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Saudi Arabia's TERRIFYING New Discovery Shocked The Whole World!

Apr 25, 2023
Abroad there has been a



at Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia that relates to the fact that God actually parted the Red Sea. Some University of Arizona professors have recently confirmed using carbon dating that the story of God parting the Red Sea to create a passage for Moses and the Israelites may not be far-fetched, but how exactly is the Discovery in Saudi Arabia related to the story of Moses? Let's find out several pieces of evidence that confirm the story of Moses, but before that, let me refresh your memory on what really happened back then. God spoke to Moses through the burning bush and asked him to visit Egypt and command Pharaoh to free his people.
saudi arabia s terrifying new discovery shocked the whole world
Pharaoh was stubborn and would not let anyone go, so God sent 10 curses for Pharaoh to listen to. He finally obeyed the word of God and let the people of Israel go, however, it was not long before his heart suddenly changed and he decided to follow Moses and the people of Israel with his fleet of 250,000 Egyptians with their horses. cars we cannot imagine the fear that the Israelites must have had when on one side they had a great ocean and on the other the blood-hungry murderous Pharaoh well guess what happened God told Moses to stretch out his hands over the Red Sea and when he did the sea was divided into two parts and there was a clear path for the people of Israel to cross safely to the other side before I continue with this story let me show you what the seabed looks like from New Beach in Egypt to Saudi Arabia where we have Mount Sinai, when you see the topography of this region you will realize that it is some kind of land bridge 33 meters under water.
saudi arabia s terrifying new discovery shocked the whole world

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saudi arabia s terrifying new discovery shocked the whole world...

According to some research studies this land bridge region is wide enough to fit two million Israelites but they don't know what they found on this land bridge well most of you watching this video would think twice before to enter that path, let alone enter to kill the person who actually created it, the bible tells us that the egyptians even dared to follow moses and the people of israel into the divided sea, the wheels of their chariots began to get stuck and they got out, this did not stop them from following the Israelites and they began to catch up with them on foot at the moment when the people of Israel reached the other side and the Egyptians were still in the middle of the two great walls of water.
saudi arabia s terrifying new discovery shocked the whole world
God commanded Moses to raise his hands again and as soon as he obeyed God's word, he swept away all the Egyptians. Back to the actual conversation, several cartwheels were found on the land bridge under the Red Sea, even if you are the


's biggest atheist, you have to admit that this is serious evidence that the popular tourist destination Mount Sinai has been He claimed that he was in charmel Sheikh in Egypt for many years while the Saudi Arabs neglected this and claimed that Mount Sinai was in their country. There are some solid bits of evidence to suggest that the real Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia.
saudi arabia s terrifying new discovery shocked the whole world
Moses used to water his lashes and met the daughters of Jethro, however, the Bible says that Moses and the Israelites found a beautiful oasis in the desert called ellem, which consisted of 70 palm trees and several springs of water. These palm trees are still located reasonably close to the supposed Mount Sinai and can you guess what the locals call this place? Easily guess Ellum if you're still looking for more compelling evidence. Say no more after writing God's law in the book of the Covenant. Moses set up an altar for burnt offerings and on Mount Sinai there. it is an ancient altar made of uncut stones as specified by the Lord it was recently unearthed and archaeologists found the remains of various animals also the israelites were disobedient and for that 3000 people were felled archaeologists believe there are tombstones on mount sinai that is linked to those people within the archaeological area there are several rock carvings that look like carfide or worship, they not only found clues about idol worship, but also found ancient Hebrew menorahs found in the rocks around Sinai, which is evidence enough to prove that the Israelites were here and this is in fact the real Mount Sinai some of these menorahs have been erased and no one knows why people are trying to get rid of the evidence Flavius ​​Josephus a Jewish historian said the rock of Horeb it was so big it couldn't move now look at this Split Rock right here it's about 40 to 60 feet tall and when archaeologists studied this rock closely they discovered that this rock had grooves in the middle which clearly point to water erosion which is almost impossible in the middle of the desert in Saudi Arabia, what is more interesting is that this rock is located on Mount Sinai, you may be wondering what is horrible or why this rock is so important when the people of Israel were in the desert and complained to Moses. being thirsty and told him that if they died in this desert it would be his fault Moses cried out to God for help and he responded with a remedy God asked Moses to strike the Rock in front of him and water would come out of it so that the people drink it, it hit the Rock and much water has begun to flow through it.
Now, thousands of years ago, God was showing an image of the cross in the shape of the horrib. The apostle Paul says that the rock was Christ. Moses was imperfect. human being and when he struck the rock, it was actually the image of when Christ would be struck by imperfect human beings. Jesus Christ was beaten and beaten by sinners on the cross. He had nails through his hands. A crown of thorns was nailed to his skull. the beard was plucked there he finally bled and died so that we could have the Forgiveness of sins Jesus Christ offered himself as a sacrifice and from his life flowed Abundant Living Water just like the water that flowed from the rock that divided into like the water of Horeb was free the rivers of forgiveness that flow from the life of christ are totally free so if you are thirsty you must come to the lord jesus christ and drink his water because jesus christ is the rock of our salvation the bible also calls jesus the stone angular was the rock that used to be the foundation of a building and builders used to build everything around it was the bedrock and everything depended on it you are building your life around jesus christ you are leading your life in the proper way direction let me tell you a story related to Moses he was not allowed to enter the promised land and do you know why Moses found himself in a situation similar to the one discussed before the people complained that they were thirsty and that if he did not do something they would die then Moses approached the Lord and asked for a way to quench the thirst of his people.
Well, this time God asked Moses to stand in front of another rock and asked him to release water. Moses stood in front of the Rock and did the opposite. than asking the rock to release the water, he hit the rock just like he did at Horeb, doesn't feel like a serious thing, but he actually defied God's command and always had a plan, he could never hit the rock twice because Jesus Christ he only needed to be struck once before the incident in Horeb people used to make various sacrifices and used to offer personal wealth as a form of atonement for their sins however when Christ died on that cross the sacrifice made on that day was enough for all mankind and that act was meant to happen just once and never again, it was meant to be nailed to that cross so that you and I could find forgiveness and make it clear that God had to discipline Moses harshly, he didn't want to send a message confusing to all the people who read the bible several years after the incident occurred there is another reason why moses was not allowed into the promised land he represents the Law but that will not get you to heaven you need a Joshua what does it mean Yeshua in Hebrew and Jesus in Greek, what you really need to enter heaven is Jesus Christ, you need a savior to guide you to the promised land, since Joshua was the only person who could take people to heaven.
Moses was not allowed to enter the promised land, let me. clarify this fact Moses will certainly be in heaven and we all know that he is with Christ at this moment because on the Mount of Transfiguration Jesus Christ came with Moses and Elijah with that said which is the true Mount Sinai according to the Bible it says that Mount Sinai it was completely in Smoke because because the Lord descended on it in fire its smoke went up like smoke from a furnace and the


Mountain trembled greatly the reason some people believe this is the real Mount Sinai is that it has Peaks blackened like if they had been burned by fire.
Some geologists are really confused after studying rocks that are black on the outside and completely normal on the inside. It's almost like someone is literally trying to melt them from the outside. from the pulpit where Moses would address the people, what are his thoughts? Do you think it's the real Mount Sinai? Let us know in the comments section.

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