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Seahawks win NFC West, Saints, Steelers make cut in Colin's final NFL predictions | NFL | THE HERD

Sep 08, 2023
I went to bed unsure and woke up more confident this morning, so these are my official NFL picks. I had a massive change of decision influenced by Vegas and a small jayman, so let's start in the AFC East. Bill's Dolphins Jets Patriots is the order I've been back and forth with the Dolphins I still have to buy the Jets I'm worried about the offensive line with an old quarterback New England will be a scrappy fourth place team that will potentially beat all of these teams at least once time AFC South Bengals Steelers Ravens Browns this was very difficult for me oh I started with AFC South Jags Titans Texans Colts.
seahawks win nfc west saints steelers make cut in colin s final nfl predictions nfl the herd
I think the Titans are very well coached and very well coached, but I think the Jags could be the number one seed based on their schedule. division and I think Doug Peterson's second year with Trevor Lawrence next is the AFC North, this is a tough one because I have a lot of respect for the Ravens, but the Steelers roster is built with players who don't have a history of injuries and the Ravens The best players have a history of getting injured, so I think maybe if they played today the Ravens would win, but in a 17 game schedule I have the Steelers finishing second.
seahawks win nfc west saints steelers make cut in colin s final nfl predictions nfl the herd

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seahawks win nfc west saints steelers make cut in colin s final nfl predictions nfl the herd...

Bengals Steelers Ravens Browns four and the AFC West. I think it's difficult, but there are too many. Cultural changes need to be made in Denver, so I think the Chiefs win it, even though it's very close. The Chargers, in second place, the Broncos are a tough and interesting competitive third. The Raiders are a talented four. Let's get to my NFC


. I think the Eagles regress but still win. division, they will miss Shane steichen Cowboys Giants I think it's an option either way. I think the Giants are better than people think and the Cowboys coaching from OC to head coach to line coach worries me.
seahawks win nfc west saints steelers make cut in colin s final nfl predictions nfl the herd
Washington is a very talented team in fourth place next. up in the NFC North I think the Lions are a 10-win team. I don't like 12-13 wins. I think people are a bit hyperbolic. The Vikings are good, not special. The Packers have their moments. Bears. I just do not know. Going back to the Packer Bears game, I could turn this around, but I think the Packers Bears can end up, you know, screwed eight nine nine and eight over there. Next up is the NFC South, the Saints have the best roster. I have no confidence in the head coach. flipped last night i went to bed not sure if i'm trusting vegas and jmac it's an offensive league the falcons are a really talented offense and their schedule i don't remember ever seeing a schedule that week because of the way they host the panthers the first week The Panthers are missing receivers oh lineman, their best defensive player.
seahawks win nfc west saints steelers make cut in colin s final nfl predictions nfl the herd
I think it has resistance. The Falcons are going to start 1-0. The Panthers probably 0-1. And that matters. Buck has four bad ones and in the NFC West I changed this a couple of weeks ago. Ago, I think Seattle would lose to the Niners today, but I think because of their youth, fewer players hurt those who recover faster. Seattle is built for 17 games. Seattle, the Niners will have a lot of stars who will miss games. McCaffrey added Trent Williams to Kittle on the course. of a season they can beat anyone, but they will have periods of getting beat the Niner second Rams a third fairly uneventful Arizona is a disaster there so here are my playoff teams four new teams that's what you have to have the projects last year's law Bengals Jags Chiefs Chargers Dolphins I'm taking the Steelers over the Ravens, their best players historically have no history of injuries and the Ravens


it just one new team in the AFC, but I have three new playoff teams in the NFC , that's where I invest the Falcons and Giants.
Eagles Lions Saints Seahawks win their division playoffs Cowboys Falcons 49ers so the Lions Falcons Saints are all new teams, gives me four, it will probably be six. Last night I traded the Giants and the Falcons. I like the Giants. I think people are selling, I think. The Giants will compete for the playoffs last weekend. Hello everyone, thanks for watching. Subscribe here to receive the latest from the program. Also be sure to check out more of the pack's best clips or watch some segments from other shows. in FS one

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