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Scammer Boss Panics After His Team Gets Hacked

Aug 14, 2023
I made the fraudulent call center completely collapse. It was going to be all your happiness. Who are you okay? Hey oh, someone's angry there with the recent raids and raids on call centers from Kolkata to Hyderabad. Scammers are dispersing and hiding so they can continue their crimes. Looting people around the world, the disruption of these criminal organizations has caused these owners to move to less desirable locations while also hiring untrained workers due to fear of being exposed. I received a tip from the


community about a call center operating out of an apartment in Siliguri India posing as Norton, luring victims with official looking emails claiming to owe the victim a refund and using scare tactics to steal thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars from them, but now that I found them, they are on my radar Hi, I called these guys and instantly knew that Mike Dawson was one of those untrained


s I talked about earlier .
scammer boss panics after his team gets hacked
He didn't understand any of my jokes and even accepted my reverse connection request. on his network I was on while Mike Dawson was learning how to scam on the fly, I surgically removed the victim's information from his system and set myself up to potentially monitor him in the future once the call center knew the damage had already been done. made for its owner. I wasn't very happy with them or frankly with me, it's time to scare and piss off these disgusting scammers, let's get into it. Hello, can you hear me? Yes, can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you now.
scammer boss panics after his team gets hacked

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scammer boss panics after his team gets hacked...

I have a 488 charge. No. I know what this is, I would like to dispute it, okay mom, just do one thing, go ahead and get in front of your computer, then I will give you a form, clear the reform and transcend that subscription, like this which is how the refund scam usually works. The scammer will connect to the system through a remote access tool like supreme or any desktop, simply press the Windows button with one finger and the other fingers res the letter r rs romeo now type there www, yes, and they have the ability to see everything on the victim's computer, they can hide the screen, they can lock them and then they can also manipulate the computer, so once the scammers are connected to the victim or once they are connected to me, they will make me or the victim complete a refund. form that has details like address, phone number, even bank name, all that information that they could sell to other scammers or they could just keep for themselves, so while talking to Mike Dawson, who is an opener here, I realized that the scammers really knew. or dumb or both so the first thing Mike does is he asks me to download supreme and then he asks me if I use any desktop okay ma'am and there ma'am you can see the red colored icons which are all the decks that can. look, yes, any text icon, just open it in your next icon map, which of course I always tell scammers, I use any desktop, this allowed me to reverse the connection, get their files, download them, delete them, okay, let's power on from there and then what happens?
scammer boss panics after his team gets hacked
I am deleting files, the scammer asks me to download


viewer, yes, in the search file and write there, okay, write there www, okay, this one no, yes, no, press Enter and from there it goes to supreme and download any desktop that we already had on the computer and it kind of messes up my connection, so we lose the connection with the scammer, it says any, why am I going to go back to any deck because I'm happy here right now because the regular exam finished It's not working properly now. I can see by the cervix that it's happening well, I don't know what's going on right now, all I know is my wine glass is going down a little and I'm not drunk enough, oh my god, I was supposed to be.
scammer boss panics after his team gets hacked
Going out to the bar because there's an over 70s swingers party tonight at the Irish pub, but I guess I won't be able to go now so I could have accessed the scammer's computer again if I wanted to, but it was actually nice. clean now had downloaded all the files I needed, so I set myself up for extended access where I could monitor it more. I just decided to get on with the scanning hook now with these three programs. I'm sure you've all seen these on the channel many times that you're probably very familiar with, so if you find yourself downloading any of these on your computer, you should probably ask who I'm talking to right now and why I'm downloading this Also, plus scammers are getting a lot smarter, they are using custom URL domains, all of that to trick people into downloading these remote tools on their computers, so to protect yourself from hackers and scammers like these, Today I want to introduce you to our partner guard while using the Internet Guardio acts as your first and best line of defense.
You are a cybersecurity company with a super easy-to-use browser extension that provides real-time protection against numerous threats while you browse the web. Its advanced data security analytics give you the edge. Stay informed about things like phishing attacks that you can click on from scanning pop-ups in your email or they'll even alert you in real time if your data has been compromised. Guardio will also block crypto scams and rat scams that can prevent you from losing thousands of dollars. million dollars is not only a great guard for blocking the threats you see on this channel in real time, but it will even give you a health report on your browser if it is leaking data if you have malicious extensions installed if your searches are being hijacked by actors malicious, all this and more will be revealed in your own control panel.
There are over 1 million people right now freely browsing the Internet using guardio. You can check it out at Scammer recovery for a seven-day trial. See your browser status and protect up to five members of your family, so now is the time to stop these scammers and hackers from reaching us and our loved ones. Visit Guardio right away. You can see. Log in to your online banking. to receive and receive a link and get the credit of your refund amount, go ahead and log in to Chase Bank and accept that 488 refund map, okay, type in your bank name, okay, I have one of these markers here, okay, so turn it on. from women map ok i'm saying just open that checking account and check it there you got the money back from no yes or no and let me know ma'am ok just check 488 account statement dollars, yes or no, and leave.
I know I don't see anything, you didn't get any money right, so I got a confirmation message, ma'am, my refund manager, he's going to ah, ben, jerry, okay, jv anderson, mary, okay, yeah , ma'am, so wait a minute, mom. I am transferring this form to my senior refunds manager. His name is Jerry Anderson. He's fine. By the way, Hello. Hello. Yes, a very good day to you. Your call has been transferred to me. My name is Jerry Anderson and I am the Senior Account Manager. manager over here, so I was going to refund the money to your checking account and end up with six nine six nine okay, okay, so do one thing, just take a piece of paper and a pen and take note of the available balance that's in your checking account right now, you may see a dark screen, so once you see it, please confirm me, yes, I can't see my screen right now, okay, now what do you see?
Says Chase, did you just burp by the way? chai wallah here in my neighborhood and every time I get chai it helps me with verbs. I didn't want to hear those things from you because I'm doing a job. I can't discuss those things with you. What do you think you're doing? The only smart thing about it is that you can go into our laptop and you can just send a pop-up index on our screen and we're sitting in the pool, we open up our camera on our laptop, what do you see? What do you think I am?
No, I can't see anything. What are you talking about? Who the hell are you? Why do you talk to me this way? Who the hell are you? What do you think? What do you mean? What do I think if people are going to call here again in your life what I was going to do is going to be all your happiness I'm sorry, I'm sorry, what's going on I never call you again, okay, never again, why are you so abusive? What do you think you're the only smart person? in the uh, why are you so abusive to me?
Please don't talk to me like that, please talk to you, say one thing about India and now they get scared, so I'm going to call these guys, but I want you to pay attention to them. One thing that voice sees in the background is Prabhu and he is the head of the call center. He is not very happy that his employees allow me to access their systems and obtain information from them. Hello, hello, thanks for calling. You do not like me. I said chaiwala. Oh, he is. Someone is angry thanks for calling Norton, how can I help you?
It's this Mr. Dawson, I'm sorry, what's going on and I already ordered, it's this Michael, it's this, Michael Dawson, yes, it's Grace. I just finished with you. My God, how scared are you, man, hey beta, talk to me, yeah, hey, when you talk to me, yeah, you talk to me with respect or you close your lips when you talk to me, you understand me, oh my God, who's going to respect you? Who? hell, hey, just give me some time and you'll respect me, you think you're smarter than me, I've got some things in store, the damage is done, the damage is done, you get it and you will be. exposed, give me some time, carry on, I think these scam


es are starting to realize, just when the song says you can't run away, it's too late and this is the revenge, thanks to all our members who support the revenge of the swindler. this is pierogi saying don't get scammed

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