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SAVE MARIGOLD... or ELSE! (Fortnite VIP Challenge)

Jun 09, 2021
Jules, my goodness, look at you, you've finally decided to emulate your father, yes, yes, well, I have an office job, so that's true. I like it because you know you're not completely dirty and you're not wearing your overalls, do you feel? like a proper lady now yeah I went to Sephora um I just cover them for the office job I have now but they were beautiful oh god okay so it looks like someone is after you so we have to take you somewhere sure again yes I can't have you, no one can, don't worry, Maya is here, Maya will protect you, yes, Maya will do everything she can to protect you, but most of all it will mean being me, come on, yeah, I thought, come on, do you even know how to aim?
save marigold or else fortnite vip challenge
Like no offense oh my god, oh my god, they really are, yeah, I got it, I got it, it's that Deadpool, yeah, it's Deadpool, oh my god, oh my god, I got it. Okay, come on man, okay, okay, go ahead Mario, give it some shots. Now I can be part of your family. Um, no, maybe, maybe if it goes well, maybe if it goes well. You know, maya, honestly, i barely wanted to be a part of this family, so, oh my gosh, Marigold, well, she's gotten better recently, but actually you. I know you got some proper fashion, this is good, okay, stay on the edge guys, I learned this in military school, you always have to be on your toes, yeah, actually, but you know I went, yeah, yeah, I just thought to dress like you.
save marigold or else fortnite vip challenge

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save marigold or else fortnite vip challenge...

It seems like you know how to get all the normal office work look normally I like how you also gouged out your eye apparently to be like me too oh wow you literally went blind in one eye it was a weird job requirement I don't know why stay tuned I'm sure that we'll find out the real reason why Deadpool sucks, so anyway I think we should take you to Lazy Lake. It is a beautiful city. You know he wouldn't dare try to attack you there. Oh, yes, yes, but. unfortunately we had to stay on the roads for reasons, yeah, well, you know, if we go off the road, we'll get lost mm-hmm exactly, you know we couldn't cross this grass field, no, we can't.
save marigold or else fortnite vip challenge
Not only is it Deadpool, he could be there wearing heels. I feel like my heels would like to sink into the ground. uh yeah, and these shoes are too fancy. You know, I don't want them to get ruined. Oh, there you are, oh my God. I kinda got it, cover yourself, oh my god, dad, stay away from my daughter, yeah, he's dead, oh my god, ex-husband, am I right? Kinda crazy, don't remind me that happened. I know I can barely stand it. That is a fact. Come on, uh. Let's wait for Maya to come back here, okay, you know she adds something to the group mi amaya papaya papaya um, there it is, no, I don't know how to write, that rhyme is very bad, friend, you never taught me to rhyme, dad, you.
save marigold or else fortnite vip challenge
I know, oh, oh, dad, I thought you were Amaya, um, she doesn't dress that nice, no, of course, no, she dresses like she only shops at Goodwill, oh, yeah I shop in a good way, related with us, kind of like how you used to dress. jewelry with your dirty pants oh it's like it's dirty chic dirty chic regardless I'm glad you got better I look I mean I want to talk I used to have a terrible ponytail yeah come on are you okay? and how are you okay, he caught me good, no pun intended, oh man this guy can't shoot, my dish is the perfect shot even with one eye, don't worry guys I'm coming back, oh my god, oh Oh my gosh, don't worry because maya.
It's here, you killed my dad, no, I'm just trying, okay, are you ready,


, uh, yeah, but yeah, you should be muted, okay, let's joke, okay, oh my god, okay, okay, okay , she's dead, she's old, I just went home. I just want him back olm why that's all I want I just want my own bag come back here we go hit me no no no no no no no do it you already understand this is what I like yeah you have half of our assets in the house, so don't understand the children, I'm coming, I'm right behind, yes, yes, I like that, I like when you guys give me nicknames, okay, let's not get excited, the last dragon or whatever and the last dragon, the new movie raja or maya ryan.
I think it's Ryan, I don't know, don't worry, he's by the pink dumpster, Maya, goat, Maya, go find them, don't say it's so awkward, oh no, my dumpster, I don't know why I laugh, we have to do it. stop the audience from sending us


, don't say that, okay, go on, go on, I think they have mine, so go on, I'm after a talk, they won't even do it. Did you catch it? I have ah, he comes all over. Well, we're in the orange truck on the bridge, so he's looking for that. Should I stay here?
Should we continue? um, now we can continue like this. I could take this weapon. Actually, you just found us. Oh, he's coming. Dad is coming. Dad, dad, it's okay. okay, okay, okay, where is he on my left on my right I'm dad why don't you answer my question what was the question and he says oh my God hello oh my God bad jump come on hit me hit me oh I can't ? Even do this with heels and a pencil skirt, dude, wow, I'm not going to hit anything, no, oh, he won, oh, snap, and here he comes, you're three for three with him, right?, oh, yeah, yeah Yes, do you have shields?
You're okay, I got this dad, you never taught me how to do this, how do I do it? Yeah, okay, yum, delicious, yeah, oh I just threw it in, I don't know, delicious, delicious, okay, fruit salad, see good things, yeah, that's pretty good, okay, okay. Well, okay, back to back, he usually has my back, but that's rather literal, oh my god, where is he? okay, I'll focus on doing this for us, okay, okay, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go where. Where was that shown? Okay, oh, oh, it's up here, over here, it's over here, through the trees, ah, okay, Marigold, just stay back, it's over here, it's over here, um, I'm going to be directly behind you, okay, yes, stay straight, very good, crouched too.
Like I said, I added a bonus, you know you look like a target so I won't be by your side, actually guys okay go get it, oh she, wow, oh my god what's going on? Get out of here. Oh, that was terrifying. It sounds like Maya is dead, so let's cover up, yeah, you're hiding here, go and go, go to the bathroom, uh, okay, yeah, wasn't she like my face? You said my favorite place, yeah, oh yeah, that hit me hard. It's okay, it's dead, it's okay, are you down there? Yeah, remember that minigame when you were stuck in the port-a-potty.
Am I stuck? Well, you, yeah, for driving or something, something like that, it was a driving minigame. you wouldn't have done very well, honestly, it's true, so much angst, my goodness, okay, we're almost there at lazy link, so I guess we think we've got it, I said lazy link, lazy lake, we're almost there, oh. classic midas midas good messy words get the surprise yes, good luck with that, yes, sorry sir, sorry, it's the Mayan family. Deadpool sounded like he said he was going to unmute there, so now we can hear his charming, charming voice, I miss you guys.
I want to talk oh I miss you too Deadpool I wasn't talking to you maya okay noah it was never a joke maya we are we are season two episode two friends we have to stay together in the un relevance i I don't even know what I am I'm all over the place and Midas keep coming back, oh how's your health? I don't know, okay, I'm going to heal well, I needed to heal myself, okay, I'm going to be able to give myself. one second, can you?, okay, go ahead, go ahead, you will cure yourself with milk, if you are going to attack me, you will cure yourself, heal yourself, okay, yes, go ahead, I will do it too, don't worry, there you go, I will do that.
There we go, okay, I'm glad we can have an invisible divorce, a fair fight, oh my God, I just want a house, that's all I want, you know what the lawyer said, no, you know what would have worked better Yeah, uh, yeah Jack Gordon. no judge, I think it worked out pretty well for me, no, I want to come home, no, I looked at it on the weekends, I don't even get them on the weekends anymore, you can be there for their karate classes, oh, okay, do it. Now I'm coming home, right, mara girls, unfortunately Deadpool won, so you have to bring them home.
Yes, I'm coming home now. Those are just the rules. That's what Jennifer Walters said. Yes, that's the first book you have. You don't even know Ohm's legal name. it's tabitha oh no it's tibetan tibetan pronounce it right TBD yes I'm just looking at your beautiful face Deadpool don't worry wow that was amazing that was a big lie obviously I'm not going to let him have your owl anyway this was vip


with marigold and midas i hope you all enjoyed watching this video make sure to comment and subscribe please like the video and comment below what kind of characters and games you want to see next if you want to see midas yeah do it, have you done it?
This whole minigame without saying marigold marigold I think I've said it a few times oh you checked that right thanks for watching bye so

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