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Saints John with the Maverick X3 - Camping and Riding

Jun 02, 2021
We are ready to embark on another adventure. We have the side by side loaded for


. We started out a little rainy and I think it will probably rain most of the weekend. We've been


for a couple of hours and decided it was probably time to take a short lunch break. The rain has practically not let up. It's been raining the whole time so we put up the canopy and Crystal is starting a little. a bit of a lunch so far, although I think the ride has been pretty good other than being wet and having a couple of traffic jams and some problems, yeah, getting someone off a ledge, their front axle is like it's on a cliff, but that's all.
saints john with the maverick x3   camping and riding
It's just part of the adventure and it's a nice time, so I'm still having fun. It's a little wet and a little cold. Yeah, let's see how cold it is. What do you have in your shopping bag in this bag? Yes, this is our sleeping bag. We got here and it was raining from the start and our sleeping bag is probably waterproof but we were a little worried, we sure didn't want a wet sleeping bag so it just provides a little more protection so there's that . We're just setting up camp, we found a pretty decent spot, it's right next to the road which we normally don't like, but the weather cooperated, the sun only came out for a moment and we thought we might as well get the tent set up. while the rain stopped because I think it's supposed to rain a little more again tonight and Crystal is setting up the air mattress, everything good, uh, nice, it looks good there, I'm struggling, I'm trying to turn it.
saints john with the maverick x3   camping and riding

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saints john with the maverick x3 camping and riding...

Don't fight, I think she's sleepy. We were commenting that I thought I brought a big tarp, but it's not a big tarp, so we'll have to make do with tonight, enough to have a shelter to cook dinner and hanging out we have something for dinner, we got a little better compared to last time, I don't know if it's an upgrade, we'll call it an upgrade, but it's probably more of a downgrade, it's smaller, yeah, it's just different. we ended up buying the smallest one, we got a smaller little stove just to cook for this type of trip, instead of bringing the huge big stove we got just this little one, we also got a different skillet instead of bringing the cast iron one, like this that we just did some. things to help with weight and space, we were able to shrink a whole tub which was nice and makes it a little easier, so we make a nice pan dinner and it's starting to get cold, we bundle up, grab our hats .
saints john with the maverick x3   camping and riding
We'll have our jackets and coats on and I think it'll probably be another hour or so and it'll start raining again so we'll finish dinner and then we'll probably go to bed pretty early tonight, I think we'll at least get some sleep. bag and warm up well we managed to spend the night we had a good rain storm and wind storm and but it calmed down pretty quickly it didn't last it didn't last long and uh so we just got up the sun is just starting to rise and we woke up with frost x3 it has like rain water that's like ice on the windshield, so it actually froze, which we expected, so it really makes a big difference when you expect it and we're prepared for it not to be as cold as we sometimes go out, but anyway I'm really ready to make coffee, so let's have breakfast.
saints john with the maverick x3   camping and riding
We just made breakfast and packed up a bit. I have a couple of tarps hanging drying so I don't pack too much wet stuff, but I think while the tent is drying we're going to go for a quick walk and there was a detour at the top the way we came. We went down to this campsite in the other direction, we would go up to the top of a mountain, so we'll go check that out and then we'll probably come back to camp, have some lunch and then pack up and leave, so we're done. We've had lunch, packed up camp, and are getting ready to head back to the van.
We had had a good trip and today the weather was good just to be able to climb up and get to the top of what that glacier was. peak, I think so, uh, we did that this morning and we grazed, yeah, and from up there you could see a couple fourteeners, actually, that was cool and now we're heading, like I said, back to the truck, so We'll get some. footage of coming back and then probably looking forward to the I-70 traffic, always a fun Sunday afternoon ritual, we go, like that, like that, so we made it, we completely forgot about filming once we got back to the parking lot, but we had a storm and we were rushing to unpack everything and then load it into the trailer, so we didn't have a chance, but we made it back, now we're heading back home, I think it was a pretty good weekend, yeah , despite having all the rain right at the beginning and we were cold, we were very cold from the beginning just because of all that rain, but at the end of the day yesterday it warmed up around three and four, we got to the warm sun.
We went out and had a nice evening and today was great it just started raining on us literally as soon as we got back to the truck which is awesome so yeah I think this trail system is really nice as far as alpine climbing like above . treeline there is some great writing, yes I think we will be back. I think it's similar to Webster Pass and vidcon. I think this is going to have to be at least once a year, where we make sure we get out here for this trail system, enjoy, enjoy these areas, yeah, with that I think that's what wraps up this weekend, I passed out back, it's okay, bye, bye.

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