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Sassy Shows us How She Converted her High-Top Cargo Van

Jun 06, 2021
hi everyone bob wells here and this is the real star of the show my best friend cody welcome to our new channel we have been promising you videos from the old channel for a long time and now we are finally uploading them that is what we have for you today. I hope you enjoy them and let's join that video in progress. She has a really cool story and did you build your truck or basically did it all yourself. I'd say 90% Wow and you know there's a tendency to think well you know I'm a woman I can't do things and you can't we're discovering the truth here the awful truth that women are fully capable and do what they want. yes and you're not a master carpenter or anything you're just a lady who decided to do a job and did it yes that's right tell us a bit about yourself are you a full time part timer well no im a full time er i have thoughts about it so when i set out to do this i set my intention n buy a van and do some traveling mostly in my own state because its a place i have lived a long time but never i have traveled extensively and wanted to set up my truck so i could live in it thats how i started my design and was careful to put it down on paper so i could understand what i was doing right down to measuring the bins and making sure the bed heights would accommodate bins and that my kitchen counter could fit plastic drawers underneath and things like that for I was pretty specific about what I wanted and how I was going to achieve it.
sassy shows us how she converted her high top cargo van
So far everything in this is a right of trade-off, whether it's buying equipment or even making travel plans or building the design, there's always a trade-off or decision that has to be made that will give me more of what I want and less of what I want. that i don't want or how could you have chosen backwards for yourself exactly what is important to me is not important to you and vice versa right so you just build it for yourself yes and that's the advantage of building it yourself is you get what you wants, well I also have a husband and he's six feet tall so I wanted to make sure I had a tall right top and he could stand up and I wanted to make sure my bed design system would accommodate us both of us when we're together and only me when I'm alone, right?
sassy shows us how she converted her high top cargo van

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sassy shows us how she converted her high top cargo van...

And my husband travels a lot with you? um, he travels with me more and more. a bit reticent at first but he was totally supportive and wanted to travel so he will join me when he can and that seems to be getting better and better. It's surprisingly common for the husband to want to stay home and the wife to be the adventurous one. Have you met many others? My theory would be that it's because maybe because women tend to be the caretakers a lot and at this point in our lives. we're ready to walk out the door and not let anyone get in our way right so no that's kinda true i think it's very true you spend your life taking care of other people now it's your turn yeah yeah and I think that I personally believe that it is a hundred percent correct attitude. turn, yeah, and then I didn't want to do it in a selfish way, but consciously in a conscious way, yeah, and there has to be a compromise there, you know, between the husband and the wife and sometimes the compromise works and other times times not. and then you have to make some hard decisions yes you miss them yes well no for me it's compromise it's working very well very very well I can leave and not feel like I'm leaving anything home or husband , and it's working great great that's really good so you're a solo traveler a few months out of the year you'd say and a single woman and a van and that must have given you a little bit of pause at the beginning It was also quite fun trying to figure out how I could be safe alone at night and as a matter of physical setup my little safety things around me even to the point of a big rock yeah and on my table next to to my bed, to my classes, to my phone, to my flashlight, to my LED, that would probably scare someone who was trying to come up to my truck and they would turn around and hit the nearest tree and it would kill them, but all those things in which I thought and then the reality was that the first night i was here i was practicing my escape routine or what to do if you hear that routine and i couldn't find my glasses oh oh i couldn't find i couldn't find a flashlight i couldn't find the glasses the glasses fell to the floor the flashlight rolled down the truck pit and all i could do was lay on my bed and laugh i mean it was ridiculous but i finally got it down and now on top of every bed i have a carabiner each have safety they have flashlights have mace that They have I don't have any bear spray yet but I have an air horn I have knives and whistles each one on each bed so you thought ahead and planned and yes you exercised yes you could say that yes I tried finally i made it and just so you know i'm one of the greatest really the only solution to fear is faith so you have faith in your preparation.
sassy shows us how she converted her high top cargo van
I do. I have done what I can. I don't see any reason to worry now. I don't see any reason to worry. i have an experience base that says i'm pretty sure yeah the first night i went out solo i wasn't actually alone i went with a couple other arty ars-art er friends who live near me and they hung out with me one night and then the next morning they helped you get started. They said: hello, we'll leave, see you, I can do it. that's really my goal with the RTR rubber meet you can come here and learn for your f The first night surrounded by people and that's really one of my main goals here and it worked to let you know you weren't here well I guess it would be foolish of me to say that I don't care only about whatever.
sassy shows us how she converted her high top cargo van
I just don't worry, I mean I feel prepared enough not to worry, so there's a fine distinction between just being carefree versus being well-informed and prepared and able to cope to the best of my ability and how much more can we do? how much could anywhere can you do where i live i am probably in more danger than out here statistically there is more violent crime in cities than on public land by far and a huge advantage to you and everyone is probably part of why you chose a van you can just jump in the front seat and drive right away you're not hooked on anything you're not afraid you might hop in the van and drive away yeah i'm spread out here because we're on RTR i'm safe there's no reason for me to be conscious at night about putting things away or being ready to do it right, but in some places I am quite conscious of e that and before i go to sleep i make sure if i need to get up i'm not going to lose everything on the ground or leave something important outside so there's a difference where i camp so you've found a wonderful balance between a home life and a stationary life and a mobile life and and husband at home and you're traveling and you feel safe and you're growing as a person from all that you're seeing and doing if you accomplish things yes I honestly said I intend the next third I don't want to say the final chapter, but the next third of my life is going to be full of adventures, right? you gotta have a lot of money alright so yeah and you are living proof of all of that yeah that's great you mentioned your camp outside why don't we take a quick look at your camp so the van is small and then people ask me how you can live in such a small space and I always say yes, the van is small? but look at the huge backyard and you've got this huge beautiful backyard and so you live outside in the truck for a little bit and then when you can you make a nice campsite yeah yeah and truck B becomes essentially a bedroom yeah , that is true for now. bedroom or living room at night, but if you're on the go or if the weather is bad, it's home again. it does.
I am completely ready to cook, read, sleep, baby, anything, inside of you. ok yeah he has a park at a walmart down the road you're good so you've really done your homework. I made a great living for you here for a few months out of the year, well while we took a quick look at your your camp and you did your complete setup yourself I did it Wow very that's ele Scary to most people male or female, young or old. I spent probably a good part of the last year and a half or so studying it online and going through everyone's blogs.
I finished so much and finally put it off for a few months and said I just don't get this and I'm one of those people who just can't absorb this kind of thing but I can do a lot of things really well this isn't one of them but I guess what I did it works yeah amazing so it has a portable panel because it has a


top and the fiberglass fan my invention here I chose this particular panel because it was a dollar a watt not because it's a hundred and ninety but that's what it is I hope to install it on the side of the truck in a way that I can remove it if I want and it's portable because I camp a lot where I'd like to park in the shade because I either end up parking in the shade and I'd like to be able to move this so I'm going to build a frame so I can set it up outside and also put it on the side of the truck and leave it there and tilt it out if i want mm-hmm and so it just has a basic easy to put up awning yeah this is new we picked it up cheap so we thought we'd give it a try we'd never put one up before and the first thing we did was pop one of these poles well yo look at the duct tape there yeah that's for the tent poles and some duct tape people that works great when you're in a bind ok then we'll go in now and you'll show me what I like the most and impressed is probably your sofa bed, so if you show us that, well, I'll do it.
I'll do a partial demo. I'm not going to sleep for us. they are all made of two by two, there are no two by four, one is directly below the other. I put a channel down to keep them in place so when I pull the bed I n and out it doesn't drive me crazy and this is the second bed it comes all the way to this side of the truck and creates an island in the middle so we can both get up and walk over to the other end of the van where we have the kitchen and bathroom we're getting too old to crawl on top of each other so that's why I designed it this way so essentially you also built a frame of bed and then under another one that can slide in and out and it comes all the way like I said and then obviously leaves a vole nerble point in the middle of the top bed so I just have this and force it under the other bed and create that center post and it's not a big deal so if it's just you which is many times yes the second under bed bears load and your debts yes there's the center weight yes it's correct, very simple, creative idea, very simple and inc luso my bed is just because i'm a little bit lighter than my husband my platform is pretty skinny I think it's 5/16 and then here's this 3/4 And on top so you pull that bed out and that's where you sleep , yeah, oh, okay, so okay, I mean no one, I'm alone, I just leave it at that, right? and sleep on top of this yes it's a piece of foam rubber i cut partly and when i pull my bed this falls off and becomes my mattress ok i cut it only partly so it wouldn't separate from me in in the middle of the night i cut it part way down so i could fold it over and create this davenport back and it sits at a nice angle so you have twin beds and a couch and batting and everything for here that's right and the reason why why i chose to put it behind the drivers seat is if you turn around you will see i have a passenger seat with a swivel base that i installed myself and where did you get the swivel base?
I bought it online and I paid full price for the real deal that this particular chair fits I didn't buy one of those $50 cheap pos so this reclines and with a little stool here a person can spend many hours on one computer or reading a book or taking a nap or whatever so I have essentially created a living room on the right front with that with a very open area that doesn't feel crowded at all no no no not in this setup, also if you all sit here so here you are in your recliner and it's a big open area do you want me to get out of here? this is the rest of the platform.
I have an extended van, so it's a little longer than some people, huh? And of course I have a


top, yeah, you're like six inches above your head, yeah, and my husband is six. -foot, yeah, and you can stand, you can stand on the front half, you tend to droop to the ends, so you have to duck your head down a little bit, and then because this fan was completely empty, naked, I call it its I insulated it myself following your advice Bob with the styrofoam board in some places it is 2 inches or more thick due to configuration and in some places it is just a sheet initially there is a


van yesso I think the insulation has helped a lot I know sometimes there's a debate about whether or not it has insulation, personally I think it's a great thing because when I need the heat it stays warm for quite a while before it gets cold.
I've experienced hot days on my travels so far so I don't know what it would be like when it's hot but I don't know why I'd be here when it's hot anyway ok I might be fine swimming or fishing that's why you live on wheels yeah , so this is a privacy curtain and ok now it's covering some clothes but right there it creates a bathroom mm-hmm there's two of you a very big one a nice big bathroom back there and that's why I put the sink there as well to serve as a place to clean up. upstairs or kitchen sink stove right goes here all my tools in these little drawers more classic drawers now our plastic carts but that's how easy it can be III probably spent maybe 15 20 bucks on all of this right here including the lumber this is contact paper you can buy a roll and slap on there and then fix it with black tape mm-hmm this is my most food here and there's my master bathroom so you just have a toilet there that's my luxury bucket toilet ok i have the lucky to have a camp a collapsible camp toilet seat hi makes sense it's probably an old clock oh yeah but it makes things so comfortable and just use the bags yeah hey eggs and sawdust oh that's right there mr.
Boddy he's my friend he keeps you nice and toasty I showed you your insulation I guess if I had the money I'd buy a wave three because I heard they have thermostats and you don't have to keep them running back and forth to the heater. to turn it on and off, they don't actually have a thermostat, ok so I'm fine with mine, but they put out less heat, half the heat, so you might just let it turn it on and leave it on and not have to. mess with that i see that's why i really like them i got it yeah the downside with that is it's a good workout yeah and then we recently added all these wonderful little gizmos little storage to make up for the unused area, I mean you. you can pick up one of these for eleven or twelve bucks and slice it if you want or I guess you could hang it to its full length if you wanted but this works for us and the


net behind you there nuts there store found them for a couple bucks they hang things from a bungee cord that many of you already know are those wonderful Lucy lights that are solar once purchases are free charge them every day or not even every day I have never seen them go Dilma they are they'll super stick they'll light up anything you can read buy them do some fine embroidery work if you like um-hmm they're good and this particular high ceiling has quite a few windows so yeah you do get a very open feel here.
Yes I love it very cozy oh one other thing you will notice this counter is not full width. I couldn't see any reason to put a full-width counter in a van, so this is only about, I don't know, maybe 14 inches. under your foot nothing complete just your stove top which is your main concern yes this is a ball of salad. I put a puzzle on a friend and we put it in there. I put it here and then it just fits in a bucket. You've probably seen a million of those that work just fine, so you have a five gallon bucket or something. another one like a gray water tank yeah more more more pockets more pockets on a tailgate getting vertical clearance is really important and you've already done a lot of that with the pockets and the shoe pockets and the cargo net which I preferred not to put. high top cabinets so what you see as the wood frame is not attached to the fiberglass in any way, it is simply attached to the roof line and window frames and front cab over wood Otherwise it's more or less self-contained and like many high tops it has a large storage area above the cab yes and its reflectix for the windows some pears and stowed yes.
Come and get a couple of D-rings based on your video on that stuff because I ventured up a Northwest mountain and it was pretty treacherous and when I got home and saw your video I thought I was going to go out and buy that stuff. just in case i get into a mess mm-hmm can i get out yes peace of mind quiet preparation yes a lot of preparation gives you the best possible result you know now there are many things i am still working on in here as you can see this is the electrical system which I just installed so it's kind of silly and it's all over the place and it's certainly not bolted down yet which it will be folks don't worry never fear right now.
I'm strapping it down so I can get home hopefully safely and then I'll build the vented box and screw it through the floor underneath, strap it all down real good mm-hmm yeah one step at a time yeah nice cheeky , I think you really covered it you just answered you answered a lot of people's questions how can you be sure? can i do it myself? and your answer is yes yes that's right go ahead that's right i don't have a no for you yeah i think if you want to do this set your intention that's the first thing b Because when you set an intention it's more likely that you actually do it if it's just a vague dream it may not come true and I realize I'm at a point in my life where I could set the Intention I'm no longer working I've given up some of my responsibilities as I volunteer so I've opened up my time frame and that's important too but I hope this fan


people that they may not have the option of living in a house or I mean they may need to move into a van and If that's your situation, I think what I've done here can be done one step at a time, it doesn't have to be done all at once, and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money, and you can be comfortable, confident, and happy, productive, and relieved to have solved some of your problems this way, nu You'll never be homeless no matter what, the economy, you're fine, I think you know that, so thank you. so much for sharing your home with us and it's very inspiring my pleasure thank you so there you go friends.
There is nothing stopping you from living the life of your dreams. Sassy can do it. You can do it too. We'll talk to you later. Bye.

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