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Sarcastic Fringehead Fights For Territory | Life | BBC Earth

Feb 18, 2020
producing young is just a challenge finding food and a place to live our further tests fish must brave the california coast a wide range of species live here but all this


means competition for living space is intense old shells they are highly prized and this one is occupied by a



these fish are exceptionally feisty they have to be to defend their living space an octopus has inadvertently entered



and that cannot be tolerated the octopus is impressive jab keeps a stripe to the fringehead there's more to this behavior than having a temper the fringehead needs the defendants patch if it's to get enough to eat and the octopus was competition crabs aren't the easiest bites due to a shortage of living space there constant boundary disputes especially with other fringeheads and this one has to settle despite the most outlandish threats s, neither is prepared to back down from success and is quick to bounce back. k to his shell a marginal head can never let his guard down there is too much competition
sarcastic fringehead fights for territory life bbc earth

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