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Season 3 Recap | Jack Ryan | Prime Video

Jul 01, 2023
(wheels screeching) (tense music) (tense music continues) - Watch out! (truck horn blaring) (truck crashing) - I'm Sharronda Williams and welcome to "Prime Video Recaps." Welcome to "Prime Video Recaps," where I'll be


ping some of our favorite Prime Video original titles so you can catch up before bingeing into a new


. With the final


of "Jack Ryan" premiering on June 30, I thought you might need a little reminder of what happened in "Jack Ryan" season 3. The third season focuses on Jack Ryan who investigates a secret plan to restore the Soviet Union through war, embarking on a dangerous operation with the help of Rome station chief Elizabeth Wright and the station chief of the CIA in Russia, James Greer.
season 3 recap jack ryan prime video
The third season begins in 1969 in Matoska, USSR. A young soldier Luka and his general are talking to nuclear scientists who are working on a top secret government project called Sokol. The general gives Luka the order to shut down the Sokol project and all the scientists involved are killed. In present-day Rome, Italy, Jack Ryan is currently on a mission. He meets a woman named Zoya Ivanova, Minister Counselor of the Russian Embassy, ​​who gives him more information about her investigation of the Sokol project. The project consists of developing a small-yield battlefield nuclear weapon invisible to all radars, making it undetectable.
season 3 recap jack ryan prime video

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season 3 recap jack ryan prime video...

Zoya informs Jack that the Sokol project is being reactivated and the weapon has been manufactured. The Russians send Dmitriy Popov, the Russian Defense Minister, to meet with Alena Kovac, the president of the Czech Republic. Dmitry arrives in Prague to meet Alena and the building is filled with press, which goes against her wishes. Dmitry asks Alena not to allow NATO to use the Czech Republic as a missile launch station. She says she will accept or defer if Russia agrees to cease further incursions into Ukraine. Let's say Dmitry is not happy with her decision. Jack analyzes the SIM card Zoya gave him and discovers that there is a mapping program that will provide the location of the nuke once they are ready to use it.
season 3 recap jack ryan prime video
Jack and Greer report to Rome Station Chief Wright about the information they currently know, but Wright doesn't believe Jack has enough verified information to send a team yet. Jack receives the location of the gun and gets approval for a team of four agents to track the ship and confirm if the gun is real. They track the shipment and find a Russian scientist named Yuri Bashkin, who claims that he was behind the construction of the weapon for the Sokol project. They take the scientist with them before escaping, but not without some gunfire. Jack asks Yuri what he knows, but he won't tell him much until he can get asylum.
season 3 recap jack ryan prime video
They are attacked and the entire team except Jack and Yuri are killed when they reach the coast of Greece. Alena and Dmitriy meet again at the football stadium, where Dmitriy is killed during their conversation. An innocent man is framed and murdered for the murder of the Minister of Defense. Yuri and Jack are on the run. As they seek shelter, Yuri is shot dead. Jack receives an international red notice for illegally entering Greece and eliminating a Russian citizen. While on the phone with Wright, he realizes that she is seeking to shift the blame to Jack to protect relations with the United States.
Wright demands that Jack turn himself in, but he decides to go rogue instead. In a flashback to 1969 in Matoska, USSR, scientists are being executed after the closure of the Sokol project. Antonov tells Luka that his orders to remove evidence from the Sokol project are not correct and that he does not understand why the project is closed. In present-day Rome, Italy, Greer reunites with an old friend in hopes of sending a message to Jack. Wright is on his way to locate Jack, as his job is now on the line due to the failed mission. Greer and Wright head to Athens to locate Jack.
Jack is still being tracked by one of the shooters, Konstantin, and is trying to lose him. Jack also approaches his secret contact and asks why they lied to him. The leaders in Moscow meet to discuss and find out who is responsible for Dmitriy's death. All the speculation falls on the Americans, but Gocharov believes that someone is framing them, but he doesn't know who. Wright and Greer meet with the police chief and are introduced to Konstantin Vyatkin, who works in Russian intelligence. The Russians have issued a Red Notice on Jack, meaning law enforcement around the world have been alerted to locate and arrest him.
Jack receives Greer's message, with an address and a package. The message sends Jack to an old acquaintance, Tony, but Jack doesn't seem very happy to see him. We learn that Alena's security guard, Radek, is involved in the conspiracy as he tries to tie up loose ends. Radek is confirmed to be working for Alexei, who is quickly promoted to the new position of Defense Minister after Dmitriy's assassination. Wright and Greer visit Tony to see if Jack has been in contact. Greer notices that Konstantin is also following them. Alena calls Alexei and reminds him of the agreement with Dmitriy.
However, the original agreement has since been terminated. Alexei reminds him that if he allows NATO to add its missiles, it will be seen as an act of aggression. Konstantin raids Tony's house in an attempt to arrest Jack and fails. Alexei meets Gocharov and we discover that Gocharov is Luka, who we have been seeing in the flashbacks. Alexei asks Luka to eliminate Jack Ryan. Alena has dinner with Radek and his family, and it is revealed that his wife Jana is working with him and that she was the same woman involved in Dmitriy's murder. Jack is able to leave Tony's house undetected and seeks the help of a familiar friend, former CIA agent Mike November, and picks him up on a plane bound for Santorini, Greece.
Wright discovers that Greer disobeyed his orders and sent Jack money to help him continue on the run. As a result, Wright decides to send Greer to Prague, and Luka is revealed to be the source of who has been contacting Jack. In Vienna, Austria, November and Jack locate Zoya and ask her to schedule a meeting with the source. She reluctantly agrees. Wright arrives at his office and discovers that the director of national intelligence has sent Scott Harris to Rome to formally accuse Jack of violating the Espionage Act. Greer meets with Alena to tell her what they know about the assassination attempt and Russia's involvement in it.
Greer contacts Jack and knows that November is helping him. Greer meets Alena at the stadium where the murder took place and discovers Radek's involvement in the murder. Alena's father also works with Alexei. Alena's father kills the financier Lychikin. Alena tells her father about what she and Greer have discovered, and she tells Jack and her father that she has given NATO the green light to install their missiles. November and Jack throw Scott Harris and Wright off their trail. They go to meet the source, but Konstantin is waiting for them on the train with Luka. Konstantin and Jack fight.
Luka then shoots Konstantin and Jack is revealed as the source. Jack tells Wright that a rebel faction within the Russian government is behind this. Luka confronts Alexei and introduces Konstantin as the double agent who was in contact with Jack. He tells Alexei that he knows that he has resurrected the Sokol project. Wright tells Scott Miller about Jack's new theory, but he doesn't believe him. Wright is told that he must locate and capture Jack or she will be called. November and Jack make Zubkov paranoid because there is a mole in his camp. Zubkov gives the location of the uranium needed for the Sokol weapon in Matoska, Russia.
Greer searches Radek's house for evidence and finds the connection between him and Alena's father. His father was present the night in 1969 when the Sokol project was closed. He disobeyed orders and was shot and left for dead. Luka has the Russian president's chief of staff tied and gagged in an old basement. He obtains information about a project called Crossbow and kills it. Alena and her father arrive to receive the NATO missiles. Jana, Radek's wife, calls to tell him that his house has been searched. He tells her to take her son and leave town as soon as possible.
Radek grabs Alena and makes her leave the event immediately. She is now his hostage. November and Jack hand Levan Zubov over to Wright, who arrests him. Jack has to come up with a plan to get into Matoska, but he still doesn't have the support of the CIA. Alena is held hostage by Radek. Her father breaks into Radek's house to tie up loose ends, but discovers that no one is there. Radek calls Alena's father to let him know that she is in her apartment and tells him that she has her daughter. He asks for an exchange of his family for his daughter.
Greer finds Radek's location and heads to the farmhouse to locate them. Jack heads to Matoska with a small team to find uranium, but they must be careful about radiation poisoning. They find the original Sokol site and also find Luka there with the weapon, which is a warhead. Jack discovers that Luca knew about the Sokol project plan since its creation in the 60s and does not want to stop it. He wants to find the person most responsible for the project. He asks Jack to trust him. They try to seize the warhead, but Luka flees with it. Jack and the team manage to escape after being rescued by a helicopter.
Alena escapes from the boathouse and her father ends up killing Radek in front of her while she establishes the connection her father has to all of this. Greer arrives at the farmhouse and the police and paramedics are already there. Alena tells him that her father is gone and Greer asks her for help finding him. Scott Harris breaks the news to Wright that she has been retired. Jack discovers that they are building a missile that imitates an American nuclear bomb to make the Americans look responsible for it. Jack meets Greer in Prague and they head to the US embassy.
Radek's wife and son are taken away on Alena's orders. Miller fires Wright. Harris and his men try to stop Jack, but this leads to a chase. November joins the fun, but the concert ends when they are arrested by the police. Scott Harris is going to arrest Greer for helping Jack. Jack meets Alena. Greer sends a message to Wright. Jack realizes that the real plan is to make everything look like a nuclear accident in one of the nearby towns. They take Luka to meet Alena's father and we learn that Luca was the one who shot her father in 1969, when the Sokol project was first shut down.
Luka ends up shooting her father when Alena enters. His father bleeds to death and dies. The warhead explodes and Jack is caught in the explosion, but survives. Wright exposes Miller to the vice president and gives him approval to take over. Luka goes with Jack to Moscow. Wright briefs the President on what has been happening. Luka is kidnapped by Alexei's men and captures Alexei on tape confessing to Dmitriy's murder. Jack intervenes before Luka is shot and helps him escape. Greer meets with Vova to learn more about Alena's father's background when he was in the military. He is part of a special military unit used to clean up government messes, and Greer sends Vova to learn more about the group.
Vova sets up a meeting, which is actually a trap, in which he attempts to kill Greer, but not before Greer is able to throw him off a balcony. Rolan Antonov gives Vova the order to take out Greer. Jack gives Greer the tape of Alexei confessing as evidence to use. In November, Greer and Alena convince Dmitriy's widow of Alexei's involvement in the murder of her husband. They ask him to arrange a meeting with the Russian president and Alena. Jack and Luka go to Rolan's house and find detailed information sheets on American ships in the Baltic. Alena's father's plans continue even after his death.
Alexei is planning a coup. Jack gives Wright the information he needs to give to the president, but she says it's not enough. Luka arrives on the Russian warship The Fearless. Alexei prepares for his coup in the Kremlin war room. In November, Alena and Greer head to the tunnels for their secret meeting with President Surikov. Jack finds transportation to the ship, but Wright cannot get him clearance to land. Luka finds his old friend Rolan on the boat, but he is captured and taken prisoner. President Surikov discovers that Alexei sent The Fearless sailing against his wishes and confronts him.
He tells her to call The Fearless again. Jack finds his way onto Captain Andrew Bennett's ship and the captain is not very happy with his new visitor. Jack tells Captain Bennett what Alexei is doing and how his ship is in danger. Greer is picked up by Alexei's men and mentions Crossbow to get an audience. Alexei comes to see Greer and tells him that his plan won't work and that he can offer him a way out, but that he won't negotiate. Alena meets with Surikov and tells him about Alexei. She asks to restore normality with the Czech Republic and the United States, and he agrees.
Alexei is shot to death when he stops talking to Greer. President Surikov deals with those who participated in the coup. WhileMeanwhile, The Fearless is ready to launch his missiles against an American ship Roosevelt. Luka manages to convince the crew that Rolan is not acting on behalf of President Surikov, and they arrest him and prevent the launch of more missiles. Greer is released by President Surikov. Luka is taken away to meet his end. Greer and Jack are rewarded for their service by Wright, as she is the new director of the CIA. There you go. Everything you need to know about "Jack Ryan" season 3.
Don't forget that the final season of "Jack Ryan" will premiere on Prime Video on June 30. (brilliant music)

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