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Sam Smith Talks About New Music and More with Julie Adenuga | Exclusive Interview | Amazon Music

Jun 04, 2021
Christmas and I don't like Christmas songs. The only Christmas song I've ever loved is Have a Merry Christmas and that's because Judy. Garland sings it and we meet and he says Louie and I love Judy Garland are you going to judge me when I say this what is the sound of Judy Garland's


no it's that someone judyes that other person judy




andrews oh I'm sorry yeah oh my god they're both starting maybe you'll forgive me who is judy garland is dorothy close they both dress like dungarees dorothy julie andrews is mary poppins oh but can you see how I have them mixed up, they are both very smiling and happy women.
sam smith talks about new music and more with julie adenuga exclusive interview amazon music
I can, I can sing it, I can, I can, I can, but it's a strange explosion for me, it's my fault, so it's okay, so Junior Garland, it's okay, that's Judy Garland and when you hear it I'll cry it's amazing it's amazing what's your favorite no mariah carey it's one oh yeah of course I mean of course I love that song I loved that song too um son of destiny one no what did they do they didn't do it the seven days be it whatever, it was reindeer No, you don't like that, yes, what's in the cartoon.
sam smith talks about new music and more with julie adenuga exclusive interview amazon music

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sam smith talks about new music and more with julie adenuga exclusive interview amazon music...

No, you don't like it. I like it too. I am very stressed. In fact, I'll stress you out a little because I thought about the question before. I got here and I know you're going to have a hard time answering because I know you love your mum, your dad and your two sisters, yes, yes, if Boris Johnson says you can only spend this Christmas with three people, yes, who do you choose? ? actually let's get your family out of this because it's really just me no no I can answer that easily wait who what my mom and dad just broke up so we like to change so who do you choose?
sam smith talks about new music and more with julie adenuga exclusive interview amazon music
My mom had us for Christmas, so it would be my dad and my sisters, look how you just threw your mom in the trash, I know, but the problem, yeah, well, she'd be fine with that, she doesn't care, does she? Are you sure? Yes, she is fine, she needs a year off. so mom, then dad and then two sisters, yes, but then my dad's wife and my dad, my stepbrothers and sisters, so yeah, it's a bad question, it's very complicated, okay, let's get the family out, choose anyone, pick anyone you can spend with anyone. the world you have you have three people because there is a pandemic we are in lockdown sam


and who for christmas this year would have my friend jeffrey hover from new york who i miss i miss them so much yeah um so there would be jeffrey and me we would have my best friend emily who is pregnant from school are you trying to have babies on christmas?
sam smith talks about new music and more with julie adenuga exclusive interview amazon music
No, I just want to be with her and the baby just rubs her pregnant stomach. Do you know what you sound like? I love children, I love it. when all my friends are having babies now and I just find it really weird and wonderful and how many kids you want to have, do you even know? I think I would like to have two, yes, but I also don't know if I want any because I like to give them German back when you take care of them. I like being like I've never heard anyone say I'd like to, but I don't think I want any either.
I don't know I'm like it has to be cool but also if I didn't have any it would also be nice yeah they're giving back a little bit I'm sorry to all the parents it really feels like that. like taking off your bra at the end of the day, yes, yes, they are wonderful, I love children, but it's nice to say: goodbye, what if you had them at a specific age? What if they came after three years, would it be better? love them at all ages you want proper babies oh I love it I just love it these are such beautiful things you know you need to be so important you need to get a night nurse oh yeah oh a hundred I'm going to be like eight now easy joke five years of love relationship eight night nurses and two babies maybe maybe not um do you want some questions from the fans now please let's see what we have by the way I wear glasses so if you see me doing this it's because I'm not wearing my glasses um okay so I'm going to pronounce all these names wrong because you guys aren't capitalizing your usernames um so a new miss says ask them what they like to do most in their free time oh we know eating tuna melts yeah.
I mean, yeah, I'm not going to lie like everyone else, every


I've done recently is like this: what was your hobby that you did during lockdown? And I literally sat on my butt and panicked and I didn't think too much and I was very anxious and I watched TV shows and then I tried to exercise I failed at all these things I mean I'm going to try learning piano now that I've decided to be something that I'm going to do, wait, you don't play the piano, I do a little. a little bit but I really want to learn so I can I can act with it and use it move on quickly tell us what you're watching what series give us one well I was watching I started watching we are who we are at the BBC I've done it .
I haven't heard of this one it's so good look how to call me by your name it's cool uh regina says oh oh no what are your favorite quarantine activities tuna melt guys tune out um savage mary says how did you get to the effects on your voice, how Did you get to the effects on your voice like in young and the lighthouse keyboard? I know how, yeah, yeah, you get it. How did you come up with them? Both are very different. Both are. He's playing with Young. a um young man it's a


computerized sound that we were making in the studio it's just chords underneath uh that are made in my voice yeah and then um lighthouse keeper that's labyrinth of course it's he's doing the harmonies and he


to his genie in real life because that's right, I think someone needs to give a maze like 100 million pounds, yeah, and just say, do something with it and see what it does.
I agree because second, I think he could be the answer to all our problems, how did you do it? I know you guys would work very well together. Did you know before? I don't. I've been a fan of his since the earthquake came out. When he had to do it. I was like 12 13. No, I can't believe we did it. We hadn't been friends before this, you know, I feel like we have a lot in common, this is the beginning, I used to play air guitar, I love the starquake remix with Buster rhymes, I cried, are you serious, when Buster came in at the end? remember to be like this it's not even weird it's so beautiful this isn't even weird to me that you're saying this because I feel the same um oh sophie says what's your favorite quote my favorite quote oh my god I love my quotes Favorite quote ever I mention when I'm drunk is that it's very deep and fluffy.
Someone asks the Buddha and tells him what the difference is between liking something and loving something and the Buddha answers and says, "When you like something." flower, you pick it, but when you love a flower, you water it and I think that's a really beautiful quote, it's very deep, but now I'm thinking about you drunk because, oh yeah, well I'm drunk on people, why not listen ?, this is what Love is about this is what Buddha said and seriously, I get picked on for saying it all the time. I just want everyone to know if you ever questioned it.
Sam, even when he's drunk, he's still trying to work. Discovering the meaning of love is something profound, of course, the kuhari with that I'm going to go says what is your favorite lyric um of love says uh favorite lyric of love girls is I think in the dance until you love someone else in the chorus when I say they say you can't fall out of love until you find someone else, which I always think is a beautiful feeling. It's true? Do you think I don't know? They say you can't fall out of love until you find someone else.
You find someone else until you love someone else Then you love someone else Do you think we will be in love forever with the same person until we find a new one? that's what I'm worried about I think that's why I've been with my boy for six years because I can't find anyone else so it's just going to be you baby I love you oh we got another one um from Newfound who He says, "We're Sam, if we get a third." collaboration with disclosure oh, I hope that one day there must be one in the world there must be, by the way, congratulations right now to disclosure who has just been nominated for two Grammy awards oh, yes, oh, congratulations fourth, I think it's your fourth o Fifth year being nominated for the Grammys and they never won, so if they don't win these Grammys, I'm going to attack the Grammys, verbally abuse grammar, there will be verbal abuse along the way, congratulations, revelation, um, elle says, which one It's advice? would you give it to someone who wants to get into the crazy old


industry oh wow, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, no, I would say she's Patty Smith, she said this and I love Peppa.
I love Patti Smith. I think you said to keep your name clear. Keep your name clear. I think there's a way to get into industries, whether it's any industry, it's okay and be a fair person. Yeah, um, and I think within music you can. Do it because I feel like I've been fair and I feel like I've played fair throughout the entire process, so I would say that if you're going to do it, make sure you're surrounded by good people who have your absolute best interests and who put their mental health first. your job, because if you enter the music industry as an artist, then you are probably a little high up like me because we are all very insecure and We are all looking to perform in rooms full of people applauding, so we need emotional support to our around.
I love that your tips for getting into the music industry have nothing to do with music, it's actually about yourself, it's very important. Laura says what it is. the story behind soba, this song has a very meaningful message to me, sobe is a song that is a bonus track on Target albums. I'm very happy that they chose that song. I love that song I wrote with Jimmy. um, it's about what. it's about I'm not going to go into that because it's too deep it's about what it's about I wish I could tell everyone what every song is about because there's some juice, but I'm too polite one day guys, one day we' We'll find out for now we'll leave the juice to Sam.
Okay, last question. This is a 2021 question. What's in store for Sam Smith next year? What are your plans? My plans are to learn piano. Try to find. a form of exercise that I enjoy wait, do you have any idea what that is? no idea like one of those bikes I like this bike I like the exercise yeah, the exercise works well uh but find something yeah um to sing my heart out like never before yeah um, but the way I sing in the shower or when I'm alone in my house I want to sing like that in front of people because wait, you don't do that any


, no, shut up, I think every time I sing in front of people.
I'm very anxious and nervous and you never bring out the best in me, so I want to work on creating spaces where I can perform and feel more relaxed, okay? Or we can just put a camera in the shower, maybe, oh, okay. and you also get a visual treat and then I mean, for me, my plan for next year is to be there for my family and friends yeah, uh, they're always there for me constantly, yeah, it's the Sam Smith show, yeah , all the time. I think it would be wonderful to spend some time being there for them and go to whatever I need to do to support them and yes, be there for my people.
I told them they are such a nice Christmas guy. person, there's so much love in your heart and I feel like I remember watching a Drake


that covered what the question was, but his answer was about the fact that he was just happy that he could still do what he was. doing and being in a state where you feel comfortable with yourself said you know a lot has happened in my career but I still wake up and I feel happy I'm fine you know I'm here I'm in front of the camera I'm healthy, I'm taking care of myself and I think that's something that a lot of people maybe take for granted, yeah, so it's really nice to see you here happy.
Thank you for wearing a fantastic necklace that you should put on your Instagram if you want. I haven't done it yet collar um, I've seen my scenarios, but yeah, just being you and looking to the future and you know, making the exercise bike sing loudly in the shower whether we see it or not, and taking care of your family, It's wonderful to spend this time with you thank you, sincerely, thank you very much, this has been beautiful, it has been great, I can't wait to dance in the streets of New York, review when the pandemic is over, so thank you very much, it has been a pleasure absolute.
I'm going to go listen to Sober a lot because that's what it's about guys, but I just want to say thank you, most importantly, thank you. A huge thank you to Sam, of course, thank you all. of you who got involved don't forget to follow


music uk um listen to lots and lots of love tweet sam and request the video for the love wink wink it's going to happen and I'll see you very soon. My name is Julie Edinger and it's been a pleasure talking to you and talking to you, thank you.

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