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Sean “Diddy” Combs on Psychedelic Toad Venom, Being a Billionaire & His Amazing Joker Costume

May 25, 2024
Our first guest tonight is a


, in fact, tomorrow night, if you're going trick-or-treating at his house, don't settle for anything less than a $100 bill, this is his new LP, it's called The Love album. Off the Grid, please, welcome Sha Diddy. Combs you are oh you are what's up love for everyone you are as Diddy as ever and you look exactly the same you always don't age a minute it's ridiculous thank you God is good I guess so for you especially for you oh by the way speaking of that you are honored in New York the key to New York City yeah, the mayor of New York City now which is great and I'm sure it's exciting, right, it was fun, it was exciting, it was a dream come true.
sean diddy combs on psychedelic toad venom being a billionaire his amazing joker costume
I'm from Harlem, New York, and it's like a neighborhood in New York like, you know, Harlem, of course, yeah, yeah, but dreaming my whole life about, you know, making something of myself so I can come home and get the key. to the city as one of my days in your honor too yes, a day in my H, yes, today, yes, no and that, by the way, and that is impressive and congratulations great, what I wonder is why Why doesn't your name appear in this? Why is the mayor's name on this and why is there no mention of you on your city key?
sean diddy combs on psychedelic toad venom being a billionaire his amazing joker costume

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sean diddy combs on psychedelic toad venom being a billionaire his amazing joker costume...

Also, how are you supposed to use this key? It is attached to a plate. Let me tell you something about this key. It's very important for Eric to shout. Tell Eric Adams it actually has his name here because this really gets you anywhere. In fact, I tried it. He was walking. I'm like where are you going, Diddy, what's up? I have the key, let me in, you know. I mean I just went anywhere I went to all kinds of places could you free all the animals at the Bronx Zoo with that everything everything anything everything can you turn on the Staten Island ferry and take it for a ride no, but I have the key to the city um in Miami.
sean diddy combs on psychedelic toad venom being a billionaire his amazing joker costume
I got the key to the city in Atlanta, but I never got the key to the city to my hometown, so it's a huge honor. You have been? You have been? Have you received the key to the city of Los Angeles? No, I don't, oh, you should get one in every city, that would be fun, eh, I'm trying, and in every city you know, you would start a program called Diddy City. Okay, if you want to be a part of the Diddy City show, you have to do it. Give Diddy a key to your city and you will go there and open the doors.
sean diddy combs on psychedelic toad venom being a billionaire his amazing joker costume
Yes, without a doubt, it's great to be a


? Do you ever think about it at night? Think about it every day. Do you believe? You, I mean, I mean, you, I mean, you have to understand me. I am myself. I come from simply collecting two quarters from a two dollar doll. I was a newspaper delivery boy when I was 12 years old. They didn't even allow me to be a newspaper. Boy, I was running a newsboy scam, you know what I'm saying? I was delivering newspapers for the paper boys and I was splitting the money with them, you know, for cleaning bathrooms in New York during the heat wave, just things that were just for you.
I really know how to paint houses, yeah, you know how to do all kinds of things, so it's like you know that you work hard, you get what you deserve and you know that I'm lucky to have had people that have supported me and that in your life you like to go. Going back to your childhood, your education, who would be the most surprising thing about you


so successful, a billionaire, having the key to the city, how about there is a teacher that comes to mind? Is there anyone on your block? I would say, My first girlfriend, your first girlfriend yeah, what was her name?
I don't want to say it, you know what I am, she, how old were you?, she messed with my best friend and broke my heart, oh she did and what is he doing now, I don't know what. either of you aren't doing this, I bet she lies in bed at night thinking you're a billionaire more than you lying in bed thinking I'm not going to lie, I whisper to her, remind me, have you ever written a song about her? Have you ever included it in the lyrics of any of your songs? Yes, I think you know.
I mean all the problems of my heart. I work on my songs. I pride myself on


vulnerable in my love life and that's why I made an album called The. Love album The love album this is this is about my love life love is a is this the front or is this the front which is the front no no no this is the front the other is the front Okay, this is the front , okay and and the thing about this is an R&B masterpiece. I wouldn't say it unless this has been proven to be an R&B masterpiece.
There's not much R&B now. The thing is that it is a game that accompanies it. It's the love album. but you have to disconnect, that means you have to be with your partner, turn off your WiFi, close the door, turn on a red light, put on this album, turn on some delicatessen and then go with the flow, okay, go with the flow. flows well and that's the love album and that's the love album yeah okay but it's very important this is the best R&B album. I'm not trying to sell you but the weekend is for Justin Bieber Mary J BL Jasmine Sullivan baby face John Legend everyone who thinks is here and I'm there and make sure everyone sees it yeah yeah and do the love with C, is with us, this is the album of love, now we will be right back, we are back with love. album Off the Grid is his last love it's your legal middle name now yeah love I changed my name to Sean love is coming I'm serious about love y'all I'm totally into love I decided I'm just gonna I only know love until the end so change my middle name to love for Sean to come love is my legal name now on my birth certificate and my driver's license.
I had a baby. I just had a baby. Congratulations, she just turned one year old. old man and I called her love her name is Love Sean Colmes oh yeah and I just released a new album and it's called The Love album so what love really is could you trademark the word love and keep it for yourself? I mean, I'm love, hey talking. from Amor This is Love The other day I saw a guy online who said he used to be your security guard and that when you were dating JLo, Will Smith and Jada tried to pick her up for a threesome and you were going to beat her. up Will Smith it's true this show has gotten crazier since the last time no it's about love even though that's not true did you really hear that no yeah yeah I saw it on the internet you're telling me that I can not believe it. everything I read I don't know what you're talking about Jim Jimmy I thought we were friends, right?
Was this interview good for you? I also read in the New York Times that you tried um um


, what is


poison or something? that Eric Andre was here last week talking about how he ingested some kind of toad


that gave him a


experience of some kind and you also tried this, okay, this didn't happen? No, um, this I mean, listen, I'm a, try kind of person. anything once with an ambulance outside, oh that's right, did they really have an ambulance? I had an ambulance outside and went through the best process. I wouldn't recommend this, don't do this because most of you can't handle this well.
So, but you know, I had an experience. I had heard Mike Tyson and Joe Rogan talk about it. You know, you have to be on the wave of searching for the past here, sometimes you like


s, but it's something that um, I wouldn't recommend unless you know what I'm saying you were using my man and I'm telling you I'll give you my man's number. You have a good toad guy, you have a great toad guy, so you had the toad a I wouldn't, I would I don't know what to tell I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but I could just talk about my experiences.
I took the opportunity and um, and it was positive. A positive experience. I can not say it. You can't tell me no, those are the rules, okay, oh that's right, yes, Eric told me everything, yes, yes, he broke the rules, he broke the rules, that's terrible. I imagine Mike Tyson eating it by accident. He was delicious as well. Eric didn't see what I saw oh what are you saying oh well Eric said I think he entered through the anus of the Milky Way and if he had said he had a Thanksgiving dinner with God it's that what you saw no, I didn't see that you didn't see That's true that you had a dream about God that prompted you to record this album no no no I am in constant conversation with God I mean, I do the best I can to be and I believe in God she is a woman and when they asked me I had not done music for 13 years, so this is my first album in 13 years, it's my 30th year in music and I had to do it.
I walked away from music and one day God told me. She said it was time for God to speak like Michael Jackson, let me see, yeah, a little bit, and that's right and that's what made me know again, making music many times, you know you have to go back to what I love , I love making music. It's the number one thing I love to do. I'm surprised it's been so long since you've been doing it and you still love getting on stage and performing. I love being in a crowd and feeling like yes, yes, I love it. entertain people I love to see people having a good time, you know what I say, no, I don't like concepts when everyone has their camera up, yeah, sure, say, yeah, well that's it everything now in my concerts. you dance all night you can't even get to your phone you're so into it there's so much love going on right you've got it all figured out you really have it you've got a key to the city you're licking toads I mean and apparently you survived, did you have to use the ambulance or You were just there in case you weren't?
I have to use the amb. You have to use the ambulance. Any elderly person in the neighborhood died as a result of you having the ambulance on duty outside the house. It is not a big thing. Okay, great M, how are you going to dress for Halloween tomorrow? I know you have great


s. Uh oh, last year I was a Joker and I actually got a letter from the studio saying I can't be the Joker anymore because I did it. It was a cop, it was a copy, they said I broke their trademark, I did it too good, I swear I had this letter, I swear to God from Warner Brothers, really, yeah, well, do it again, man, do it again , so tomorrow yes, Warner Brothers lawyer, can you?
Look at me, I put this camera right here, yeah, the head of legal tomorrow looks at what I do, what he does, everyone did, the love album Off the Grid is out now, we'll be back with Pete Holmes.

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