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Sat in a Farm yard for 20yrs! 200mph Barn Find 90s Sports car Rescued

May 03, 2024
yeah, okay, yeah, so I think the reason why this seat, these seats are so soft, yet it's that tinted windshield, yeah, it's that special tinted windshield that I read about. it was a ZR only solar film yeah I didn't know why I knew there was a little cutout for your garage blipper uh infrared and stuff but then and the radar jammer and the radar jammer but Lellan said that It was because of the air conditioning. pump in the motorYes that's right yes it's smaller I think it's a smaller AC pump which means it can't call the car as efficiently so they put this in so they put a window screen on it very expensive, I think, and I did it.
sat in a farm yard for 20yrs 200mph barn find 90s sports car rescued
They told me yeah, if the windshield is broken, you're in trouble, take a damn bet, that's your second key, you've got your orthopedic seats, you've got your stick controls for performance, because you've got your adapter and you've got the Pary corette that goes there on the left. it's normal and then the right is full power yes please sir and then your normal key goes on the column right there on the right Sorry guys it's time to look at the engine bay right let's lift up the old clam shell that we have, can they be good? The dog doesn't want us to pick up the clam shell, you don't have to push that thing back, pull the bottom half towards you, towards me, yeah, that's it, it's closed, that's it, that's it, he's got it and leave it, That's fine, damn, look, I forgot, look. even the fronts are huge, this is the first time, it's a 27547 only and you can see all the aluminum suspension, but my goodness look at that very sophisticated double Wishbone, yes, and I think this is what they have in Europe, we are very fast. to criticize American cars for being blunt instruments, but actually the Corvette, this is not a blunt instrument at all, not a blunt instrument, there are the lights, yes, shining at you, yes, I feel slightly feeling the pressure to work on This is because it is a very complicated engine, very specialized and I have never worked on a Corvette in my life.
sat in a farm yard for 20yrs 200mph barn find 90s sports car rescued

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sat in a farm yard for 20yrs 200mph barn find 90s sports car rescued...

You guys have worked on a Corvette, yes, yes, yes, so at least you've worked on a cover and, as always, with these backgrounds B. We're going to take some general precautionary measures beforehand, so I think what we'll do is to inflate the tires and remove the spark plugs and then at least we can possibly balance the car with acetane. brake stuck B is the engine free, yes, and we could, yes, we could push and pull it a little bit, uh, and then we could have an idea of, I think, disconnect the fuel pump, yes, so that when we turn on the ignition, No I want to put all that old fuel in the system, so we'll


sat in a farm yard for 20yrs 200mph barn find 90s sports car rescued
I have to


where it is. That's right, it's very easy. They are in flexes, so you just unscrew them and then put them in a jar. or whatever cool you know what rubbish yeah cool oh god you bastard pressurized oh I know probably chances are there's some there's some fuel I think the fuel has lights on the dash Yes, we have fuel, guys, you have fuel, do it one more time. What color is it? It wasn't very nice could you could you do that again I won't do it again how strange I might need the faucet to come out all the way yeah oh it's just what it does it just gives it one round of squirt and that's all good just oh okay well , you know, let's say it's a hot day and you haven't drunk much water.
sat in a farm yard for 20yrs 200mph barn find 90s sports car rescued
I wouldn't put that on your injectors on my injectors. Wow, just notice the brakes are still full, yeah. I could have bought a nice car, I hope so. Yes, that would be nice, wouldn't it? Not okay, so we can look at the fuses, let's take a quick look, we can look at the fuses and see if it's something really easy. and then see if there is any way to get to the starter to give it a tap if that is the case. Yes, I didn't turn off the dashboard lights. do that, it does, yeah, it probably does.
I was just about to take it out, so just make sure you don't activate it. This is just three turns of the starter, it's just three, three quick turns of the key and that's it. That's right, wow, that's pretty liquid, yeah, that's going to cost you 5 each, yeah, that's right, yeah, Jesus, although it was actually a very efficient car and that's why this system was incredible, because with just one key you could execute it. a 200, kinda horse, uh, he was under stress and went through all the federal emissions and stuff like that that he needed, so it was like, um, he was a beast with two personalities, cool.
I'm just getting the latest one. Plug it in on this side in the meantime, Len has a uh, what are their names again? borescope b b scope is borescope so you're giving the old Corvette a colonoscopy checking his pipes yeah, it looks good, it looks good so So far, I haven't seen anything horrendous, so what are these two plugs? Well, this one and this one, the one I'm still taking off, were pretty loose and they were very wet, which is probably why it was probably just. having a knock, I'm not too worried about that, these here are pretty dry, right, yeah, they're perfect, they're what you'd expect, they're really just old, yeah, an old plug, so I think they might be, I mean.
Looking at the mileage 40,000 yes that's not many miles, is it likely the original spark plugs? I think I know AC Delco is the OE plugs, you know, the factory plugs, oh, it finally opened up there, oh my word, so we cleaned it. They got all the dirt out of this channel and the guys put some shampoo in there and it didn't do anything, we left it for an hour and it decided to just show up, that's good, it forgot how much space there is. It's not bad in there it's for space pretty good it's a long way to lean for an older gentleman we should say but and I love a jacket faded by the sun or whatever oh oh yes it's that the jacket is like that the Corvette jacket, oh , it's a veterinary jacket.
It's a completely different color on that side, all you have to do is leave the other side in the sun for a while, come on, come on, CH, come on, come on, oh actually, it fits you perfectly. Don't look at that and it's proper US military because it has the patch where you need to put her name and rank and all that jazz. You could run this through the dryer and freshen it up a bit. You could even dye it, you can loom St at will. I bought the car and what's in it, yes, including the jacket, yes, it's a deal, right?
I'm going to have some dial put on the jacket, you know what you want? you could do, you could definitely get a C4 Corvette patch for that V oh 100% yeah 100% oh blind, that's a pretty well designed thing, right? I don't know if it will work, for fear that yes, you won't do it. I don't want that to need looking after, yes it does, there's a Soul maragold that I'm not going to ask about and a wedding invitation and a polishing cloth that's out of the teapot, is that right? Yeah, it sounds like it's a bit, but I know I'm kind of joking and stuff, but I noticed in the front the carpets are spotless, they're nice, aren't they the carpets?
And look, look, I know these rugs have faded here and here, but look below, that's absolutely it. It's perfect, yes, it's pretty good, right? The carpet hasn't faded, but the mats have been different, it's held up very well, I think considering how long it's been sitting, yeah, and all the plastics and all the trim, yeah, okay. Isn't it that people criticized this interior at that time saying that it wasn't special enough? But it still catches my attention. I think it's great, maybe it just needed a little time. Yes, are you looking for contraband? Yeah, looking for Treasure Contra, yeah, what would a Corvette driver hide?
That's a good question, wouldn't it be beef jerky, beef jerky and, uh, what did you say, new balancers, what a pair of new driving New Balances, one of those, oh, bastard, no way. still has coffee oh the vet's cup so the advantage of finding a


is the fact that we're on a


and when you're on a farm you have machines to play with so Will has this amazing thing. probably the brightest machine you have is not mine it's new since very open and you borrowed it yeah okay so we have a new borrowed center steering to lift there is no original equipment tow on the front of a C4 Corvette, it looks like, so we're gently with the forks very low, we're just going to see if we can break the brakes, what I'm going to do is spray some brake cleaner in there, we just have to move it. a little, I think, and now we'll see what we can do.
We could put it in second gear or we could put it in neutral a little bit when it's broken, then put it in second gear and see if yeah, yeah, see if you hear anything. suck, blow, backs are moving back backs are moving, yes, this is stuck moving, the front seized, yes, a little more, yes, so the front brakes are completely seized, maybe we need to remove the wheel, pushing it back and forth like we have a gear, lelling can You hear or see and you can hear a little bit of chugging in the BS, it's doing something, yeah, which means in theory it's nice and loose and not it's stuck so I think we could put all of them in except one plug, we'll leave one outside. we just try to start it, we try to start it without the plugs, we can start it without the plugs.
I would like to remove that. I would like to remove that fuel connection just because if the fuel pump comes to life and starts feeding you old fuel. I will now. I think if we do it, then yes, we can. Is he still in second grade? I'm not in second grade yet. I'm still in neutral. little grip here because it's dry, ready, yeah, oh, try again, then, oh God, speed, there it goes and smell it. I can smell unburned fuel. I can, yeah, okay, so we didn't start the car, but before it gets dark and we have.
To load it up for these guys to take, I thought I'd clean it up a bit and see how it goes, so I actually have a much better snow foam cannon, but I forgot the adapter, so don't judge me anyway. It was a black car within days of bringing his ZR4 project home, the kids cleaned the interior and managed to unscrew the intake manifold to find out why the starter wasn't working. The mice had been dining on the wiring, although the starter itself was fine. By the time you see this, the engine should be about to start and that makes me very happy.
Follow the car's progress through its Auto Funk YouTube channel. Well, it's been a good day. The sun is setting. Corvette is loading up for her new adventure. with L Ellen and Chris and um well, Will and his wife Jan embark on their new adventure, this farm is going to be sold very soon and they are going to the Shetland dials, so it's a really interesting end of era for Will and his wife which has lived with Corvettes for a while, but this will be back on the road and very soon and I like that because sometimes you never know with these finds B.
I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you enjoyed maybe. find out what the ZR1 is, it's not just a Corvette, it's much more than that, with a bit of British connection. If you have a car that's in a


, in a driveway, in a garage, under a hedge, whatever you want. I think it's of interest, let me know, send an email with the location, some photos, backstory, all that kind of stuff and maybe I'll come film one at your house soon, thanks for looking.

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