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Shopping in Heraklion

Jun 01, 2021
Messrs Rona over Greece is open for business my friends with the predictable result that there are huge lines outside local abortion clinics even give me men have shown up in force. After all it's 2020 anyway kidding aside my name is Leonidas Boulder and I've traveled to Capitol City I hope Heraklion in Crete to find the best Creed souvenir shop I'm doing some


on my own yesterday and I stumbled upon with a store without my camera, so normally i don't go to a place and announce that i'm coming, but i made an exception for this place because it's family run, they've been doing some of the things in the store, not all, but some of the items for generations and they spoke great english and i really like the stuff they had on. sale there so i told them i will come back today after this morning i went to the Archaeological Museum which is better the Archaeological Museum here on hold i am filming yes i am the Archaeological Museum here is better than a ny Museum i found in Athens , so that's what I've been doing, what is it?
shopping in heraklion
Two and a half months since I uploaded the video. I have done a little tour of Europe. I have been visiting mainly museums. Do not record them, but you are interested in


and this is the street. I'm going to take a shot here and then we'll wait. I don't remember the name of the street and I'll be trusting that I haven't walked like this for two and a half months so bear with me here I sigh once again learn to ramble on nonsense nonsense for hour after hour so I keep your boys' attention, here we are, it's called the Leda family workshop, our production. my camera this time how are you today can i wear my shoes inside yes how many sales today a sale is early what what did you sell what was the item you sold are these guys this is very beautiful the symbol they made it in their workshop - if it makes my son your son minister my son oh but I say goodbye but this makes my son find it in my apartment and Queen's jewelry.
shopping in heraklion

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shopping in heraklion...

If you see, be careful. He is too busy. earrings 50 euros is to disassemble the antenna mix the quran inside the honey in the symbolization of the family of droplets that is what it symbolizes yes, well, you know what there was a time when I probably liked jewelry when I was progressive Lance but I'm not more progressive Lance I'm Leonid us so I like statues today yeah when your big manly statues are needed ok masculinity can you help me out a little? and then one for you yesterday we will be looking at some of his statues here who is this explain this to me yesterday was this the helmet of Alexander yes they see the lion they see the mandrews the meander civilization is not interested Lilliana symbolati in labadie in the circle circle of love It wasn't easy dating and lovely and love that's deep symbolism it's too deep for Leone I only know the sword and shield that's uh that's all I wanted to say these days that's Leone the shield which one of these do you sell more than what is your best seller of the statues such the helmet these this yes this is this is that this is not a Helios knives most things few famous many men to come here she knows they learn it we and I say Alexander has that it's all we know is the ball I see it bull I like this one because it has the Elrod I'm Kevin this is what you see in the thesis and they haven't done it so this is a spartan helmet yes you see it here with the elf or is it co Like a diamond no LLL we need to learn either but it's the L for the names of the veins that I see I see sometime I think it's the L on the shield for the name of the state that Sparta was the capital of I think like a diamond Leonidas knows if yes and if you see the different in the details here and here this is Leonidas you see it's beautiful because this is huge oh wow pick up the pen so where is this where is this made who made this this is my angle ah so keep going being all is family yes yes it's ok this is the god of snakes and there it is all where the vase makes my brother this shop has no porcelain guarantee everything is made here yes on the island of crete oh this I see wow I really like it this this is amazing but you know it's great look the D fits.
shopping in heraklion
I think it's okay. Don't let me change it here, here we go. What do you think guys, maybe you have an even bigger one? well and this is but it's Alexander's helmet, you know we like Leonidas, he's the biggest, right? What's that big one right there? Wait this one is this the biggest please let me see here this is ridiculously heavy yeah that's it. the one in your window this is the biggest one no more man i said its hard to see in that window ok i think the smaller ones are ok ok yeah after you ladies first i think how much is this call only 180 and this and this is the same the same 145 and no but without him without him yes without my wonder about Isis Congress ready because you are not like that do you haggle here or are your prices fixed if I can use a better price you can give a better price what that i love a good deal well come on keep that one there then i would like to look at that shield too yeah can i remove that one? the world, but it's really cool, okay, and if you like to take the time to understand, oh, it's got a support, yeah, it does, that's really cool. to invade in Thermopylae and Oneidas the leaders said you know molten lava come and take it how much is this your um is here as the cerva says 280 i think 80 to 18 is ok so whats your like the loner this is the view of the famous piece the most well-known famous you said it well yesterday she said you know I'm sorry for my English I was how I understand everything you say your English is great okay so this then the best a little there I said many pieces and then there and no and the sword yeah i think we'll go for the shield and they s1 that's really cool oh no what's going on here is it's fitting oh wow and not really yeah the product the problem is it's not I can send swords to some countries. yeah i know i have to go for stuff i can send to one of you so let's go for the i think we'll do this whats your best price so for leonid man us this one is so cool i think i want it for me ok so this one we're putting it up again what do i need to stand up?
shopping in heraklion
Maybe it's better below. they stop and everything is the same as I am you see it here because they know that they sound because this is the real thing it looks dead not to put color it's fine, it's very emotional people today are very lonely it's fine, sometimes you see men different because it's handmade no don't callb ok so you this is hand made by your my uncle your uncle ok everything this gentleman did maybe you can show us the pictures again that was great , she has photos of the workshop and the family album here, this is my father the beginning the workshop is ok what year is this of theirs around 1961 that my father started the workshop 1961 and what did he sell did this for exhibitions or was it for interests from ESL no no my father she does the state and says in this job I say it's fine and my mom has to go to her store and say it there you see here I was in this place it was the same place the same store or yes in the square del leรณn the first store has my mother I see that your second generation mom your third ra if you're I'll take over the shop you see here my mom the whole family that's great ok just worry and worry a little bit about the glare here I think I can see just fine and if you like and You listen to the workshop, my son makes the jewelry.
That's great. I love the fact that you keep a family tradition alive. You see here. You see that it makes the lye when mixing the tracks not a machine. It is not part of the graph. Therefore, these helmets are made by hand. number for our series and my husband makes the bronze she makes you see here it's fine my craftsman makes the plant but who bronze looks she does all that she makes the born acrobatic made him famous he was just in a museum and I look at the friend they mean that i can't be in fresh you find it yes the museum i don't but my husband she makes 3d understand 3d 3d the top yes she does all the acrobatic bull mean no i camped play on the bull don't kill the bull like it's funny he plays and if you play the ball the man is strong power was not this was was what I found very intriguing in the Museum is this was a woman woman yes it is a woman a woman and a man there is a woman yes it catches the guy who jump over the pole again the signature yes How much is this piece because it's kind of a symbol of the culture here?
The minnow and the culture are the same on the day of the Ox. The price is really nice. I eight ninety yes. i liked a given marvel day no this is because its a heavy process and how about which one is better this one or this one is for me the holiday original is too bright for modern people tastes of showing you how they jump how they jump the bull I hope I don't break it this is also a cafe of my song and they do acrobatics I have to be here the sun is coming it will destroy the image again I will be here and this is the acrobatics you will find in the Museum and this is in many pieces you find my stambha this was the fat bull jump position yes so let's say yes front plate if the plate was one of the fastest this is there are drones if you take to see how heavy this speech was this is the first tip of the chart and the first trip you see became 10 kilos yes if you see inside yes spiral symbolization energy energy energy and the circle of life became good life and you find that many chargers from scratch the needle inside is fine and the other is that Lu x.
I saw that intimacy in a lab lakhs it's simple King we know as civilization power i give to see them upset in peace the god of snakes oh yeah i love that one let's take a look at that one whose is it before i told him the little fish and haughty i i i know and haughty because she is a hottie she is very beautiful does not symbolize power and this is good luck snakes ok you young man you think the lady he takes the snake simple power he is control and a cat in it the r head not to pass the baby pass not a funky panther oh yes one more symbol a very important I tell you before being well the being of alia palace you see that in the museum this is although that makes my husband see that in I don't think I saw that very important symbol known why this is the good of Pantera, his ax intercepted the receptive scepter to the king of the palace of alia this is to find in Mali a palace of the Queen and the King that important symbols in the different place and Knossos this was not close, they mean the people of Nitin, he has many, many talents, not only for gnosis, he does not react, no sister, famous, yesterday we gave the man the exact pose, honey, many halls in an oak tree, yes, palace for the what about the mask of Agamemnon? it's not bizarre from here from akina's from ickiness this is the muscular man luna from McGinnis and the cook from Achilles and this is also made by you yes and they are important they are the symbol of fun I have also seen the Griffon that was in theMuseum, yes, you see the shooter, but the only time to give the airfield what is the meaning of the Gryphon mr. sign husband my husband and the pain in one with logic any mass you find it in innings of three unpromising innings and this is behind me not bad his toothy friend three points that's where he's from I see this is a consolation okay i didn't it was because i went to the museum so the crowd honked at me no design that's wrong behind the throne and denied griffin's presence. it's loud too nauseating palace ok wow you know all i wish you toured the museum we're not because there's no guides there about this what's so heavy yeah ok wow i think we haven't even covered two percent of your store let's take a good look at them so this what's your best price on this one i'm interested in a lot of things so let's take these treasures to the counter and see if we can get a good deal which helmet is the best they're the same huh I like ow let's see if we can make a deal and by the way , they sanitize everything here after I've been touching it, and so on, one, two, three pieces, yeah, let's see, oh, they're good pens on the price, I need them, I need to make them. a deal is ok super deal for super Leonid us my new name I am very new to minoan culture and what do you have Leonida status I am very new I am a newbie when it comes to Greek history and especially here the history of Crete, so I'm a bit lost when you know what I'm going to tell you about these things, who was Agamemnon?
Do you know what year the civilization of meat and mouthpieces and n Manoa is the similar stage? I mean, no, I can, civilization and milk are from the same period, the same contemporaries, the same. I do not know why. I know you will have known the name, but I don't know who he was. memnon she goes for the middle here yeah why is it from the trojan war she wears? I'll look that up later, yeah, after the tabs, yeah, actually, I'm M, you can't find it there, maybe she's right, maybe this Trojan War stuff, again, her soul man if she had . a house here in greece around crete its just amazing cool things you could you could decorate your house with these are the famous boxers from santorini fresco box thesis i dont remember that on that site the name of that city but they have taken the frescoes that I saw in the Archaeological Museum of Athens, but the Archaeological Museum here in Crete was actuallymuch better than one in Athens because we german british french basically stripped athens of its treasures and put it in our museums so yes yes yes it's brother Menelaus met you know Troy in history yes history you know beautiful Elaine chose the partisans part of the beauty of Sparta exactly i mean a house is her city was husband Menelaus this husband Eleni and still the partisan taking Troy yes the beguin just robbed a woman like that excess don't you think he's not a beginner the young Troy the Trojan war yeah yeah and that amendment and Monello to lose here who has many, many big men, is he going to Troy to shoot, fight, fight and take the to take the Lennie but destroyed the wife grabbers ok yeah nothing yeah this is close to a hundred they make 180 and this is two instead of Check out the full names here again uh-huh yeah very very nice symbol that for south 660 again you take 20% discount 528 500 500 what are you? mmm-hmm you know people love it when I haggle and I say no that's a horrible price and then I slipped away and people say no come on come back but okay we have a deal if that's good many of these things I love your store, something said something about fish and this is the great track, the stand, the acrobatic world, the horse, the victim. horse the bite that blacks make my hu sband can't find in the market some people like all stores you mean they copy your creations my husband is very very very famous in dress why do they also copy his signature yes there really isn't Buffy no it's not okay if you see my husband then he can join they can copy his work but not a signature that's good and my husband knows grace noticed only two people and makes him mix muppet oh no dressing not only great in not greasy did it two or three people do the market on the runway like my husband one so its a dying trade its a rare skill because it has many typically and machine lasers and now so much in putting inside of the wonderful yes easy to do yes easy to do this one can't help if it does this with some kind of Hamas this is it can't make you see it's here them the color looks the real rusty the same and that's it and that do not put color like this this is not formally fami Liar I like this is mix metal this is what I hear from children because mom doesn't like to hit a lot mmm-hmm some of this if you put a break you see the color is color don't touch the diet what's good I see her well looks good let's see here that we're also looking into the federal reserve it's been a while since anyone dug these federal reserves i've been living a spartan lifestyle lately no flogging or anything right there you go how you pack this stuff i know i see now you see now at your house i love this shield it's amazing and they gave two nasty guys a gift lots of gifts ok i give this was a fresh dose and this is what my husband does but why is it like that not to put the statement but here my cool cart yeah yeah how Let's see how we can package these things.
Do you have a way of not? It does not mean that it is not a major problem. I give it because yes and the symbol inside the fire and life for your life good life. I'm gonna send this t or America or whoever wins these things I have a plan but this shield I might keep for myself but it's cool don't they go hunting? and I'll show you I'll be back in a minute. I will show people how to find it very easily because it is opposite the archeology museum opposite so the archeology museum is right there so you have to walk directly from the archeology museum to the leader family workshop our production is amazing and its pretty solid anyway these things are so heavy so i dont think its a problem to ship but the stuff is made by her boss oh shes there she cleans the shop knock they are here dust ya I see, oh, how's business here now?
The British are the number one tourist here they call. Me this is the beginning my father the workshop in the year I bought the year I can't see 9 1961 so you and the shop started in the same year yes what a progressive year and many mosques because that makes my car is my father. many mosques therefore my father you like this color zero good love which one do you like which one is that but which color black in case of doubt wear black I don't do that turn let's put all this in a bag well I think I have to get out of anyone of the two before it blows everything here is great thank you so much we think you heard my yes add that where yes i will come back here tomorrow and show you the video so that's fine, thank you very much, heavy man.
I will show zero shipping cost. Maybe you will see this piece in the movie. Oh I did. I want this, I want that, so maybe I have to go back. Look I sent that to England but last year they see young men like you and it happened you thought face yeah ok I go to the dollar market and she came back and I sent it to London how much did you sell that for? It depends how the kilo I'm not sure I have friend a card from the post office I want kilo I put it in the bonnet box not in the paper box never just in the bonnet box to put inside all that doesn't break she takes you to except we have new clients and this is a very good piece.
Everything here is beautiful, look inside. Yes, it is ceramic. Okay thank you very much. It was a great shopping trip. see you later, good luck, ok, that was my first, my first purchase from the fantastic Christmas store. I've been to maybe two or three others as well, but that was by far the best store, most genuine owner, and the others. Isn't it true that they don't necessarily claim to be handmade? d and so on, but I don't know, okay, I'm going to Wow, so I'm just walking through the hair, sorry, I'll start. well hi wow these are amazing.
I may have to investigate your store. Are you there doing? Oh, you don't like pictures. Can I see how you're doing this? Listen buddy you show up a bit but this weekend I'll show you what I'm doing but how many hours does it take you to do one a day oh yeah one like this so many not so much fun chuckles that's all half an hour , ok, I'll come back to your store later, thanks, I will I will, so everything here is made by you, that's great. Turns out I was wrong about the other stores that do there and that is absolutely fantastic.
They do their stuff too locally. I go to his store is very interesting, but as he said, he doesn't really like to film the things he likes. so let me go back there and talk to him without the camera and if I can once I tell them to listen I can probably lead some customers in his direction sometimes they do they are okay with filming but I think he has to . I have also seen this in other countries. There are for those who create unique products like maybe him. There's a problem with others mass-producing the stuff they make and copying it and, yes, shipping it. china and then sell it in you know with big fancy or half the price these people lose their business and the trade they are applying then lose anyway to the forty minute video a lot very much impressed with my ability to ramble on topics that I don't know anything, but it's time for me to take this back to my hotel, this bag weighs something, it's close to ten kilos, so stay tuned and I'll find a way to cool the haircut. to get to this one of you leaves Crete

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