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May 02, 2024
a look if you look at the stamp on it, um, like a later stamp, it's from 1860 to 1890, so we know it's not really early stuff and the use of a pewter solder indicating a possible forgery, they use it as a solder of pewter which is like copper and ten. It's not a silver solder because you can see it turns green right there, it's really fine, well here's my opinion on it, it's really baked, while the customer guaranteed the authenticity because the important Pearl Rick declared it a forgery and explained that forgery knows no limits. they are faking baby rattles people pretend everything is fine it looks like someone has reproduced it it just doesn't look right I'm going to pass I think you're wrong because I think they wouldn't put such a big piece of pearl in something that was faked and I don't see why anyone would forge something as unique as Jimi Hendrix's poetry that features Jimi's supposed poetry.
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The story of Hendrix the salesman intrigued Rick. He detailed a family connection to Ricky Hendricks gained through extensive promotion of the band. Rick opted for an evaluation and the expert revealed numerous concerns, such as using a different marker than Hendrix's usual pen style, so I have some poetry. here written by Jimi Hendrix So how did you start working with a relative of Jimmy's? I spent a lot of money promoting these guys and I became part of the family with them and that's why they gave me this poetry. I'll tell you what. I'll have someone check it sounds good this is what we have it's supposed to be some Jimi Hendrix poetry okay we clearly have a situation where we're dealing with a marker almost every poem or lyric I've ever seen on it is He made anomalies in the formation of the letters with a pen, in particular the wavy line in the capital letter, which fueled skepticism.
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The inconsistencies in the size and style of the signature generated even more doubts. The experts definitely classified the article as false, highlighting issues such as the printed surname the absence of the familiar Hendrix curse of handwriting and general irregularities another thing we have to look at is the structure of the letters, the capitalization, I have a very wavy line for the top bar, that's not something I've seen before , they are usually block letters, let's take a look at the signature itself, the handwriting. it's about the same size as the signature in all cases it's three or four times bigger, much more extravagant, the last name seems to be, you know, the print style, he always wrote in cursive, I've seen a lot of different problems with him and I can guarantee it. that this is one percent, not belt buckles In one notable episode, the store found a collection of Wells Fargo belt buckles allegedly linked to Tiffany Devin, the seller charged Garner 500 for each of these supposedly rare pieces, he detailed its origin in the flea market in a museum in Montana. connection through a previous owner, what do we have here?
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I have some Wells Fargo belt buckles made by Tiffany. Tiffany's Wells Fargo belt buckle is really rare. Wow, where did you get these? I bought them here in town, at a flea market, the kind I bought. I bought them at a museum in Montana in 1969. Okay, and this is the Tiffany mark on the back. All three have it. Do you know who these guys are, Mr. Wells and Mr. Fargo? That's right. Rick talked about the historical role of Wells and Fargo. During the gold rush and emphasized the link with Nevada, they founded the Wells Fargo Express company.
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What happened was that the gold rush started in California. There was nothing out there and there were no rules or regulations, so anyone could start a bank, anyone could start an Express company. errands that go from city to city. I love the fact that he's from Nevada. I mean, that would make it extremely rare during the gold rush. Wells Fargo made a lot of money from a lot of people, they shipped gold and other valuables and eventually became one of the largest banks in the world, how much did you pay for this 100 dollars? Ok, a genuine Wells Fargo and Company belt buckle of Nevada from this period made by Tiffany and Company would be worth tens of thousands of dollars, but these things are often counterfeited, although an authenticated letter from Tiffany backed up the authenticity.
Rick spotted inconsistencies and ultimately confirmed that the buckles were fake, potentially stemming from a 1970s antiques scam. Trending, but I have a letter from Tiffany saying they are real. Oh yes, your buckle was indeed made. by Tiffany in the middle of the last century to the thousands of employees of Wells Fargo and company thank you for your interest Tiffany and Company, CH Johnson service manager, let me show you something here. Tiffany would never make a belt buckle and then weld the little latch onto their logo anything associated with Tiffany was made to perfection, this is not perfect therefore I know it is not Tiffany and none of these buckles appeared until 1970.
Tiffany never made a buckle for him, but have you seen the letter before? sell you a fake belt buckle. I would have no problem writing a fake letter. The incident underscored the store's vigilance against scams and emphasized the inherent risks involved in handling such items, which makes me feel terrible when this happens. At least it was only 100 dollars. It got a lot worse. I would never buy anything fake, no matter what - just touching it in the store is risky because an employee might think it's genuine and sell it, which could turn into a real-life nightmare apsara dancer statue.
In this clip, Rick found a sandstone statue. Brought by client Ray, who claimed it depicted an ancient absurd dancer from the 10th century. I have something very, very unique that has probably never been seen before. This is the statue of the dancer waiting for the agent from the 10th century made of sandstone. Where the hell did you get it from? This has been in our family since the 10th century. You said this has been in the family forever. Do you know how someone originally got it? Not a couple of generations ago. Wine from India. We've had it there for a long time. and I'm from India, okay this is from the 10th century, it's cool Uber because it's a real work of art and it's in amazing condition and that's the part that scares the hell out of you.
Rick's suspicions were aroused by the extraordinary statue. condition that led him to summon the Indian art specialist Phineas to evaluate its authenticity and value. You know, sometimes it's too good to be true. I need to know if it's real. I assume you want to sell it, yes, yes, and how much you want for it. he was asking for five thousand dollars for it five thousand dollars okay, I would really like someone to check this out. I'm going to call my friend Phineas, he's a weird cat but he really knows what he's talking about, he's fine, he'll come in, take a look and we'll go from there, that sounds good.
Rick texted me this image and when I saw it I immediately thought, "This is something I would really love to see because that's my background and I love Indian art, so I came right away. What are your personal concerns? about it? First, it says it's from India and from the 10th century, which means it's between 1000 and 1100 years old. It's in very good condition. Yeah, okay, I've never seen anything like that old. , you look that good, yes you are absolutely right looking at the exquisite way it has been preserved and the signs of aging If this were thousand year old sandstone it would be terribly pitted We never find them in museums to be seen. like this, like this, so you call this upsara, so an apsara is an angel from heaven to indicate apsara, you want to see him fly and he usually has his feet crossed or going up like this, you know, like he's flying To the sky, this piece likes it.
The feet are missing, which is very interesting to me, so let's talk about the face. This face is not Indian, it is Cambodian. Okay, unfortunately Phineas revealed the statue as a replica, not an original artifact. I found a photo that I had taken. so, look at that and this is from Cambodia, okay, okay, and you can see it's a perfect kind of replication, practically identical, yeah, pretty identical, so you know, I'll have to say it was a replication made in Cambodia . and it's probably between 75 and 150 years old, which is different than this, it goes for 1200 to maybe like two thousand two hundred dollars on the bright side, that would be what you're looking at despite this knowledge.
Rick extended an offer of 800 accepted by Rey. This incident helps. As a fundamental lesson underscoring the need for meticulousness when evaluating antiques, Rick's decision to consult an expert highlighted the complexities of distinguishing genuine artifacts from well-crafted replicas, thank you videos, you're welcome, Rick, are you still stuck in five thousand Like it's not okay anymore, so what are they? are you willing to accept 18. Okay, he just said it would cost between 12 and 24. Okay, okay, and if I buy for 18. I'll most likely lose money, maybe about $700 on it. I'll take a thousand and it was in good shape I'll give you 800 dollars 900 not 850. not 800 dollars I'll do it right sweet cool man I'll see you from the front and you can even keep your box ivory tusk a carved ivory bone The tusk caught attention at Pawn Stars, saleswoman Jenny aged it for one thousand to fifteen hundred dollars purchased in Taipei in the belief that it was genuine ivory, however, Rick quickly recognized it as a segmented piece of bone designed for tourists.
What do we have here? ivory tusk, okay, and what do you want to do with it? I want to


it for seven to ten days, okay, use the money between now and four o'clock, so how did you get this? I bought it in Taipei, how much did it cost you? I paid a lot for it, okay, unfortunately it's not ivory, the porous texture and segmented panels marked its lack of authenticity. Rick, wary of unscrupulous practices, explained the difference between bone and solid ivory, expressing his ethical concerns, what do you mean it's not ivory, this is bone, it's reconstructed? bone and is made for the tourist trade it only took two seconds to know it was ivory.
I've seen it hundreds of times before they were in Asia they went to a market and they were told they were ivory. They spent a lot of money. in them they told me it was Ivory Ivory would be much heavier than this whoever says it says that the bone is porous Ivory is not Ivory it is completely solid if you look closely look at the panels how they come together like this well, if it were real Ivory, it would just be a solid piece and what they do is they cut pieces of bone and shape them around a piece of wood and this is what you get oh my goodness actually through the split here you can see the wood. that is below when you go abroad there are many unscrupulous traders who will tell you what Ivory is when it is not declining due to their policy of not using Ivory.
Rick offered a hundred dollars, which Jenny rejected, emphasizing authenticity over appearance. I'm not really interested in buying Ivory. I mean ivory used to be necessary for billiard balls, concert pianos and a few other things, nowadays you have synthetic materials. I don't like the process of obtaining ivory. I do not like politics. I don't like how at all. how much we were looking to get out of this 1000 to 15. There's no way I'm going to lend you like 100 on this no, it's okay, that's what I can do a little better, there's no way I can do better Rick Cliff Jenny was disappointed at the realize that the tusk true nature versus possible scams is not real it's bone it's okay, it's beautiful, yes, it's pretty, but I don't take care of the pretty, I lend what I can sell it, okay, I mean, that's basically it what you have, good, thank you very much.
I'm very upset. I was told it was Ivory and years and years later, I now find out it's not. This is where we will end our video. We hope you enjoyed watching it. Be sure to comment, like and subscribe. and hit the notification bell to see more videos like this, share this video with your family and friends and see you soon.

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