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Sernanado "Unboxing GTA VI" except every time he lies the speed increases by 1%.

Feb 07, 2022
So look what I got early from Rockstar Games themselves. Hello, how are you all doing? My name is Hernando and welcome back to the channel. I hope


one's having a wonderful day so far, man, now what's right next to me here? Well, guys. I already know pretty much what it is from reading the title, but guys, guys, in this box, we got the main link today. We got the major lead link from a wonderful person at Rockstar Games. Now what I mean by that is the fact. that one of the company's own employees managed to go ahead and get me the game after waiting literally months, it took me forever man, and today it finally arrived and I got it and I wanted to go ahead and unbox it for all of you watching the video today, my good friend Anthony Rockstar Games, I Love You Man, basically what happened was he watched my video of me


Grand Theft Auto 6, which was a couple of months ago, but yes you guys have.
sernanado unboxing gta vi except every time he lies the speed increases by 1
Basically, I didn't watch the video. I was scammed and someone stole money from me. I actually paid about five hundred dollars for the game, but I couldn't find the person first and it disappeared and I wasted five hundred dollars and it was stolen. The video was seen by a bunch of you, one of the people, one of my subscribers, actually messaged one of the people at Rockstar Games and then he saw the video and Anthony hooked me up, man, we've been talking. I actually felt a little bad for myself because I'm so good. I am a very good fan of Rockstar games.
sernanado unboxing gta vi except every time he lies the speed increases by 1

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sernanado unboxing gta vi except every time he lies the speed increases by 1...

I love all his video games. I play them all and after waiting and waiting and waiting for information on Grand Theft Auto Six. I don't have anything yet, the only thing we know so far is Red Dead Redemption, and not


one is a fan of Western Gaiden. My honest opinion, I would have preferred Grand Theft Auto 6 to come out this year and start reading the redemption. but Anthony, my good friend, sent me GTA 6, it's in the box and I haven't opened it yet, so I want to go ahead and show it to all of you, so let's go ahead and do it right now guys.
sernanado unboxing gta vi except every time he lies the speed increases by 1
I'm going to use one of my trusty little pocket knives right here and we'll open it up now. Something really interesting was the fact that even though I asked Anthony a ton of questions about Grand Theft Auto 6, he kept his mouth shut. he obviously he didn't want me to know anything, he kept saying I can't tell you that guy who revealed himself I can't mention things like that, he can't do it and someone has land. Did you accept your job? A little too serious, man, but hey, I still love you, you came out today and got me what I really wanted.
sernanado unboxing gta vi except every time he lies the speed increases by 1
Now people assume we will have more good news. Now my boy Anthony is going to connect us with Grand Theft. The Auto Six beta code has no cynical game with you. He'll go ahead and hook you up with some early copies of the game. Go ahead and try it now. He said if this video manages to get 10,000 likes. I'm going to go ahead and send a private message to everyone who supports the video. I, my boy, Anthony, will connect you, send you a message and we will give you the game in Don't trust me, then don't do it, then you will do it.
I don't understand the game but trust me I'm going to go ahead and connect all of you there is literally nothing to lose by dropping the blue thumbs up and we really appreciate a man and also don't forget to hit the subscribe button If they want. "You're new because again this is just for my subscribers, but whatever, let's get down and dirty with this, so here we see bubble wrap, let me go ahead and bubble wrap makes a comeback show, but here Come on, even though rap is cool, we don't do it." I don't need any of this and here's the box that says the game came with nothing so here we see a package that says Greg Nettles takes the credit and will say geek you have to look at this Greg the last six sent by all parts, holy man, so Anthony you sent I'm a very unusual box man, okay, it's quite interesting, actually, okay, here we have this box.
Nothing yet. I guess we have to open it. Hopefully I have a bomb or something. Come on guys, here we go, let's move on, open it. here and oh, okay, so we have one of you like a little piece of white paper here, maybe everywhere, you paper everywhere, so let's go ahead and move that aside a little bit, there we go, okay, guys, here we have a small white surface that looks like. It looks like a foam cover here and go ahead and take that, oh here we go, we have a little box here and an empty box, so let's go ahead and blow it out and then we have this little white cover here, okay?
I guess it's the game that I'll be inside here, okay, let's open it up there, come on, we open it up, let's take it out and we have a piece of brown paper, okay, so pack up a doctor's packages, okay guys, I guess in the last package. The last package inside the big box we have, we have white paper, we have a bunch of other things, but now I'm pretty sure it's the last day on my way, so let's go ahead and unwrap it, oh my God, oh My God, I thought. oh fix ps4 I thought you guys I mean Xbox one two versions but holy man look at this guy look at this ps4 Grand Theft Auto six holy man look at this look at this oh my god dude Look, look at everything here, oh my God. so excited oh my gosh dude look at this okay so you could see right here we see the art for all six boxes of Grand Theft Auto for ps4.
Anthony told me this is still in development, but this is what they've come up with so far. If the game releases, you know there's a chance they'll go ahead and change this little cover here and I said, and the same could be said about the back, but on the back so far it says that Rockstar Games presents a production by rockstar north welcome to the sunny state oh dear it includes Grand Theft Auto online so you know that's it they have a common version that's confirmed and here are some little pics here oh yeah I'm so excited holy BAM , Alright. let's go ahead and open up the game so let's move on so i never remember in my last video i made about my vj6.
I'm seeing uh, the fat part of the body, it was the game, everything looks realistic, everything looks realistic, but what? It came down to the fact that the CD wasn't there and it was actually a how to train a dog. Oh, there's no tutorial video, which was very, very unfortunate, but I'm betting the box in case it turns out to be a little secret. It's cold and I don't want to go out okay so here we have to drag this car in line here's the middle man your little furry in the poster game was that okay?
Here's a little code that we had here for a million dollars in parentheses, I thought oh. and look, eldest son edit here, okay, and finally there's something really cool that we have here, let me go ahead and grab it and it looks good on my feet, it takes place in South Beach, which I think it means from me city, so, as expected, really Tony. I go back to my CD and grind again. I'll fix it for ps4 or enjoy a freebie. Nothing nicer from my wife and there is a back cover to use my fingerprints. I left a fee.
There you go. GPA fixes hmm better, so Dude, you can take the p4 edition CD, eh, maybe I can feed it. Oh, Bobby, you guys enjoyed it, thank you very much and I'll see you all later, another video, friends.

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