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Scuba Diving & Seagull Stabbing?! | Raft #4 (Funny Moments)

Jun 09, 2021
oh he's on the boat, hello guys, and welcome to another episode of anger, yes we're still in the ocean, welcome back to our pretty red drifting carpet, yes it's painted with the blood of the sharks that we have killed I'm the fishing captain so I have a new game plan in this episode Bobby is going to get a lot of our resources oh wait it's just that we couldn't get to the island yeah there's no wind that's why I'm going to row there we'll row and We'll get there, so I finally did some research. and we're going to make some official trailers in this episode and I told Bobby we should focus on catching birds, hey Bobby, birds, birds, yeah, sorry, I just caught a salmon, I got excited, I have a question, yeah, We do it, but we can't cook. yet because we don't have a big enough grid, that's what we're trying to do in this episode, improve all our stuff, we finally realized that the last two episodes have been, you know, me building walls and Bobby trying to make the


giant, yes, and not really, you know, our situation is progressing at all, that changes today, today we progress, we also need to improve our water purification so that we no longer have to continue using our wood, ah yes, that wood, How do we do it? working on it looks like I just got Lauren I just got something a new decoration where do you want it?
scuba diving seagull stabbing raft 4 funny moments
I will cut it. I'll put it in with our conduit ready. Would you get it if it's ugly? I'll kill you oh my god he's adorable let me look at him let me look at him oh he's a cat hopefully he'll bring us luck it'll be like a montage of all the terrible things that happen to us in this episode this palette might break before it gets to the island. I'm trying to get to the side so we can use the ring. There's something in the water right there. Don't know. I have no idea. I'm going to sit here excited.
scuba diving seagull stabbing raft 4 funny moments

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scuba diving seagull stabbing raft 4 funny moments...

What is this? They are all fish caught together, I can do it. But don't cook it, how do you get it? You're going to go over it, no, wait, I don't know what you're talking about, you're going to sit in the water, no, oh, only I could see it up here, it's all there. These fish seem to be tied, the paddle broke, we just invented it, stupid shark, where is he? I don't know he's on the other side he's on the outside the wraps are too big now he's God oh I'll fix it we're kind of floating I need another paddle I'll go down okay I can get what I can the sharks eat me almost dead in the


, hello, I'm on the raft, okay, heal yourself, okay, I'll keep trying to row us.
scuba diving seagull stabbing raft 4 funny moments
Until one of us have an axe, go up, yeah, I have an X, oh, go to the island. I also learned that I need to make a wet brick and then set it to dry, then we can make a cool casting, here we go. I have it and we are going to put this brick wet. I found giant clams. I need a giant clam. Oh, we also need seaweed. Hmm. Oh, I see it. Hello, shark. I landed right on top. That's great. The shark simply hit the floating sands. Oh. Shit, giant clam. I don't have inventory.
scuba diving seagull stabbing raft 4 funny moments
You see me. Things just floated. I don't have inventory at all. Drop some things. Yeah, oh, okay. We have sand glass. We are doing very well. Oh, Sh, don't you see me here, oh, I got it. I have good progress oh I died help me help me help me where are you but I'm in the water I don't know where you are you can't see me in the water don't go down just come down and look for me I'm on the shelf I don't know from the shelf I'm trying to find you before I jump I can give up and respawn not just stay there for a second oh I see you I see you no I know if I can give you oxygen, although he says waiting for rescue.
She looks so fun. You say: Okay, this is risky, but I've got it, I've got it, I've got it all. You have to put me to bed. Did you get the giant clam? No, well, I was busy trying to grab your lifeless body and bring it back to the raft mm-hmm, but you know next time I'll look for the clam, this is it. I mean, we need that giant clam because I need birds, I need birds. In my life, where was the giant clam where you were? Oh look, there are fish again, no I can't, this is so strange, it's a bunch of fish tied with a rope floating here, that's like catching it with my fishing, no I don't see it there, it's not that strange.
What if it is a technical problem? Could be. I don't see it, but with the dry Brik, yes, we can do a casting in the morning. I'm so excited that today is going to be a great day. I'm going to make a casting fun, oh I have a giant clam. I need to put it on the research table, because the research table consumes what I use, so I need another one, but now we can make it, so we learned how to melt, learn this and learn. this I have more decorations yes, I put it back it's an old shoe are we supposed to plant something in it? why is there land?
Okay, now we can make a bird's nest, but we need another clam and we can also make a foundry. I need a lot of dry bricks, well, I have sandy clay though, it's in the raft again, it's in, it's dead, it's dead, yeah, I'm going to dry some bricks up here. I think we need six of them. Oh, I need more sand, you know? you could use this shark head oh sweet I just bought another one so yeah we have tons of toad orchids here we go we figured it out. Oh my god, you look amazing.
Yes, I have shark teeth and you like it. You know, this is my progression. things, I need smelting to create metal, ingots to get the purifier and a better grill. I need the smelting practically and to get the smelting I need more sand to get more dry bricks. It's sad that we need islands, so yes, the search is on. Alan ok while I fish paddle ok there is a scarecrow try to see if you can grab that scarecrow when you jump you get it or just say X to remove it or anything that hits it comes back giant food station what are you going to do?
You will try to meet him. you're thinking you're another shark food station you like that yeah i have your permission to tear down this wall why this wall sure to tear down a little house remodel oh there's an island right here wait oh yeah that's what we especially need I need sand and clay, top priorities, maybe I can get an anchor this time, okay, put the anchor in place, pull it out, lower it, stop, it's not a bad shark, I have some watermelons, I'm alone, I have paws shark, I think I'll just throw them in the trash. of us here farming this, oh well, it's in the water on the other side, okay, okay, it's right near our boat, I don't know how long shark bait lasts less, that's okay, pay attention to your oxygen , up, oxygen up.
I know that's what I wasn't paying attention to. I need sand, but I can't see your stone well. I have a giant clam. Oh, I found one too. This is fun. You are learning to dive correctly. Yes, honey, there's that one, that's the meat. oh that's B, yeah you can't choose, that's what I had been seeing was big, oh I don't know, yeah I haven't seen it yet, it must be a glitch but yeah that's the bait. I think I can make the bird's nest, though. I can, but the bird's nest needs to be away from us or else it won't settle there, so I probably need to put it on top, okay, I have bird nests, yeah, oh, right, oh, go on for the baby, yeah, Yes, he is bad, yes, but he is there. it's also going for the boat because I didn't throw it far enough you put it right for the cat it might scare them let's put it for this other bird I'm going to put it for this other bird so they feel comfortable and they can be like oh it's for something bird , it should be okay, okay, I don't know exactly how it works, but yeah, one of the two things I really wanted to do today, the birds and now the casting is next.
I have to use all of this. sand to dry a bunch of bricks and then use the bricks for casting practically new clay I need clay and sand I need six dry bricks and I have for let me say by the rhythm of the shark oh look at them, you see the shark fish on top there yeah, oh, it's in the bees, go to the beach, oh, now I understand, it's okay, it's gone, it will stop, no, it's raining, my wet bricks don't dry, oh, they still dried, so I have four dry bricks, I need six and that's all I need to do. this damn foundry two more dry bricks we'll smell them Oh feathers, I have feathers, not from dad.
I can do a brush in the next episode. I'm going to make a collection net because we used to have a bunch and now we don't think they have been destroyed. by the sharks like you're supposed to put them inside your boat the collection this yes, it's harder for him to get it oh yes I do it here do this like this one is broken now there we go I don't know If we're going to get to the top of these islands, okay, I'll just focus on the sand. There are a lot here. I have seven things that say: yes, any clay, no, oh look, we have a bird, we have a bird, yes, don't scare it.
Shark, get away, shark, shark, get away, no, get rid of him quickly, I can't help my seconds, he's going to remove the anchor, I've got two, three clay, okay, that's as far as I can go, I've got two. things with clay so far Oh, eggs, we have to cook them, but use them, oh, use them for cooking, maybe it's as part of a No, oh no, we need boards to build the foundry. I do not have. Now I bought you a gift, one that smells. candle bottle oh how romantic ooh they are dry casting time Yes mother I just created it oh oh and then I think we can make the water purifier a good upgrade time yes the grill would be more big because we can't, we can't. do the girl yet because we have investigation, we have investigation, oh wait, give me the metal, where is it? let's see what happens with that, okay, so the metal now we can investigate the best grill with this metal, there we are going to investigate that, oh, we can. make bolts now and hinges oh my gosh so many things and a stationary anchor and a better sphere and a grill yes, life changing, yes, legitimately life changing.
I am very proud of us and our progress. I think I see it copper. I found something. Dan, where are you, I'm going to oh man, oh I have enough to grill but I need the boards, yeah I think we can do it but now we need more boards to cook on. I've made advanced grilling nice. I'm going to remove these puny little grills oh yeah, look at it, no, you shook one of the big fish, I finally got it, oh yeah, yeah, look at that guy, I'm just cooking two more pieces of glass and then we can get water, fire pure, oh this. bird up there, whatever is nearby, then come closer, I'll kill it.
Oh, we'll try to kill him. Stab him. Oh wait, no, I'm too far away. Wait, haha. Hey, the last piece of glass is being made and we can make new water. purifier that does not need planks with catfish oh my God the catfish is ready oh yes look at that all yours look it fills my hunger oh let's cook the salmon oh no I don't know how this works but let me fill it oh I guess it needs a lot, it makes several waters at the same time and says he doesn't need a fuel source bird Oh, I stabbed him, I stabbed him, I didn't kill the cook, I stabbed him, I'm proud of us, oh, there you go, it's done. a lot of water I drank it all oh the bird again I'm going to stab it I have to run to it no I missed it I got it I hit it once eventually eventually we'll be able to eat bird now we're not going to do this because we They're bad, it's just that we're Stranded in the ocean, you guys just arrived, anything to survive.
I have a lot of feathers, which means that in the next episode I can make a brush, ooh, paint more, yes, I will. I'm going to make a rainbow. Rainbow to Mia okay guys, well that will be it for this raft episode. I think we've made more progress than ever in one episode. Oh, we're earning our goodbye, asshole, as always, if you made it to the end. At the end of the video, be sure to leave a like before subscribing if you're new to the channel. I post new videos every day and as always I will be with you soon, it's double shark.

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