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She Didn't Like My Offer

May 30, 2021
I mean would you do uh 10 4 hats uh good morning hey how are you honey? How are you, good? Most. I have almost everything lying around, but I don't know if you're looking for bigger furniture or something. I don't need a lot of furniture, this is for sale, okay, and then just a couple of pieces of art and then there's the bedroom suit, yeah, yeah, but if you don't need it, okay, here's bigger stuff, some associations with Harley t-shirts. I'm going to buy your Elvis and Marilyn Monroe poster and also the six Renaissance mugs and I'll keep looking around and see what else I can find.
she didn t like my offer
Do you have any vinyl records, no, he has those Danny, that's my last record at my grandmother's. Seriously, yeah, how much do t-shirts cost? How do you choose? Maybe even like a dollar, another piece, yeah, okay, I mean they're good, you know, I just don't have them. I know I could put them in that Harley steal and deal. I know robberies and deals, I don't want to mess with that, okay, do you have some video game like Nintendo or something, okay, I took that little chat office and it has just a little cover, yeah, okay, you got it, I have one that matches with the doorbell, oh, stop it, stop it, thanks for packing them, I'm sure it would be easier. uh, there are some pieces hanging.
she didn t like my offer

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she didn t like my offer...



't know how much you were looking at what baby, you had some pieces hanging out. at the door I wasn't sure what you're asking for, yeah, let's make a dollar for the men's teeth, okay, and then let's make three, four, five, let's take those for five, five, okay, we have four of these, okay, then, nine. dollars yeah and then 10 for the posters is 19. yeah and 12 for the mugs is 31. you're better than me um and you said you have a wii um let me check if you have a minute yeah take your time I'll load it up I don't know What's the name of the thing on the board, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, this is taking it out, yeah, okay, before he comes back to me, how about 20 bucks?
she didn t like my offer
I couldn't accept that low amount, that's okay, because I know. how much was this and my son bought these games. He could do 30. I think that would be the most he could do. Okay, okay, don't be mad at me, let me take that step, sure if you want to come in. I'm there, oh yeah, absolutely, um, yeah, it's almost all there, hey, I love your beds, by the way, oh, thanks man, yeah, what's your name, Dustin Dustin, nice to meet you, buddy , oh great, yeah, how are you doing so far? slow I was uh I did that with Twitch years ago okay yeah what's the name of your channel?
she didn t like my offer
It's a professional selector, professional selector, yes, I'll check it, very original man, excuse me, maybe I'm thinking two shorts, two shirts, yes, I saw it, oh yes. good luck to you, I mean, could you pay ten dollars for four hats? Sure, okay, thank you, thank you, have a good day, thank you tomorrow, how are you doing? You have a good day for a sale. Well, so far, anyway, yeah, how much? It's your golf clubs um 250. 250. what's your little thing oh it's a gopro I have a youtube channel oh yeah go do yard sales find stuff how much are you asking for this fifty fifty dollars there you go I'll give you your prize for helping me earn that discount yeah exactly you're not getting it for free buddy you're asking for five a piece would you do eight for both yeah okay thanks so what are you looking for for certain things or just anything ?
I've been doing it for so long and I'm always trying to learn new and different things. Yes, yes, this year has been a challenge. It started later than normal, usually around April or there may be a lot of garage sales, but this year. It wasn't until June or July that they really started, oh, really, and I thought, well, I know what happened. Things got crazy, yeah, absolutely fine, good luck with the sale, thanks, what's up, fight anything, what's going on, yeah, good luck to you, okay, yeah, thanks. You, how much do sweatshirts cost? I


't see them there, only four dollars.
Four dollars. Okay, and the jackets cost eight. Yes, so I owe you 12. Yes, you want your hangers back. No, this jacket. I saw that it's Nike, yes. Is it um what's the other one what's the symbol has that symbol don't you know what okay guys I'm back at the warehouse I only went to four garage sales today but I found a lot of really good stuff. Well, the first sale I attended was actually a bonus. I didn't have it on the list, but I think I found the most things in that sale. I got six of these mugs from the Ohio Renaissance Festival for two dollars each, they're not very valuable.
I recently sold a couple of them for 15 plus shipping, found six of them at one time. I was very happy to do it and then bought some Harley t-shirts for a dollar each. This one here has some stains, so maybe not. I could sell that one actually, but some of these others seemed clean to me, they looked great, almost all of them were extra large or double extra large and the larger sizes tend to sell better with clothing, so that's why. I kind of jumped on them yeah this one has a little bit of stain on it too this is a long sleeve yeah harley davidson and they were all um the creators were also harley-davidson so they're all authentic which I think helps and then the rest of the stuff in that sale is here, let's see, here's another jacket, luckily, a little bit stained, I think it's a women's Harley-Davidson jacket, this was, I think, like a dollar fifty-two dollars a end, when I was kind.
From showing him the jackets I had, I think I only had like five dollars for the three, so I bought this black jacket here and then this one and this one here, which is kind of a jacket, not just a shirt, I guess. um, but those three were only five dollars, so it was hard to argue with that price and also that


. She had a Nintendo Wii and some games, let's see, we have Wii Fit, we encourage Wii Sports, this disc was pretty scratched, unfortunately, um, super. Smash Brothers Brawl I think that's it and then the Wii itself with some controllers this was very dirty and I've had very bad luck lately with the Wii not working.
Only a low percentage of them have been working for me, so I put out a bid for like 20 bucks at first, and then we ended up selling for 30, so if it doesn't work out, I think I'll get my money back, maybe a little profit, but not much, so it's worth betting, I guess, on just one sale. I have four caps um she was asking for three dollars each I have four for ten here's an old mlb angels cap and it's made by sports specialties um those tend to work pretty well I've only sold the snapback version of sports specialties, not the tight version and this is kind of a small seven and one eight hat so it might be harder to sell here it's an old Seattle Mariners hat uh it's not a sports specialty but it's a new era and It's fitted, but it looks like the tag size for the The size is like cut, so it will be hard to determine what size it is, but it's a great hat.
This is here, I think, let's look at the Cooper's Town collection here. I'm pretty sure this is a cat um negroli like the Kansas City team, so I. I have that and yes, Boston Red Sox and company again seven and one eight pretty small hats, I could be sitting on these for a while, but at 250 a piece it's hard to go wrong, they should sell for around 15 to 20 each. A couple of bean jackets at a sale paid eight bucks for the pair and I'm pretty sure they are vintage llv based on the tags. I've done pretty well with llb in the past and this is a good time of year to sell jackets. so I went ahead and bought these, I don't know if it's as old as the other one.
Baxter State Parka yeah so I paid four bucks each for them and I think they should sell for around 25 30 a piece hopefully in another sale. I bought this Nike jacket that says Nike 6.0. I had never seen it before, but I realized it was really well made and I looked it up and it's like a ski, you know, snowboard type jacket. I paid eight dollars for it which is not very cheap but it looks like it will sell for 40-50 after I clean it a little bit, little stain right there and then in that same sale I bought this sweatshirt from the state of Ohio with the incomparable Ohio script with the football field.
So anyone who's not from Ohio, what the marching band does is when they come out, they come out in a line and form this Ohio script on the field pretty clear. I paid four dollars for it which is a little high for a sweatshirt but it's vintage it looks really cool I think it should sell for between 25 and 30 dollars and the last two things I found are some posters this is an Elvis Presley and there is a Marilyn Monroe. They both go to my antique stand. I paid five dollars each. uh they should sell about 15 20 each.
I think that's it for this video guys, thanks for watching, see you next time.

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