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Mar 10, 2024
he slaps her. - It's not the end of- Oh, no. Oh, the aftertaste is vile. - Because you're eating the ending. - No, I did not do it. I ate the little you ate. The aftertaste is dead. - What was the aftertaste? Is it fuel? - Yes. It's like charred fuel. - I'll try a little. - Alright. - Alright. I'm going back for seconds, Harry. - Thank you. - Can I have a Sour Patch Kid, please? I told you. It's getting worse and worse. - Legal. - Fox? - Tobi and John, night exploration of the desert. - This video is going to become a horror movie. - We hear strange noises.
sidemen extreme hot vs cold camping
So we went exploring. - What if they ever come back? - Footprints. But they are going that way. Where do they come from? Where did they go? Where do they come from, Cotton-Eye Joe? I'm waiting for him to bite me like a snake or something. I don't even know if there are snakes here. Brother, it's very peaceful out here. Watch this. Watch this. He's beautiful, man. The fox is angry, but we will catch him next time. - Alright. It's time to go to bed, man. Where is our damn tent? - You're going the wrong way. - Have?
sidemen extreme hot vs cold camping

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sidemen extreme hot vs cold camping...

There she is. I completely forgot where she was. Well, that's what they told me: I have to take my things from here. Oh shit. I take my hat off. Jesus Chris, man. This is crazy. - I just let my body warm up at the last minute before entering my tent. Will be worth. This is an investment. To all the shit. Warming up. I can not lie. It's the way to do it. - Alright. So this is Ethan checking in on the bed. I have a pillow. I have a sleeping bag. I'm in my condom. I'm fucking around.
sidemen extreme hot vs cold camping
Goodbye everybody. - It would be much easier in a warmer climate. - Everything would be easier in a warmer climate. Why do people live here? I can't be an idiot. I just want to go to bed! - Guys, I enjoyed this trip. Thank you for sharing it with me. - You are welcome. - It is two in the morning. - At least we can see the sunrise. - Sunrise is at 7:00 a.m. - Ah OK. Well, while I go to sleep, I'd like to see how it burns. Please, José. - One more time. - What do you mean once again?
sidemen extreme hot vs cold camping
This is the first time. - Watch everyone burn. I'm sorry. I keep doing it. I still engage in some psychopathic behavior today. Anyway, I'm actually going to bed. I'll see you guys early in the morning. - Goodbye, Simon. - Bye bye. - Why am I sitting here at midnight at -12 degrees trying to figure out how to inflate the self-inflating mattress? -The man thought he was going straight to bed. - Where is the self-inflating one? - I think it takes time, brother. - Does it just take time? - Yes. JJ is finished. - JJ has nothing. - JJ is in the car. - JJ's has nothing. - Oh, this seems more inflated than yours. - What did you say? -His appearance is more inflated. - It is not this one.
Mine. Mine seems more inflated. - Do you know when we inflate our mattresses? - Yes. - Yes. They haven't. So now they can't sleep. - I'll tell you, yes. Listen, yes. This is the deadest. I tried to sleep and now I'm getting angry. It's bullshit. It's really


here. My toes are fucking frozen. I have rolled up my hat. I tried this at one point. - It's just not like that, man. - Look at this, yes. Look at this day, here today, this is the worst day! - I'm going to urinate through my teeth. - Close the door. - I can't do it, man. - Buddy, you need to hydrate more. - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
People pay a lot of money for this shit, man. - This is so nasty. That's disgusting, brother. - I brushed my damn tongue. You do not? - Yes, I do. The way you were doing it was disgusting. - So we finished relaxing outside by the fire. Now we are in my beautiful abode right here. Really very cozy, quite nice. It's very peaceful. And outside there is so much happiness and tranquility. Yes, we sat by the fire for about two or three hours. Relaxing, chatting, eating Pringles and just looking at the sky, really, because it's just peaceful and healthy.
Hopefully the other team will be more chaotic because our team feels like it's been a very relaxed and very zen experience. Well, I was brushing my teeth. Oh, it's moving. Ah, it's back. Well. I don't know how we can see this. Something moves in the corner of the room. It's an ant. That's an ant, right? Not a spider. I had a friend who was a normal sized ant and I can't find where she went. But that's okay, I'll let him get on with his day. But I need to go to bed. We have agreed to wake up at half past six because the sun rises at seven o'clock.
And our rooms, our "nests", are nests of the dawn. So, over that big dune, which we climbed earlier, is where the sun will rise. - You hear this when you wake up in the morning and you're just crushing ice. - Damn hell. - See you tomorrow. I hope we all continue to exist and are not frozen. Damn good, good night. - Good night, Vik. - Good night. - I think I'm going to die. I feel like I'm going to die tonight. - Brother, it's been like an hour. There's a snowstorm outside. - We will wake up snowed. - Jesus.
As if the wind had been crazy. - Brother, are you peeing on our porch? - Yes. - You're urinating inside our own damn store, on our front porch. - I had to go. - This is the place where we live. - I know. - Honestly, I don't blame you. It sounds like death out there. It seems like you will die if you go out there. That's crazy. - Okay, so it's half past six in the morning, or six forty now, that we agreed to wake up and meet. And the radio is silent. - It's about half past six and we're getting up to go see the sunrise.
I want to die. But at least we can see the sunrise in the desert. That's great. I wish we had gone to bed earlier, but we ended up sitting around a campfire. Okay, let's get up. Maybe I'm the only one awake. - It's very early. Are you telling me it's time to go? - We're waking up to pack our bags and leave, yes. - Well. Here's the game plan. I'm going to pretend no one woke me up and then wait for them to wake me up again. Because there is no reason why we should be up at seven twelve.
I refuse to believe that. - Rise and shine, my brother. - It sounds scary out there. - Yes brother. It doesn't look or sound very good. I can not lie. Fuck me, man. What a way to wake up! - But it seems like I'm on another planet right now. I'm on Mars or something. It's actually very strange. But we'll go there and see the sunrise, hopefully. But it's pretty cloudy. Strangely. I don't think they'll come. It's early in the morning, isn't it? So at the top, I'm not really sure we'll see much. It's very cloudy. We have friends.
We have friends. Look. Mr. Miniminter is there. And then Mr. Tobi is back there. They are arriving on time. He is very cloudy. - We woke up at 6:30 am and saw dust. - Yes, but it's like Mars. - How is it like Mars, Josh? Because you have been, yes. - Yes Yes. So it seems... Have you seen "The Martian"? - Isn't Mars red? - Yes, but it has a slight red tone, doesn't it now? - No. - I hate my life. See you around. - Take me back to my bedroom. I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn't do this. - Because?
What would he do? Slip into a bear? - I would be in a house while this happens. - Yes. He is an actor. He's not real. - I feel like Pokimane wouldn't do this. - No YouTuber would do this. Why are we doing this? I finished my sleeping bag. JJ is struggling with his. Is not easy. Wow. - Hot air balloons. - I see three. - I see one, two, three, four. - Wow. That's a big head. That's just rude. -More like he was saying that your head is full of hot air. - I don't think we're seeing much.
Apparently it's out there somewhere, but I'm not actually seeing the sunrise. I only see white, gray and fog. Not worth it. You can see these slide marks. That was disappointing, I guess. Did you know? We will meet again for breakfast in about an hour. So I'm going to sleep a little more before breakfast. I think that's what I deserve. Like a true king. - Our lives are crazy, man. - How did you sleep in general? - Honestly, I mean, it was good, but it wasn't the most comfortable thing in my life. But it was like, that's not what it's about, right? - It was hot, right? - Yes.
It's just great. As in the case, not the temperature is


. It was hot, it was inside. I was like, “Holy shit.” You know when you're inside your house, it's pouring rain and there's a storm. It was more or less like this. Hear it move. He was going crazy. The sounds were crazy, bro. Yeah, I was there like, "Go ahead, nature. Just fucking do it. Show us the worst!" - I wake up, the thing is open and I think: "What is happening?" He's there, on the damn porch of our store, peeing. - Brother, it still sounded crazy.
I'm just saying, brother, Pokimane wouldn't do this. - Pokimane wouldn't do this. Listen, Pokimane, if you want to be on our level, build a toilet and shit in it. - Well. Everyone took a shower. Backpack ready. And it's time to go back to the desert and leave this place. Oh, the sun finally came out. You can actually see the sun. What a beautiful breakfast. What a beautiful breakfast in the morning. - Guys, the sun came out. - The sun finally came out. - Congratulations. - You took a nap. Maybe you? - I did. - I've thought about it. - That's half the battle. - But I got over it. - Did you come to take a nap? - Do I win the battle or lose the battle? - It depends on what your goal was, Josh. - His tongue itches from eating avocado. - Weak friend. - Anyway, we really have to go.
Our time in the desert has come to an end. It was fun


. - Desert, it's been good. Now back to the hood. - Damn hell. - What do you think, Vik? - I have that heat, boy. -Vik just dropped an egg in the toilet and now he is throwing eggs in the pool. What did it smell like, Vik, after a day of...? - Quite ordinary. - Consistency. As was? - How many bombs? - How many bombs? A bunch. - Consistency. More difficult than usual? - Yes. Quite dense. It has been compacted. It has been compacted by the cold.
It was cold. Well, we survived the cold camp. We have warmed ourselves with a hot bath. If you liked it and want to see something even more


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