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Safest Countries to Hide Out if World War 3 Starts

Mar 26, 2022
due to its size and wild nature. However, coastal cities and certain locations along the US border could be targeted as a means to invade the US. The same can be said for Mexico. Although there are likely highland and jungle regions of the country that would remain safe, its general proximity to the US would make other parts of Mexico vulnerable to attack. However, South America is far enough away from the US and any other major players in World War 3 that it would be an ideal place to go once fighting breaks out. The


country in this scenario would be Chile.
safest countries to hide out if world war 3 starts
Chile is the southernmost country in South America. Not only that, but the city of Puerto Williams is the southernmost city in the entire


. The country itself has tons of natural resources and numerous geological features that make it easy to escape if war comes to South America. Chile is one of the most developed nations in all of South America, which means that there is already an infrastructure in place to sustain the country if the rest of the


is at war with each other. There are two options for where to go in Chile that would guarantee your safety during World War III.
safest countries to hide out if world war 3 starts

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safest countries to hide out if world war 3 starts...

The Andes Mountains extend throughout the western part of the country. It is in these mountains that indigenous communities have lived for hundreds of years. There are endless amounts of fresh water and fertile land that can be terraced for farming. The mountains offer protection and deter any enemy forces trying to occupy the country. The mountains and many other regions of Chile contain dense forests that can be used to build a cabin in the woods and a number of wild animals that can provide sustenance in dire circumstances. Not to mention, Chile is the fourth largest wine exporter in the world, which means that as the northern hemisphere turns into a scared battlefield of destruction and death, you could be drunk on some of the best wine in the world.
safest countries to hide out if world war 3 starts
The other option is to settle as far south as possible. The next closest land to the southern tip of Chile is Antarctica. It is highly unlikely that any part of World War III was fought in the icy waters of Antarctica. This means that living in the south of Chile would be quite safe. The weather can be brutally cold and storms often lash the region, but the oceans are plentiful and different varieties of potatoes grow practically everywhere in the country. And while we're talking about the far south, there probably wasn't a safer place on the planet than Antarctica during World War III.
safest countries to hide out if world war 3 starts
Theoretically, he could take cover in one of the scientific outposts there and wait out the fighting. No one is coming to Antarctica to make war, but the lack of resources and the inability to resupply during that time would make it important to ration resources. Eventually, you'd run out of supplies and have to leave the continent, but if you could stay in Antarctica until peace was declared, you'd be safe all the time. There is another country to the south that is rich in resources and would be an excellent place to escape during World War III. You could even go on a safari while you're there.
South Africa contains around 10% of all the world's plant, bird and fish species. It is also home to around 6% of mammal species. This makes South Africa an ideal place to


from the turmoil of World War III. There are many sources of food, fresh water supplies, and fertile shorelines in the country. It also helps that South Africa is a long way from the regions of the world that would be struggling. It's conceivable that the fighting won't even reach its northernmost border, let alone the rest of the country. South Africa also consists of many types of environments, but there is probably no safer city in this part of the world to be in during World War 3 than Cape Town.
This is a prosperous city with modern infrastructure and resources around it. There is plenty of fishing off the coast, and the mountains that surround the city isolate it from the rest of the continent. Cape Town is not as far south as other cities, but its location would make it strategically undesirable. Therefore, South Africa would probably be left alone during the conflict. Furthermore, like Chile, South Africa is a large exporter of wine. Between the abundance of food, its sheltered location, and the availability of alcohol, South Africa would be a safe and not too nasty country to spend World War III in.
Greenland is huge. It's also frozen. But if there is any country in the world where you could find a safe place to wait out the end of World War III, this would be it. The tricky part would be getting to your final destination once you were within the country's borders. There are no highways between cities in Greenland; this is good in terms of finding a safe haven. The harder a region is to reach, the safer it will be during war. For optimal safety, you'll want to choose one of the northernmost cities to live in like Qaanaaq, which sits just inside the arctic circle.
As with Antarctica, war may never reach you at this extreme latitude. You would have to learn the ways of the Inuit and how to live off the land in a polar climate, but it would be worth it to have a safe place to live during World War 3. Due to Greenland's location and size, there is very little reason for either side in World War 3 to attempt to invade its lands. If the war has reached the part of the country you are in, you can always hop on a boat or helicopter and head further north. At some point, you will come across a city that is far enough out of the way that no military force would find it useful.
To be fair, Greenland as a whole is of very little strategic importance, and the only World War 3 action you would see would be ships sailing to invade the other side of the Atlantic Ocean or planes flying overhead. There would probably never be forces or troops stationed in the country itself. Living in rural Greenland would be much more difficult than drinking wine in Chile or fishing on a tropical beach in Fiji. However, Greenland would provide significant protection against the carnage of World War 3 while also providing the resources you need to stay alive. Depending on where you initially lived before World War 3 broke out, Greenland may be a much more viable option for security than some of the other


in this video.
For example, if you reside in the northeastern part of the US, Greenland would definitely be the closest safe haven for you. Just because it's cold and desolate doesn't mean you should write Greenland off. In times of war, beggars have no choice. Although the


on this list are good escape options in case World War III breaks out, there is one thing to remember. If you are in any of the countries on this list when World War III begins, you will probably be safe and the war will pose very little threat to you. However, none of that matters if each side


nukes each other.
Radioactive fallout from the explosions would be carried around the world in the planet's natural air currents. The rain that falls from the sky would be poisonous since it would carry lethal doses of radiation in each drop. Nuclear explosions would incinerate anything in its vicinity, causing firestorms that would release massive amounts of smoke and ash into the atmosphere. This could plunge the planet into a nuclear winter where temperatures would plummet as sunlight was blocked by all the particles in the atmosphere. At this point, it wouldn't matter if you were in Russia, the United States, or Antarctica, as there would be no escape from this global catastrophe.
If this ends up being the end of World War III, the


place to be will not be on Earth but in space. As the countries of the world annihilate each other and the planet with nuclear weapons, astronauts aboard the International Space Station will watch in horror as their home is destroyed before their very eyes. For a short period of time, they may be the last of the human species. Unfortunately, even astronauts would run out of resources and die. This would be the end of humanity, and it would all be because we couldn't get along with each other.
So the safest thing to do if World War 3 breaks out is to head to one of the countries in this video and hope the war is over before the nukes start flying. If nuclear holocaust is the fate of the planet, then your only chance to survive is to hijack a rocket and head for the stars. Eventually, you will die from lack of oxygen and resources, but at least you will die a little more than the rest of us. The alternative is to go to one of the wine-abundant countries and have a drink while the world falls apart around you.
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