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Jun 08, 2024
Every way, we also don't want your hat to fall off or crack. You've got a really long month ahead of you, right? So grab your brush and then just smooth that whole thing out. Take out any marks you left there and make sure you have his hat securely attached. Add to our little friend pizzle, such a strange name. I'm going to decorate his hat because, like I said, he's a diamond and like me. I have that tool there, I can just press it and take it everywhere, how easy, it will be a great activity to do with kids, so now what is my nose doing?
I'll mark his nose because you know I don't want to. lose his nose and well actually I'm not even going to get out of his face because I like a furry Santa so I'm going to rotate him until he latches and you could add big noses, little noses and nostrils like we did with the gnome video or you can just do the cute little button nose, which is what I'm going to do here Okay, now for me the next step you could leave it like this. The next step is super fun, okay, because this is my slip.

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I let it dry until it was very thick, I mean, it's like frosting. So now he's going to grow a slick beard and we're going to put some stubble on him and give him a beard. I'm going to take it all the way up, see if I can get it up to our face and yours. nose, don't worry, if you put it on your nose, you can clean it. I like a hairy man from Alaska. I like those bearded men, but actually I'm going to see if I can get it in there, here we go, yeah.
Honey, that beard is sexy. I'll take the tip of the cheap little spatula. You could also do this. This time we will do it with the brush because I need to clean his nose. The hairy nose is not so attractive. we'll clean your nose always have a sponge nearby I'm always wiping or brushing my hands one of those people who, whatever I do, I use it because I'm constantly wiping my clothes or wiping my apron, so it's good to have a sponge close, so now if you take a brush, you could even take a hard brush, you can just come here and just, you know, just brush him, I mean, he's been on a sled, he's got a beard, that's not me.
I don't like it I want a wild beard right that's cool that's right okay so he put the beard on his hat the only thing he needs now is arms you don't have to make arms I um I didn't make arms for the big guy big guy done exactly the same way, I just used a styrofoam cone that I bought at a craft store, Joann's, Michael's, or Hobby Lobby. I have no idea, if you get a styrofoam one or a paper one, they make them in cardboard too. I have a Some of them wrap it in paper or plastic, but my best advice and I'll actually show you this when we make trees because I'm also a big fan of Michael Harbridge's shapes, the disk shapes of his, get some of yourselves. knee high and just place them on top, it's much easier and faster, you don't have to mess with the paper, you don't have to tape the paper or plastic, it doesn't give you the texture on the inside and you can take it off so work great so grab some old nylons or knee highs or heck I can't even remember the last time I only bought knee highs for the studio the last time I probably wore pantyhose or nylons.
It's been my wedding, so let's make some arms, so let's take a little more of that clay that we spread out. It's under the plastic. I'll show you how I made the arms, so this is going to be too big. pattern this is the six by six by six triangle this is four by four by four okay but I'm going to go ahead and use it anyway because it's easier to have something so I'm going to go ahead and cut it out and this is , of course, you'll see that Tiffany, what are you doing? This would be a good arm for this, but you can't even see what I'm doing.
This would be a good size for this guy. too big for this guy, but if I cut him off, we're going to try this, so I'm going to cut a little bit off there, let's see that it's still too big, but also what we're going to do is Cut this guy in half because we need two arms and we need these guys thinner, so cut them in half and spread them out. I'm going to go ahead and texture roll them so we can make a different texture for their sleeves and I'm going to cut them a little bit more, this might depend on the size of your guy, you might have to adjust this a few times, yeah, so let's move on Let's go ahead and give them some smaller sleeves, that looks good, so I'm I'm going to turn it around.
I'm just going to roll both sides to make them a little thinner because this is where they're going to attach to Santa Claus. Pick up your fun tool again before you do it. You need to trim the sleeves off of it, so I'll trim the sleeves and then put it here to shape it, so then I'll have to sleep. This would be fun for witches too, so we did both, so put those aside for a second because we need to make hands. well, we're not actually making hands, we're making gloves, so make another ball, cut it in half so they're about the same size again, we're not aiming for perfection, smooth those out and leave them flat on one side, so I have two small hands.
Well, I'm going to make a thumb because it's a mitten. It's okay, you can also cut. I like to use the tool first because it gives a more rounded edge than you would normally find on a mitten. a ruler, then I'm going to smooth it out and then I'm going to pinch like we did with the shoes. I'm going to tweak that, so this is our little Mitten so far, I'll see if I can get you closer. I'm just rounding those edges, spread them out if you want, it's not necessary and then I pinch that top part.
Okay, now here's what you need to do to make sure your hands are going in the right direction. I had to take my gloves off once, so I'm going to mark that part where I flattened, take my little knife and mark on the middle portion of the slip. Make sure your thumbs are going in the right direction and press that into the sleeve and then I'll smooth it out to make sure it has a good connection. I don't want his hand to fall off and scare some little kid and then terrorize the little ones, but it would be fun, okay, so we've got them soft, so I'm going to mark the sides and the top because that's his shoulder and then I'm not going to mark Santa's body, it has a lot of texture, make sure you put them in the right direction, so definitely check where the thumb placement is and if his arms look, they still look a little bit too. long, maybe give them a little Curve, you could even do a little fun, you could hold a little fun gift or something you could give them something to hold, so I'm just giving him a little Crook on the elbow, yeah. the arms are one of those that are complicated, so technically they don't, oh God, worms, they are removed, they still have long arms, but that's okay, and then you have to be careful and you have to put on the beard. before you put on your arms, so another reason why this tool is so useful is that you can clean and soften your arms, you don't have to touch them so as not to ruin your amazing epic beard.
I'm just going to soften where I can in places and if you ruin the beard, that's no big deal, I mean, you can fix it, which I just ruined the beard, it's not completely finished yet, so, but I don't. I want the cracks to show here, so I'm definitely going to smooth them out, grab my little brush, let's move it down, come over here and smooth out, I would recommend covering these for a few days until they dry out a little bit, depending on where you are in the world. You make pottery, you know what I'm talking about with clay, so actually his beard isn't that bad, so maybe you'll remove a little bit of that hair and then we'll just fluff it up and I won't varnish his beard.
This clay, although it is darker at this time, will shoot white or cream, this is a b mix so it doesn't actually shoot white, white, but any part of the slip that you used your beard on if they get sharp points while it dries. knock them down, it's too wet to knock them down right now, but just knock them down so they're not sharp, okay, let me show you a big guy that's done, put him in there with his friends, maybe in his malls, Santa Claus, screaming and every time Turn around, I always find something else I need to clean, so I glaze it with the fire brick.
Amaco, I'm not sure what I did. His nose is probably a mix of underglazes trying to lighten the pink and then the white of his hat. and black on his boots and buttons, but I left the beard unglazed. You can glaze it if you want. I like the addition. I mean, this doesn't look like real hair, but it has a cool texture element to it anyway. So that's it for this one, let me see if I can lift you up right, that's it for this one, but I'm going to do the same thing I did before the surgery last time.
I'm going to try to fill them both. as I can this week for as long as I can stand without having to ice and Tylenol, but I'll be putting some videos in the queue, so when I'm down, I've been learning how to edit, so that's been a plus, but it's very sad that I feel well enough to be in the studio and now and back I'll be back so the next video I plan to do is Christmas Trees and I think if time permits we'll do um Christmas Cottages. because you know Tree Santa wouldn't be a fun display to have all these guys together with lights and stuff anyway I want it on my table or on my mantel I want something like this and then if time permits I'll go. to make a video about my best seller, it's been consistently my best seller for about 15 years, I make them twice a year so we have to wait anyway, have a great Thanksgiving if you're celebrating Thanksgiving Thanksgiving and, oh, I have an interesting one. cat out there that smelled one of mine anyway so let's look at the squirrel monkey brain all over so I'll let you go for this one and I love seeing what you're doing in these videos hit me up on Instagram or Facebook send me a message or whatever, show me. a picture of what you're doing, it's just a fun community of Potters that we're developing here and it's just rewarding, so I'm very, very grateful for you and for watching my videos and loving them and liking them. my tasting style I'm a little crazy so I don't know what that says about you but anyway I'm glad you're here so see you next time, bye, thanks.

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