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Sci-Fi Short Film "Pulsar" presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film
(star explodes) (metal clangs) (voices echo) (heart pounds) (spears tears into flesh) (pants) (device whirs) - I know you are receiving these messages. Your silence has been interpreted as defiance. So let me stress again the importance of this mission. They deserve to be warned. Everyone deserves that chance. It is the will of the Council. We are indebted to your years of service, but if you disobey this order, it all counts for nothing. So, Jo, if you don't respond this time, we are coming
sci fi short film pulsar presented by dust
for you. I know you are-- (object crashes) (space craft engine roars) - Re-route the grid, we can still save them. Quickly! (console beeps) - The grid auto-locked to protect us. Damn this junk. - We've lost everyone in beta sleep? - Both chambers. But they're the lucky ones. I'd rather die in a dream than wake up to this nightmare. - Not like any storm I've seen before. With no traceable source I can't outrun it. What am I missing? - Look, the answer's not on that
battered old system. This is something more than a solar storm, it's supernatural. If we want to survive this we have no choice. We have to use the relic. - You'll need to bring Kile. I'll get the guy who bought passage. - And I told you it was bad omen to let a man on board. - He paid top duty. And we needed it. - And did you get ID? - Pay enough, names don't matter. - Your silence has been interpreted as defiance. (voice distorts) (knocks) - Hello? I must speak with you. - A
moment! - You should come to the command center. - I'm not part of your crew. - You're a Peacemaker. Why did you board our ship? What are you looking for among lumps of rock? - I don't have to explain myself to you. I don't think you would like people asking questions about your past, would you? - Mining stone taught me how to really see people. Their first appearance is plain and crude... But look closer... You can see flecks of beauty. My crew may appear raw to you, but
sci fi short film pulsar presented by dust
everyone is precious. If you have any hidden skills, now would be the time to show them. (footsteps approach) - I know a thing or two about stellar rigs, may I? Judging from the intensity, I'd say an X-flare. Does your system have a name for the star origin or distance? - Okay, that's the curious thing. It's not a wave pattern. It's not coming from a star. It's on all sides simultaneously. - It's totally unnatural. - That can't be right. - How long till our rescue
ships arrive? - We lost comms. No one's coming. - We're lucky the lights are still on. - Can you get us through this? - What about evac? - Single unit. Damaged. - They don't give high-grade ships to ex-cons. No one cares if we die out here. - Why is this happening? - This is something beyond our understanding Our problem is in here, not out there. - But we've done our time. I've done mine, nobody can say I haven't paid it. - There's one way to be sure. The relic will
reveal any hidden guilt. (console beeps) - This isn't a storm, it's a weapon. (clock ticks) - Let this speak for each of us. Primal instinct cannot lie. - What happens if you roll red? - Then you get rid of me. (whimpers) - Well then, the council forbids this form of divination, so... - Everyone rolls... Or they walk, bare skinned. - I will not be a part of your blood rites. It's juvenile! (loud crash) (alarm rings) - What curse have you brought here? - You would kill me over some
sci fi short film pulsar presented by dust
ancient trinket? - Start talking, "quiet life." - I do not answer to you. A ship of ex-cons and the knife points at the Peacemaker? How prophetic. - Your position doesn't make you better than any of us. - If you truly believe I'm the cause of this, throw me off the ship. - You can die in here with us, or die out there, it makes little difference now. But if you are the target... We might survive. Bring him. (alarm rings) - How can you do this? - He's right. We've all
taken life, we can't judge him. - And yet judgment is here. - Wait, wait! I'm a good man and I'm here because of that. I stood by my beliefs, rejected my last mission. - Peacemakers don't desert. - There is a dying star that threatens a life planet. And the council wanted me to offer them our help. - And you wouldn't go? - The planet is Ninevah. We help them, and they will only attack us again. I'm trying to stop future wars. - How long have you known this wasn't a
storm but the council? When did you know you were responsible? - I'm doing this to save lives, for peace! - Keep telling yourself that. You've brought death here. (ship explodes) (Kile screams) - I didn't do this! - But you can stop it. You can stop it. (escape unit starts up) (lid clangs shut) (exhaust spurts) (display beeps) - Counselor? You won't get this, but I need to try... I'm in... I don't know where I am. Counselor? Counselor? You wanted me. You've got me
right where you wanted me, so what? What now? You did this. You set me up to fail. I trusted you. And I gave you years of service. Did everything you asked! (screams) How could I forgive you? How could I go to them? Is that why you sent me? Because you knew it would be hardest thing for me to do? Don't I deserve a second chance? (sputters) (groans) (coughs) (fire crackles) Wait. I'm sorry, please.