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Ryobi 9ah battery versus eBay knockoff job

Jun 10, 2021
Today we'll test a genuine nine-amp-hour


from Ryobi versus, say, a nine-hour eBay special. I plan to compare the two and determine the value for money. The imitation


is sold in dollars and the genuine Ryobi battery. at 299. If I matched correctly, that's a 76 percent price difference, the rarest thing comes with a three-year manufacturer's warranty and the


was advertised with a whopping five-year warranty, so what I was thinking is I have a fan and an LED light, so they both last a long time during the devices, but it will give us a good indication of how much capacity each battery has and how long they last.
ryobi 9ah battery versus ebay knockoff job
Take a look at the first one. Now this one, like I said, is from eBay and that's exactly how it comes. I opened it before, just took a quick look and there are no broken regulations there, I don't think, and we're unpacked, so it's a lithium battery, it looks like it comes two-thirds charged. There is nothing. Special about that, I think we have underneath, we have an 18 volt p108 battery, now it says 900 milliamp hours, let's test that 162 watt hours, uh, don't take it apart, that's problematic, let's grab a screwdriver before we start opening. Above that we have a tenth of conversation there, we can open it.
ryobi 9ah battery versus ebay knockoff job

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ryobi 9ah battery versus ebay knockoff job...

Let's take a quick look at this one. The packaging already seems to be much better, so we have a box within a box within a sturdy. Bag some instructions on the bottom so you can already see the difference in quality so it's a nice heavy bag so it probably has some static and get into that one there we are let's take a look at one next to the another so that one next to the other they look pretty. close, uh, the rayobi battery was shipped almost dead, but look at that, while this one has three bars, it only has one bar.
ryobi 9ah battery versus ebay knockoff job
Well, let's grab a multimeter and take a look at what the shipping voltages were. It says 18.23 volts and this was it. 16.55 volts now, I'm not really sure what the legal voltage is that these will ship but that's what they were now, let's take a quick look at how much they weigh now for reference, we have a little scale. We'll put it in grams because Australia and we'll take a look so we have a 2 amp hour battery just for reference that weighs 428 grams and we have the 4 amp hour battery so 722 grams and we're going to the lithium battery. and it weighs 1080 grams in that 38 ounces and 2.38 pounds and in the


nine amp hour battery and that one is 1186 grams, 41 ounces and 2.615 pounds.
ryobi 9ah battery versus ebay knockoff job
I'm not even surprised by the two weight differences between these because I'm not expecting this to be as they say, so let's open these two batteries, break the warranty seal and take a look at what we have inside the lithium battery. We have one, two, three, four T8 screwdriver bits and then one. Five screws were removed at the top. Now in theory this should come off and it was very easy. Slide it out and we'll see if we can get the battery out of there. Take a look at the cells we have. pull these tabs out a little bit, pull a little bit, get them out of there and then hopefully this is only 18 volts so we should be there, we're a little bit shaken upside down and she slipped and all the pieces fell out.
Anyway, I don't think I'm going to use this one again, it's stuck to the side, okay, let's put all those parts aside and take a quick look at this battery. I'm not a battery management designer or anything, but it will do it. It would be nice to compare the two, so we have a lot of cells there. We can't easily see what those cells are. Now what I can instantly see are some very poor worlds. It's an amateur hour. It's almost blown off, so the solder on that side. will be almost ineffective, we also have a pretty thin nickel strip which would be less than what I would say 0.1 of a millimeter, there's not much else I can do and unfortunately I can't see any of those batteries to take them out and take a look at how it works. creates a model layer, if you want to see a video on that later, let me know and I'll take this battery apart, uh, take it apart completely and take a look at those cells, but that's not the purpose of this particular video. just take a quick look and see how balanced all of these cells are in this battery so we have positive on this negative side so it's 3.65 3.65 3.65 3.64 and then 3.65 mi impression of this first battery without testing it, I am not at all I am impressed with the solder points or the quality of them or even the quantity of them and that the thickness of that nickel strip I do not think is suitable for a 9 battery amp hours, so let's go ahead and take a look at this other one. battery, so the same disassembly for this battery we have one, two, three, four screws there and the screw on the top.
Now the genuine Ryobi battery uses a security torx bit and it's a t10, not a t8, and you can see that the security torx bit has a small hole in the end so that it actually sits properly on the screw and then you can unscrew it using a regular one, you can't really get the screwdriver in far enough and it just wobbles on the top and we'll probably end up removing it. The Ryobi battery also has this little plug. Here we go, just use a pickaxe to get that little warranty seal out. I guess you'd say off the battery so it comes out without too much effort, but you'll know you've been here.
You should scroll back up now that I'm not an engineer. I can only look at these. We have the Ryobi One battery here and then the


battery here. This board is a lot. less populated with components we also have some really poor connections here with bus bars that just go along the board the cables are much smaller and this one has the cables around the side for the balance cables while this one has some nice heavy nickel strip, we'll look at the nickel strip a little bit later, we flip it over so we have a similar orientation and we have the nice big heavy nickel strip, there and It's almost probably 20 wider than the nickel strip here and it actually looks thicker from here.
I'll open the battery in a second. We'll take a look at that again in the later part. It seems much less substantial. It has a nickel strip. all the way down to the actual terminals, this has just one PCB, we'll take it out and take a look at Ryobi. This is the first time I've done it so well that one just comes out straight like the Ignore, take a look at the two differences between the genuine and the fake, there are many that are much lighter, you can feel it has a decent amount of strength , where that one feels a little lackluster and the other pulls straight.
Now available, we'll see if we can get the real battery out. I can't get it out. That's not ideal on the ground, but Ryobia was built to last, so we'll take a look at it and hopefully we haven't killed it. We still have lights, it means she still works here. We'll get it in the post-edit notes on the editing desk. It's actually also a fuse on the Ryobi battery. I don't think I've ever seen it done. It appears to be a fuse, what do you think is ok, so getting it out was a little more difficult.
It seemed to stick there really well and I shook it a little hard and it landed on the ground pretty hard I might add, but We'll regret it later no doubt, we'll put those pieces in there, get them out of the way, let's take a look at the side and instantly look at those nickel plates on the side compared to our original battery so we have a really solid nickel plate with some really strong looking welds on the genuine battery and compare it to this it looks a bit ordinary doesn't it really show that you get what what do you pay?
Well, I think it's enough to lower it. I confirmed that that is a very average build quality compared to the steal, let's put them back together and put them on the charger, charge them and then do some testing. Now I'm sure it's up there, but I don't remember and I've done it. I won't rewind the video, so I'll just do a continuity check so it's non-conductive. Okay, I have to go there. I have to say the build quality of this feels amazing and five screws again we'll load it before charging. We'll hook it up and it will turn on right away.
It's good to know I didn't kill him by dropping him. Oh yeah, we'll load it. We have the largest 55 watt set up. all on charge, all good, back together, you just push it in and I mean, it locks there but it's not this satisfying thud when you put it in, it's just not the same, turn it on, the fan works, it pushes in there like you'd expect . Okay, let's load this one up so we can do a download test. What the hell is that? Watch that for an adjustment. You can see a gap all the way around.
It doesn't even fit there properly. It loads, but. even a good knock, it doesn't fit properly, let's take a quick look at this one, look at that perfect fit, absolutely perfect and it's on this one, it's just missing something, maybe it's the quality of something, so we take the batteries out of the charger. Now they have been resting for a full 24 hours after I finished charging them so they calm down and are more or less at the same level, let's grab the multimeter and do a quick voltage check on each one, this is a slightly higher voltage. at 20.76 volts and this one is 20.27 volts, so row b1 has a slightly less charge than this, but we'll have to stick with it and see what comes out of each one at a time, so we have that one in the fan.
The fan is off, so please plug it in. I'm still not impressed with the way it connects, but that doesn't inspire any confidence, especially if it was on a power tool and you carried it around, I think it would fall off and then. towards the light, oh yeah, we're going to turn on the light with all the lamps on, so we'll hook it up high, you're probably not going to hear me, so I'll do this one first that's up high, where is it? We will put that one on high at 12 again and we will see you when it is done and a few days later we will have some results and they are not what I expected with a price difference of 76 between the two.
The Ryobi batteries were 299 versus 72 for the imitation. I would have expected to see a big difference in run times, but this was not the case for the little fan in the store. The robbery lasted 18 hours and 22 minutes and the imitation lasted 12 hours. and 45 minutes, that's only a 31 percent difference in LED light run times. We got a similar result: the light ran for 13 hours on a Ryobi battery and nine hours and 23 minutes on a knockoff battery which was only a difference of 29 in operation. Sometimes, based on that amount of information online, I'd say the Bachelor knockoff is great for the money, but that's not even close to the whole story.
The knockoff, as we saw before, is poorly built, it's lighter, it's most likely lying about its capacity, it doesn't actually fit properly and could fall off its tool very easily and the knockoff will probably have far fewer cycles before failing, at least I assume it will have a lot less cycles before failing now, on paper I'm really impressed with how that works for the price would I buy one? I don't know better. I started making this video about a month ago so I've had plenty of time to use both batteries and this one works very, very well in the light. and on the fan, but on anything else I use it, let's say, the leaf blower, now it's impossible to appear on camera, but the leaf blower when I put this on, you can hear the motor, the motor has more power, it has more blowing power, it works. much better for much longer and this one just feels like a 4 amp hour battery, it has no power behind it and also it has fallen off the leaf blower, maybe twice now I put it on backwards. down to put it on the ground so when you stand it up it rests on the battery and every time I do that it just causes the battery to fall out and that's probably a combination of the weight and the poor clips but on the lights and those things work, so that makes it difficult, so now it's my job to prove that it's a bad investment versus that, so I'm going to plug in the i x6 charger and solder it with some balance. takes and I'm going to do a hundred charge and discharge cycles on this battery, so stay tuned if you haven't already hit the like button and the subscribe button if you want to see that video which will probably take me.
Oh, good 10 weeks to do that video because I'll probably get one or maybe two cycles a day, but stay tuned and I hope you learned something that I certainly learned. Thank you very much for tuning in and we'll see you. the next you

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