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Ryguyrocky - Minecraft Pirates - Pirates of the Caribbean The Movie(so far..)

Jun 09, 2021
I just did it a different way, but you know, the impressive thing was that I didn't write in front of ACE. I was talking directly to him, he didn't even notice that I took the berry from him. Oh, he did, but that was later. anyway, he didn't see me do it at the time. I think that's pretty good in my opinion, but yeah, why apologize? I guess I can do it later tonight. I'm going to see what's around on the boat. So my berries are starting to grow quite a bit again. Hey, run, how are you doing?
ryguyrocky   minecraft pirates   pirates of the caribbean the movie so far
I'm off to a pretty good start. Well, leave that and come with me. Did you find a bush with more berries? This one is starting to grow. dry no, nothing like that then, what is it? It's a surprise, come on, but I still have to hurry up and come with me before I drag you at swordpoint. Actually, I'm doing it anyway, come on, oh, look how it moves. My kindness runs out, okay, okay, I'm leaving. What were you playing that thing? I'm sorry, but you moved slowly. It doesn't matter now, although we are here on the boat.
ryguyrocky   minecraft pirates   pirates of the caribbean the movie so far

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ryguyrocky minecraft pirates pirates of the caribbean the movie so far...

What is the surprise? Jess, why is Matt tied to a post? surprise, it's revenge, wait, let's throw it overboard, what yes, now, come on, get on the board, yes, Ryan, your pirate, this is what we do to little thieves, no, Ryan, right, I'm so sorry about the berries, you know? I'm allowed to talk, yeah, come on, take him on the board, no, Matt can be dirty and dishonest, you get it, the point is I'm not going to do that, Ryan, come here, look, when the water's shallow, you won't get hurt. You're just playing with him, what's with the sharks again?
ryguyrocky   minecraft pirates   pirates of the caribbean the movie so far
Ryan when it's shallow water so it's safe to do this yeah it's perfectly fine walk on the board walk now Ryan it's funny there's nothing to talk about personable so stop talking and start talking walk please take that berry thief if it's any consolation, I give a dip a nine out of ten, well maybe that will teach him a lesson to keep his sandy hands quiet. Ah, I feel like a real pirate captain now that you walk the plank, what do I mean? plenty enough for me a cabin boy Wow, no, this is a show. I certainly didn't expect to see you today.
ryguyrocky   minecraft pirates   pirates of the caribbean the movie so far
I guess I deserve that nerd. What is all the fuss about? Oh nothing, Captain Matt and Ryan were just showing us their new diving techniques. Hey, what do you mean explosions, oh hey captains, guys, why are you fluttering in the water? I guess we just washed up a bit, we'll call it quits and get back to work, plus you gotta watch out for those reef sharks guys. reef sharks, good captain, you gave him a scare, you tried your best, tough, tough, the fear should be that reef sharks are fast killers, they are your highest weight, you want to joke, of course not the latest checks , the deadliest types of tuna that exist. no joke Oh, what's the problem?
Looks like you saw a ghost, Davy Jones, maybe yeah, hey, she, yeah, oh man, I'm a real idiot. I would do it with that on you, no matter how long to get back to me. Nap, come with someone. It has to be here what are you doing aah Jess but you're just in time to see me discover the Ring of Power on this island wait really you found it right I've probably been digging holes all day but I have a I feel good about this digging holes all the day yes, that's one way to do it oh yes, and that ring is within my reach.
My hard work is going to pay off. What makes you so sudden, you will find it this time if you have. I didn't find it on other occasions because there were two sticks lying here in an exhibition. The I've been digging in places with X's all day. whoever buried his treasure is obviously not a rookie no rookie any pirate who has buried his treasure marks it with an More dedicated treasures will unearth every X and that means I will eventually find a clue and find the real treasure which is the ring. Hi Jessa, how are you Matt?
You've done it now, wait, wait, wait, come on, I'll stop and you have to admit that it was like that. a good prank, well it was a good prank, you did it to the wrong person, oh hey Jess, I changed my mind and decided to help me find the ring, but I think this is the wrong way to do it. Why, come on? I'm so close Ryan, this is a big joke, come on, maybe it is for you, but I'm going to dig up every last place on this damn island. Look, I'll help you with this hole and when we don't find anything, let's try Different Tactics, okay, look, we haven't hit anything in two hours, let's stop this now.
Okay, Ryan, no, I can smell it. I'm so close you can't smell Jack Squat. Oh, Ryan, that's what it was, I know I can't. Believe it, I knew it, yeah, just look, yeah, yeah, I see it. Come on Jess, we just took buried treasure. What's happening? Go ahead and hang it up. I told him, sir, go ahead. I made a mistake. Because I would do? Good, because you know. Hey, don't worry, you helped me take the hole, that means you believed in me, right? Well, so don't worry, let's go to the basket, our victory for a while, okay, yeah, we did a good job, didn't we? yes we did, I wonder what's inside, weapons, gold jewelry, a new hat, clean clothes, what it looks like, most importantly the ring could be here.
You're right, you should have it. Are you sure you just want me to have it? There is no duel or anything. Well, it goes against my instinct as a pirate, but you worked for it, okay, I'm opening the chest, it's, it's totally amazing, it's the ring, the ring, uh no, it's uh, it's just a key, yeah, just a key, no gold, no weapons, nothing. just the key, nice stupid chests, but whoever buried the chest, oh, maybe some will lock another chest, oh well, let's keep digging on the island and hope we find another chest with a lock that needs a key to another chest, yeah, I see where you're coming from.
I listened to myself, but it seems like you tripped over something while destroying our island. Oh, I'm sorry, sir. sheep, it's pretty cool, but we're glad the terrible landscaping has come to an end, okay? You read our talking sheep, what aren't you telling us? You're getting a little aggressive. I will become more aggressive if I don't get answers yes of course what would you like to know? Why can't this be sent? I don't know, I don't know Ryan, do you have any? She's wait, wait, I think you remember something. I think He goes to the statue in the middle of the city, are you sure?
Because it seems like everything is a sketch. I swear, I swear on my lana, come on Ryan, let's take a look at the statue, but if we don't find anything, you're going to have a really cold winter it's never really winter here, sure, got it, okay, that's what I hope , the sheep said that there is a place to use this key, how do you use a key on a statue? I don't know, just take a quick look, you can't. If you find something, we'll force that sheep to give an explanation, Jess, what's going on. This is what I mean.
Sorry, you both seem so nice. Well, one of you is that purple system. Yes. Well, to get straight to the point, we have to get rid of you. Why do they hide well for one? A powerful ring of power. They have done. so much research both ways we thought you knew too much wait what are you going to do he's not going to do anything I'm going to kick his ass mm-hmm yeah you can do that later bye what happened Ryan Ryan get up now get up where I'll never forgive you Jess sounds like her where am I aah are you awake okay eh Jess hey hey let her go of course I'll let her go wait really yes after you defeat me in battle I defeat you in what is tradition the leader of this island will test the power of who search for his treasures that's stupid it's not stupid it's tradition it's Bri stupid shut up sheep bring him a weapon a stone sword that's the best our little sheepfolds can keep us waiting that doesn't even make any sense, how did Cyrus do your thing?
I won't question my judgment, okay, so I'll just fight you and get that right Power Ring, but keep in mind that I'm the strongest sheep here. I won't be an easy phone. kick her ass Ryan, right, I'll tell you free Jess bout ah oh god oh no what yeah that's from Mart oh wow wait what just happened oh my god, are you okay, yeah, yeah? I'm fine, I just need to get away. or something like that Wow can I no no not okay okay she was my real weakness was getting shot Oh what do I do to free the girl?
Oh, oh yeah, I probably deserved it. Yes, you did well. Here the key opens the safe. I've earned it now oh if you'll excuse me I'm going to go wow I feel a little bad now he'll be fine come on now it's time oh yeah yeah let's open it up it better be your ring. There's real power in there oh my god, oh my god, we did it, yes, yes, we did it. We find the Ring of Power. Well, what are you waiting for? Put it on, try it on, are you sure you don't put it on before I change?
My mind is fine, it's fine, I'm doing it, it's working, it seems to be doing something here, let me try it, what are you doing? I don't know, it's working, maybe it's a less stupid way. Oh, don't worry, maybe you can control it. Waves like the captain, right, let's go somewhere, we'll try, there you are, where have you been? We are preparing to set sail. Well, Jack, we just happened to start a ring in our baby bah boom. I will do that. or be a monkey full of barrels, you did it didn't you, yeah, you couldn't have done it without Jack, dawn, okay, hey guys, Matt, why do you sound weird?
You sound like you've been punched in the face, very stupid Chris yar har har Looks like our resident captain has been found with a power ring. Really what to do. I don't know. Let me help you. First, focus on the old energy and unleash the tearing. Easier said than done, but here goes. Nothing. Something happened. Something happened. I'm glad I didn't take that ring. What's happening? I'm sorry wait, this isn't funny since Anna stops the adventure, captain, wait, come on guys, come on guys. Oh.

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