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Shooters attack the school, but a trained 17-year-old girl saves the day

May 12, 2024
What is blue and smells like red paint? Blue paint. Today I'm going to recap a 2020 crime action movie called: Run Hide Fight. Zoe Hull is a senior in high


and still dealing with the recent loss of her mother to cancer. She finds herself estranged from life, tormented by the magnitude of her pain. One day, she and her father, Todd, go on a hunting expedition. A deer is shot, but it does not immediately succumb to its wounds. Faced with a difficult choice (let the male die a slow, painful death or euthanize him), Todd tries to explain the ethical implications of it to Zoe.
shooters attack the school but a trained 17 year old girl saves the day
But before he can finish, Zoe picks up a rock and ends the male's life with a swift blow to the head. Todd is taken aback by her apparent lack of empathy and attributes her disturbing actions to the emotional scars left by the death of his mother. During breakfast, Zoe has an imaginary conversation with her late mother, something she does frequently. Although she acknowledges that this may seem strange, she has kept it a secret as these dialogues provide her with a certain level of comfort. As she gets ready to go to


, her best friend, Lewis, comes to pick her up.
shooters attack the school but a trained 17 year old girl saves the day

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shooters attack the school but a trained 17 year old girl saves the day...

Her trip is interrupted by a group of school troublemakers who force her car off the road. While waiting for the car to start, Zoe notices a classmate, Chris, behaving suspiciously in a nearby field. She finds his actions strange, but dismisses them as typical of Chris, who is known for being an outcast. Today, her school is in the middle of Senior Prank Day, a tradition that both Zoe and Lewis find tedious. In the middle of the jokes, Mrs. Jane, Zoe's chemistry teacher, recognizes the drastic change in her behavior after the tragic death of her mother. Despite Mrs.
shooters attack the school but a trained 17 year old girl saves the day
Jane's attempt to talk to Zoe about her change in behavior, Zoe deflects the conversation. Shortly afterward, Zoe discovers an invitation from Lewis to the prom in her locker. The thought of attending the prom fills her with dread, and she is even more dismayed at the prospect of turning down Lewis's invitation. They meet for lunch and she tries to avoid the topic, but Lewis broaches it and insists that he asked her as a friend, since he doesn't want them to be alone while his classmates are having fun. Visibly distraught, Zoe excuses herself to go to the bathroom.
shooters attack the school but a trained 17 year old girl saves the day
Meanwhile, the city is experiencing a series of benign explosions, keeping police, paramedics and firefighters busy trying to manage the situation. It is obvious that these explosions are not accidental. During her visit to the bathroom, Zoe sees Anna, a school bully, hiding something above a vent. However, when Zoe checks the vent after Anna's departure, she finds it empty. Back at the cafeteria, she gets an unexpected surprise when a van crashes through the glass doors and hits a student. Out of the vehicle comes Chris, the boy Zoe saw earlier. He proceeds to shoot the injured student. He is joined by a group consisting of Anna, who is revealed to be Chris's sister, a social outcast named Kip, and the gang's leader, Tristan.
The group had strategically orchestrated the city explosions as a distraction and now intend to turn their school into a war zone. They quickly assert their dominance, immediately killing some individuals to instill fear and silence. As Zoe is about to leave the bathroom, an injured


stumbles in and asks for help. Overwhelmed, Zoe is unable to help the


before she dies. Realizing that something terrible is happening, Zoe cautiously leaves the bathroom, trying to listen to the


' conversation. The gang's leader, Tristan, makes it clear to the students that they have become hostages and are expected to follow his every order.
He recognizes a student among the gathered crowd, one who routinely tormented him at school. Without waiting for Tristan's instructions, Chris mercilessly shoots the thug. Even though Tristan had harbored similar intentions, he advises Chris to maintain composure and only resort to violence when given explicit permission. Anticipating that the bathroom could be a possible escape location, Kip heads there to check that it is empty. Sensing imminent danger, Zoe quickly scales the vent to avoid detection. She moves through the duct system, aiming to reach another exit. At the same time, Tristan instructs a student to take out her phone and call someone dear to her.
He calls her mother, tells her about her serious situation and expresses her love. The panicked mother promises to alert the police immediately. After the call, Tristan reveals to the students that the authorities have been informed, thus deterring any attempt to secretly contact them. He even gives them permission to make what could be his last call to his parents. Overwhelmed and teary-eyed, they potentially say goodbye to their families. Zoe's careful navigation through the vents is interrupted when the vent above the kitchen collapses, causing her to fall to the floor. The loud noise draws Chris to the kitchen.
A quick-thinking staff member intervenes to protect a hiding Zoe and takes a bullet in the process. Zoe is momentarily stunned by the sacrifice, but she soon recovers. Afterwards, Tristan contacts the school receptionist and informs her of the horrible situation. Initially skeptical, the receptionist quickly alerts the security guard and the manager. Elsewhere, Zoe manages to leave the school through a back door in the kitchen and encounters a group of classmates to whom she informs about the terror unfolding inside the school. After contacting the receptionist, Tristan orders all the hostages to start live streams on any platform of his choosing.
He intends to publicly broadcast his actions, making a statement to the entire world. As the livestreams begin, he pleads with the platforms not to censor his content, threatening that such action will result in more victims. Just as Tristan introduces himself to the viewers, the director and security guard interrupt. Instead of being intimidated, Tristan confronts them and asks if they understand his motivations. The principal remembers his recent berating of Tristan due to his poor academic performance and his poor behavior, and how he predicted that Tristan would never amount to anything. Tristan, however, insists that his violent actions extend beyond a few meetings;
He sees himself as an intelligent and articulate man who has been subjected to society's scorn and intimidation. As the director tries to placate Tristan, he is shot dead. The security guard is saved and allowed to flee. Because his live broadcast attracts the largest audience, Lewis is assigned as the main cameraman and is brought to the front. Meanwhile, Zoe goes around each classroom to warn them of the crisis. While some teachers dismiss her warning as part of a joke, others take her seriously. However, the task of individually alerting each class is time-consuming. In an attempt to speed up the process, Zoe pulls the fire alarm.
This strategy is thwarted when Anna, stationed in the electrical room, kills a security guard and dismantles the system, disabling the alarm. With the alarm silenced, everyone who had left their classrooms returns inside. The school receptionist makes an announcement over the loudspeaker, informing them that the school is now closed and instructing students to remain in their locations. As she makes this announcement, the first group of police arrives at the scene. Various media outlets have begun reporting on the situation, but Tristan insists that the live broadcasts be broadcast on national television. Upon reaching the receptionist's desk, Zoe is saved from a sudden explosion caused by a bag of explosives, which tragically ends the lives of those in the surrounding area.
The perpetrators had devised a strategy for this


to prevent the spread of information to the students, although the explosion was slightly delayed. Later, Zoe experiences a hallucination of her deceased mother, who comments on the absurdity of the situation. Suddenly, Zoe sees Anna and pretends to be dead to avoid detection. Once Anna leaves, Zoe resumes her mission of alerting the students by knocking on the classroom door. Anna hears the noise and investigates, causing Zoe to try to escape from her, but she ends up with a gunshot wound to her leg. Their chase leads them to the teacher's room full of prank balloons.
Zoe hides inside the room and takes advantage of a moment of vulnerability to


Anna. After a struggle, Zoe successfully shoots Anna. Meanwhile, the police investigate Tristan's family history and locate his house. When they arrive, they find his mother lying lifeless on the couch, dead after several days. It becomes clear that Tristan is responsible for her death. Back at school, Tristan leaves Chris in charge while he heads to a Spanish class. The Spanish teacher implores him to stop her actions, but he responds by forcing her to undress in front of the camera for the live stream viewers.
Around this time, Zoe's father, Todd, learns of the horrific events and speeds to the school in his truck. The surroundings of the school are now filled with parents, police officers and anxious journalists. Chris begins to hear voices in his head, which initially led him to join Tristan's mission. Influenced by these voices, he begins shooting at the police outside, attracting Tristan's attention. Tristan quickly returns to the cafeteria, bringing the Spanish teacher and her students with him. Shortly afterward, Kip encounters Zoe and chases after her, shooting in her direction. Their chase leads them to a slippery hallway where Zoe uses a fire extinguisher to attack Kip and knock him unconscious.
She then transports him to the auditorium and handcuffs him to a seat. Zoe's hallucination of her mother reappears, suggesting that Zoe's inability to let go is preventing her mother from completely passing away. Upon regaining consciousness, Kip observes that Zoe is apparently talking to herself and quickly concludes that she is similar to them. Zoe questions Kip about her involvement in the school shooting. Kip reveals a humiliating incident from high school when he stripped naked in front of the entire assembly, prompting incessant teasing from his classmates. Zoe questions the perception of her, suggesting that perhaps people were laughing out of joy, not ridicule.
She berates him for murdering innocent people who were not involved in harassing him and points out that his involvement in the shooting will only reignite discussions about his past humiliation. This revelation seems to break Kip out of the illusion created by Tristan's propaganda. Zoe emerges to pick up Kip's firearm and unexpectedly runs into Ms. Jane leading her class out of the building. Misinterpreting Zoe's intentions upon seeing the gun, the teacher assumes that Zoe is one of her attackers. However, Zoe quickly clarifies her true intentions. She helps Ms. Jane and her class safely exit the building, but refuses to leave herself, determined to help the remaining students.
Mrs. Jane chooses to support Zoe in her mission and they head to the library. A student who has been rescued informs Todd that his daughter played an important role in helping the students escape, but she decided to stay in the building. This news brings mixed emotions to Todd. Tristan soon realizes that an unknown individual is facilitating the students' escapes. He dials Anna's phone number and demands to talk to the person who is undermining his plans. Zoe bravely admits to him that she is responsible for Anna's death. Tristan orders him to report to the cafeteria in five minutes or he will begin executing the hostages.
To prove his seriousness, he shoots a random girl. Witnessing this horrific scene via livestream, Todd retrieves his hunting rifle, resolute in his decision to personally rescue his daughter. Inside the school, Zoe approaches Kip, who is now overcome with remorse. She takes advantage of his guilt to persuade him to align herself with his cause. Zoe places all her trust in Kip and hands him the firearm before venturing towards the cafeteria. Tristan is shocked to realize that Zoe is the one interrupting her plans, and remembers her as a familiar face in the school hallways. Zoe fearlessly faces Tristan, challenging him.
Kip shows up unexpectedly to provide Zoe with backup. Tristan is amused by this, considering Kip hasn't been a proper participant in his plot from the beginning. A violent shootout follows which results in Kip's death at the hands of Chris. In the midst of the chaos, Zoe and Lewis take the opportunity to escape, pursued by Chris. After some distance, Lewis reveals that he has been wounded. Zoe takes him to an office, places him on a couch, and shares a kiss with him. She makes a promise to attend prom together before leaving the office, intending to draw Chris away from Lewis.
Zoe and Chris end up in the chemistry lab, where Zoe induces a minor explosion by turning on the gas. The resulting flames catch Todd's attention from his position in the woods behind the school, where he sneaked in to save Zoe. ChrisHe finally corners Zoe and is about to kill her when Todd fatally shoots him. The police discover Todd soon after and arrest him, but Todd is simply relieved to have protected his daughter. Tristan tries to contact Chris on the phone, but Zoe answers. The hallucination of her mother reappears, prompting her to fight harder. Zoe sends Tristan a photo of Chris's lifeless body and provocatively asks for her opinion.
Without his help, Tristan finds his meticulously laid plans crumbling around him. As a final desperate act, he retreats to a van and detonates an explosive. During her call, Zoe states that her efforts were in vain; Her intention to make a social statement about her has been overshadowed by her acts of bravery. This reality hits Tristan hard, causing him to break down. He selects a hostage at random and drags him to the rooftop, leaving the remaining hostages unattended. Zoe returns to the cafeteria and discovers that the explosive device only has forty seconds left before detonation. Zoe orders the hostages to flee before hurriedly moving the van out of the building.
Her quick actions ensure that the resulting detonation does not cause any damage. Returning to the school hallways, she is stopped by a SWAT officer. During this moment, Zoe's spectral image of her mother finally disappears, symbolizing her release from Zoe's consciousness. Later, Zoe meets with the Sheriff, who extends a hand in recognition of her bravery. He reveals that Tristan died in the explosion, having been consumed by the flames. After a brief conversation, Zoe reunites with her father, who is detained in a police vehicle. He expresses his immense pride in her actions. Lewis, now out of immediate danger, is being prepared for transport to a hospital.
However, Zoe sees a suspicious individual leaving the school grounds. She gets her father's rifle and stealthily follows this person. She watches him dig up a stash of cash from a nearby creek. Zoe points her gun at him and realizes that it is Tristan, who has apparently faked his own death to escape. She shoots him, hitting him in the chest, before approaching. Like the dollar at the beginning of the film, Tristan is seriously injured but not yet deceased. However, unlike the male, Tristan does not deserve her compassion and she leaves him to experience a slow, agonizing death.
The final scene shows Zoe returning to the school grounds and telling the sheriff the facts. If you enjoyed this video, feel free to hit the like button, and if you didn't like it, hit the dislike button twice, just to be sure. It would be best if you saw the full movie. Thanks so much for looking. Subscribe for more videos like this.

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