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Should these 10 new car trends DIE?!

Jun 18, 2024
something is making our cars uglier and I'm not talking about the BMW design team, although they aren't helping, are they? There is something else that is spoiling the look of our cars, something that no one can escape and that affects us all. the law I'm Matt Watson you're watching carwow and this is my list of the 10 ways the law is making our cars uglier yes yes the law really is making cars uglier and I have the proof which begins with a or autonomous. Emergency braking is a great safety feature and probably helped prevent thousands of accidents, so it is now mandatory on all new cars, but for it to work it usually involves a central box at the front of the car and looks like rubbish, so now we have I have Audis that look like undercover police cars, just look at the A6 and the Asam Martin db12 looks like it has a split lip and that brings me to the fact that the worst thing about all this is that the most expensive cars They look worse.
should these 10 new car trends die
For example, what is that on the grill of the brother Mercedes AMG S63 that looks like the heating thermostat of a rented apartment and the Ferrari Roma that has an anti-theft alarm sensor from the 80s stuck in the lower grille? What were they thinking, but it's about to get even worse? Safety regulations are about to get even stricter, this doesn't just mean ugly sensors, some cars are about to disappear completely, the Toyota GR86 disappeared at the end of this year, why? Well, because Toyota can't afford to redesign the car to pass. New updated regulations on advanced safety technology, so these RWS are not only making cars uglier, they are also killing some of the best looking cars.
should these 10 new car trends die

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should these 10 new car trends die...

Here's another Wheels, specifically the law that says wheels can't be exposed beyond the edge of the Body, so how do some car companies fix this? Not by widening their cars a little bit, that would be too logical, but they add these plastic gaiters and I'm not talking about proper wheel arch extensions on sports cars like on a Honda Civic. type R, I mean normal vehicles like Honda CRV, scoda enyak, postar 2, mini Countryman and Volvo C40, the list goes on. All of these everyday cars have developed a horrible little cloud on the rear arch, as if modern cars weren't modern cars.
should these 10 new car trends die
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should these 10 new car trends die
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With the video, we now move on to the exterior mirrors. Look at a 20-year-old car, like say a second-generation Panda. The mirrors are so small they look like hippopotamus ears. but now the law says that mirrors have to have a minimum size and then what do we get? Land Rover Defenders drive with truck mirrors and the Rolls-Royce Phantom appears to have novelty inflatable golf clubs in its doors, but this problem is even bigger. Worse on smaller cars, look at the Fiat 500e, it's a cool little car except for the fact that it looks like it has two blimps coming out of the sides, but it could still be worse, at least they don't have cameras for the mirrors because the cameras for the mirrors are garbage.
Now here's something else: the law has opinions about sharp edges in Europe, they're not allowed, so we'll never officially sell the Tesla Cyber ​​Tru here unless Elon covers them all with pipe coating, but... Did you know that the law even prohibits sharp edges? edges at the rear of the cars and that particularly affects the exhaust for some reason, whether it's the actual hidden tailpipe on the new Mercedes AMG C63 or those strange molded pipes that aren't exhaust at all on the SE Layon or the exhaust strangely beveled. tips that have appeared on cars from a mini Countryman to an Aston Martin db12 honestly how often do you think we're going to back into someone?
There's another source of backend ugliness that can be attributed to the taillights, specifically these complicated additional bumper lights that are there because the law says you have to be able to see the taillights at night even if the tailgate is open so we have things like the mini Clubman or the Audi Q7 or even the Bentley Ben Haager, all of these cars have extra bumpers. lights that are harder to see and easier to damage if someone hits your car in a parking lot and they look very messy. It's a lose-lose situation, with an additional loss on top.
There is now an answer to this legal requirement, but it is not pretty. BMW gave the ex a full set of additional lights inside the trunk and before that, the Vox was all in Siger status in a similar configuration. I'll admit it's better than having extra lights on the bumper, but it also makes your car look like it's pooping. I took out another weird car. Well, since we're talking about lights, here's something else that's grinding my gears. Now the law dictates that all cars must have daytime running lights, but now that all cars have them, car manufacturers are scrambling to make their drls more distinctive and it's only going in a direct direction towards the ugly tree, so we have the konero with lights that look like mysterious symbols on a scientific calculator and since Audi revamped the Q8 it now has programmable drls, what's the point of that?
Also, the VW id4. It has a thin, shiny stripe across the entire nose, it looks like you stole the kitchen dome light from your Grand. For now, let's stay at the front of the car because here's another way the law is making cars uglier. They say pedestrian impact rules. There has to be a minimum gap between the skin of the car and the hard parts underneath like the engine and bulkheads, so what this means is that the front ends of these cars look like they've been on an extra large diet and that it is not all.
Now cars also need a cavity between the nose and the hard metal radiator. You can see all this empty space when the light catches it and people with some BMWs make it even worse by painting the interior sills. Why are you drawing attention to this? It looks terrible. you might as well draw an arrow on your face if you have a place, so what else is the law ruining grills? Although not directly, there is no real law on grills, otherwise we could have the ones on the Scoda Enyak and the Rolls-Royce Ghost light up. illegal, no the law here is one that will ban internal combustion cars in many countries by 2035 and automakers are already crying about how to hold on to their identities when all they make are electric vehicles that don't actually require a grill apparently the answer is poorly formed fake grills, so you get this on the Audi sq8 rron and this horror on the mayback eqs and whatever is going on here with the new Alpha Milano or junior or whatever it's called this week, but actually the problem is bigger.
On top of that, the laws that dictate how efficient our car must be and what they run on ruin the shapes of the cars themselves, so in the name of aerodynamic efficiency and range, you get the Mercedes eqe and eqs that look soap bars of different sizes. and the Tesla Model and it looks like a giant computer mouse, thinking about it, what about the laws governing safety and how far is your head from the top of the windshield and how high are your headlights? What do these generic laws give you? shapes, that's why many midsize SUVs basically look the same: Audi Q5 Mazda CX5 for puma VW tigan.
I mean, they're not exactly distinctive, are they? And finally we come to front number plates, now in most countries they have been the law. years, so how come most car companies don't design the front of their cars to accommodate them? It's almost like they're surprised they exist. It's like they can't think of a place to put them that doesn't. crash into some other BMW design feature, make it Aston, make it Alfa, design cars with little Italian plates and forget that everyone else's plates are bigger and look stuck on. To be fair, maybe this is more the designer's fault or maybe it's just another example of the law. making cars uglier, there is a lot to this.
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