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Shedeur Gave Gifts to the ENTIRE TEAM: Simulating Game-Like Situations

Sep 10, 2023
My son Junior, get up, yeah, he uses a lot of social media, so all the stuff you've been seeing, that's him. I need a Glory. Needed. It took me hours, we walked like he was undefeated. I didn't see results. I still woke up and they chased me, told me to find myself. I want to find a way, yeah that's awesome bro don't worry man what's your name? Hunter, I've got you any way people can contact you. Professional graphic, that's amazing. My brother, I thank you. Sean. I know that sometimes God will allow things to happen so that you can see things clearly.
shedeur gave gifts to the entire team simulating game like situations
You know, last week I said I was going to wear my boots until Sunday and I was going to start wearing regular shoes and I've been wearing regular shoes everywhere, but since then. on the practice field I've been wearing my boot and my boots started hurting really bad today and you had to go up and grab my shoes. I'm about to go up and get the other shoe like this, how do you guys feel trying to push me where I need to go like putting you in your shoe I have you putting you in your shoe it breaks son yes sir when the poop hurts and the shoe is not a good sign, sure God is great talking God is talking and I actually felt better when I put the shoe on and I just had to work a little oh, take care of this foot because it's swollen, your toes look like sausages, ah yes sir, You never know where someone is going, you never know what someone is carrying. be careful when you judge people be careful not to judge people how you feel right now hurt but I'm going to make it work right now we're going to figure it out everything is going to be okay God has me so it's one thing I don't worry about God me He said what was going to be and it will be exactly what it will be.
shedeur gave gifts to the entire team simulating game like situations

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shedeur gave gifts to the entire team simulating game like situations...

I don't care about the process. I know what the results will be. It arrived in my locker today. There were blows. She's already there.


beats to y'all yeah he's helping me beat him he could beat me you know my shit is my music of course word of the day let's say um generous yeah but once he also me I woke up with a good pair of Beats in my locker and a nice backpack okay, generous, you know, okay, gratitude for everything we do, okay for the day, blessed always, last night, you're welcome, yeah, I said, You're welcome, on this beach.
shedeur gave gifts to the entire team simulating game like situations


all the equipment to Trevor. He meant it, but I just got blessed by two. salute two word of the day is gratitude, yeah you sound like everyone on that other


really, they all said that, yeah, yeah, let me say something else, it's already Wednesday right now, so let's go with uh, how many, how many words. we have it, it doesn't matter just one, I don't know, you guys do this every day, you eat, you eat of the day, let's eat, okay, you know it's Wednesday, it's the first week, it's wired on Wednesday, oh, of I return to you, they are going to hit you.
shedeur gave gifts to the entire team simulating game like situations
I'll tell you SAE Wednesday that's the word that's the word of the day I say when Wednesday is awesome work work someone says work work that's what that's what that's what I ordered these jumpsuits probably a couple of weeks ago and they were sitting under my desk and said, you know, today is the perfect day to wear because when you see a man in overalls, the first thing you think of is when you see a man in a truck, the first thing you think of is the first thing I bought my friends. children. I lost your door, first they caused vans because I wanted them to understand that there's something about a van and something about work that just makes you stand out, makes you a little different, you know, my stepdad never promised me that.
He never promised me that he was going to do that, but one thing he did was work. He was the foreman of a place called Wix Lumber and he was proud of it, so every time he would wake me up in the morning and see him. getting ready he was putting that on during the uniform in that uniform I associated it with work so when he didn't put on a uniform he didn't go to work but every time he put on a uniform it was time to work and he took it seriously It even took me a few weekends week, which I hated, and it made me clean these flower beds and these flower beds and I didn't want to do that.
DT couldn't stand it because I didn't understand work at that age and stage in my life. life, but you know, he paid me 10 15 for the weekends, I worked two three hours, which was a lot of money back then so I could get my little shoes and everything I needed, but he taught me something that I will always treasure, that man never. He saw me play live even though he was at the house himself when he was seven and eight. He was so fond of him that I gave him my Super Bowl rings, whatever rings he got in college football or baseball or whatever.
He gave him all that because He loved those things and when he passed away we put it underneath with all his rings and all his jewelry that he loved because he loved me, but he taught me how to work and that's what I never forget, so my description and the job description may be different than yours because I think some of you think you are working and you are not working what you think is work is not work for us who are standing on this wall because we understand what work is eh, they have seen a lot of The Hall of Fame guys come here and the commonalities that we all share, Mr.
Seth, and that's what I'll let you take from here, it's work, we wouldn't be in those gold jackets that we had and that we don't pay because if we didn't work, then you all know what the right job is when you work every day, you pour concrete, you pour concrete, now you have a foundation on which you can build a career off of you, you can do whatever you want, but you I have to have a foundation and that foundation is working. I can't believe they don't make them work two days like we used to. I can't believe it, I mean, people look at me all the time, oh wow. well how you did it you didn't have to like it we just had to do it there's no other option that's what we came and we signed up for Colorado football well let's get into the damn world because now it's a promise summer is After all that, fufu it's over, they shoot real bullets in Dallas, I guarantee you and they will hurt you if you don't work, they will break your ass, so don't be that guy, don't be that group.
Don't let it infect this room, let's get together, put in the work, let's lay the foundation and build something beautiful because it's going to take every last one of us. You understand my fingers like that, you can break them, but when I roll them into a ball and I make them into a ball and it's me and my 10 friends now I have a gun to fight, you understand and you do it every day online d-line there are no friends no no when we work we have friends we work to go to the


to yell someone's ass and the only way to do that is to yell at each other during the week and then we get together when we put the flush and we win and we'll get them then because I know they don't work with me and I didn't work for you, but they don't have anything for us because we make the effort and when you make the effort, it comes out in the pudding.
I guarantee it because you have confidence, we have a foundation, let's build. a mansion and I like my sorry, I did everything right job oh no no that's your job oh yes yes don't you like that could be efficient could be a chain a fishing lure could be anything and no one else put their fingers in it feet in the chain, eh, no one else did that before, he's never been, you've never seen any chains on the toes. I've seen a BBL city, never seen like just two toes like real toes on a chain, although I'm never crazy, it's time I tried. go ask him yesterday but he went to college Jimmy like no, but we didn't think about all that, you heard me, don't show this clip, don't go ask him, although I'm going to ask about touch.
I told him the base. like that's the Hall of Fame the man you have to pretend to be the man he already man now man yeah just go just go let's go good morning coach how are you sir? Okay, we'll follow you today it's called British phobia, yeah, someone has to be bad. kids today what was the word of the day today what was the word of today work I know what work is I worked hard for six years in construction it should be easy to come here and what it should be easy TCU working what are we? we're going to do what we're going to do what we're going to do today what we're going to do today okay, come on, small people like a goldfish like an old fish, those halls of fame are supposed to go on the shelf I don't know what the people who I know they were talking about this man, okay, although I got to live those Hall of Fame tones, although look, that should be your wife, hasn't it been some tough collars SMU on Tuesday nights on two dollar Tuesdays air conditioning that that's good to finish Res come on, that's good, everyone's gone, well, Savion, strong pulse, head out, head out, head out, Marine right there, keep a nice green, that's good, better next time, ready, like it's not natural to do this, if someone tells you, walk towards me, you're going to do that.
If you don't do this, you're not going to open here, so let's try it, let's try it a little, do it the best you can, it'll save you half a step. We'll end up being an interception. Hey, hey, look, what's up? I'm wrong. we just want to break the habit it's just not natural to turn our foot our receivers in t-step keep them going keep your feet going thank you, thank you very much, what are you teaching? I'm late t-step them teach those I can't stand t-steps because it's not natural if I tell you to walk back and forth, your feet will do the same, isn't it natural to walk backwards and forward and do like this? that doesn't even make sense that's just stupid and it is it's going to cost you interception broken touchdown pass good job half of these coaches have never made you coach apple my good very good you just have to know what you had to get into no, get out there, good job, break just like you break it down in a frat house, hey Brian, show me how you walk in these frat houses, everyone there, you know what I'm saying, don't give us that, I want what you get. he's definitely going to say, hey dog, you're almost smart, you did that, like you went to church, Tito, you're thinking too much, man, thank you very much, you know you're thinking too much, stop thinking.
Welcome to our life, yes, thank you, I appreciate it. I have to protect you baby, you have some green ones right there, one day he will be the governor or the mayor. See what it takes and I will support it. Good man, he comes from a good family, raised properly, he is a good human being and he loves. to see right now that's why he's going to be in politics as smart as ever, yeah, oh man, that's him in the woods, he's in front of the camera first every day oh, that's good, there you go down, oh my good work, chaos, last step here, you come back fine. 'all foreigners are fine oh my God come on let's go to YouTube okay Merry Christmas we work all year for this okay the time is now the time is not yesterday the time is not two months ago twice now we' We'll leave on Saturday.
Let's master the few days for the camera. When the camera is put in the bucket, only one. Stay true to yourself. I will always be calm. My conversations will be calm. I'm not going to get out of myself. still someone I'm not other cats go up there but you never act like that go to your office foreigner actually it is this is the best photo it smells my my face is better on this side let's go now when you see these photos the backdrop is ready

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