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#SagaLive con Roberto Palazuelos, El Capi Pérez y Ríos Piter

Jan 25, 2022
once now ah and ah 2 i more and ah a a 2 hello 2 and 2 ah a ah ah 2 e as hello yes ah 2 as 2 ah 2 2 a ah ah and no i ah thank you no no and ace no ah no no no to 2 more ah ah and ah 2 and ah 2 i ah 2 ah and you know that the saga continues and that you think that only then that if you know another joke besides wanting to win as an independent team then technological but a little bit moves the social network about the little bird and the truth is, I never thought it would end but as for the child, they are no longer big or the children of others arrived, my boyfriend got me success with songs by gortari when the plane arrived he was not waiting and at the door and he left Even so I got fed up arm what happened I like tequila yes I like whiskey I like whiskey mezcal mezcal also women a lot we don't have a girlfriend let's see not since I sip you if he doesn't propose to me next time I won't or either if you were to become president of this country you would not be the youngest because you know Linas arrived younger than you and you are going to start until the mother because the same rite all because the same lyrics because the same misogynists and vulgarities we have to control our animal instincts and if we don't we become monkeys and reggaeton comes from the signs, don't worry You laugh because the ladies and lords there are many in the pri also parties that come to all fields there was talk about you because I left here wow thanks the hair as a very sensual thing you have to open it is is very the actress always the lip alive with these enchiladas explained conjunctiva wise men ah ah ah and no no no d hello they know that they all pass I don't get off I can't be like the compayito but from 10 to poles for the goods we are already fine hello hello he puts himself in chaste You let him see him as the partner, only we laugh at our nonsense, it's not that today we all had to wear colored socks because today we do because today marks the day and to remember and to make public policies cas it seems to me that this is the most important thing for children with down syndrome then well you have to wear colored socks here are exquisite views of colors and I am going to do my slow program this then we are going to do the program in colored socks Not by the way, because a woman who has really fought a lot in herself, even though it seems like a set phrase and tirelessly, and even though it sounds corny, that's why she is Katia d'Artigues and tomorrow she will be here with us, my dear Katia, I send you a kiss and I your name and in the name of all and in the name of all those children we make this program in socks of good courage that go crazy because we gave a notice well why do they want us to give notice or not now if it wasn't josué's fault josué now you need a little creativity I say it wouldn't be bad if it's for the public for us here I'm in charge I don't kill me no well we're having fun marta cruz wants her goals 3 we know who gets the tickets out me We already have the list and so now Lupita Aguilera greets us from Querétaro Francis Anaya Margaret Guerra says to the work in my team my program that Hector Manuel will be dawning on me He doesn't say that I do want to see his socks yes they are chanting me so badly bad what happens is my so many years of primary school lety mora me every day the different uses you very well you the forum surly as always present to see what I'm going to do now that you won't be there my greetings from to see the previous ones the truth Every time I laugh a lot I love her I never thought she was so silly but when I see myself as Walter Blanco said oh silly they don't remember when Galilea was on the bus it just motivates you blitz synthesis of the total year oh well lourdes tells me another watching your program here it is 2 in the morning but here you are still very well there is no transmission on youtube I missed something that happened josué here it is here also on youtube I am here I am fine and together with me they are seeing how many Very few people, now we are going, they are not very few 2,137 Carlos blogs Greetings from Tijuana I declare myself mega fans I will see Gimex Adela Your work on this platform fascinates me You looked very serious on TV I am very serious serious Le petit grasa says why are you going to miss her Mario bros because I'm leaving our season is over he says they'll go hunting to cortés torres your feet look like the muppets they are my seven colored titles their caribbeans let's invite tania rincón I can't please daily they ask us to tania rincón ana lilia galicia serafin o The one with the greetings to the fucking screamers they talk to and what do you think I have a good one for you today you are not censored or whatever we want well we are very rebellious as they shouted I am going to tell the censors angel john peter ship the advice was to send him a kiss I love you he says peta when I talk about that thundered that Edgar Chávez friend send me greetings to my wife Mónica hello Edgar a piece time it took a while we didn't give them a notice because since they are still complaining If they don't let you know so they have time to prepare the popcorn bring the tamales, please share them for the love of God, please share the ones on Facebook and those on YouTube, you have to sign up, subscribe, and the prettiest says, but how come here they go off You dig and I just started to see them when they come back in the next season Romeva asks me to share Rome you're absolutely right Mayra Cabrera says yesterday very funny Beatriz Paredez interesting and I cross every time I watch your program as it amuses me very well what do you want tania rincón ask blanca félix respond be happy come like this raquel to raquel gonzález says mi you already have me laughing it hasn't even started yet amira the other girl arrived it was her criticism and tuco there are three now there are three pp says we invite jorge castañeda is that here we are we reserve the right of admission the warrior wolf or chayote is verónica garcía thank you very much morocha to morocha greetings from the land of chocolate cheese and the swiss alps here it's 2 in the morning nayeli ribera montserrat michelle don't let it end you know from colombia brenda astro that


open your channel on youtube now we call it the black diamond but it's not old enough for audio but since they breathe and they breathe well they breathe Well, day of the send, Josué's pack, Josué says, Juanfer Acosta, that it is for an oral task, solve the pending, well, if it sticks, it says Nelly González or the one from La, that range has already arrived.
sagalive con roberto palazuelos el capi p rez y r os piter
Hashtag saga manía Claudia González Thank you very much for Manuel Mendoza Peña Why do I subscribe if you're not going to upload videos anymore and how are we going to be up and up and up and up things are very important I'm leaving because if I'm there I'm not going to laugh anymore it's going to make me feel good it would be martel to news mode what do you want says i am peña or good night I always follow you even if it's on repeat but work doesn't let me see you anymore even when I can well here we go greetings to the whole team look at the lighthouse he says we don't may see why he has to work invite the presidential candidates to see their proposals and send them there I already have one that I interviewed today I already interviewed him and he is going to appear in the financial Bloomberg you have he you have the promo they censor them they yell very ugly says montserrat blood be the blood silvia ponce filo arredondo and let's go on Friday this is what we are going to see tonight in effect at half past nine at the financial bloomberg television who commands the pipeline in the song that is during all these years as you served the public you had to be an accomplice of I am the secretary who filed the most criminal complaints how much are you going to reach now if it was like that because he entered this process knowing that it was going to be difficult because I have all three children and I want my children to live in a better Mexico, that is, one enters thinking that they are going to win the fasts, I have not been sure, entering is a drag, doctor mit, and the qualities change and organize in Bogotá for the quality you are going to shake it off I do not go to them with 20 years of mixed Vigo well, we are going to see this tonight the link of the interview two hours that we have the link that begins we already send the link not this adela I want sponsor you in particular, that is, you want to stock and what is it about the first there will be morals rossi to be and not this one says rossi to be and nadela how to see it from atala sarmiento you think it will go on television well I believe what he came to tell me here I say If not, it's already very ugly, so what a pity I say no and no and no, well I believe her and they told me about my health, well, this is what Martin Salazar says that if I'm going to go to Azteca, not Maria Rodríguez, although Be it leave us recordings please that it will have contained guys it will have contained not being in that surplus this look they say to Cabrera that he has paid a lot of attention to the political moment that's good Rodolfo Zurita thank you very much greetings to the whole band says Raúl Osorio from Montreal Canada patricia perez from mexicalli says claudia hernández I only came to see the joke of


pérez and the one who roars this d elía soto montserrat michaels she just pri there will be morals that do not bother me says pay attention to him and see if the band sends us head nights with the censor says or her husband today the censored person did not come in the same way scolds because I don't pay attention to seeing you it was in the center side Isabel Aguirre says we make your afternoons happy how beautiful to Mario Alberto greetings I think you already forgot about me Never to Mario Alberto Greetings from Guadalajara Ale Martínez makes me want to send you to hell now because you're leaving because we're going to come back with me we have to sell absences so they can see what it's like to lose this no because we're going to return with new energy and with things new and proposals and good things parents let's go to brazil it's a lot to do thanks to immersion some little rats there it's very fast some cry others send me more rats that the channel is going to reach 300,000 but pu That's not much, no, now we're going to reach a million a banda, we're really slow, that's why I'm leaving frankly, thanks for reading our comment, says Isabel Aguirre, Rafael Arteaga, tequila with Adela and the


gets water and they like me.
sagalive con roberto palazuelos el capi p rez y r os piter

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sagalive con roberto palazuelos el capi p rez y r os piter...

It's all embezzlement. already requested I love you the capi very well this because the pressure in the title capilla tips today corrected the proofreader of the invite raquenel portillo site to shine go ahead piles the piles of your studio is more understood I do not understand adela these thank you joaquín sabina guests greetings from new york amneris I put your videos and listened to them while godín on your move they invite gabriel says luis efesé ulises garcía or the one from this mario alberto that because I love my one because I want and because I can not the forums and that everyone but also I love Ríos Piter my father and I don't stay anymore because and also Andrés but he doesn't love me I don't reciprocate Anaya nor do I know him the truth about Luis Luna that's why I don't finish it to everyone turn on says anna capetillo and you read saldaña we invite you to have verónica garcía that we say hello where is the capi carlos cruz that we say hello to carlos cruz hello carlos nelly gonzález well then let's go to the news let's go to my battery is running out of my friends from facebook says pere medina I always wait for your program to start and now that you're going on vacation I'm going to see the previous ones repeated or look at Rome Pama who greets us from Beijing who hasn't behaved well and this breaks for The funny one that mayía rodríguez share from san luís potosí well let me bring you up to date because nobody sees in the church that they are not well informed quickly what they need to know at this time 1 mark zuckerberg founder of already saw the deer the one that we have not uploaded that's why my little deer that uploaded instagram is that it already started in the spring look at my little deer how beautiful bye we invite alejandro fernández that when I return to makazaga soon nte amlo president says albert today rafael lozada that we invite sammy the brother of peña the truth is that we have to bring the tsar I did I interviewed him once up me to the shami that we invite the roya leotta hour greetings from lakewood california the last kingdom 0 ante blancos souza but here are the banal ones with the deer son thank you mom what happened well while I'm going to inform you because if not here the deer and it's March 21 today mark zuckerberg referred to the scandal of this company cambridge analytics that he had used information of 50 million facebook users for donald trump campaign software but admitted that mistakes were made the company is going to make some changes and wrote we have a responsibility to protect your data if we can't then we don't deserve the truth al i love you too I'm my favorite millionaire, Max, look what, and brave like Amlo and then Lorenzo Córdova, the president of INE said that they don't have information that changes ridge to analytics and has worked with mexican parties in their campaigns there is no formal complaint about it either lópez obrador demanded that the line investigate the presence of mexico from cambridge analytics jose antonio meade wrote on twitter there is little left to really verify who we are and what we propose to discuss ideas and set a position without ambiguities I am just ready and enthusiastic today the interview is with jose antonio meade ene efe and by adela vela and of course we have insisted to die with andrés manuel lópez obrador that ricardo anaya give us an interview too but hey Well, they don't, they don't want the former Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda is already formally in Ricardo Anaya's team and he said that there is a need for a coalition government to get the country out of the dramatic situation it is experiencing and the president of Peru Pedro Pablo Kuczynski presented his resigns after being accused of buying votes to avoid his removal for having hidden his ties to the company brazilian odebrecht when he was minister of economy or whoever comes out light who comes already blonde already ruled armando rios


better known as the jaguar will be there



the black diamond was going to becarlospérez, better and better known as capi pérez, not the host of tv azteca, owner of the program where are the little deer, there are again jaguar rajas, i can't take it anymore, we already saw you in the pines and that's why we became sponsor of this program, we did a He is handsome, he is young, he is intelligent, but it turned out so, let's never ever never copy him.
sagalive con roberto palazuelos el capi p rez y r os piter
Look at my veins, the authorizations put on the light, he is already four days old, iris, where is that in a place in the stain, first the first of the saga the godfather house but because we saw you in the pines we were entire billionaires I'm stuck don't wear tequila mezcal a cante water I with you a tequila you are a mezcalero no if I am I know what color of sad socks I wear blue and in others I don't wear the of color because today today is the day but I realized that since I was out dressed and checking to see what is going to happen well look or story nothing I was going to vote for you I know well there will be me first what and nothing we are still in legal times we are in addition to everything well give him a battle that I am honest I am very happy to be swimming and I tell you with all honesty because well I think that this is an important issue in an institution like The National Electoral Institute said last Friday that I have 900,000 similar signatures, that's how they said it, and usually I was first caught by cold water, cold water, this position, you know, he saw it, I was commenting on it, the interviews, structure, etc.
sagalive con roberto palazuelos el capi p rez y r os piter
We were all over the country making alliances with people going from top to bottom asking for signatures for 127 days and every day and week after week they were sending us the information and we were considering those signatures that were validated. we associate putting in you said I'm going well good but in addition to everything well I always insisted I was the one who always said trust the institution I believe in the referee I will endorse what I think as m We Mexicans want there to be institutions and a strong arbitrator for the electoral process, so he followed up and told us to see, these are not useful and these are useful, they are passing what is established by the legal framework, the regulation, well, it will tell you if the ine does not It is saying nothing about those signatures because I'm wrong, they're still valid, they're ending us, I'm sorry, it doesn't come, well, because in addition to everything their guidelines say and that's what they have been telling us publicly, we don't assume that they have a system to review the signatures because, in addition to all a system for which we Mexicans pay a man, we'll talk about the company, etc. and this one and suddenly, good for the first 15 days, not in a totally opaque process, they end with a press conference, not with jerking and, on top of everything, with all the noise politician behind which today is also the grid makes it a reality black and suddenly says rivers


what is peter symbol 900 thousand signatures then I am going to tell you today the institute Or and let's see if there is someone here who simulates it is the institute if there is a simulator here it is the national electoral institute or I put it rather in other terms there are areas of the national institute not to question the credibility of the cannon but history too and lebron the one million 70 thousand people who signed us union 170 thousand people of flesh and blood because that's how I've been saying that they gave us their signature that they gave us their endorsement well this topic that I think is very important to comment on here in your program where In addition to everything, I feel at home, you are then of the tequila that the boys ordered, they brought me the 3rd and they drank the first one, so when one starts to review, they not only violate the legal certainty but also the operational certainty of what you were doing, what is the sensation of simulation because they simulated at some point or simulated with a system that serves us or simulated that if they reviewed the signatures or simulated that they govern them imagine that they ch both of 127 days supposedly in 15 days not reviewing a simulation they wanted us in five days to go do their job and review 900 thousand signatures that say they are simulated and that in addition to everything we do not have a counterpart because it is their database the only one that exists then it can come out of the piter rivers can come out or no one can come out to what they may want to invent then this issue is really serious which is what we are going to do today well to say hey we do not agree if it is violating operational certainty legal certainty but I think that the most important thing here today is because here the responsibility is here yesterday is that in addition to everything it has a clear political agenda the expression is going to see the leaks from which we learned that in addition to everything I I took a round there with former president CalderĂłn, no, I already said clearly there, well, there is a kitten locked up, but things like this, the director, who was a leak, again generates a dynamic. ca of perceptions in favor of her against but for example look what a strange thing not two days ago the royal director of prerogatives patricio valdos suddenly sent me a tweet published what he later retweeted by the way online saying and rivers piter has not I have come to claim your right to be heard, I am given five days, it could be that if Adriano five days, the authority was arming the authority, it cannot be anything that the law does not allow, but what do I see?
Well, listen, look, Navistar Ríos Piter. no oil bad line this video where they put margarita came 12 times the bronco came 10 and rivers piter 0 when in addition to everything and my wife accompanies me I tell you the pressure network gave here for example my wife came to check signatures Adriana did not come hundreds honest of lending to the morphine crystal I was, for example, a meeting with the commission so it generates this little noise that there is an agenda that there are interests and then finally that it is like the cherry on the cake for you you put the system to review this system that I tell you so that it gives the impression of a simulation that avoids that death pulse more than simulation because of the analytical cambridge and we try to be cool and the standard etc. vita we comment on this matter is something really delicate that we are talking about and we cannot comment here because suddenly this one I put on this one you start to review again the noise that the application had all the signs of problems that you remember that if it does not work etc. and you start to review again the notes of principles obviously to us that there is suddenly cold water this if we began to shrink as a substitute for the river and we went advancing this suddenly we remembered again that part of the noise at the origin was that company is the one that was making the application a group is called techno group that suddenly he had won a tender when he had a history that he had failed, not that he was informing me, I understand that it was the legal context that sold him a c I contracted 25 million dollars for media monitoring or other things like that and when I had the qualifications, well, you see that I didn't even have them to be able to give the support that I think that I did have to have six points, I had gotten two or something like that, I saw the numbers quickly that it had no financial support I think that the financial support that you have to have for a month was zero but that company is the one that made the application what are the questions that I have come to at least try to discuss why that contract that company what's up with the system If the system was a simulator, what a wave and here I go again, some questions, no, who had to do with the design of this application, which of the government areas reviewed the matter, the question, for example, from the Tibás general directorate of extension, this is very accelerated, demanding that I than me but in search of the government of the inem or the government the questions of the areas of the inem to see how the general direction of productivas có designed the application As it was supported by the technical areas of the national voter registry, fusion are things that have to be seen, so what can I tell you, in addition to everything with complete confidence, one of us came to support it, it was said in the institute and in terms of space, we can do it at a million 100 70 thousand people of flesh and blood who gave us their support and that in addition to everything at this moment well I think that what we need is to move forward and instead of them throwing the horse at you don't throw the horse at me simulation signatures little by little the penal roll is not prison, it is not prison for those who have done that inside the institute, but let's see this one million one hundred and as many thousand signatures as they were collected, that is, because how can you cheat with that or know what I'm telling you, we collected them Well, they were the cat that was going to see us, what we did was obviously not only in four months throughout a whole year, 13 months from January, then when he gave up the dog, well, I dedicated myself to walking far and wide. from the country to locate people who were interested in the independent movement people who were obviously interested in supporting this process with signatures but they not only supported my people who wanted to be local deputies federal deputies from Nador spices music through the independent path people who had also already run For the good it depends because there is an independent movement, of course, what happens is that how each one speaks on their own, but if you unify it from Tijuana to Chetumal, there is a band race that wants something other than I like the parties that we talked about this in the last interview in events for which the important thing was to coordinate the have good planning to go to precision shooting Colima as a state because obviously it has a smaller standard than what it was as Chihuahua well then we go planning and making alliances and that These alliances will allow us to land two firm firms in addition to everything in a coordinated manner because s í no, little boy, not because we have economies of scale, as we economies say, well, we got the signatures and then the ine told us day by day, week after week, something that made sense to me, in addition to everything, to advance this in colima push and it made sense because I had been in Colima because we had supervised, we had been in contact, monitoring, trying to see that things would align, well, in your years, you tell me, Bahamas, even in Colima, well, having felt, well, also because, in addition to everything, I was in Colima, we mobilized our teams to Colima when we were able to do it etc.
Well, suddenly they say that all this because I have the impression that you already resign yourself, that is, because you were in, we are going to review the signature of course, signature by signature and now you said no, let's see, but the problem is this other you see, you have to understand the signature by signature as it is the revision of the signatures of 'the fact of the hand with us was done with it well because in addition to lathe it continues to inform or and where there were problems, for example, that did not happen, you said you have five days to come to supervise to check that this happened in 127 days, then it occurs in a dark period of 15 and 20 days, I don't know how long where they start to check to come back to do the job that they had already done, not violating their procedure, violating, in addition to all of them, there were no cinemas of the presence and they did not come out as if it were a rabbit out of the hat to me here it is this is the truth of the ine and these are the credentials that we have and in addition to this they begin in a scroll telling you this is what we found and why is important what we in sanfic according to knight second line simulated toad signature says that we put this non-existent signatures that we violate in addition to everything that is why they say it was something systemic that we did to break the law, that is what I have heard from them, at least if I heard them before, why is this important?
To create a simulation where, in addition to everything, they want me to review 900,000 signatures in five days, which is humanly impossible, I think the number was to review 6,000 signatures in one minute, something like that absurd, where the ine, in addition to everything, knows that it doesn't even have the number of computers or staff you say I come to him for his audience guarantee so he arrived in the morning and I find the director Jan de prerogatives pass the couple welcome with a smile this province has already come and here I don't say well I don't come here to make alfonso fall into your simulation because besides everything you are the only ones who have the base you didn't leave me with nothing just nothing because well because in the protection of personal data the ine system that line system that you left without any advice then you could have shown me that photo that you have that you don't know if they had said that's this little girl they bagged her I would have stayed watching saying this is what What are you telling me then I resign, I do not resign, I am defending signing for the sake of signing because each signature is flesh and blood because in addition to all the people it is what they are telling us and that is that one return if I sign if I want a change if you want a transformation well what is happening then online and you have but what is going on what is going to happen or what did they tell you look at the armchairs I what there is not until March 30 well the lesson starts the first and I am like the campaign to see does not shake and accompanies us not only the force that farm force continues on TV the truth and justice are spoken in star wars' the truth of justice the procedure is violated the operational part is violated but In addition to everything, they do not blame the fact that the signatures are simulated, our signatures are flesh and blood, which is what we are proposing, first of all, if they told us that next Friday is when they are going to resolve, well, that they resolve this as soon as possible for that next Friday last mangoes that happened for what we said that was the times that Benito Nacif told me that Lorenzo CĂłrdova ratified it to me that is how we are thinking about themtimes because in addition to everything I met with and that is when I told them today these leaks what's up we offer an apology well it's Sunday Friday apart from everything that seems like a laugh we do not offer an apology armando and at 3 hours another leak to see this well It was part of the scandal of those days, which is what seems important to me if they already suggested that on Friday we have to solve those that are resolved on Friday that the general council resolves on Friday so that they do not want to delay so that we have less time in front of the court and this seems very important to me because of everything I am saying because of the sensitivity of the issue but to see clearly what is in question is the credibility of the institution in which we should mix the institute the most as I said today I come today to underline I said it again in the last interview that you did to me, I believe in the referee all the time and every time they ask me, it is me if I want to be president of Mexico, I am obliged to believe er in the institutions but the institutions the hook elements that do not behave well and that generate a discredit of the institution if we do not identify ourselves and if we do not manage to remove them and I think that this is an example of the type of problems that we have today that is good What is our turn for this?
I was saying I feel I feel moved forward excited that we can show that if Mexicans instead of fixing ourselves when there is an injustice or when there is someone who wants to move things for their own benefit or not to be silenced that he did something wrong it is not better that he came out and said yes we had problems what is the matter if we are very clear about this today we have to report it we have to point it out we have to claim what will happen what are you going to do if the day after tomorrow they tell you You're not going to be there because we have the court but I hope it makes us aware of what's happening I'm talking to the bronco you've talked to marga he's already talked to no well I've had follow-up of what they are doing I have seen what they have not talked about to see what not to see each one will be what tells them how to seize extra they already told him that he has a green light as far as I understand let's see I got nailed in mine and I dedicate time to that what is the important point a review of the general council is coming because the one who raises this is the commission of prerogatives and political parties where these areas are that I tell you that they leave a whiff of a feigned point are then what is it capable of fg bad good that you important aside from this I think that the general council has every opportunity to review because what is at stake is something higher what is at stake is the certainty itself and the certainty of the election what is the standard of the bread, so the number of signatures is greater than the national action party standard, so I don't understand well, but let's see, you can see them go to a signature, be good in the past, 500,900,000 signatures, that is, that's why the a I guess they passed 900,000 signatures after one was going but that's the system because it's the issue besides everything is paid for with taxpayers bills so someone is simulating there is someone inside the ine who is simulating that they are posing planet simulation processes there is no They don't have to go out and say something good if they've already left, but at first many of them did, of course.
I think the important thing here is not to give up because then you start to see how they start to warm up and rhyme against the iron like Stanley. In Guerrero they say the FEPADE etc. Well, they are also beginning to see what the affected person from inside the National Electoral Institute would have to do because that would make that leak now. by the way, he is my partner from a long time ago that we have not interacted but well he says today there is responsibility and he does not have to know but in addition to everything and if he exact arbitrator habit cannot be saying it goes this way regulates here etc. well because what they leave you its terrible point the referee has to have to worry face look I hope this goes well I want this election to work well I am convinced that We are going to be there because truth and justice assist us, there is no attention, that is why we have to take care of the national electoral institute.
I put it in that approach, that would be my call, the councilors already know more about the state, we have to take care of the institute that we have given ourselves in 30 years ago the institution has not and if there are elements that are not working well, well, they are those elements of the elements that can be identified and that can be withdrawn and strengthen the institution, then I bet that and well, unfortunately it is a situation that represents in this in this case of mine well many things that happen to mexicans in front of other institutions suddenly are the clients a frightful impotence but Look, if we move forward and organize ourselves, then we can make things work better, of course, if we remain submerged and each one for their own court I put two actors and they end up taking a crack, which is horrible that they say, Piter rivers, it is a terrible trap, do not stain having dedicated myself 23 years to seek to be I say with all the imperfections that an honest person may have as a human being a clean person try to I like the public service I like the public service and I tried to do it with honor two tightwads that's why I have to defend him as I have to defend it but then don't ever go back to us, never ever tell your boyfriend, Gisela, don't leave us because it's my day because it's already going backwards and not, on the contrary, we're not going forwards, we have to defend union 100 70,000 people of flesh and blood well yes and there was a project because in addition to all the banking we did well 6 so I think it can make sense to people and e That is the bet that in Andrés' option he said well that everyone is comfortable and I'm going to the doctor and he told me about this issue that for example Andrés says that they should all be there, the context is that it doesn't have to be for I decree no, that is, what nobody explains is how Ríos Piter has more signatures than the standard of bread.
Well, let's see, I want it to be that they put them, well, that's what they asked us for, but they will ask me less, but how is it possible that they You have obtained very good signatures, it is understood that Margarita does it because Margarita, the husband, a former president, it is understood that the group does it, but let's see, or then this one, but it was not for citizens, dude, what we see in these inertias, without reflecting, we did not have a strategy in addition to everything let's see I won with section 63 thousand votes of the election of warrior 2000 so you have to know that if you do strategy if you do planning if you do coordination if they are more efforts then you can achieve goals and things which can be impossible in the eyes of anyone if you have a good strategy after getting I am convinced that we are going to have the ballot but that in addition to everything we have a chance to win the presidency I am telling you that as a godfather I thought that the doctor was innocent of me but well you too because it's something that I believe in addition to everything hey and you fought with calderĂłn for the tweet or how was it well this is an exchange of tweets at a good level but what do you think he has any interference because he is a former president Look, or I don't want to dwell on it because it's also making too much noise.
What I can tell you was Ayman or he thinks he knows, I at least have a political whiff of the whole process, so right now if I start to sign that, well, I'm going to distract from the fundamental part is our signatures are flesh and blood there are one million 170 thousand people who want us to defend their legitimate right to have a different option on the ballot is a huge and powerful platform for p come up with an alternative and in addition to everything I think that is what we represent today we present you are already going out in the privilege demand or something like that and I liked you ask him here he looks at it hey you know who is great the boss diego no and dante I think there is a something cool that the parody can have what, in addition to everything, is so serious and delicate with examples like the one we are commenting on but the parody illustrates the wall illustrates, in addition to everything, it involves and returns for a hoop well, look, you know, this choice without a doubt 500 that many people are not only slow to get involved boulud and they are excited to participate for this moment and I would tell you well whoever it is but that people are declared one is that we are on the ballot we are going to say that I already said who is that it's fine award and city today that you have to go there will be no one who already leads if you know the black diamond and the cap that already parodies if he makes you any but look it's just like that he's no longer the king of acapulco I think since canc Still adequate Carolina says I sign for RĂ­os Piter thank you says Rafael MagallĂłn If the data of the signatures do not match the credentials there is a crime and that's good then the crime is being committed by someone inside the institute that's that easy we put the signatures we mobilize to watch over the signatures, well, some were by interns, let's see, let's say there, salt and butter chile, many of our people went out, consulted, etc.
It was much more presence of signatures and this was taught to me by a Costa Chica guy, a retired army captain who was going to see me. It's much easier for us to concentrate. Graduate, we attend by dispersing. Military General says we have few telephone numbers and we have few resources. resources we better call for people to allow us to use a single phone when their cell phones are not helping or with their signature, they are people we know, they are people who believe in us, they are people who have supported us and those kinds of things we did throughout the republic, people who perhaps did not know them, who we did not want, that is, together with bands like that, but who did want to. the candidate for municipal president the candidate for local deputy and that is what allows you, well, it is to concentrate with fewer resources to do more, they tell us, hey, that is a miracle, miracle, you can get things out with this system, things are good from the beginning, we said in the first place that They put a bit of the organization planning topic on them, you already saw that your compadre Castañeda is with Anaya if something happens from being with the triangle, it also reached 15 from Sacchi live and then as well as sending the Reynosa broncos as part of a triangle but I thought that the eyes met his that not yours are meeting like Heidi's when grandfather caritas because what necessary steps to take into account if you want to be part of this triangle and he gave me Jo that they invited him that he raised some things with them he feels happy and I have come as I am very grateful first of all because he has always been very loyal in pushing me in and besides everything he is someone with whom it is very tasty for me to talk discuss analyze I actually saw the net because what I have for him is gratitude as someone I met, you don't have to be, but tell me something he said to you in front of all this mess because they surely talked and I mentioned this matter to him, it's the tabarra because he knows in reality for a long time and even as I was giving him today at the time we saw Chihuahua etc. to be even well he is like part of his personal legacy so the good line he continues to feel like something because it hurts him that these things happen Now that he explained this matter to him, he remains worried and well, what I believe is that in this action of regardless of which trench, I do not advise, well, he gave him the information that my son told him, well, he has and that being vigilant is not a matter that worries him, he is concerned as someone I say is the father of the independents after he is in the center and I fight for him to raise it and then look I think that today I have any trench for me every Maybe it's 20 clearer for me, I'm telling you because, in addition to everything, I believe that it is the function that we can play once we are on the ballot, no matter which trench, stress, there is a lot at stake, a series of tensions so ugly they are distorted that they It is important where there are Mexicans who can eventually talk, talk if you want to discuss, but in the end agree on a higher level for the good of the country, so if he decides that the front is a space in which he can build, good if there are people the brunette who believes it that they can do it in that space it's good that there are many more which barbosa are there good if there are people in the pri not people like josé antonio meade who want that logic of dialogue I'm the best What can happen because the problem is that when there is disorganization and only the lawsuit, those who do acts of agandalle like this, that we are facing what is legal, hello, I lost that I lost, don't worry, it has never come down from being governed, you should not have worked for more than the water was in the republic on the ballot where do you put more batons colors to erase and that's how we are we are happy black like us so handsome hey you're getting divorced and that your statement of account has even arrived all then candidate I'm telling you here they signed up several perfect but for simulation of filling but now with the new reform of the law even if you marry like that all you want after marriage I never threw knicks and the woman works she has less but if the woman is dedicated one hundred percent to home gets 50 percent on April 28, that is, this information is valuable to work 28 child goodbye for the first time and here here you have not been invited to be candidates and today you will be president Tulum municipal entity but politics right now for me the politician's agenda remains adjective highly demonstrated unfortunately and the truth is that I am a very successful businessman people love me a lot and if II would have grabbed the party somewhere I get along well with all the people from all the parties if I was a liberal or somewhere I would have already had a lot of enemies maybe I will do it in the future but for now I am very happy with my career with my companies now I'm going to the fifth hotel I arrived when there was nothing like that, they already told me I go there a lot but the same thing will happen with the delicate beach, so let's hope they are not devouring the goose that lays the golden eggs that is nature, but it is inevitable It's not going to happen with everything, but well, besides everything, this is my land, it's beautiful, and this situation in the country that you learn arcade, that's why I was listening to you, and that's why if participation is very important, you don't understand and guide and contribute. ideas I give you exact national because the country is bad and we really are not putting it on the pile on the issue of the independents I think that what they ask of them is excessive this is no longer a citizen issue but You almost have to be there to be able to get those, those signatures, they just have to reform, but like everything that is born, you have to polish it, no, you end when Luis Miguel's national auditoriums are not the truth, and obviously yes, but yes.
We lower the requirements to have more people participate and see that it can influence deciding that there are filters in politics that if it is because much bigger if there is no politics it must also be said we must change the logic to organize that the public image we met Carlos Joaquín introduced us at an event. He remembers that it is correct when he was a federal deputy he was not undersecretary of tourism while tourism is that the lo for floors the chef is the mother of the they are big channels and big promoters there are parts and if this is the delegate of The longest-lived red cross because I think it has been the delegate of the state of Guerrero for 18 years and they don't want her to leave and once again she stays because she has the red cross of Acapulco Impressive because she has very good clients before Jaime Camil an ambulance brought her down another one here then everything comes incredible well it is the father and you must have a very beautiful life to see the truth that I want until life the crossing of languages ​​like this for her My brother left me like that as a prosecutor to find out in the spring they were unaware of the card and I saw the woman in the women's program, she has seen herself in women and the rules and let's put Sunday nights at 11 at night the Aztec goalkeeper but maybe not like that then I'm part of our writing, let's say hearing, I hope the councilors review it, reason assists us, the truth assists us, great reputation, the state of Guerrero is really, he is an impeccable politician, I think so The governorship would have been launched.
Is my father a visionary woman or the pine trees and realizing how things work, not here we do not discriminate anyway, thank you very much, thanks to the woman, I dressed as a woman. r feeds with the very funny roll I think that any man who does not know his sexuality well is not afraid of things 4 results from home I lasted 13 years that are 5 on 5 out of 18 with her and so I stayed very well as a son a my son Roberto is 13 years old look, I know the function of expanding by tracing the 22 so what advice can you take advantage of to open canned food to get married because that is for a happy marriage a lot of communication that lasts a lot of communication because when things are not kept then later already They take root and then they don't fix it, they always talk, you don't like the right to screw it up once, the truth is I'm not, but I'm also external, yes, so that it works just as badly, what she tells me to screw up and that I put this, I'll put it to myself that turning around turned me around but also how can you tell him to get married if you come to promote the movie of the movie until the wedding do us part 39 and there was the premiere and you don't know the comments of the impressive people and how they People laughed, it's a comedy, it's a rosa billy comedy, who's there, are all new actors, and there's me, and all new actors, who are leading roles, that's a lower-middle-class couple who wants to get married but want a high-class wedding but the family is going to be one if they decide to have two lives for pleasure two weddings and then they have two weddings and things get complicated and impressive and very good it gets fun it gets worth them in the marriage the night of the wedding arrives and what it happened at dawn don't get married capi and hill fame manuel bonanni in kermés greetings to the captain jumped to coffee well yes yes yes that's right they are all carried viviana sánchez so that you get married and you can be happy but I'm from the province So, since I think that marriage is very good and there are people who don't, then they have to discover that until they arrive, no, but there are people who are doing very well, yes, it is really very fashionable for models, I am 31 years old, it is very guu apo but it is also hard for men to grow old well I think that if you have a healthy life you age well if not it is always very bad but above all sports you do sports sport I give myself massages it takes many years of steam happy happy the steam more healthy is that you have a life encourages is caring I have more what you do for sports I run diving ski I have my boat and I write daily in the mornings this element to the weights a little all your capi I have a sedentary life I also have a vincent life Arias is already worrying the truth because my strongest activity is dancing I really like dancing dance the week Palazuelos is a bombshell from Italy González and the capi is the best says Angel Gabriel Palacios Age his good massages Jesús Jiménez and he enjoys the girl but Don't marry Mónica Juárez says Palazuelos, you are my king.
She saw her artificial tanning advice. The most important advice for tanning is that it is a tan. Against the sun then your body adds melanin so if you are rich in melanin then your skin protects itself quickly and you get good color if you are poor in melanin due to a deficient diet then you run the risk of cancer and many other things where is it the melanin the melanin is in the carrot in the beets in the celery in the fish in the butter so combining those foods and it is rich in melanin you put yourself in the sun 20 minutes per black if I already put 30 and 50 always and you have to protect yourself to take care of a tan now that is sustained because you have to be giving it little by little if the three no longer give it a minimum of once a week a week goes completely completely but as much sport in the sea and in the water for floors the True, but what do you come and go or how do I study time?
I have a house here and almost in Miami, a house in Cancun, milestones between those three places. In front of one thing right now I am living the best stage of my life, the best happy because it is a failure, but life is too short to be arguing then, since things were no longer fixed, better friends and now as friends that we saved the relationship because if we had continued for a longer time or friends anymore and if that's the case but you are happy very happy super final this means that you are with this girl from those who want to beat her super small I got married at 36 36 at 36 meters and She was exactly 10 years older than him, she was 16, that's right, but he's already dating her.
The truth is that I, as far as her life, Miami efe 22 23, and there they know that everything is with people, the proof to me, the truth impresses me maturity of the girls now, that is, they are super revolutionized in that they are all very bad, no, but if you feel that they are very mature, they sounded very mature, that is fine, I feel that they are very mature, their conversation like that, everything is very good, I also like dating girls very sporty I like I like to do sports Cuban left it like this because I love doing sports with a group of friends to be careful traveling to dive this running is incredible you hear where is the most dangerous place you have searched associated with the shark look there is the shark of the pregnant sharks pregnant there on the beach that the truth is I don't feel encouraged because the truth is that in the shark it does give me a lot because it's not that bad for the pregnant women and they feed them there they don't attack and so on but I think that in Regarding diving, the most dangerous thing in the museum is the use of the cenote because it is saturated there and if you get any rust and it is canyon and then you have to bring a line you have to use a double tank then that is the most dangerous thing I have ever done diving It shows and I try not to do it too much because suddenly it goes away, like today you have to look up and you don't see the salinity and in its canyons, but that's part of the sport, not that you control it sedentary, but no, but no, I shouldn't. to do it and you know what the problem is, I was saying that my girlfriend doesn't do it either, that is, my girlfriend is also a sedentary and partying life like mine, that's why I'm in love with her, but if we need it against this channel, nobody my boyfriend has one marketing agency is not even seen then but big from here in the city of aquiles and his second favorite place of aguascalientes by those marks his governor with all the governors the bread with a front or panistas you are the best prisoner in the world little by little it is a tribe that It makes me laugh a lot, friend, I didn't really know myself, my king makes me laugh, I'm really happy with them trying to be their show, that started with the metrosexuals, of course, they made me a song that said Palazuelos Reyes with this, hey, and how little girls eat so with an older name I ask maybe because I like values ​​21 21 that I arrived in Tulum by accident of fate and when I arrived all the people laughed at me all my strawberry friends called me güey d There is no electricity, there is no road there, everything is dirt that is there, but since I was a kid, they see me raw from a school and my dad sent me to save the year in Cancun.
I came to Cancun when I was 14 years old, so I saw him as a virgin, I saw how he grew I saw what happened on the beach and I said it's going up there and then I came to Tulum to tell you something to give you an idea right now one of my hotels they give me 16 million dollars for it cost me 110 thousand dollars what is the diamond 110 thousand dollars cost me and they give me 16 and I'm not selling it they're not selling it no because your light will still do 'doublet' up I'm not going to wait for a while if I'm going to sell I'm going to dust Lleida to the coast I can't forget a bit if so well it was an amazing thing then since you already have an obsession with what you had seen 7 what I was doing I started to earn money but I started with little cabins of 400 pesos right now I have two thousand dollars 900 dollars 700 dollars are my rates and I am full all year I have 93 Europeans and European and besides, in one of my hotels I have all of Hollywood because one of the operators in the house I have just been Demi Moore Cameron DĂ­az to help and more sting all those people because one of my operators arrives to drive what I do is that I do not share the property but I put an operator in and I say you put some wool in it, give me a glove, everything is a five-year contract and we're going to Miami, chas, and you and I earned more with half of it than when you managed them alone because they are already there My operator is here.
It's an Italian room in New York. The owner of the Pink Elephant has an impressive clientele portfolio. He has the best clientele all the time. The fisherman told him, listen, he sells it to me if I eat how much you sell it to me for 900 thousand, well, for a piece of land worth 8 million, I want to ask a question, it is because at some point I wanted to buy something there but there is a problem with s ejidatarios and the river that passed is that he no longer knows where he is praying there is a conflict that in 1894 the chosen one invaded a stream of privately owned land what I did with two hotels that I have in that area is that since the conflict no longer You know who is right, well, what I did is first I bought the chosen one and then I located the owners of the title and bought the title from them.
This is how the problem ends. There are many people who are months and they like to be there. fighting and there are many illegal pitches and the roll but what I tell them is that you too, that is, see it as a business to see how much your land is worth as an ejido, it is worth 400 500 dollars per meter, how much is your land worth with Private property is worth 1,200,400 dollars per meter with which they sell it to you very cheaply. The deed I bought my deed for 250 dollars per meter and I bought the common land at 400 points, it's 650, but now, having done that operation, I earned 700 dollars for I tro and now I can sell it to whoever I want and I live calmly I just see how everyone has thousands of legal conflicts and my lawyer told me the truth he said when the poor thing finished no not losing his eyes on me priests I was removing her ovaries the truth is how nice you have a very close relationship with your usual boss there was no distance distance was born and if there was distance in my very bad adolescence and then from there I became a lawyer at 40 years old and that's where I mean, you already made yourself at home, well, from the start it was like a gift for him, okay, no, because my great-grandfather, a lawyer, my grandfather, everyone, and it was like a gift for him, and now we have a lot to talk about, and in law you learn more and more And then it turns to topics that it's incredible to talk to my dad and it's incredible he's almost 80 years old and he's about to retire and he started litigating at the age of 19 or 20 when it was enough to start a university and his dad forms an extra where he lives in his office or that here removing work a statement so the whole reason is because I dedicated myself to events all my life and it was good to sell I sold cars knives toothbrushes whatever burritos inthe university but the opportunity came to me is on television and I said see it in Aguascalientes they invited me to a casting that is a group program called Ă©chele primo now people beating him are already beating the guys already and I did quite well and I stopped selling I said To hell my thing is to make a similar smoke I had a good time at Big Brother because it's very hard, there's not enough time this made a mess the donkey and I was very thick because we think that nobody looks at us super pando like when I was with us We went in and that mother had a more or less rating, there had never been a phenomenon like that, it was when I entered Veronica and suddenly, boom, that mother goes to heaven, but we weren't even aware of it inside, I called her the donkey donkey right now it's 2 in the morning it was the first thing she got up after her it never seemed to me yes but well the rating was about twenty-something forty-something and look I didn't do it twice but I did it with real life characters like a kitten with yolanda touched me with yola with the short with uribe with jordi well I'm leaving you bastard but don't forget that I have to accept long distance and leaving I'm going to throw twenty-five thousand calls to the other package go out the night against yolanda second place in diamond light black because I had a postcard from my first diamond hotel and I had it next to my bed and the short guy tells me and because it's called diamond I tell him this because I'm from Acapulco and there's a region called diamond there that's why I put diamond on it and why are you so black I like the sun wait until the weapons really I love weapons and then you have a black soul and then he with his guitar and suddenly person has towards the black soul and suddenly black diamond my ball he was baptized he would have been the municipal president this is very delicate well threatened and thousands of things and the trick of what do you want is getting in there is more comfortable being an entrepreneur is the best and more when it is a An organized businessman when you have all the nominals, look at all these taxes, nothing happened, you have to have courage in the truth, the truth is very bad, well, then with the boss there was a period of estrangement in the back of the neck because those best friends were really good and he In other words, when we are at a family reunion at the father, it occurs to him to start chattering, Charles, mother, I shut up and sit down and admire his show because this one, the one that is not really, is very agile in mind, he is a public official, he works the finance secretary to seek support and speak to the governor aguascalientes I'm going to talk to your dad with whom I want to talk but if I get along very well with him I take all the mother and then obviously he had conflicts in adolescence because he has either been a lot is Mother, as you can see, but later we began to coincide in taste because of the drink, because of the game, because of the bulls, so right now we are very good friends, parents, and your mother loves me, she loves me too, it's like He's like me, even a time when I said on my twitter that if what I do makes my mom laugh, I'm doing my job and it's like my standard. making this job want, then it is just what I criticize these stupid new rich because you are you, you were born rich, the truth is, I always had everything, but I did my things, I just left my house, I don't get you with nothing, with nothing, but I bring the businessman inside My family, on the side of the palazuelos, more than lawyers, are the founders of the first customs agency in the country.
We proposed to the President of the Republic that if he did not open up and let others import and export in the country, this would not grow. I was like that, very little, that was Roberto Palazuelos, and I went ahead and opened the most important customs agency in the country and it was throughout the country and right now several guys have it, but we are the founders of import-export in this country, look. something is carved to enter a club never in your life suddenly when there have been battle problems I don't go around tying the bouncers well if you have problems they put you in their place but when you go to the blue coast yes one thing that You don't take the lieutenant no but but the third one is a good table and you enter but you reserve them with a lot of wool and because it's very expensive caresses the same in Miami for example I have a person who when I want a place I call her everything I talk to her and she fixes everything ready for you I also in miamilar the blowout is very expensive I no longer regret it so much because the hangovers of the state truth in life if I had many problems sabillon like in my twenties with the parakeet and this thank god which was yesterday when all times more like the 21 at 25 what always saved me is that I never stopped exercising a lot but because I had full steam and I was there and the vice was there one day you try it for pure chatter and you're not going to get it in a month and after a while Already It is growing and you already have the rite in your wallet but that happened to an entire generation and there are many who are still there and also it gives you a horrible mask I really like tequila with tequila or I like whiskey and all the whiskey with water or I drink the tequila sol ok that almost does not hurt you this one I do not exceed anything rich but it has something like you got out of that you were real well this first I tried then the people from oceanicas helped me a little but the internet never paints me anna paints No, I didn't go in, but they helped me with the talks and with development, and it helped me a lot to exercise on his account.
If I felt anxious about getting in, I would go for a run and then the hi that gave me the run relieved me, nothing developed. I felt very good and was released but there were several relapses like that, not if it's very hard, it's really hard, but that's also why addictions are something that everything with measure, nothing excessively and I don't even have that anymore because when you were there when something you liked it so much and so on and you give yourself a lift again you fall back that it's been how many years since nothing at all and like twenty-something twenty-something years old I feel super good the passage of the mind is very good and with alcohol I take it lightly because the It is true that it is said I get drunk when it is worth it I am celebrating something but the hangover is 34 days it is not the same years I am well into the parakeet I like it a lot it is a very like drug that is very on the edge the addiction all the time they already have much stronger things than the molí the famous mol and the frizz is the most powerful substance of the blemish it is what it has between me and what it has the most streets night is the most concentrated and the blemish has nothing more like 9 percent and it is what hits you the most and before now they bring lm like this and if they put it with their finger like this and the kids walk around and as a mother review with the finger it is like a palette not because the Christian Carmen jokes and drink don't drink don't smoke very rarely it's your per fresa if he is crazy that nothing will happen if the donkey cristian luis verastegui also productions me in del salinas this alexis mayer are my friends I don't know him he is not a good friend of mine but the black one araiza swans the blackest maximum I just had him there is a Tulum with his family is my super brother I love him very much I also want the black one well well super chambeador his reference rise up in a great guy and very happy with his wife they fixed their things they have found her and it has been a while since they came back they are super good this is the truth very well and with luis miguel who keeps coming to you because I haven't found him in miami for many years it's a bit with the german crime and his lawyer and the series are two actors are playing me also not at 12 years old and another at 21 years in the video that has nothing, the donkey came out the one from when it was hot I didn't come out the burrito if none but Luis Miguel was my neighbor in San Jerónimo the same as the one below but neighbors neighbors by Suárez in a private ada in which he lived in the house 11 héctor suárez with pepita juliette for the in the other lived andrés garcía with osito and andresito then luis rey arrived at a house that he rented that andrés garcía got it for him then because the band was there since they were little They cut off his little legs when stringing his load losses and I can't ever again through the film in some collection he sang to me he dreamed of singing it's more singing in the shower because I don't know why he didn't sing in front of Luisito not that What happened later was that he was at Rudy de Anda's ranch on one occasion when a number of people were there at Luis Rey's birthday party.
Luis Mayol asked him to sing for him and Luis told him he liked it you sing is I think I sing and the noise knows that cartel niño and the king then sang the mornings and they said it to whoever treated it you know and I sing the one from malagueña this impressive floor and there the arm stopped if they have to support it and I think it lasts they are I don't know but c I think I support there and that's when they later made his first video in Parque Papagayo in Acapulco. Nacimiento de D and he was a very introspective guy.
We have a club called the Vampire Club and it was an abandoned lot with an abandoned house and We all got together and what we did was to pass the trucks through San Bernabé we grabbed our balls and it's not correct the drivers are not correct and there was a river and we jumped the river and suddenly they grabbed one and a rough but not like that acquaintances from the chorro de tiempo and tuni acted and the carnival was christmas he was the only one who was a child actor héctor suárez and héctor suárez gomís was in Vaseline and he took us and there we began to take us from when we were little with pau things he already hung out with luis plain Imagine a chat with Luis de Llano this Paulina still while the mushroom you with the server and I was half in love with the pau but I never peeled and right now we use elche we use very brothers but I my love or platonic was the pau I even tell you a story once the bastard I was so in love with her that one day she gave me a good fart we are going to write a letter and I recorded a cassette so her mother's daughter does not say that it was not her who Someone grabbed it, it was his little brother, and then we had a meal at home and Miguel Quintanilla, one of our super flyers, is in El Pedregal and we are all the kids, you know, complete. suddenly the food stops the music and you hear it doesn't exist I don't know how machine gun they played for two years with that madrid come joy me because I only come I would say black girls with the clowns the whiskeys I have a project that will soon come out of aesthetics So they took me out to focus totally on this project because I clearly don't live by images, I get very involved in the creative process and the contents, so I had to come out of joy to change in this, it wasn't for that reason. that it will come out fourth, never really caught since of course they didn't kick me out the truth is the glare yes I already have the glare but the glare now is going to be more cool with the public sending with guests with a huge forum very well and the that they felt not because the donkey felt like it but I know why it was on the donkey it's fine times he kisses everything says Pérez de Santiago greetings to the handsome man from Palazuelos the hotels at the hour say 6 for this 30 pm from their monitors so some have been bothered by the jokes I make because I make fun of what happens on television and many of us lost parodies of other people and some have been bothered but they have never censored me more than if I never empty you on television I don't think life is very short where I said the money but right now I'm fine I'm here behind they also treat me very well and apart from that they trust very well who will give me an opportunity to study but what's wrong with you you're extremely talented but why to make love d and the winds but then what it leaves well if there are both youtubers, influencers and being there but I, I really am not only dedicated to television, many people think that I came out of the internet but it is not content for me, they are doing very well on the internet for the type of comedy that it is but there is not a fish on television and they always work on television as editor of the cameraman of the writer of the reporter and now grateful for drivers as reporters who work on everything and work in mentalities and in windows because it was well as a reporter the truth is that you are going to interview verónica how clever miguel had mijares and you that you camp and you go to the airport everyone to the airport today way and what were the technical difficulties of life when gravity was training cuarón A press network came here to Mexico and I went as a reporter but I did comedy reports with touches of comedy, not then, and it occurred to me to ask the question to have an idea. funny note that is the question of course you don't hear what are the technical and human difficulties of recording in space no I did it with the intention of adding sarcastic because I even said for all of us who love cinema or do without it when in my life In fact, I wanted to sound sarcastic enough, but apparently the fellow reporters, especially the film specialists, because of the more operative lawyers, the lawyers do not seem clearly to me, the mother began to criticize me on twitter and they began to be trending topics, he asked as a reporter from tv azteca on the side of a street because at that time nobody knew that I was dedicated to humor and I'm just like a reporter no but well you didn't screw up because you were trending with bullshit that worked very well but you already had it I was going to be a report like sarcastic humorous that I thought that that degree and the black you interview him from some time does not pour water I am fine today being the black gonzál ez is a great guy but being the same desire marisa gil says palazuelos make me some triplets I asked him his age yes the specialist send greetings to the family of alberto mejía pérez greetings to the familyDealberto Mejía Pérez and his blood is Alvarado I love Luismi but Palazuelos looks much better thank you thank you assumption that he is more handsome first he is a legend in each set to show again who is the no so I think so and how is he today but It is true that he lost a lot of wool, no, or you don't know why you don't get along anymore, I don't know the truth, but the only thing I can tell you is that he has never had entrepreneurial skills and services, a level of veneration and entrepreneurial skills he has never had Jaime the one who advised him on investments will be Jaime Camil dad for a while through him he bought his first plane his first house and stuff but for example personally if I had come to have a fortune like Luis Miguel's I would have quintupled it or it has quintupled if I had had 300 million liquid dollars I would have made 1.5 billion dollars so that is something that is not exactly and 77 well not right now because I sold it with the hurricane of 2005 but I'm going to get one but I don't, never more than 42 feet because since I live in the lagoon, the worse things happen to me, well, you can get it used, at a very good price, if you buy it, the most expensive thing in the bag has been since 2002 and in miami there are from 2.5 million dollars to 1 and a half dollars, for example, one above a boat above 33 feet costs you about one million two hundred and there are several toys in this purple area, look at the men, the more toys the cars have for me In California, buy a beautiful biturbo Ferrari.
It's my favorite. It's one that has just been the Seba Portofino. I don't have this impressive one. It's so new but nothing more than tobacco you do well and very well a little tequila suddenly nor has it ever gotten into me it would be something it would be really better because also a lot of mental agility talking about kings and others when the phenomenon of the subways comes out exuales you interviewed us of course with the bullfighter and with and with garcía some who on occasion garcía no no the bull a bullfighter me and someone else was to improve it must be agreed because he remembers all the meters today this one from coronado is very pretty he says that the catí tennis collection costs the same as a yacht it's very nice that you're already old it's not true no never but classy but no more because a blackberry told me if this cigarette escapes it wasn't me that the toast wants to be but As I was saying, that's how he feels good, just like he died, I'm a social smoker with one of the cases you have so that he can learn, we're going to give him signs, says George Select, once Palazuelos came to buy a six of chelas from me, the Galician service center in a limousine. and there is no diversity, but what you have done the most exotic would remain pending tell a story 3 one day we were yesterday on a yacht with some friends and we were with a president abel and then those were the times in which fields of renovation but it is within something of Federico's mistake yes the children are there and we were with a friend of mine who right now became a mega businessman of 15 billion dollars who is the owner of being vox at 17 18 years old he was with his friends and the son-in-law took off, we as suckers had taken the ship out of the navy the big escort we have for him the one who now that he has done it the three brothers are simpler than ever hey the three sponsor here not with domino's coffee from when they put the mcdonald's there in the south according to that they started and from there the truth is admirable there he the most scrubber this you who are a genius and right now they have everything they have piercings kitchen if you burger king tips to start being a punctual millionaire entry to be rich because because you can close a deal with a person and you arrive late that's okay with that behind a punctual person there are many defects 1.2 it's not just my face humans never no one ever let anyone tell you that you can't or that you won't, well, you always believe in your ideas and carry them out with discipline. very graphic very serious smoking now life return to the table of hands what happened to me you give yours well I'm fine I don't have exclusivity anymore like many but the truth is that there is one that I ventured with me for almost two years what What happens is that it was also when all the television began to change, not so I kind of opened up without a bit and started making a little bit of cinema, but yes, I love making television and I love working in that company now I'm from another thing. the age of emilio de pepe de bernardo that I know them very well I like them very much I have an appreciation you understand so when people tell me you don't have an exclusive anymore because I don't have an exclusivity but well I have loyalty I don't have affection so well I don't say that to me It would be better if there was no other place, maybe I'll go, but the truth is that they are really excited about the company and I'm fine and calm as I don't live as much from this anymore as I have for several years, thank God, but I really like to work and I like to work what is my passion for example right now my true passion is art the collecting artist the lesson in this my money that right now I just bought him to take out a piece that paid homage to raúl anguiano he ran out of buying one yesterday Raúl's oil woman and the woman with iguanas a piece that he only did two with lime that is in very poor health right now he lives here in palmas and he takes out the pp he takes out the hand of elías but things but the thing is that this is art If you know and you know if you know how to buy, it's a great business but what do you like, for example, when Leonora was in her last years, she told me about several pieces of the great card that I like that drives me crazy that I don't have but that it's my dream. have a remedy ios varo I love surrealists but I'm very involved in the banquenos too right now for example I have I have by Francisco Toledo I have all kinds of pieces from oil paintings gouaches of everything to I have by Sergio I have to be that I think you had a very good piece gourd What is there in your office in Chapultepec I got to see a very good piece and you like art I am and then good from the huajuapeños those are the ones that are already there since Rodolfo Morales Tamayo Toledo Hernández but right now the new ones are coming for example Holguín Holguín I He has just finished a huge piece of 3-meter holguín, Amador is also thick, better Garcia, not before.
Besides, he is an architect and he has a beautiful gallery that he made with pure this aside. that was made in the certainty the state is a green quarry of oaxaca so art is my passion and I see it as a business but you have to know it you don't have to know it because if you don't forget it sees you n the faces what is your novel in which your favorite is very good that I really love they are repeating it and they are also brazil it is lucero he did something bad for the first time at the end of the week and I went out tomorrow morning it is forever with this rogelio guerra that she was the wife of rogelio guerra and all of them I was the son of rogelio and luther now my mom in the light and water pool part of the heroes a character how do you think no but but I say I told her mom but lucero is fun On top of that, working with her is truly incredible, she is a great professional, mother to lose, divine, also divine, but also because she always exists, but the lady is a love and right now, with a lot of curry, yes, she is a great guy, I knew him because he was a super mother, Fernando the councilor loves him who her brother fernando elías says here lucero played a villain for the first time in the telenovela ties of love the one with the triplets here was the villain who catapulted her it was an impressive thing her work that palazuelo I can't imitate the truth it's like it feels like the air is passing through the tooth it's not in my house or it's been seen in my life I love it I love it no but I'm a very bad imitator people think it's very good the truth is that it personalizes my characters are all the same but why did they say for the floors the capi patas verdes but I don't have no no no it's not that today is the day in support of children with down syndrome a report of 150,000 children considered the roll in the country So it was important and I took the sign off and if I'm a boss that means that the country's ball cap system is very cool it's like Pan's Labyrinth' it's not very nice at your command but nothing says yes please tell you if it I knew it was in support of older children why do you hold your ear to the floor when you talk about your mother looks and doesn't look at him everything is a tic if you like money if there's something wrong with it I say as long as it is not there are priorities I believe that health and love r are before, well, you don't look at it and not having a healthy partner is not for them a generous man, well, he helped with measure, what happens is that when you're too generous, they stretch out their little hand, they grab your arm, well, everything with measure, but you're generous with your friends with people if they never let me pass through your blood, let them also give it to them if I like to give away their little things what is the coolest gift that sharon love is more expensive is that you delete them as you say I had to give them bags and I am making them return them crazy bags little jewel that said never text in a poem is very generous palazuelos a question has surgeries yes if I have a nose nothing more nothing more if I have enough like no yes and note that the nose was due to an accident that I fell on a motorcycle and brought helmet but since I didn't tie it from here at the time of falling almost and the part of the helmet grabbed my nose from here and it barred me to the thing of the case since what martial art did you learn with one movement you controlled all your opponent no no and or it has never been like this many have taken shotokan karate there but not violence not the truth with a movement of the opponents I would have loved to see that now with my eyes I will control them if it gets lost in your gaze right hey but from all your girlfriends Among them they know that you are shared, they already know that they are not my girlfriends who are tense, I tell them you don't see but we are friends but they already know that we are exclusive and if she finds out then you don't tell them the harvest of women never ends my god life ever and she tells him she is going to suffer for a man if there is a boy of course which one do you want to have I think at least three at least 33 out there so what is your unfulfilled fantasy fantasy not as sexual as all fantasies because they are already fulfilled that we already realize if it is for something sexual I think that he, as it is a gesell cliché, but the weight of the plane but that he was disguised as an air attendant's shoes and there and there yes as bathroom damage as it requires something with a An incredible fantasy would be it is said that Ramos shipwrecks like this but with a couple of old women it is impressive if we stay in the and the six more months that would be impressive but with two and this would be before otherwise I have never participated in the previous I am very ugly but I really like I have an alpine sex I am second I saw him several times not grenades grenades you no longer get to see the series I think it will come out on telemundo in the United States and on netflix it is yes it is with netflix no but I think Telemundo is going to air it, I suppose so that it is dramatic, well, look, Miguel Alemán, really, his lifelong friend, they all grew up together, so everyone knows, Luis Miguel has had a bad time and I don't think he's going to have a bad time being less Alone and not like that, but what happens is that fame at that level can also be somewhat lonely.
I saw him as very mature, he is already two years younger than me, two and a half years the donkey of sexes with seasons for pitching that he is like 57 56 hey this and you have not had a good time in life, the truth is that I always thank God for being who I am. I would never change myself for anyone or for the most remembered because I love being who I am I love my family I love my country I love my friends I love the problems I have to overcome lipsa I love being me and all the time to dad God I thank you for letting me be me for being me and giving me more time because I love being here I love it being me smith today they sent me a cartoon that says snoopy charlie brown tells him it's 1 p it's no place charly is one day we'll all have to die and then charly answers yes but every other day it's not so nice because if it's fine father to be here but for example if it is important to bring in the present that you are going to die because look everything did one thing to those in the west what is america and the roll including also in europe people are educated you say today is that we let's go now no pi You don't think about it, don't talk about it, but nevertheless, in the East, since they were little, they are telling them, always remember that you are going to die, because what would happen, what would happen if you knew that this would be the last day of your life, I would live super lovingly, so if you live thinking about death you live more lovingly the life of coco the truth is a very nice movie I hardly go to the movies but they are very much from my house I see it on a huge screen and I love it you will not see the end feelings against the Spanish water in which it is they enter the mint and 400 people who are in charge also in their underwear so all the ups and downs life is like that ups and downs and many times when you go down you enjoy life more when you return to recover it also at prices whoever is in You realize your life because if you study, time is up, you would become too superficial, but hey, I always said one thing to me, life punished me very hard when I was a child and adolescent and now it has prevented me. scared in an impressive way I had to suffer as a child and pay the debt of being here and now I have an incredible life, really very good, which is very good when April 28 and when the new one is releasedProgram 8 I don't know if April 8 or more or less around there but you go on Sundays at 10 after the truth the baby well there was no I think next year because today I want and right now the obligatory question and how do they see the political situation right now from the complicated country thank you because you are going to vote capi I change every day I am a sheep that I just see the internet it goes elsewhere but I think I am already convinced because I am going to vote because I have already voted for him for him several years several hours well well So I'm not going to complicate, I'm telling the truth, and right now I don't know how to deal with myself.
The only thing that worries me about what might happen is that we go backwards. For example, I'm concerned about different qualities. I'm concerned about different things, not for example Andrés Manuel. I like him because I like the WTA not knowing that month is very nice and now that the privilege of sending the room or not the truth is that I like the man but nevertheless that canceling at the airport that had moved me ionated that it would be one of our most important infrastructures, that worries me or throw back the reforms so that the dollar goes that crazy and hits tourism that kind of thing worries me but then many times the candidates say things that at the time We don't govern anymore, so well, that is to say, we have to see, there is no flow of the election, whoever wins, this is not the post-electoral and what a pity that the institutions maintain the governability of the country and that there is no I'm going to to do this and knock down all but the congress says and the songs that is to say that the institutions strengthen themselves well and play their role well we are going to see what will happen with the jaguar and with the bronze that they did the truth and they ask too many of them things with the desire that there is no it is easier to do this you need less they demand less to form a political party is what he has been listening to for a while what are the signatures that the bread standard itself we have to leave because I have an interview at the financier, go ahead, follow it and do more on the ground, see you soon, size matters, well, I interviewed doctor Nick, that's a great interview, I invite you to see it, you can see it online, you can see it in the bloomberg financier and if that is more, he is a very brilliant guy, very well and apart from that, very honorable, but given the whole roll, general tenderness because right now that I interviewed him, he is a well-intentioned, well-intentioned man and when I interviewed him I told him about Andrés and I sent him Greetings, but it's also that this boy is very bright and apart from him they have super English, super French, that's good, that is, in reality, there are no bad candidates and what happens is that if they leave with things like that, we've already knocked him down. advanced because it is going to be very difficult better we are going to try to build with what can be done well and not spend the entire six-year term knocking down everything and also I want to go proposals three officials of the ine organized by e l ine and well, for example, my colleagues and I have also of course been calling them to come and discuss the issues and then people also paint the country as if it were in very bad shape and actually well we bring evidence of violence but we are very good in many aspects but we also have very good kids the institutions have been strengthening here we go with which from the soul I think that economically if your questions are better than six years ago people would answer yes but but we feel this six-year term in tourism The branch in which I am in has been the most impressive of my twenty-something years in pressure and it takes us a lot of wool.
Look, I'm not a businesswoman, I don't know, it's not for sale, I don't like wool, but if you have to enter any vacation action, let me know in advance I need before I book we will give you a courtesy it would be an honor to be hungry together today thank you good start nine thirty at night it has been a great pleasure caprina it was a pleasure to know r thank you a well-known marvel that I want this is handsome the fucking musician sometimes I hope they all change, they change that, Mexico, thank you

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