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Scottish Man tries Southern Snacks

Feb 27, 2020
- Can we kill a Scotsman with


food? The answer is yes, we will find out how much it costs. (upbeat violin music) Hi everyone, I'm Matt, I have with me today-Christopher Harress-And he's from-Scotland, but he lives in Mobile. - But you're from Scotland. - From Scotland, Edinburgh Scotland, the capital city. - How many Dollar Generals do you have? - Oh, none, that's why I left. - We have 10 of them within a mile radius of where we're shooting right now. All right, today what we're going to do is give you a variety of


delicacies and then you tell me whether or not they meet with your approval. - They have my approval regardless. - That's very kind of you.
scottish man tries southern snacks
First we are going to try a classic delicacy, the moon cake. You have to eat this whole box. - Cool. - I hope you have written, like a will or something, before coming here today. - I have a will, it's on Twitter. - Now that you live in Mobile, you are familiar with Moon Pie. - That's how it is. - The moment you set foot in the Mobile city limits, you are attacked by Moon Pies. - That's the way it is. - Also, also, I like that the back of this box gives you recipes for mooncakes.
scottish man tries southern snacks

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scottish man tries southern snacks...

So the instructions are basically, make a hot fudge sundae and then put a moon cake on it. - How do you make a moon cake? That's what I thought it could be. - They won't reveal your secret. - Okay, good point. - Yeah, it's like KFC's 11 Herbs and Spices. - I know 10 of them, so. (fiddle chirp) - Oh yeah, these are oversized. Moon cake? - Oh, my God, that you. - There you go. Oh, this is one story. Now at gas stations you can get a double decker. - Here on the back it says, microwave for an out of this world dessert.
scottish man tries southern snacks
Alright, here it goes. Hmm, very smooth. - You really taste that moon, don't you? I mean, is there anything like that in Scotland? - We have these things called pastry creams, and that's it, I know it's pastry cream, that's the closest thing to what I think it comes from. - So how many Scotties do you put in your mooncake? - The banana one, I mean, it's pretty good, you can't, three out of five. - Three out of five Scottish dogs. - That's a high note of me. It may be too sweet, and I would prefer it to be a real banana. - This is the thing about southern


, number one, we only do imitation flavors around here.
scottish man tries southern snacks
And two, there is no such thing as excess sugar. - Good coloring however, I love the coloring. - All artificial. Those are chemicals. Next we'll try the Goo Goo Cluster, also a product of Tennessee, they do all the good stuff. Oh wait wait, that's a variety pack! We have original, nut and peanut butter. How would you say that word there? - I think originally I would have said pee-kin pro-leen. Check it out. - Check it out? - Pee-kin, around that, yes. - Some southerners - Pi-cawn - Say pee-can. - Oh. - Let's try, you just need to make the original. - Oh, they're individually packaged. - Yeah, I mean, yeah, you don't want to throw one, you don't want a whole box full of Goo Goo's. - What about the environment? - Hey, what's up with that? - Oh, it smells so good. - Oh yeah, well, that's the chocolate and the marshmallow. - I mean, I'm having a flashback from my childhood.
It's like a particular type of chocolate. - Milk chocolate. (Christopher laughs) - Oh milk, that's what it is. Alright, here it goes. What's in the background? - Oh, that's candy, right? - Marshmallow, oh, look at a bunch of nuts. - Oh, and there is nougat here too. I don't even know what nougat is. - Neither do I. Ok this was really good this is better than moon cake. - I agree with that. - Yes. - Yes. - Four out of five. - Four out of five Loch Ness Monsters. - Yes, four out of five (mumbles) (laughs) I'm already delirious from sugar. - (Laughter) What? - My dentist is going to see this.
I will no longer pay for those teeth. - To be honest, teeth are a bit overrated. (Christopher chuckles) Next up are cheese straws. - Oh, environmentally friendly straws. - I mean, if we're going to replace straws to have permanent straws, they should all be dummy straws. Here. - Thank you. - These are, ingredients in this, only four. Extra strong cheese, flour, margarine and spices. - And where is he from? - This was made in Alabama. - So the first thing that-- flying cheese straw. - What are you thinking? - Really nice. - I think of these as fancy party


. - The kind of parties I go to are like, they have these red cups, there's really no food in there. - I'll tell you what, you can keep the whole bag. - It's okay. - But keep up because this, we have much more to do. - I know.
I like things salty, so this was the highlight for me, and now that I've tried the cheese straws, I think I overrated the other things. So I'd like to give the cheese straws seven out of five castles. - Oh. - Scottish castles, none of those English castles. This is for Mook and his mill. I like that sunflower. - Probably just free Windows clip art. Next up is the Chick-O-Stick. Yeah this is one of my favorites growing up. It's crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut fudge. This is extremely rare that I managed to find two of these that are not broken. - Look at this, then you say that they are normally broken, look, it says break me. - Yes, they are on it, they know it.
These are from Texas. - Okay, I know where that is. I used to watch, what's that show, there's a lot of mascara, they used a lot, they had big hair. - Dallas? - Dallas, I used to watch that when I was a kid. - How old are you? - It was on VHS, my grandmother recorded it. - Oh I'm very sorry. - Oh, God, it tastes like, it just tastes like sugar, really. - It's a bit like the inside of a Butterfinger bar. This is better than a Butterfinger bar. - In fact? - Oh yeah. - Oh, I don't know anything about that.
If I really tell a big lie, it tastes like coconut and peanut butter. - It's toasted coconut on the outside. Coconut is the eighth ingredient, after vitamins. (both laughing) - What vitamins? We also say vit-a-mins where I'm from. - Vitamins? - Yes. - I don't like that. - Um, this was horrible. I'm sorry, it was very bad. - How many kilts do you give him? - No, no kilts. One skirt out of ten. - Isn't that a kilt? - No sir. (Both laugh) No, that was really bad, send that back to Texas. Where are the cheese straws? - I love them, they are delicious.
I'm not giving you the cheese straws back after what you said about the Chick-O-Stick. Next, pigskins. These are flavored with Louisiana hot sauce. - I like both. We have them and they are called pork rinds. We get it in a pub, a bar, an inn, whatever you want to call it. - None of those things. - (laughs) Very well, where do you go to drink and forget about your life. - The porch. - The porch. (laughing) You drink beer with them. - I don't know if you are aware of this, you can drink beer with anything.
That's called freedom (Christopher laughs) and we have tons of it in America. - That hot sauce - This hot sauce - It has to be my favorite. - This is freedom covered in hot sauce. Is Louisiana hot sauce your favorite? - Yeah, that looks good. Hello pig. - Everyone is fine. - Hmm, hello! - Very good, right? - Wow. - Yeah. - Can I have another one of those? - Have on them. - Right. - I also want another. - What! - I know, look at him. - That pig was huge. - Well, that's how we do it in America. - Hmm. - (crunching) Go ahead!
Oh look at that! - That looks like a musical note. - That's why that pig died, that's why right there, art. How many bagpipes do you give pigskins? - (sighs) given how our rating system is going so far, five out of five for the bagpipe. - Wow. - Yeah, they were really good. - Well, that's the end of that. Next up is pimento cheese. Or palm cheese. It's made in South Carolina. - I've heard of South Carolina. - Exists. - This is delicious. - I've had homemade, I don't think I got it out of this factory made jar. - You can put pimento cheese on almost anything, but today we're going to put it on crackers. - It's okay. - You can put it in pigskin. - I was about to say that! - We'll try that in a second, wait a second. - My God, we're vibrating. - I'll carry you. - Oh thanks.
I will wait for you. I can't wait - Ready for this? Let's make this happen. - Pork skin in spicy Golden Flake Louisiana sauce with pimento cheese inside. - It's a long name for a sandwich, but I think we can make it work. It's good? - Oh yeah, well, you've got that extra crunch in there with the soft one. - I'm going to do like a, take a little shell. - Small plug-type delivery system. - Tack-o? - Ta-coh. - I wouldn't have thought that's how you'd say taco. - Say it again? - Tacos. - Tacos. (man laughing) don't waste the cheese. - That's pretty good. - Yeah. - I think we're on to something. - That's one thing. - And we call it the Alabama Take-o. - (laughing) takeoff.
Welcome to my take-o booth. (Matt laughs) The Scottish Take-o stall. - How many Bravehearts do you give pimento cheese? - Eight of five Bravehearts. - Eight of five Bravehearts. How many Mel Gibsons do you give to the Alabama Take-o? - Oh well, I mean, I think we just changed history with that, so probably a good 10 out of five Gibson. - Next, to wash it all down, a southern classic of peanuts in Coca-Cola. - Salty? - That's the only way to do it, yes. - This is the funny part, really, oh, that was not bad. - There you go, you have it.
I preface this by saying that I haven't had peanuts or Coke since probably high school. - Wait, is that all? - And then you just, yes, sorry, it's not more magical. - All of them? - You know, to your liking. - Oh no, I don't know what I like. - That is all. - Why is this a thing, who came up with this? - My paw, maybe? - I feel like it's the kind of thing that seems to have started as an accident and they said, okay. - It's totally possible. - I feel that we have wasted the Coca-Cola.
I'll be honest with you, that wasn't so good. So Scrooge McDucks, two out of five Scrooge McDucks. Here. - The real southern way is for you to say "it was very good, I liked it" and then when you leave you can talk as bad as you want. In conclusion, we've learned that Southern candy is good to say the least, and when it's at its best it's ten Bravehearts, which is probably the best you can say about anything. - Yes. - We're also talking about Braveheart on VHS tape. - Yes, 1996. - Two days late at Blockbuster. - Yes I love it. - The way things should be. (upbeat violin music) (both laughing) Thanks for looking. - Bye, I love you. (both laughing)

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