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Sara Molina on 6ix9ine, Future Dissing Her, Rich The Kid Drama & More

Jun 08, 2021
to go and say whatever he wants to say, even about her, it's just because he doesn't really care, but Nicki deserves some ether right now, ya feel? I mean, yeah, she's a song with Duke, yeah, but it's like you think people actually feel some way about her doing it. I mean, I'm not that involved in her career to really care, but I do think that if I'm like a hardcore Nicki fan, then I'm looking at that as compromising what she doesn't do on a percentage of the issues. I don't think they care about her at all, at least the diehards and those are the ones I'm sorry for, but they might care a little. a little


than the others, the Barbs do matter for sure, but I feel like Nicki, you know, she also has a mainstream fan base and stuff, and I feel like when she shows that she likes it, she's willing to do anything to the money that, even if it looks bad like her husband and it's a thing they like, even just seeing Yg coming out saying that he wouldn't do a song with her in the


, I feel like it's a lot of People will probably get feel like that He says something about it.
sara molina on 6ix9ine future dissing her rich the kid drama more
Trippy was caught on IG Live telling her that Nicki Minaj fell and it seems like you didn't want people to know she said that. It was so fun that we didn't really talk about it. as much as we probably should Tory ended up like in the comments ooh Tory Lanez with Nicki and it was what I call himself like I caught him like everyone saw he was defending himself supposedly he liked a cop like like the comment talking about Nicki in the father of my daughter, by accident, he was like they act like you never, you guys were never scrolling down and like in the comic, they never called me by like and son, no, he's been a few things that I like, although where I don't like it.
sara molina on 6ix9ine future dissing her rich the kid drama more

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sara molina on 6ix9ine future dissing her rich the kid drama more...

Think about how offensive that was or how weird it would look if I liked Mean all the time, my guilty pleasure. You know, there was a post I liked that was about a police officer punching a protester or something like that. I just liked it because there is no jump post, you know it's my account. I didn't publish it, but I liked it. Why did it bother you that you liked this if you weren't white, so yes, being white is an occupational hazard right now, no. I really mean, I don't feel that bad for myself, but you know, I can understand how a week or a saw might not be able to handle the heat, maybe how the rights are here, although nice, were bad or at some point maybe there was like one week where they actually got it, which is like, you know, half a mile from where my store used to be, so it was something where I thought, oh god, all the stores on that block , including many stores. that are black owned and it was definitely a weird moment where I felt like man, if I had a store there right now, what would it be like?
sara molina on 6ix9ine future dissing her rich the kid drama more
You are not nervous about bringing a child into this world during these times. a little nervous, but I feel like you know in the grand history of everything that's ever happened on earth, you know you could have, you know, if you had a son somewhere a hundred years ago, his life would definitely have been worse than it would be. his life. to be like being born in America in 2020. I think people really like to lose perspective on the fact that everything is pretty good in comparison. I guess as much as racism is the most important conversation that's actually happening, I would estimate that it's probably America.
sara molina on 6ix9ine future dissing her rich the kid drama more
It's the fewest number of races he's been right compared to the '80s, as I recall. I heard people say in the '90s, oh my God, it would never happen. Now you know, I feel like as much as people are


focused on the details, now it's just racism now it's like a setback mm-hmm and look, but that's what you know, even that's an improvement. Backhand racism is a little bit better than someone yelling that and we confront each other, yeah, well, I mean, like they had a video from the '70s in New York. in the New York Times and things that were like an entire white neighborhood kicked these black people out of the neighborhood and it's unthinkable how angry and violent these people aren't and I feel like that really reminded me, oh God God, it used to be so much worse.
I mean, obviously that still happens and everything that I'm not trying to like actually goes better with a lot of white people in the community now because, at least in New York, there's a lot of gentrification. going on, so I feel like they are living with us in our community, they were like coexisting with each other and they are more in agreement with the rights than before. I don't think they weren't racist, but I really couldn't care less, hmmm yeah, it's a lot more common for people to be like me. I was watching a news clip from the '90s and it was like a news anchor was basically talking like, you know. crime and black areas and stuff and it was like you know, pull up your pants, get off your ass, get a job, get a ride, you know, it was like the way they were like putting all the blame on the individual is something you would do.
I never see it now because people are much more aware of the fact that you know that people are victims of their circumstances and yes, you know that if you are a member of your family who was a slave 200 or 150 years ago, you don't have the same opportunities . that you know historically your family hasn't been able to accumulate the same amount of wealth as other people and stuff and it's just not fair to treat people like that as if everything you have in your life is yours. own fault actually almost nothing that like you don't choose where you are born you don't choose your skin color you don't choose how much money your parents have you don't choose your family no my that's just us I can't control it, hmm, so I mean that the Society needs to be restructured to some extent, so, as you know, it benefits people who end up on the opposite end of the spectrum.
I just felt like this is very well organized, everything that's happening. I feel like this is all planned, protests, no, I really wanted to go to New York, yeah, the ugly world trial in New York, uh, yeah, they were processing in New York, there were peaceful protests, ooh, but it's just that the cops They were dating. hand in hand with rubber bullets. I think I'm sure it was an old joke. They were like piercing the skin. All. They were just horrible. Of the damage those rubber bullets were doing well, I saw a lot of people lose eyes and break ribs and all kinds of fractures to their orbital bones, it's just that I think they themselves protested outside the Barclay center too, and when I did it , it just turned into a big fight between the police and the protesters and it was even more so the police and they just didn't want to allow them to protest there so definitely um well how do you feel?
Honestly, I totally lost my train of thought about what he was going to say right there, oh yeah, I was going to ask. I've been interviewing some other Brooklynites, I mean I did a psycho interview with Billy and Billy Otto and I did an interview with Snow Billy, yeah these people don't care about each other that much, no what's your thought process about? I guess we're here to see. I never met Arm Snow Billing, okay, I actually heard he was saying things opposite of what he said here, you know, I heard he was running and he was agreeing with my little frogs like, oh, this happened, this happened, okay, then , when she came here, it was a totally different story, so I thought and people surprised him by It was because I saw it and everyone said, but you said that she did do it and that you can believe in things like that.
He was. I care, but then I checked the facts. I went back to the street, so whoever spoke, I don't know how deep into the streets you have to be to get the full ceremony. "There's no information is that I'm not on the streets, I'm not this, you would never get that information because that's just not something that's equalized." there or it's true so it's like what are you getting about me that you haven't gotten from me specifically because whatever it is it's not the truth because I'm not even close to those people I'm not close to whoever it is I could bet you $100.
I could bet my life that whoever double-checked the facts, everything they said about me is like I've never met that person, never met them, never had a conversation, don't even know that person. mm-hm so how true are you getting where you get your information from? So I don't know him and I don't even know why he is talking about me. Do you think the snow was Billy? exaggerating his involvement with 6-time because I think that's basically the point that the Billy I don't know is that he is, you know, I personally don't know because he wasn't around them or anyone like Billy Otto, probably was. around him a few times and Seco a few times, you know, so it's like I can't talk about their relationship beyond what Danny himself told me because I didn't see it, I wasn't around to see it, so I had never met Snow Billy and he had these opinions, thoughts about the situation that I never heard and then he talked about it so I don't know how close he was.
I heard him talk about Seiko Otto and whoever he was. around Hit whoever you hit here to test the hit yes, regards to her always shows that you will punish well, well, of course, not forceful, that's my friend as if he were very good people, he always supports me, he knows the truth, always defends me, oh. and that's the one who was around the whole time, right? Do you feel like you know? It seems like a kind of ugly picture to see him like that. It feels almost old having this conversation now, but like when The Goober Visual Image first came out and it was very similar to how you can act like that with who all these guys are that are in jail and you put it out there.
He feels a little crazy, no I don't, and he's still relaxing. that mmm yeah, I don't think he feels like he doesn't feel sorry at all and the secondary thing is that he's just trying to stay with what a person in his head did to him, okay you think Shadi did something to me and that's your justification then what's the excuse for all the other guys you know exactly yeah you just left out men who have families people who care about them they really take care of their kids you know they put themselves first and your name just to be loyal to you or whatever just to protect you from everything you were already starting and you just took their lives away, right?
It seems so strange to make all these jokes about not being snitches and when you really like it, you actually made the worst version of it. He doesn't care because it's about him. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. It's just that you can't be loyal to your friends. You can't be loyal to your children. What can you? Can you be loyal to yourself? You know we're having this conversation today. How long do you think it'll be until Jade gets out of there? How long until he gets tired of her? Oh, I don't know, I think she will have her problems with him, but it will still be painted. pretty, you know, because you have to assume that there's tension behind the scenes because I've been, he doesn't even put it out there like that, so it makes me feel like there's got to be something weird about it, I mean, I feel like he controls her, I do. which is good for him, you know, no, I don't really care much about their relationship, that's his headache and his disaster if he doesn't even really know who he really is mm-hmm so it's like a coincidence that he found out about the Fed case and ended up deleting the last girl he was dating before staying and being what he needed them to be mm-hmm if he needed her to be keep all the attention still on her name, tattoos or whatever I've gotten, yeah, whatever his trolling was, it's like I guess he needed her to do all that mm-hmm, you want to get the tattoo, I don't.
I know I'm going to kneel there. I've gotten a lot more tattoos since he last saw me, but I never did. I don't even know what our people's process is like, like their process of thinking and doing that. Can you imagine Leno doing it? Your face hits his tit as if you imagined he wanted to ruin the career of his only fans, you think that would ruin it. I mean, if someone unsubscribed from his Helena fans because he had a giant tattoo of my face on his collarbone, then I would totally understand. Seems like very common sense, yes, if thousands of them were subscribed, I would totally understand it too.
God, why would I want to put her through it? You would be a selfish man. Yeah, that's so crazy he wanted to get my name tattooed. Like I don't like it, I just don't know, I'm going to go to your body, I always told her anything, she should get more tattoos, oh she has, she has like a pride suit, right, I call it a pretzel, she calls it a heart China, yeah, it's like handcuffs, right, that's what it was. I mean, to me it looks like a pretzel. I don't know, maybe I don't think they're wives.
It's like a pretzel-type heart. She's yelling at the TV right now. He's not a brat. Not everything, but I wouldn't, I wouldn't even want to do that, no, you have to be a different type of woman, just like she has a set mission in life and she doesn't care, training mission is the way that I believe that, okay Petri when I got that book at home and Billy gave me that book about the history of the real way I got it, I have to go deepermore on that, you didn't read it, not yet, I mean, I did a three hour interview with him, I'm sorry, he said no.
I could even see everything. I don't know what he was talking about. I heard something about Dog Pound. He's just the kennel. She said things that didn't make sense. Danny was never homeless. Actually, he wasn't sleeping on that little one. mattress in the kennel, he chose to sleep there, he had a house, that's right, but I don't know, I felt like he invented a lot of things. I don't know him personally, but they are things that I could see would never happen. and no, it happened, he's saying it's like hmm, I don't think it happened that way, I'm sorry, yeah, that's what Billy and them were saying and I didn't really know what to say because it's like, well, I interviewed him.
I don't know, I can't verify everything I don't know. I mean, Auton Seco had a more precise history with us because they were more present, they were just part of a lot of things, right? It's a good thing they left when they did because they could have been taken down with the so that's true, they won the lottery um hey I wanted to throw this out rest in peace smoke pop yeah that's crazy it is. I feel that it is very sad. And how unfortunate, they already have the suspects right now, yeah, they just arrested five guys in Los Angeles, young guys like 19, 20 years old and some of them, I think, with minors, and yeah, they basically didn't know him because I was like a thing. a lot of people thought it was like, oh, you know, these guys are going to be, you know, basically gang rivals to whatever pop smoke was associated with.
Turns out they were affiliated. Apparently they saw the address on Instagram. They knew what Airbnb was. They thought he was just running there and trying to hit a lick, they were running there with guns, supposedly shooting smoke at them or maybe shooting one of them or maybe killing one of them, depending on who you wanted to ask, there are a lot of rumors circulating there. but at least they don't know, it wasn't gang related, it was just an attempted robbery, apparently it didn't work, it's sad because it's like I don't think he should have been without security.
I think any artist should be without security, especially I mean there are artists who are affiliated with gangs, but they are even smart enough to have security, so it's like even they can have security, why can't you? You know you wouldn't be. the only artist who is affiliated with a gang, a gang affiliated who has security, yes, I mean, like a couple, but that's the thing, the security you're going to need, who will have as many weapons as the guys in the street, it's going to be extremely expensive security, so when you know guys come to LA, what do they do?
They hang out with a couple of guys here who have crazy guns and that's their security, but I think the situation, such as it played out, you know it's It's not like everyone has my personal experience of seeing that you have security on the street and then you have your real security just in case it fails. You can say it was real security, that license and things like that don't die, that's why this happened, but he didn't. I don't have any at all, not even guys off the street with him who could have handled it so well.
I think there were more people in the link shooters, but I've been a fan of wherever you are for a long time. You know it's not that difficult, so would you know what it is? I felt like it happens that a lot of fame hits for these new young artists it's hard and they still forget that they're not the same, now you're getting a different kind of attention and stuff like that, people are going to know who you are, know what you got, no you're really normal, it doesn't matter, your life has changed somehow, so it's like you have to move like you know, right?
It was a very sad thing to see them as they are. They were taking him out on the stretcher they were still working on him hmm it brought me back to when people were filming his car accident like that yeah that was crazy because it was actually the first thing I saw as X. I opened Twitter and I saw the past X. scroll down for two seconds, suddenly I see a video of him with his throat open and I haven't seen that video since and I think it's obviously not in very bad taste to post something like that.
Yes, they are as if they have no life. I think TMZ posted a smoke pop, which I don't actually know, but you can see them. I don't know who posted it exactly, but I was seeing it on all of them working on his show. It's also a tragedy because I feel like that was by far the greatest artist to come out of such and such a direction, and that's just, you know it's a tragedy because if someone seemed like a really solid person, you didn't seem like one. reach his full potential, yeah, like it was just like he could have done so much more and should have done so much more, yeah, he should have been great at the time because he was a good artist, it wasn't like he was just a shitty rapper from NY. he died he just got lucky on some cloud or yeah some dumb


he was actually really talented musician there was no gimmick behind him it was just the music and how his voice sounded so it's sad and unfortunate there was another rapper who died and I'm in New York to hear I got shot hey Nicky Nick lucky yeah rest in peace same thing so yeah gang in Brooklyn out of control all these need a show to be happening it's been happening during the pandemic, more so it's like you.
I would think there would be less problems with dust on the street because we're all supposed to be quarantined and seeing everything that's happening and having to adapt to what's normal in our lives now, so it's just seeing people still dying. and it's getting worse on that side mm-hm, that's a fact, okay, so what are you working on, what are you doing? Take your time and everything is fine, absolutely great mom, obviously, but no, um, she was actually here looking for something that she loved so much. bra no, no, I'm more serious, really yes, there are no reality shows, but television documentaries, it's more about your story, look when you see, but it's like I've been doing things, no, it's a lot.
On that one I haven't really had to finish the finishing touches, so it's like I don't want to say it so much before it's really like the end, but I've been really busy as a fan base, how's the ceremony going? base I have to stand up - emerge and know that we both need you you have girls like I think the boys don't stand in line I told you that you should have gone out with the children without jumpers lying I think we are going to do something because at the same time as my son falls and everyone talks about it, boom, you can go find the children's line, no, that's going to be until now.
I always study, I felt like you and I know it would be stupid as parents she doesn't really have. She got a lot of backlash for being pregnant and still doing everything as just fans and she gets backlash for that, but I mean, at this point, whatever it is, we're going to get hate no matter what we do, so yeah, It's okay because we're talking about that. like we see the ACE family like any other family, you see - I feel like I have to get dad lessons from him, so goofy and goofy with the kids, you know, that's like a state of mine, I have to get involved, you have to feel for me.
I think I did it for what kind of father you're going to be because I see they were your nephews so I thought it was nice to see that side of you. I just hit him, even though my name is Russell, throw him and stuff I don't know what it would be like to be a father and not be able to just give him noogis and throw them on the couch and stuff, but you're going to have a girl so you have to learn to be. more delicate, but we were talking about it, she said: Are you going to want the boys to wear Gucci suits that match you or whatever?
No, Mike, I want to make her wear it like you dress like she has no game. Outside of this, yeah, but I was like, "I don't want him to like wearing a bunch of stupid Gucci and I'm going to be one of the dads in Malay masks who make their kids wear t-shirts like their band." bands they like I'm going to have my jokes like a pop smoke shirt that's fire, oh my God, there you have to see, that has to be done, no, hey, black jeans, vans, you put her on a skateboard even before that can move in that thing.
That's right, I got it like an old vintage Metallica t-shirt, it'll look like an Urban Outfitters ad. You need to get non-jersey hoodies for the kids, definitely yes, something that needs to be done and facial tattoos set so you can put, put all the faces suzana, the sensor blur Lisa, but the facts, um, okay, it was great to reconnect, you're like our recurring guest now it's like yeah, a roving correspondent from New York, okay, I know the other podcasts that you do with um, with other people, right, oh? yeah, house phone, a camera, yeah, okay, who's the guy?
I've heard of cambro, so it's like the house phone, you probably love it. God, who thought he would make a woman? podcast, then you have a situation where you have a girl literally every episode, that house phone, and I do the well-known jumpers show every Tuesday at 6 p.m. he has something different, it'll be like, you know, don't say anything about girls because now I have a girlfriend and it's like next week I said no, I went back to this girl and then I said no. m Sorry, thank you, Sara Melina, no work, you have no idea about the podcast.
I will review us on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, like, comment, subscribe, there is no confusion, calm down if you want to support, get yourself a kendama, thanks for watching my interview, you can like, comment and subscribe. and you can also follow me on Instagram I'm Sarah Molina

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