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Jan 26, 2022
I've been feeling really worried about Saki because she's been so nervous lately because she thinks she has the same


condition as me and if she does that means the treatment involves her biggest fear, what we're going to do is talk. about the same


condition as me how do we manage it whats the same cause i know she can take needles everything oh so he will have to take a medical condition yeah and that is his biggest fear it is like every night you gonna do i think you say the same about saber yeah but you're growing i feel like you're changing like saber don't change i came here look so this is the height you were when you were 14 how are you?
scary medical news for sockie
Now you're probably 14 and let's see if you're growing. I stopped most of the children as developed three years ago. kind of go up on it she was just crossing if you're off the chart then it's a problem because that's what happened with the razor so you're 14 here and how tall are you let's see how tall you are come on I hope you feel the graphic 152 burly centimeters we have to focus that he is in knowing he was out of the chat this is her and saki like he's still in the solo yes that's it I hope it's okay so as your brothers we know the song is freaking out so it is our work and there are two things that make you not happy.
scary medical news for sockie

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scary medical news for sockie...

You have to hold very still because I'm going to cut you off, okay, and we're going to get in the background of a game show. Socky, when I notice that I feel sad. What makes them feel happy. you got it. everyone breast development is the first time puberty usually appears two to two and a half years before a girl has her period are you ok? Guess where saki is going tomorrow yeah sucky is going to the doctor guys so yeah are you more concerned about treatment? help go is it needles every night or are you more concerned about the cannula in your arm for three hours which is the test now i'm probably more concerned about the test oh no surface big legend i have an infection , so I really couldn't go anywhere.
scary medical news for sockie
What are they going to say? I'm sorry, dad always thinks everything is going to be okay. What was the first vlog where you told the legends that you wanted a guinea pig? Oh my gosh, I can't remember. oh gee the legends will even know the answer to that question, on the penultimate date I went on we had to have blood work done and we filmed that beginning just taking a look just one test of a single guy which was probably the most twisted as the raw vlog. i ever filmed it's a rainbow legend let me do it the rainbow is going to get huge i think it's going to happen with one sam can i have a lollipop she took out the last lollipop and handed me the empty package have you seen anything cute from fashion there there's the ocean where your nose is where your eyes are there's my magic work as drenched brothers to cheer as much as i can sadly sucky isn't the only one worried about her dog date i'm a little worried too , not for the same reason that I'm worried because I'm afraid my breasts have stopped growing because if they end up this high forever, I'm going to be devastated.
scary medical news for sockie
Does anyone know that this fishing is good for me? It looks like a unicorn fish last year. Great, today I think everything is going to be fine and I don't think you have to take a test or anything. I'm not normally the most responsible with kids, but dad has entrusted me with the disco life, so I better not kill one. of their children, I'm basically going to find out that just like Saber and poor Saber, they had to like being told that she wasn't going to go through puberty and to get all these proofs, the probability starts to get really high that your puberty can't and won't turn on say but this is what i When you're editing I know you may not feel good right now but we just want you to know that we love you and you're probably the person Bravest we know, besides me, yes I think you are. really amazing we love you make sure you give goku lots of colors today because she doesn't feel so clear i want the doctor to tell me tomorrow i'm fine i think you need to stop stressing now let's go surfing come let's show the legendary cake trick catch my knuckles oh this was embarrassing i'm so glad you're here because whatever happens tomorrow and whatever he says i have to do or what i need to do you'll be there with me ah that's good will you and Charm will one day have your own vlogs?
Don't touch it pretend that if you're a responsible parent you'll get the iPhone. a lot going on today it's been quite a stressful day i feel like it's normal lly like an australian thing like we just wait like oh let's go to the beach for a day like what about people living in the middle of america or in England where it is very cold like what do you do well? Pretty twisted, isn't it? Yes we are going to start vlogging on this channel twice a week instead of just once which I know will be much harder since we put a lot of effort into vlogging and adding everyone I don't like anyone helping us but We do it for you. legends.
You are well? Looks like the neuroscissors are coming in now. It's not very good. That's Kelly's head, baby. She now she is cheering me on. turn the knife you can play with us keep an eye out because if the knife falls on you that means you are the most likely to marry the first person they meet how nice it is to cut some strawberries for the baby who is most likely ending in japanese makes sense so ca Knuckle me the big guy wants to see if us girls can try to take me and my young team down.
Now they're going to make a special saber-flavored, drenched breakfast in this slunchy box so they can take you to the doctors we have. something super important that we want to show you is in my hand right now you want to see it oh can you say why okay let's see we're going to make norris walnut necklaces for the legends but we need your help which one you like best the one with like um without background or the one with a background that's my brother that's my brother here's my brother so i was thinking biggie makes sabers lunch nazi makes socks breakfast sorry breakfast and any of you norris nuts make the best lunch for a member of your family they can choosing what we do tomorrow when the girls are in sydney for their doctor's appointments you two remind me of beavis and butthead what are the babies in bars they don't know who they are i'm not sure if i've already told you this i probably haven't done, so I'll tell you now.
I started going to the gym, so I bought myself a new gym outfit after my mom packed me a lunch box and I couldn't open it. so i didn't have lunch that day the lunch box rules most of it has to be healthy yeah one has to be delicious and it has to be like breakfast don't just say which tree is sb that's ok that makes sense yeah to be honest going to the gym is kind of sad because all the girls had bigger butts on me and it makes me feel kind of bad about myself but im trying and its growing i feel better for it. embarrassing to come to the store with headless beavers right there the first thing i got is just a black sports bra you're my sister i'm your sister my best friends oh yeah 10 minutes start now it's got padding i like empanadas i think which we all know why so im packing to find out and simon needs a donut in his lunch box as his present im getting a dream cookie for god sake im so stressed because i dont know whats going to happen.
I think Saki needs a hug. grapes so i might buy her some grape oh so we have these cute little calzones i'm going to make a sable fruit salad i'll use apples kiwis strawberries cool so i know you've been wondering what's going on with our Queensland home and there's been a ton going on and we really want to show you a few things but we're not quite sure if you're still interested so I want to say just let us know in the comments that drenching is going to be really edgy before your doctor's appointment because you think you have the same medical problem, a saber, so what calms a restless tummy?
Should I choose because of how much fun it can be for me? I'm trying to finish all my ads now because I'm leaving for half a day tomorrow. I'm excited for you to see it, which is good. I'm excited. I said I'm excited. five times i'm getting too excited how my outfit turned out and i'm happy with it i think i have the top too big the size looked so much better on the model you know how when sab went to the hospital he had to have that needle in his arm so he could figure out what was happening to her and do all those tests yeah well but they may have to do the same thing with saki if she's not ok tomorrow oh my god she was so scared and i just can't imagine what football will be like because sucky actually he has a huge fear of needles and sad he's not afraid of needles but sables still like to freak out ladies breakfast lunch bread and i'll be making your manager sure shrimp are both the same amount as the same foods no they make the different recipes yes close your eyes im exc Is someone really famous commented on our videos ok ok ok omg how cool is that omg what a legend how cool is that this and up we're back and we cook you the best lunch box ever i have something a surprise for you too it's ok please close your eyes oh i'm not nervous in three seconds open your eyes and look at this computer oh my god so norris crazy nobody have dessert tonight yeah yeah but i'm going to hide an ice cream and whoever has this ice cream let's eat it ready come on oh and they're gone. they do, they're under here, the sabers just fight, okay, oh, and a piggy piece found it, oh, fake laugh, okay.
I'm going to give you a moral dilemma you can eat the ic e cream yourself or you can earn an ice cream for every norris nut except you won't get one everyone can have one amazing well made stinky that was good im proud of you and because you were a kid so good we didn't I'm going to buy some ice cream I can feel my heart beating anxiously or something because it's actually happening I'm going to the doctor tomorrow you're disgusting I believe in you because you're so strong get up let's get started think about the amazing lunch I packed for you ok i really hope everything is ok and he says oh yeah ok and he says but you haven't used my quote it's too big yeah i know i'm worried about something other than something no matter what we'll get through this together ok yeah together good luck i'll be yourself oh i love you you're a good girl nancy what's so early? um i have to try to get into my gym session and we're first here's everything yeah i'm getting pretty worried because i'm probably going to find out exactly what's going to happen.
Today I'm going to get another needle. I'm freaking out about that workout later. I am very lucky to have everyone here. i'm driving when you can let me drive the mackers who want to see that vlog bring this book cause there's a lot to read in this oh what's the middle of the road? i got the same as the paper i have a feeling he's going to say oh yeah you look good but we're just going to do some testing just in case yeah he's usually worried that's what he's worried about i really don't know how i could do this without you cause im a big boss when it comes to stuff like this i could never do it just keep going keep going keep going you cant stop at the roundabout sorry and i actually charged my airpods its not a stop go go go go its not a sign high buddy himself and eah right away no you didn't what did we just talk about being confident driving?
I dressed and looked bad. I loved and matched. You know. Fashion. We designed this with passion. Much better if you go, you are a good job taking care of me. Do you ever wear something different besides the same white top and shorts like a cartoon character? Maybe they want to eat our breakfast box. I want to put it away for a bit and I want to see what's inside I don't have it wait it's a joke biggie gave it to you that you have your box you're not kidding seriously no I wouldn't forget my breakfast you're serious that's like the only thing I wouldn't forget is arriving so late it seems everything is showing dad's way why did you miss your lunch box? i don't know i just forgot the time to eat what's inside this little christmas present the davis breakfast box was packed by biggie oh what's that what's in it we have vegetables fries on top we have fruit salad oh oh my gosh what do i have donut thank you biggies he is so nice and as i was packing my lunch box i am so nervous because he is like my breakfast breakfast is very important to me yeah come back to us with him or something what oh is that what i think it is i love it i want to see him trade and we'll see who did the best oh who knew judge is the best i no i can't stand feelings like i'm not like one of those people like oh it's a tie cause they both try so hard that you can tell the love that pu I get into it I got my answer I guess the only way to know who made the best breakfast box is if we really say we'd rather eat three oh I listen to the feelingsfrom anyone. a good poor big one is going to get gutted for the best breakfast box who's that and just so you know before we say anything they're both really very good alright the winner is good what you gon' catch baby I have the long long hard something special we have to do when everyone else has their doctor's appointment well you know our favorite breakfast restaurant I thought we could go there together excited I'm wearing these really cute boots with these jeans whites, a bathroom in narcissistic fashion and the blue in nurse's fashion. shirt where's the charm of who's under here? oh it's disgusting take the sticky knuckles yeah we're on our way to breakfast okay cake and chips this guy wants cake gingerbread no ginger is it okay well tommy uses a fork b but then she hand sticks it he's going to make a play block yeah play your momma's account lady i wanna know when, when i'll really like to get to my funny self because i remember when i had like four pictures of myself like where i want to see myself at 16 i was like i hope i look really good i hope everything goes well i want the result to be like sock ok she will be a late stinky bluemouth she looks so nervous mom your epic eggs ready to hatch beans ready two fried eggs two hash browns nazi has a beam just like me i love how these two have bibs on and these two are not about to go to the hospital it's right behind us there oh i feel really really worried right now because I just don't know what's going to happen.
I don't know what he's going to say. you just get on with things now you wonder why we don't wear brands all the time in public is it because australia only has one cover case this is newcastle downtown welcome to our gig that's over yeah i think we need to go now we'll probably go to the doctor's appointment now the last one on the top is close to the 10th percentile yeah yeah sure we're done don't tell the legends about the results or oh you can whether you're happy with them or not i can't figure it out i'm not crying well but you're not working out what do you think about it i mean i think your result was great i'll tell you my results so you know how to worry about if i get drunk my hips are full i still have one or two left years of puberty, yes, how good is that, yes, you have ages, yes. hanging out mom we're going to tell her what happened hey mom I'm nervous I'm going back there in six months and if I don't change or anything then I'll have to do the cannula test at the hospital children's center, I can get it now, but he said the last i can get is six months, do you think you should get it now just to be s? afe oh it's so nice a little late i feel like maybe you should try to do it once in a while you're doing the right thing you know what you think we should do right he said he can argue with you and how you feel you feel you should break up but you don't want to yeah yeah yeah oh no we'll have to decide my control legend ever

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