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Ryan Newman in serious condition after Daytona 500 crash

Feb 18, 2020
in a shower of sparks in his group a new truck crosses the line and this morning good wishes prayers for



after this terrible accident at the end of the


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at a Daytona hospital doctors say his injuries are not life threatening that's the good news here well Heather Wiley goes to the studio with more on the latest developments and how the NASCAR world is responding this morning good morning Heather Abby and Russell good morning the video is terrifying and heart. -stop Ryan Newman is leading the pack here you can see him lose control of his overturned car several times and this car then bursts into flames as his car comes to a stop the AMR security team flips him over to get him out before he does They are rushed to the hospital.
ryan newman in serious condition after daytona 500 crash
Newman is credited with a fourth place finish. Meanwhile, Denny Hamlin won Daytona for the third time. He says that he's bittersweet considering everything that's happened. His families are more important than any victory and in any sport, so they know we only hope for the best and it's a tough day for NASCAR fans. Today marks 19 years since the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr., who was the last top-tier NASCAR driver. he died in an accident, that tragedy also occurred during the Daytona 500 and during the last lap of the race. At this time, well wishes and prayers continue to reach Newman.
ryan newman in serious condition after daytona 500 crash

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ryan newman in serious condition after daytona 500 crash...

We have seen various posts online from the racing community and all of the ones from the president of Lake. Shelton hoping for a speedy recovery NASCAR says there will be another announcement soon of course we'll keep you posted Russell
ryan newman in serious condition after daytona 500 crash

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