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Scuba Diving Underneath Military Base and You Won’t Believe What I Found! (Restricted Zone)

Feb 27, 2020
What's up guys, Jake, here today? We are on the Chattahoochee River located in Columbus, Georgia. We're actually at a place called Uchi Creek Campgrounds and we're going to a bridge that I've never treasure hunted on, so I'm getting ready to go into the water and


did you say? There was no way I was getting in that water. Why not? They're alligators, they're bigger, so they're not that big. Yes, that big. What's really amazing about this? bridge is that this bridge has actually been here for a long time and I have heard from multiple sources that there are all kinds of different weapons potentially in that water, from light machine guns to rifles, pistols and even grenades, so we can leave this. place with some different crazy things and I'm excited to see


we can find yeah I'm nervous I'm nervous I think I'm nervous because I thought we were jumping a bridge and literally everyone we talked to.
scuba diving underneath military base and you won t believe what i found restricted zone
I've been talking about alligators today and I just don't feel like that's uh I didn't even expect that I couldn't even mentally prepare myself until just now that guy said this so big that's big yeah I'm just that big this could be Brandon's latest video. Wow, this might as well be Jake's last video. With all this talk about alligators, we had an idea and thought it would be really fun to do something special if you guys want to see this. in this video I'll make a deal with you if we can reach 50,000 likes on this video Brandon and I are going to team up to play an alligator remote control prank on people in Florida so if you guys don't do it watch that that happens, like it, if we can reach 50,000 likes we'll get together and scare a bunch of people going down the river with similar tubes or just having a good time or partying, so yeah I think it would be very funny.
scuba diving underneath military base and you won t believe what i found restricted zone

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scuba diving underneath military base and you won t believe what i found restricted zone...

Man, imagine yourself as a little remote control alligator scaring people. I'm glad I'm not the one on the receiving end of the joke. I'm excited that I'm going to be a part of this now, so please like so you don't end up getting pranked with an alligator. The dangers we face today are truly real. There are alligators out here. 100. There are some big ones and we are going to be super careful. I think the possibilities of finding ridiculous things are many. The amount of guns out there is pretty high just from the stories I've been told, but I'm really excited to dive in there to see what I can find and hopefully I don't run into an alligator, but hopefully, yeah, we just got there. the bridge, uh, we got here, it's pretty far from the boat ramp, so if one of us gets bitten, it's a long trip to a hospital, the water is pretty clear, but Jake, look at your feet, yeah, if you see where the mud is.
scuba diving underneath military base and you won t believe what i found restricted zone
Yeah, it was clear, but the bottom is super silty, which means if you stir the bottom like a cloud, it's going to be like zero visualization, so I think our plan is to put the


tank in, we'll go out and then we head to the middle, that will be the scary place, but I mean, it's a bridge in the middle of nowhere, so if someone was knocking some stuff over, this would be a good place until we show up, oh oh um mm. -hmm, immediately, yes, it's so deep, what I was trying to tell you is that it was getting dark, I saw something go by, I think it was a big fish, yes, I thought, that's how it was, what was a fish?
scuba diving underneath military base and you won t believe what i found restricted zone
Or if it's okay. fish, you know, it's an alligator, this is a fish, I'm glad I figured it out after I was done, did you see that thing I had in my hand, it looked like a grenade, it looked like a pipe bomb, yeah, and then you threw it and I said : because? Would you do this? Now we go to the next place because we are obviously too scared to dive in this place and we can't see. Basically, I just


out what good friends Jake and I are. apparently he's not as good as friends so I dive in with him and I find this cable and I grab it but there's rust and everything on the edge of the water and he looks at Jake and I say can you see? and he goes to look at me. and he says and leaves and I'm like, oh my god, what's wrong?
He must be behind me and he's gone, so I'm swimming trying to catch up to him. I get there and he says, do you hear what I hear? It was like hearing what you hear what are you talking about I thought you saw something behind me he's like no you I thought you heard what I heard and you were leaving so basically he left me oh okay oh oh yeah I'm not gonna lie like Mi heart was beating all the time. I thought I'd better grab my knife just in case I'm also holding my knife half the time, but we've


a couple of really interesting things so far.
We think this is a great round of some kind. just super super heavy, looks like a bullet or something, but yeah, what do you think? Basically what I was telling Jake is how this works is like any traditional round, this would be the wire at the end, this is like the projectile and then there's like a big brass casing underneath that goes into the rifle. or whatever when fired, the casing remains and this is the projectile that is fired, so it makes sense that it could have been in the water and, yes, usually unharmed. They would like to separate when Jake picked him up.
I saw the shape of him. There was no way and then I went to pick it up and it sunk me. It seems like 25 years have passed. It's super, super heavy, solid and what was also cool. We found something else that looked like an old grenade, but I don't think it was, I mean it could be close to the end. As we were finishing things up, we saw what we think is a large


vehicle. Upside down like a jeep or a truck or something, it was cool, we didn't expect to find a whole car down there, we were like 30 feet deep and it was so creepy, but it was wild, we found a vehicle underwater.
We found this round potentially maybe a grenade. I'm not really sure what that was. What else did I find? Those toe hooks. What could have become of the vehicle or to try to remove the vehicle? Right, yeah, they're like big hooks. this is the situation, we are on the opposite side of the bridge and we have to do our due diligence, check that both sides meet in the middle on both sides, however the problem is that there is a giant slope here, can you see this ? Huge, the other place was flat, that makes me


this will continue underwater, so I think there will be a giant ledge.
The other place was quite deep. This side could be deeper, but we found interesting things. in the other place, hopefully, we'll find interesting things here or an alligator who knows better, I guess we'll find out, oh oh, today was one of the funniest days ever, for some reason a man like you would never You'd expect to laugh underwater anyway because it's just weird, but when I laugh, I laugh really hard and I make this goose noise, it's like it hurts, like I'm trying to get too much air out, so Jake and I are Down there, we laugh and I promise I laugh as hard as I can.
I once laughed today and it was underwater which made it almost even funnier. Yes, of everything we did today, although I had a favorite moment. Jake and I are crawling in the background and supporting each other like something's wrong with Jake. I will be there to help you. Whatever happens to me, he will help me. We're climbing this giant rock and then there's this huge ledge and we can't see the bottom. Jake and I just looked at each other. You point at me. I'm like, you go, you go, he's like no, no, you go, so I grabbed Jank by a


tank and pushed him off the ledge and he was just sliding on the rock and he was looking down, it was one of funniest moments man so oh god.
God, a little disappointing, we didn't find any weapons like every story I've been told, man I could have sworn we'd at least find one, but we found a cool round that's amazing, we found a sunken one. vehicle and then we also found a sunken ship which is cool, oh no I had a great time. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you are new, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channels. I'll have a link to Brandon's. video in the description below, be sure to stop by, show them some love. Also if you enjoyed this video, be sure to leave a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe if you're new, but with that being said, I'll see you all next time.
Thank you all so much for watching. We survived. Which is the song? I will survive you.

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