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See Pinkís Extended Interview With Carson Daly | TODAY

May 31, 2021
first of all i love to see you again hello hello old friends hello old friend old friend i was watching a clip of you and me on TRL and like oh my god almost 20 years ago now and you know you were like i love 4 non blondes i love Janis Joplin. I'm passionate about things. I hate the Indian justices of life. I write my own stuff. I'm like oh my gosh this could have been yesterday. we'll have some motherhood in music let's go back for a quick second ok take me back to those times when i met you i feel like i welcomed you on mtv in a pop artist honestly you felt like my first friend like you the person i saw more it was fun i was a wild man i look at those outfits and i said yeah i'm glad i was wild i was young i didn't care about anything i was just out there and musically when you came on the scene i mean it was such you know christina there were barnacles , it comes, there was Eminem, there was and you know, where did you think you fit in or where were we still musically?
see pink s extended interview with carson daly today
I have never fit in anywhere. I just like everything. My first kiss on that tape I bought was yes. my first vinyl was Mamas and the Papas and my first crush was Jon Bon Jovi and I sang opera so I've always been in a mystery bag so I didn't know it but it was a really fun coming out time because I was more or less I got into the end of actual record deals and artist development and time to find yourself and a real record company that felt like a family that would rise and fall with you so that's great it was a good time to start and use your it's time you look back and say, man, that I was a real trailblazer, it's really true if you look back between the kind of women who know anthem and Powermate and what we've seen from Gaga and Katy Perry and all these that have come Later, I want to say that you are really the first to get it right.
see pink s extended interview with carson daly today

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see pink s extended interview with carson daly today...

I was the first in that kind of December. but before that, Blondie, Linda, Madonna, and so many other women, Bette Midler was a trailblazer, I mean, there's Joan Jett, so she was probably a breath of fresh air at the time because she was so rough and she wasn't tied to the earth, oh, like a helium balloon with a hole in it, so yeah, i mean i took a machete and went my own way on purpose. I did it on purpose but there was a lot of cool stuff happening so there's a lot of cool stuff happening right now so it's fun to still be a part of it because it's always been it's been 20 years so every couple of years it's like oh, This girl is going to come in and take you out like you're going to cum.
see pink s extended interview with carson daly today
First of all, that's not how it works. This is the music business, everyone can win at the same time and it's good for her. That's great, that's wonderful, so it's been an interesting journey. tell me about it is that i've asked a lot of people in my time to collaborate with me and i got a lot of those and this time yeah i'm an M on the last record that's all yeah that was hard yeah that was great Nate Ruess was good but I asked Mary Jo for flat out knock me down you just know I'm good without iccha on you it's amazing no one acts like Mary Jo Shh yeah I got all the green lights this time so I gotta sing with Chris Stapleton, that's one.
see pink s extended interview with carson daly today
It will be one of the greatest honors of my life. I got to try writing songs with Billy Joel. I was able to go back to work with Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons and Ryan Tedder and do a collaboration with Khalid, Rabl and Cash Cash, and it's just like that everywhere and it's like that and there are songs that I can't listen to without crying and I'm happy because they got together without me knowing that I was making an album because I never stopped writing. I went on tour and turned it off. an album I went on tour I went on tour I reached out to her I reached out to her and then all of a sudden there was It's like maybe I should put out an EP because I have these songs that I think are great.
I thought not. I have 20 songs. I need to put an album. from you epic waiting to play yeah yeah now we are slowly introducing songs into the set. I mean, you're on tour right now. You played here in Los Angeles last night and we're going to Northern California, probably tonight or tomorrow. you with that tour you're waiting for it to end and no we're on our second US leg and then we're going to Europe for the summer stadiums and that's so much fun it's just different every leg is like an animal different so no we're not done so we're going to do Rock and Rio in the fall for the first description of people back home who have never seen a


show I mean I know you do a lot of the physical which is probably the most physical thing I think you could do apart from being a full blown athlete i have the best of the best on stage with me i have just i am very lucky i have had one here you are swinging in the RAF i am organizing tours and i swing fly and people criticize me for it , but it's so in a concert experience it's so much fun and I'm having fun and there's no way if you're at my show you won't have fun even though if there are 10,000 people in an arena I can pick the kid she had to take her sister without import to d where did he say why it was about yes he's like a magnet i can be removed the only person who isn't and how does that work you feel like a child i kind of filled up all the time i'd keep coming back to like don't smile don't smile don't do it going back into your system mom that's a really fun thing to do don't do it don't smile how has being a mother changed you?
I guess as an artist I mean you've always written your own stuff and in terms of your motivation for putting pen to paper, are you thinking more consciously that these are songs now? you're going to listen if you write to them through your music or keep being to yourself it's very narcissistic um I've completely changed since I'm a mom nothing I'm much more open I accept myself much more I'm much more thoughtful I plan more I have to find balance and I think more in the world and what we're leaving these kids in and the direction we're headed in so I guess it changes your music but I don't' I don't write songs for my kids I don't because I feel like the best ever been written between the beatles a and the Dixie Chicks no one needs to write and really love the song but kids make you see a musicality.
I know you sang all your life. I mean you say as long as you can remember and I know your daughter sings and I read it like telling me you're like her kindergarten teacher and she told her to stop singing I mean yeah what do you see in your kids? Willow is interesting, she, she, she, she can sing, but she doesn't faze her at all. American Ninja Warrior that warped wall is tall is tall but she's Jameson Jameson is a loose screw he's a ham sandwich he's in love with two of my dancers he's... okay rough seas he's ageless he's rich my daughter had a crush on my physio on tour once, since i was two, right now, my son is in love with his fiancée, both on my tour ancestor, so our family has been trying to separate his family for nine years , this is what happens in the


tour, the boy they are in.
I walk with you, oh yeah, everyone brings their son How do you think I don't know is fun? I like noise. My band got together and they gave Willow a drum kit for Christmas thinking she would piss me off. But I just like the noise. It's fun. You know what it's fun for. everyone even the youngest ones who are on tour with us because the kids bring a lightness to the situation that otherwise wouldn't exist they make everything fun they bring so much joy their entertainment they are thoughtful willow raises funds it's just great and what a scary he's doing your husband i mean he's great he's a good cop you're a bad cop he's a good cop until he hits social media what's up he just likes to poke the bear i thought you were the one poking the bear so she knows what I bite the gods in poke how do you describe your relationship on social media?
What would she say about hate, love? Hey, a place where love fully exists and where so many good things have happened, but also threatens to share without familiar things, never kind. of personals showing pictures of the kids tonight only to get the criticism after the latest criticism I'm so tired of people getting nastier and this year I think I'll probably take a break from I think I'll stop sharing my kids as much as it does, why do you think it's about society? I've noticed that it seems like it's going in the wrong direction as far as making it a little more unpleasant.
Yes, I think people have forgotten their manners, but you, me. i know an injustice is you is your kryptonite do you ever feel the need sometimes i think it's fun to kill people with kindness so i'll go and read her instagram page and i'm like i have a daughter your daughter's age you play golf me i play golf i also enjoy the martini in a sunset like you know we'd be friends you know how i never never never try to kill them the closest i've gotten to that is if i'm in a grocery store and someone interrupts me .
I'm going to Turkey and j I only let them out because they expect me to be super paranoid maybe that's what they were going for that's your middle finger that's a weird smile yeah that's the closest I've ever gotten to niceness like this that the new record will come out and then how does this match up? with the tour i mean you will yeah sadly my tours last c years thats it and i am this is the product of every apophis its the fastest i've ever done i've been ready to put out another one album so even though this summer is still considered the beautiful trauma tour the next tour i do after this summer is going to be a whole new group of monsters walk me home one of the singles off the new album is like immediate yeah yeah like it was immediate. i feel good with the director of the best show in the movie during the video, yeah how so?
I'm lucky, I love The Greatest Showman, it's Willow's favorite movie, it's become my favorite movie, we've seen it a thousand times and then them. he redid the album all the songs are our favorites willow and i got to sing the songs which was amazing and then it was time to do the video and well michael gracey we need i want some of that magic right? and it was nothing, he was much more adult. and witty than the things I've done, so I did it all. I love dancing so much that much dancing in your life. I know your husband and a lot of physical and dance. boys are dangerous company drunk dancing you know i don't want to see that no i don't want to see that ever no where is he anyway where is it when this happens this check take get ready for the kids tours on how you were able to maintain such a high level of physicality i mean you are the greatest showman thank you you really are you are the greatest showman one of them guys very proud i am very proud i am very good at what i do and thats what i do i am an artist and i love it and i still want to push myself and push it and perfect it First of all, I want to say that I am very proud of our group, my dancers, my band, the lighting crew, the riggers, everyone is the best. you're not out there i think you're like the most underrated artist in music history i almost mean your show for the people who aren't beyond anything they've ever seen before you ever feel like i never asked you a friend to do an


I'm just not that guy, yeah I was probably on my late night show on NBC. It probably would have been a thousand times better if he had balls like all my friends like me. Don't do that like I just don't care enough, maybe you know I live my life by a set of standards and I almost feel like you're similar because you've been under the radar when you want to be you. you just do what i do and the world fluctuates around you and catches up with you and then it's gone and for you yeah i put myself out in the head i just do what i do and what i do is really cool it's fun it's fun I'll be at seven at night, I'll be sitting in the makeup chair and I'm so tired that my soul hurts and then for song - I'm like that moment is when my manager comes in and says that I have more days never at seven always at 9:05 you need a setlist change put song - - song ten man that's him amazing yes you're really i wouldn't picture dragons because me and my ten year old dragged myself into a mess jesus and mad dragons i was so blown away by the show you know that there are people like us so I am so tired like I have seen so many live shows and I thought I would not go but our children bring us back into the fray and I went and saw Dan and imagined dragons and was blown away by that show. yeah and your show playing mammoth at a New Year's party like 10 years ago on this stage probably as big as we were sitting on and he had a big drum and that was it in the band and I was like I don't know who they are, but they are amazing, right.
I love them for life. I feel like that's how it makes people see you. That is what happens. those of seeing me live to understand Your programs are incredible. I think no one will understand me unless you watch my show. Yes is funny. It's like group therapy, but it's like a rebirth. It's fun. You seem so happy. the shape of hugs I get the best hugs I may be the cuddledest person I know people canlook interesting you're the cuddly cuddly you're a cuddly yeah that's really revealing oh my gosh but only with Willow and Jameson Oh anyone Minutes literally perfect strangers oh my gosh my next tattoo will say Amen this is gonna change your encounter, drastically increased.
Right there why after so many years you no longer have to be. Do you know that your contemporaries are jaded? no one wants to be jaded the fun of life who are you how did you do it i love what music you listen to yes i live i really like Rabil why is it? important to keep up with current music. I don't know if it's important to keep up because I'm still listening to Bob Marley mm-hmm and Lauryn Hill but if there's some great stuff and I don't think you should Close your mind just because it makes you feel like you still like music that isn't enough for what you want.
I'm lovin 'it. You recently got a star near here on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. the whole family my mom always calls me and says why didn't you tell me you were in ellen why didn't you tell me you did this why didn't you tell me you lost another grammy but everyone wanted to come everyone was you get me? Are you kidding? You go to a star, so everyone went out. We had a big party afterwards. It was terribly, terribly embarrassing and very sweet. hold on for a second, pink Maisie, what do you want people to think of you while I'm kind of remembering you as an artist.
I just wanted to drop by and say there's a badass right there or I remember that song that helped me. That is. You have a lot of people. I'm sure your music has helped make. They're coming up to you, yeah, what's that? That's the great side of Twitter and Instagram. There have been so many connections. You mean an example. I mean every day. I saw your show last night. I cried all the time. We are three generations. that they got together and this song saved my life or knowing that you went through it too you know it gets graphic it's real it's very authentic no one BS it's me he always goes straight to the point and there are also things that happen like it's going to be on Twitter looking at my mentions while doing vocal warm ups every night to try to get into the present because people are taking pictures and selfies in the stands and i can see who is there that night or if there is someone celebrating an anniversary i will write their name on my hand and it'll be like blah blah blah and then one night I read this this mom said hey I know you won't see this but I'm here with my son Calvin who is 9 his down syndrome will be on wheels we are checking out the wheelchair section he just beat cancer and this is our celebration and i am thinking to myself here is a woman with a child who is already challenged who then had to go through cancer and now she is at my concert because this It's going to make me happy and I do that flying 360 degrees and I stopped.
My first stop is in the wheelchair section and I don't know if I'm going to see it or not, but just before taking off I leave. I come for you Calvin and I go and let you yell I did it and I land in the wheelchair section and I look down and there's this woman and I'm literally crying and Calvin is waving and moms like his mind is it blew up in his face and then i met them on the next tour i saw again in my mentions that night to the same stadium or the same arena yeah hello we came back and i left the locker room.
I said, find Calvin, you've got to find Calvin, so they all went outside, they looked for Grandma, Calvin, the mom they came in with. I hugged mom for about five minutes. Calvin got to meet Jamison and they had this amazing Cowan's 15 now we made him sweat that's the cool thing that's what I love let's fix the chair and you're tired it might not take a song to get you excited it's times like that it's knowing that I'm fixing all that or you'll see a sign saying i skipped chemo because of this you stupid idiot come back to keep you well thank you. the minutiae of daily life for ordinary people, you're just one stop here and these bigger ones, you know the Staples Center, which would have no way of knowing anyone's individual history, they care more or less, but it does it with those You form those avenues now with your phone in your pocket you can f find out if you care enough and that's honestly that's the only thing holding me up after all this time motivates you that's why you want to do it that's what makes your life make sense and then you can show it to your kids and say hey let's see what we did


and she's like, well I raised enough money to rescue a sloth in Costa Rica and I'm like that's awesome let's do this let's see now that's her name Alvin LOF, Beyonce, that's awesome, yeah that's cool. there is another named Aretha.
I feel like there's been a lot of discussion about mental health lately, a lot of discussion about suicidal depression. I've been very forthcoming on our show about my own mental health journey and I think that's a great thing. you know people aren't afraid to have those conversations you've always been a supporter of hey man let your flag fly you know who you are yeah what are your thoughts on the current state of where you know young people feel? there are re allies fighting and they have been fighting in silence yes i think i am hopeful that the taboo of all this will go away because more and more people are talking about it i think talking about it is the most important thing and i know that anxiety is like the number one thing kids are going through right now yeah like for us for my generation i feel like it was depression and suicide and suicide is very prevalent still but now it's like it's coming from a place of anxiety and i get it i completely get it and i've been depressed i have anxiety i overthink everything but what i do is keep the right people around me and i go to therapy and kerri-anne i've been in couples therapy almost all of our 17 years that we've been together why something a poem a reason or we stay together because he speaks polish i speak italian and she speaks both like we don't speak the same language we can't both from our families or we come from broken families and we didn't have model how we're supposed to keep this family together and live this crazy life mm-hmm and there's no models there's no book that says here's how to do this so let's go to counseling and it works who told you gave you the most courage knowing that everything would be fine to do and I also taught my best friend my best friend Laura was my assistant for five years and I was going to quit and my thing at that time was that I was like 20 22 at that time my thing was fine you can quit but I can't so we won't be friends anymore because I'm going to move on if you leave me then you leave me she said you're not my best friend she's also gay so she has relationships in a deeper way and she says we were going to couples therapy.
I said we weren't going to couples therapy. We were not going to pair shoes. since I was 14 years old and my mother sent me to an assistant from my best friend, yes, we went to couples therapy and she is the godmother of my babies and I am the godmother of hers and then with your husband it is just one page of that same therapist Wow she is incredible I will give you her name I will give you she is incredible and you know that I recommend her to everyone I recommend therapy or writing in a journal or writing songs for myself.
I've worked out so many demons just putting it down on paper yeah let me go back to the new record for a second the Crist ableton song love me anyway love Chris and me. I love the fact that you can have anybody on a record and I love you know the Eminem from the last record Chris Stapleton in this record language got the song so I wrote the song in Nashville and I'm a hard person to be in a relationship with i'm i have a very high bar for myself and a very high bar for others and that makes it very hard to love me and that's where that song comes from if i am all these things are you still going to be able to love me are you going to be able to handle this?
Na stay, you're gonna be with me, I'm impossible, you can love me through all my mistakes, and that's because I can, Kenny, I can, I can, I'm sorry, you suck me in, yes I can, I will. i will maybe you want that back tom zenk but no and then i thought who sings i hope your day we matter animals Dan Womack has this song i hope you dance to it i dedicate it to my daughter and we sing it on the way to school every day days and there's this guy who gets to the end and just starts singing and it's what makes the song what makes the song dive deep into your heart and break into a million pieces inside and I thought well who is it my boy i need my boy my boy is chris stapleton he's the only record i play when i'm home so i said hey chris i met you in country music oh boy and also what i like of that.
I am a classic. about the singer i tend to yell a lot for sure especially at the end of a song you let yourself go 230 on any song i do and i'm yelling ng and for this one what i love is that i'm not yelling at all i'm here all the time i'm so just the foundation for him to just tiptoe to shine that's beautiful and he shines I love you it's good to see you again thank you and thank you congratulations on a credible career really amazing we start promoting on you yes seriously i can have that therapist number if you

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