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Jun 10, 2021
Uh, today I went back to work with San Quentin. I've come to Brink's bike shop, my local bike shop. These guys always help me, however, it's now 6am. m. because I have exclusive use of this workshop until opening hours and with my current bike skills and engineering skills I need as many hours as possible to do the upgrades we are going to do today and then I am going to ride, so


, the Most important update for this bike and all San Quentin bikes. I have ridden in the past and found that they are


when the entire bike effectively rotates from the rear axle.
sick new forks riding the new hardtail mtb
You have a suspension kit to work with forks on everything and I have already made some improvements. Tires, wheels, bars, power components. all the tricks that happen here the only thing i left out was the forks because i asked them what they thought i should execute and i would honestly say the video had 5000 comments because i am also doing a giveaway i will announce the winner in a minute but the loudest response, The most consistent and popular was the Olin one and luckily Brink sells the Olin forks so here we have the Olin's RXF 36 m2 coil fork and the travel I have chosen is 150 thousand, so if you remember my dream with galactic theme and the previous one with a huge and famous case, they look


sick new forks riding the new hardtail mtb

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sick new forks riding the new hardtail mtb...

I have always run 160, but I am going to lower it from 10 thousand to 150, which is still 20 thousand more than the 130 that comes on the bike that just changed the game that is as original as from the factory the seals are blue what does it match nothing? I'll have to buy blue shoes but that's


, it'll feel amazing and it's also paired with some fancy suspension which is the best suspension tuning company in the country so we can tune them up and go ride and there are some other upgrades as well So without further ado, I think it's your time to shine, Ben, with some incredible build turns that are a huge improvement on any bike. but I think that in a hard tail, an aggressive hard tail, that is all that can be improved in the best fork in the world, racing car products in a hard tail and the interesting thing is going from 130 thousand to 150, look what What it does to your head.
sick new forks riding the new hardtail mtb
Angle, I'll get out of the bracket. Wow, the load is much looser, which makes a big difference for me. A slack head angle means more stability on steep and rocky descents, so when we go to Wales on this and the big bike parks every time they open again. It will feel better, a steep head angle can compromise climbing, but to be honest I'm more of a push up the pedal down type of person so this is perfect, it changes the bike completely, not just the brand and the look of the fork, but the length of travel and head angle make this look so aggressive it's sickening, that's cool.
sick new forks riding the new hardtail mtb
The guys are going to adjust it for me. In fact, that's eerily exactly how I would have it. I think we'll have them do their numbers in a moment. of data, so this is not done, it is a big improvement. Now I'm going to go through the comments a little bit and pick a giveaway winner, but the next thing that happens, I have a pin, let's pick the winner, the winning comment. and by the way, the winner had to answer my riddle correctly, which it turns out I said completely wrong, it was if a plane crashes in international waters or whatever, where do you bury the survivors?
The answer to that riddle is: you don't bury the survivors, the survivors are. Still alive, why would you bury someone who is alive? But I got confused and said they all died. Where did you bury the survivors? So a lot of people corrected me and responded to both, so midnight volcano, if that's your name, I don't know. If that's your given name, if it is, it's pretty sick, he said, answer your riddle, you don't bury the survivors, but if they all died, there probably won't be any survivors, I don't know, but I hope I win, you have one that it's cool if that's not you if your name isn't midnight volcano there will be a lot more giveaways but midnight volcano you'll win some cool bike parts that came off this bike so prove that's your name and I'll send them to your home and I hope it's not in Antarctica updates continue in the Pacific Northwest they sent me a loan lever this was shipped quickly from the US the perfect match this is they were out of stock in the UK oh that coincidence by the way as for to the packaging this is sick it's all recyclable it's all great there's the 22.2 mil bar clamp and my pedigree friends it's one of the nicest pieces in the bike component tree.
I think you can put it on a bike if you drop a post, these can fit any dropper post that doesn't. You don't need to spend a lot of money on the seat post, you can just buy a lever because all it does is run the cable to through a very cleverly designed cam system and the red one. I'm telling you what we've discussed about whether this bike is red or orange but that goes no matter what and just place your thumb on that buddy oh wow like an incredible one of the five senses tactile experience, maximize that sense, right?
I can't wait to put it on the bike and press it with my thumb, oh play it mate, nice wonderful combination, it's good, that's the first proper combination we've ever made, oh I forgot the halo decals. I have red halo stickers for the rims that they will use when I go out


, but Next thing that's risky is a risky business, brother who does bike tattoos, more specifically frame protection, even on the trip to Roe Gate, it could have been from the truck, in fact, this bike sustained some damage, yeah, a little bit of rubbing there. and that's wild, right?
And when you start getting on raised trailers and the bikes rub together, they get damaged, they go into the back of the cars. This, as much as it is art, is protection of the frame, so I think this is the best match in diving broke. Ben disagrees, but it's the black and red chainsaw massacre. This is in memory of Canadian world cup racer Stevie Smith who sadly passed away in an accident a few years ago, so this is cool and I'm going. To get on my bike I'm just going to do the top tube, that's what worries me the most and with the only lever, the red top tube, I think the first person images will be spicy if something looks mega, Mr.
Negative I was saying. No buddy don't ruin your bike, leave it as it is, it looks good, no it looks sicker, now that's the best trick on this bike, I'm really excited about it, let's ride the drivetrain. Many people have not found out about the situation yet. They were suggesting what gears to put on this bike, but I'm waiting on a Halo freehub body to make this happen, so I'll tell you what you keep saying and give away the dropper post and shifter that just arrived. For you, that's another gift like I promised, we're going to ride on an amazing track, like it's an amazing track.
I like that so many things have been redone here that I felt like I needed to go to a proper, gnarly bike park. Many of them are. closed, but there's really no better place to use my local to test new improvements and really feel the difference than on the slopes. I know I was always trying to land with my rear wheel at the base of this tree, but I used to have dirt all the time. way up and now it's so exposed it probably still could do it, it could catch and go over the bars the target is the rear wheel are you kidding me no you want the rear wheel on or does it have to be in the wood ow sharp good sized gap actually i mean it's huge think about it let's do this this could be the end of the bike if you put it between those routes everything will be doomed to fail so catastrophic it won't happen oh wow mate that was close it was pretty precise, it felt very close, yes, it could be higher, couldn't it?, yes, I need to be a man.
I've never ridden a bike that's so sick when it's on the ground, everything just vibrates, it's feeding all the way up. your body and you feel like you're going out for a bike ride and then when you jump it's like, oh okay, I want a


, I can do this, no full suspension bikes don't do that, but I go all the way. my life on a dirt jump bike really, when I get to an edge I feel so precise on a


I'm not hitting that gopro it's so hidden it was huge, although I wish it wasn't possible, I'd have to carry a javelin or a joust and how to hit it, I love this bike, the difference that 20 thousand makes honestly, who knew who knew, 20 thousand will change everything and the fort, although we are not going to go over big rocks and hellish roots, I don't.
I'm not an engineer, I don't know why they feel so good, but it feels like room temperature margarine for the first 100k on a chilled butter base, like there's a support that has some cushioning, then there's that pure softness over the one you can just spread. anything, you know what I mean, I really like that, yeah, you get a reference? Room temperature margarine warms the butter while the butter cools the margarine, that heat transfer, yeah, so you get this progressive ramp, yeah, yeah, yeah, that I can feel. that buddy, yeah, well I can really feel it, but yeah, you feel it.
It's exactly amazing. I am very ill. The sender of the moon. I don't know why it has that name. I think my brother came. I don't know. I could have done it. Jono has been particularly wild on this, he goes to the ground and you can see the potential distance you can go. I guess it's not the most threatening jump, but it's the biggest jump in Woburn if you did it with a tape measure as far as you can land. it's pretty flat, which brings me to the highlight of this bike, which is the gas for flats, the fact that the tail is hard because of the fork, because of the aggressive head angle, the wheel size, big tires, you can go pretty big until you get a flat on a bike that is just as capable on pump tracks, dirt jumps, it's the all-terrain, but let's say it and I have a padded core so I can land on a closed route and not destroy everything circle of the bike I haven't jumped on for five years, but let's go big, ready, yeah, boy, pretty big on that bigger that was big, it feels sick, the landing is kind of big, abrupt holes that they feel, but I like that.
I'm going to grow, I'm probably 10 feet tall. away from the tree, right? I need to increase the speed, one thing, but if you really increase it, it changes your whole parabolic curve, oh, that was crazy, that's the biggest dead sailor of 2020. There was no style at all, just I aimed straight like a dart that I will do it, it's huge. Jono can keep his by the tree. I ride my bicycle for a living. I can't make up too many excuses, but going through like roots to a lip, all like a bicycle moves underneath you and suddenly you're weightless in the air.
Best feeling I couldn't recommend it more, in fact I recommend you take out the rear suspension and put in a block of wood. I think you get the idea. I love this bike. I don't need to say it again. and you can understand the fact that it is my favorite as it is rigid and looks great right out of the box. The San Quentin is great, but I feel like I've given it some incredible upgrades and I felt better today. I think Woburn as much as I like it and it's like a fair test, it has a bit of everything, it's not the place to test this bike and the obvious choices are always the Revolution Bike Park Bike Park Wales which is now closed. the big places, but I've been there, I've done them, you've seen those places, what bike parks do you live near?
This is so, so in the comments I would like people to suggest bike parks, maybe your local places are equivalent. from woban for me, ben and I will go there, we will choose one of the comments, we will just drive there without ever having been there, I hope to meet you and ride my bike there, that's the goal, I think somewhere new on a new ride biking new trails break new trails get to the ground ambulance so anyway comment your best bike parks your favorite bike parks your local bike parks we'll probably see you there a good legend that was crazy i regret doing pushups last night that was actually the biggest of the year oh my god

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