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Saving My FAMILY From A SCARY CAT In Minecraft!

Jun 05, 2021
I think we lost the cat, yeah, that cat was aggressive, uh, Draco, turn around, who's good at escaping, it's me, we'll find out, don't be the mouse, we're the mouse rainbow, we're the little mice and the most small will win. I don't see where oh that was embarrassing we won't lose this time run everyone run on your little feet go go run like lightning let's do this give me the cheese heads oh my god um everyone ignore this no I'm sorry like a puddle I'm professional maybe we should play ball well this is where i have to go now i can play new parkour until i improve let me test if i have the skill of a newbie yes i realize the level is easy right, funny difficulty so you should be able to do it, gold, I don't want to talk about it, look, I did it, I did the easiest one, wow, I made the easiest parkour, I win, I can survive like a real mouse and beat this malicious wit.
saving my family from a scary cat in minecraft
They're fine, so we follow you or what moon, what does that mean? You're following me guys, hurry up, come on, oh my god, yeah, oh, oh my god, that was so sad, Draco, wait, man, where are you going, hurry up, I'm. Don't wait too long, wait, did I win the game? oh, this is it, oh my god, no way, laugh, wait, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, what are you doing to the front? Run, Draco, run, run, grab a cheese, oh Dracula, oh my God, he's still behind. Us, how big is this map? No, no, lead the way, the main road, hey, save some cheese for me, save some cheese, give me some cheese, how big is this map?
saving my family from a scary cat in minecraft

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saving my family from a scary cat in minecraft...

No, Draco, come on, skip cheese, oh, it's dead, yeah, all the cheese is mine, easy cat. Even here I literally couldn't relax in the middle of the city, okay, nevermind, I wouldn't relax there, never mind, the cat is behind me, she sounds like Arya, but she's angry, I'm running as fast as I can, guys, I'll take this. map even improvable I was running for a long time um across the bridge you turn around you turn around okay that's boring I'm going shopping bye bye yeah dracco you read the map I'll do it too wherever I am I want to go shopping oh welcome to the mall kitty I mean my little one just for mice no kitty feel free to shop we share a wallet we do it and we have to buy first I bought something I choose the heart hey you can't buy a healing heart group of money that I have bought us a healing heart here no, that's a waste, we should have brought a new map, why didn't you get the dollar sign trail?
saving my family from a scary cat in minecraft
Luna, let's buy a new map, stop wasting it on the trails, you bad puppy, wow, you deserve that title, a money-wasting fool. on a double date no I'm not a dumb money spender I'm a smart money spender look at this look at her she's walking in might as well use what they have now we have money and I'm enabling pvp draco everyone can hear you oh no you can't since We have money now we're moving out of town, okay, where is this bus, where are you going? oh jurassic yeah it's


okay and since i'm the pvp master we're going to make it hard guys i think it's a horrible idea easy so what was the point for the new thing?
saving my family from a scary cat in minecraft
Yes, we still go to the cities because we are city boys and girls, okay, gold, I don't think it's time for your little one and since you're a little safer, get out of there. out of the way are the shopping carts and the fire hydrants why are you dying oh my god the fire the cat is fast oh my god I'm trying come on oh my god that was


follow me funny I'll let you survive it's okay thank you I'm scared, Uh, I gotta kill cheese, heart, cheese, cheese, come on, oh, the cat is fast, okay, stop looking, just go, run in front of me, I'll push you, meow, oh my God, the thing is, the trace is actually very useful because you? kidding, fire hydrants hurt me hello why don't I say hello okay it seems like when you know you're done you have to see the statue of liberty that's when you know you're done I'm pretty sure you were in the sewers or the subway and I think Draco just won there in that sector.
It's in easy mode. We can do this. I know. How can we totally lose that easy mode? Move on. I need to see the statue of everyone who leaves all the cheese because it's easy and cheesy. oh yeah we need cheese, money without cheese, whoa, without cheese, gold, get that, get that cheese, money, gold, it wasn't worth it, the cheese wasn't worth it, oh my god, next time I see cheese over water I won't get it because that would turn me into a hot mouse oh my god hurry up the cat is hot on my tail go go rainbow I hear the cat I know they're good it's hot on our tails just Go, go, go, draco, where are you?
I'm at the statue of liberty oh no way no one can beat it it's freedom where is the statue of liberty? I also see the statue of liberty if we are not easy we are bad at Minecraft and we have to delete Minecraft oh no not this again thank you that was easy I thought I was going to fall into the water I mean we are getting Pretty good at this, I could do it, I think I see the end, no way, no way, oh no, jump, jump rope, are you kidding me, oh my god. I just saw the magical rainbow and wait really let me see Dracula is over here the cat where are you cat?
I'm right I'm passing this finish line no dude wait for me okay whatever oh yeah wait five points for our efforts now we can buy a new map just five points now imagine if it was a dinosaur cat chasing us that would be horrible okay scary I want to see I actually want to see cheese okay oh there are dinosaurs everywhere don't go on that's cool hey watch out Friday the cat was teleported back one more time come on I think it was quicksand I'm going fishing what It pissed me off too, okay rainbow, those two are toxic, but I'll go see what game they're playing too, I bet.
You have this easter egg if you fish everything, this is called a fishing pond where if you collect every item it will fill the wall and could give us something. This is our life. Now I've left Rainbow. I do not want to play. no more parkour this is my life this is now a fishing game instead of cat and mouse but you have nothing you have all the parkour masters what happened I was never a parkour master no um I'm not a parkour master I'm bad under the pressure of the death race and now I fish and Draco is still alive How come I get nothing?
I'm impatient. I apologize. I don't know how to use a Minecraft fishing rod. Oh my God, there are too many fishing rods. I don't know which cane is mine. I need to catch some fish by collecting the wall. I mean the Draco diet. Gold. Your money is scaring away my fish. Oh, I'm sorry, how come I don't catch anything? I'm so unlucky. your fish has some money there are no people oh and draco just died we oh we need like four more items what do we get or five the super rare thing is a cookie we must get the cookie how we are going to catch them I don't know with patience There are too many fishing rods in this pond.
I think this one is scary. It may scare away the fish here. Fish, please give us something weird. Why is this in my head? Oh, I'm kind of funny, okay fishermen, we've been here. for about 15 minutes and I don't think there's a chance we'll get the super rare cookie. I want the legendary cookie, we fill it all up, but then we're missing the super rare cookie and it seems impossible for it to be soggy anyway. real goodbye fishing pond we have a race to beat the boys a real race goodbye fishing not worth it not worth a soggy cookie we must continue our adventure so as not to be jurassic city for traffic we do not have tropicals what's wrong with you and moon? thinking we have these maps we are poor hard mode jurassic let's get all the cheese all the cheese in mine yeah if I don't keep crashing into these bones what triple care I think it's the same amount of cheese for the cat oh my god never mind the gold seriously died I need help for that part I don't understand why we are slowly falling to our deaths cheese draco oh my god I hear the cat jump ok jump rainbow jump finally yeah let's go ok that was epic I saw us all jump like We'd watch our money go down, we'll never make enough cheese, guys, to make up for it, no more jokes, no jokes on me, cutting the cheddar, zero jokes, jump, gold, gold, you didn't do it. even collect cheese, you're just losing us money, we're taking gold from the cheese elite team, we're very serious about China, catch the legendary cookies, the moles started the team too, dude, I think they're dying to go To fish. up the legendary cookie they're all gone no, oh my gosh, rainbow, come on, you're so far behind, the mouse is the cat, he's going to catch you, but I'm fine, I'll beat this level, it's too easy, isn't it.
I have no teeth, what are you doing just eating cheese? Oh, okay, big-brained cheese, that's all I want. Now everyone leave a comment below that's just a cheese emoji let's confuse everyone because all I want is cheese oh we're actually making. It's far away rainbow rainbow please I'm the hungry mouse I have it all the cheese is mine until the end I hope the kitten doesn't catch Are you kidding me? there's a jump ahead don't miss it funny jump jump jump yeah this cheese is mud all this cheese yum yum yum bring home the cheddar okay don't worry we could buy a new one map after this, guys, I'm going to go all the way and I'm going to collect them all. a single piece of cheese no cheese will be the last I will eat them all perfect hey if you don't bring cheese you won't be able to figure out why fish for cookies like these fish for soggy cookies I have this all this cheese is mine cheese Oh my god I'm even making the mousse epic.
Where's the rest of my cheese? This is clearly too easy. Oh, I didn't speak too soon. Nobody saw that I saw it on all the maps. The railroad map looks great, so. I'm going to buy the rail level for 400 points. We have 100 points left. What can we buy? Nothing. A super cookie. No, they all meet the railway. It looks very intense. We will try it with a medium level this time. Alright. Then the cat could scare us. Well, welcome. to the railway everyone survive cat or die what oh yeah, okay, I was talking to the other cats, hey, it's a cat, no, no, no, there's a lot of cheese here, ah, where are the pieces?, oh, you have I have to be like Draco, he's singing the cheese song, therefore, I'll take off all the cheese Jack What do you see up there?
Draco cheese just rows and rows of cheese like a mouse. Not you, no, you could have beaten that Draco next time. Don't sing about cheese. It's okay, they can spend their entire lives there. fishing for a soggy cookie while I have fun on this trampoline to make it look like uh yay yay yay everyone yay is done draco will just relax and jump on the trampoline now yay yay yay yay double bounce yay yay yay double bounce yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay

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