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Jun 08, 2024
Hello, hello, because I fell in love with you with all my heart, I will give my life in everything I do, but I never dreamed that you would leave me and go away. The benefit of knowing this feeling I want is complicated. , you came when you had already broken my heart even more, don't come back love How can I forget Even though my city is in a state you are not For me it is no longer Hindu my love doesn't want to be there I don't. Don't let me pretend uh uh kururu you cibeuti that you came when you were with him maybe he stole my heart love come back love How can I know the situation?
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You are not for yourself, you do not love, I do not want Leave it, I will stay, let me fake a smile, Don't come back, love, how can I forget, although you know the situation, you are not the sea, the tribe protects your love, makes it happy, Subhana . It's like him I'm fine, let me be the one who pretends, huft, for Oh, it doesn't matter, let's say it, it's useless for us to remember Is it wrong for my heart to fall in love with you, oh? God, it turns out I'm just a guest because we were united in an impossibility that I always hoped would be found, but it was wrong, Hello, we are united by love that is not the same as me presenting a challenge.
sebuah cerita petrus mahendra full album

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Hold on to the ointment. Stopping is not easy. Are we doing things wrong? Huh, after getting older, I know that this taste is just a difference. Um, I said the last word that all of us, well, it's impossible. I always hope that you find, but it is wrong to unite we are the ones that are not all of us, it is I who form the hand that you are holding, it is going wrong, stopping is not easy We are ointment also unites us love? They are not the same, it is I who holds the hand that you hold, everything goes hehehe, it is raining, or we are always at the hotel joining you again and you smile.
sebuah cerita petrus mahendra full album
Am I always doing something wrong? , porn butterflies, hello, hello, it is better to keep quiet and erase resentments, not to speak anymore so as not to hurt yourself more, love has scars, you should not hold tight and much less be sad, force everything you say, you do it, you are empty You no longer need to believe you're just pretending that we're at the end of the separation but I always miss you you're the wound I miss Hot Euros The heart of love has a map no You don't have to do a cycle of fortune after being sad.
sebuah cerita petrus mahendra full album
Message. Everything you say is a lie. What you do may be empty. You no longer need to believe. You just pretend we're on the verge of breaking up. But I always miss you, miss you, miss you. , cry, hurt, find the essence of my defeat, wow, go away, forget me, let me survive, I saw that what you said was a lie, I'm talking nonsense, I don't need to believe you anymore, it's just that we are. On the verge of separation I always miss you, you hurt the Wu, your life, you are the wound I miss, Hello, effective, Hello, you once promised not to hurt, but you repeatedly hurt my heart, promises you made.
Don't stay, it's true, you never cared about us, about all of us, about all of us husnudzon, never stop by here if you really don't have one. It won't hurt if you try it. Don't ever come back if it ends. that we don't need to fix it. You often feel that you are far away, although you are


of promises, you do not keep them. A story about never worrying about us. cheated Never stop by if you really don't have one Don't hurt yourself if you don't treat yourself press treat How eh, don't hurt I want to be brief, you try Don't ever come back if you end up leaving this. no longer needs to be fixed You come just to leave Heechul honestly it hurts love doesn't heal or see maybe not too much if Subhan appeals Your hand is gone forever What's touching Hello, there are many stories that happened when I was with you, there was happiness, love, laughter, there was a heart, longing, don't be afraid, we will definitely meet, wait, we will be together again, wait, we will definitely meet, Save first, I miss you all.
It's over when I meet you, I know you worry about me when I'm not around you, keep the deep wounds, I miss you, barely enough, without meeting, only on WhatsApp, let's spend the afternoon together, not being too sure, I'll meet you , we will meet again, we will definitely meet, save the feeling of longing that is always there when we meet, I know you are my friend when I am not around, I love you To save the pain of missing you. You will definitely find yourself. Save it first. Your longing is all there is when we meet.
I know you made my heart when I had no soul. hello hello hello you are the journey of love That has never been hurt If everything I give you never goes to my heart until you finally choose it to fall apart always the souls want to leave I never understand you Hello heart It is impossible to continue this should be giving right cheat , hate, not heartbreak, I hope tears, eggs, describe love, it's all over, how I tried to survive, right, until you finally left, it's real, if it's not for you, I just love you to know that at least I love you , so as not to hurt you, like, if you want to leave, you will never know, maybe it will continue, this should be shared until the soul is not broken.
I hope the tears are shed, the love is over. I walked, you ran friend, you ran, you stopped as if you were a stranger, that Kiku was so in love with our hearts, we have offered you so much of our love. Never think of me as if I were there, I am like the edge of your eyes, senpai, you have to take refuge, avoid the word soulmate, it is very good for our relationship, I am like the world in the flesh. with us, but relax, you want to hurt yourself if you can't stand it, it's better to just separate, smile, I walk, you run, I run, you stop as if assigned to you. my teeth Purple already so far away our hearts have offered so much our love smile you never thought of me there oh uh you thought of me as you thought of me there ohohoh special how to trust your eyes I hope you have to take refuge the magical world stopped song For you who We are hmm butterflies like living money in the flesh together we are happy to hurt each other if we are no longer strong, my smile will be strong like this, you are mine, I am yours, Hi Regita, just keep going. , hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, your drum that I believed in did not leave, but it turned out to be where you were, who was chasing me to make me cum And all you want is to form Ramu then I can always come back for you , why do you forget, it turns out that it hurts to find a replacement for you, it's difficult, it turns out that I'm just afraid to be alone with you, it's impossible, all you find are memories of old photos, Hello Ho Hai, it turns out that in the heart, It is not an interesting episode to repeat after the same.
It hurts when you smile Just to stop the tears Falling in love naked leads you astray. You're so brilliant after you catch me I always come back for you Whoever leaves forgetting you turns out to be sick Looking for a replacement Regret is real I'm just afraid of being alone with you it's impossible for me to be confused Oh your photo forgetting you turns out to be painful It's hard to find a replacement for you, it turns out that I'm just afraid of being alone, I can be with you, the photo I have, hello YouTube, hey, that's enough, hehehe, I'm I'm wrong here, waiting for you, waiting for your love until without realizing it is just the egg, I'm waiting for you to wake up and stay awake, Kuder Ila Munan, alas, you have to admit it, waiting to extinguish all the feelings. to turn in the direction you want, even if your needle stops for a second, I am here with you, the time machine works, the day turns into night, morning, afternoon, evening, without feeling tired, I am waiting for you to wake up and wake up .
This is where you fool me. I have to wait for you, immersed in all our feelings in the direction you want, even if you rarely stop for a second, I'm Hello here. Hello Ji, if this time you have to wait, all the feelings turn in the direction you want, I have all the feelings to reach out my hand, I want to let go the moment the hand stops, I am here, you have to Wait, everything stops the sensation of turning in the direction you want, even though there is a second left before you stop. I'm here, Ho, I'm here, I'm here with your soul.
Hello driver, Heechul has high heels, but hello, I'm doing Jung's song Have Fallen. for two Sei Muksin Hey hey hei Stay The Sims Soul now Shaikh Hey amanah happy Deris well in the end it's okay Subhana excited about tea jowai yes, sedai hits It's okay to face Shaikh songke Sehati Oh it's okay yourself squirt seconds , know your khairur Rizky, smile, you only have until before Halo you're thinking too much with a falling ending It's okay to crush you instead, so Hey, it's okay, TV never dies at the start, we're happy. Oh, it's fine. There is something coming, but since I can't get out, I can only go through the glass. mommy and daddy later when I'm cured I'm not sick anymore look for various sections head control okay happy hye-kyo nah hehehe hello hello hello hello

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