings at a later date, but in the meantime, enjoy Maria's ending once again. Thanks for watching, you killed Mary again, that wasn't Mary Mary. that was just something I Maria Maria about Jane I love you I want you with me Sure come on, let's get out of here What's wrong with Mary? Alright. I have you in my restless dreams. I see that city. Silent Hill. You promised you would be. Take me there again someday but you never did it right.
I'm alone there now in our special place waiting for you hoping you'll come see me but you never do and so I wait wrapped in my cocoon of pain and loneliness. I know that I have done something terrible to you, something that you will never forgive me for. I wish I could change that, but I can't. I feel so pathetic and ugly here waiting for you every day. I look at the cracks in the ceiling and the only thing I can think about is how unfair it all is. The doctor came today and told me that he could go home for a while.
It's not that I'm getting better, it's just that this may be my last chance. I think you know what I mean. Still, I'm glad to be back home. I've missed you so much, but I'm afraid, James. I'm afraid you really don't want me to come home every time you come to see me. I can see how difficult it is for you. I don't know if you hate me or pity me or maybe you just dislike me. I'm sorry, when I first knew I was going to die I just didn't want to accept it, I was so angry all the time. and I hit everyone I loved the most, especially you James, so I understand if you hate me, but I want you to know this, James, I will always love you, even though our life together had to end like this, I still wouldn't.
Change it for nothing in the world. We had some wonderful years together. Well, this letter has lasted too long so I'll say goodbye. I told the nurse to give this to you after I'm gone, that means as you read this I'm already dead I can't tell you to remember me but I can't stand you forgetting me these last few years since I got sick I'm so sorry for that I made you you made us you have given me so much and I have not been able to give anything back that is why I want you to live for yourself now do what is best for you James James you made me happy you better do something with that wife

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