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SHANG-CHI Cast Panel – Awesome Con 2022

Jul 17, 2023
we grew up there. A lot of times immigrant families will understand that if all the food on the table is finished, there wasn't enough food, you know, so yeah, I mean, yeah, especially when the restaurant tells us that the kitchen is about to run and we just I like it. I'll panic because I'll say "OMG" and then order "You know" 17 different things What's your favorite type of food? Oh, can I know Korean? Have you been to a Korean barbecue? Absolutely, I could eat cream. Hell yes, I could. eat korean barbecue every day yes that's a fantastic question here hi my name is tyler i'm from fairfax virginia one of my favorite parts of the movie was the lit karaoke scenes if you had to pick anyone from all the actor or actress of the mcu.
shang chi cast panel awesome con 2022
Who would you choose for an illuminated night doing karaoke? I'm with very bad singer, believe me, it's only because you and I have been to karaoke so many times as Morgan takes karaoke very, very seriously, um, for a lit night, yeah, no, that's it, uh, I think you and karaoke would be amazing, what's your option? karaoke song, I mean, first of all, I have to say that we did karaoke together, yeah, we don't see that in the movie, but we did it, yeah, we filmed it. We filmed a version of the karaoke scene where Florian appears at the end, yeah, yeah. with a plate of nachos, yes, exactly in one arm, right, but that was because everyone was afraid that I was letting you know, yes, yes, letting you down, but I would probably choose one of the songs we had to prepare for it. scene that was Backstreet Boyce, what if the crowd is okay, ready?
shang chi cast panel awesome con 2022

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shang chi cast panel awesome con 2022...

I'm going to get the crowd into this. You've all seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine, okay? Oh no, ready, as you can see, I have my karaoke team. here man that's an invitation I really want to thank you for your question here oh hello wait let me check something oh it's a Korean heart the Korean for you three so anyway hello my name is bill , I'm from Houston, Texas and I love you 3 000, I love you 3 000, by the way, so my question to you is which martial artist is your favorite and who would you like to corroborate in the next Shanxi movie for all you have, Yes for me. it has to be jackie jackie he I don't know if you guys have read like I don't know how deep you guys are into jackie chan I'm I'm you know I've read his memoirs I'm like you know he's just one of the most incredible inspirations when you look what it did for the landscape of action design like before Jackie Chan's fight scenes, the fight scenes were like two people like, you know, and Jackie made it such a human thing that he used. you know, parts and accessories and he just redefined an entire genre and I think you know he's a huge inspiration okay for me one of the because I've liked action movies since I was a little kid and it was always Jedly because I I mean the stance of the movies that he made, especially my favorite of his was Kiss of the Dragon, yeah, when you know there's a scene where there's big black guys coming in and there's like a dirty dog ​​and it's like he leaves . like okay this is the real deal so smoothly I mean it would be fun to have let's see what happens yeah for me I'm Michelle I'm so jealous that uh simul had a training session with the aunt in the butt, yes. yes, yes, no, greetings, yes, she is amazing, yes, on set and she always gives me some training tips, like arms, and she is still training.
shang chi cast panel awesome con 2022
I mean, she's just amazing. I have to ask you as we prepare to end this


. It's been the most rewarding part of being a part of this movie monger we'll start with you oh, I have a husband, I have a brother, I have a very good friend here and all of you here, that's the most rewarding thing, Florian, what? About yourself, what has been the most rewarding part for you, Florian? Well first of all it's always the right experience, you always want to improve, that's the mentality of an athlete anyway and the only way you can improve is if you surround yourself with people who have that talent because they elevate you to the next level , so I knew that by participating in this project I will have the opportunity to work with beautiful and talented people who will do exactly that and I am very, very grateful for the fact that this journey just called.
shang chi cast panel awesome con 2022
I beautiful, oh you were here, thanks for the story when you started, I was in my underwear, I thought, yeah, that's a good photo, okay, I love it, I want to see it and now we are and now we are there, what does that mean? what it means to our characters now let's see, we'll leave it open, look at me, how about the most rewarding part of being a part of this experience for you? um I think I think it's you know some of you may have heard I tweeted wonder when this The movie was first announced like six months before so six months yeah yeah before we got the six months before getting the role, it was literally right when they first announced that Marvel was making a Shanxi movie and you know, I think a lot of people.
I think a lot of people misunderstand what that means, a lot of people think it's because I tweeted that I got the job, but I asked Kevin several times and he said no, I never read the tweet simultaneously, you just didn't understand it. the part because you tweeted, um, but I think there's something to be said for having a dream and allowing yourself the permission to manifest it in the world. You know, it wasn't just me tweeting, but it was like everything in my life was You know, I felt like I was slowly heading towards that point on the horizon and, to be honest, I didn't know how long it would take to get there and I didn't know if any Maybe I would get there, but I was very committed to the journey.
The journey was the most rewarding thing about the whole thing and even if I didn't know it, booking this incredible, life-changing role, I would still be looking towards the horizon and still doing everything I wanted to do. I could and I think it's just because the whole experience has reiterated to me the value of having a dream, the value of recognizing that dream within yourself and then this is the most important part of giving yourself permission to pursue it, there are so many things that we are afraid of. , you know, there are so many things that we have, you know, we don't want our parents to think a certain way, we want our friends to think a certain way and those that fear often stop us from doing things. that we really want to do the most and that's why I think being a conduit of that message that you can follow your dreams you can manifest what you really want, I think that's been the most satisfying part and being able to talk to you guys know that and hopefully, You know, awakening something within you to pursue something you've always wanted, recognizing that dream within yourself, I think that's been the most exciting part.
I love that answer. We have an advertising team here. They are going to go out on stage and take two photos. We want photos with the crowd behind you because this is amazing, so get out there. They are a publicity team approved to be here. Guys, by the way, you look great, thank you very much. Hi, I'm Michael Shanks and you're watching Phantom Spotlight. Make sure to like, share and subscribe. The fate of the universe may depend on it, have fun and follow your fandom.

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