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Ryan Gosling & Margot Robbie: The Puppy Interview

Jul 17, 2023
No, he's eating it, he's eating it, wow, my friend, oh, everyone wants to eat it. Hi, I'm magarobi. I already forgot my name. Hi, I'm Nagar Robbie and I'm Ryan Gosling from the new movie Barbie and we're. here with BuzzFeed to play with puppies yes, let's play with puppies. I am nervous. I've seen this show before. It's total chaos. Oh boy, Here Comes Trouble. The puppies are so cute when you were younger. I did not do it. I didn't know how to lower my voice, I did it, but I wasn't like a Bobby fan, any more than I was like a Barbie girl, so I had Bobby's folding house, which was very exciting, oh my God, well, Greta wrote us in the script so the script literally said like Ken Ryan and Bobby Margo and you know Ken Simu and Bobby Isa so actually the audition process for us was pretty smooth in trouble oh he just peed yeah because everyone seemed to want whoa, oh no, he's eating it, oh no. oh, everyone wants to eat it, everyone wants to eat it, everyone wants to eat it now yeah, it was very difficult to keep the plot a secret because everyone was so excited about a Barbie movie that they just wanted to know if it was Krav Maga. go make a wig, Bobby, what does that look like?
ryan gosling margot robbie the puppy interview
Yes, everyone had questions and we had to keep it a secret, but now it's almost available and we can finally talk about it, get to work with Margo and Greta, yes, all these talented people and start using. a fake mink and I think the headband looks good on me. I think he's liking it. Yes. I think I do, sir. I've been told for years that I look like the sex ed girl she is and she. She plays one of the Barbies in the movie because Greta and I thought it would be funny. Hey guys, we were going to make this whole joke about how we look alike and how did you know this.
ryan gosling margot robbie the puppy interview

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ryan gosling margot robbie the puppy interview...

I didn't know it anyway and then once we like it. We dressed like our Barbies, we were like we don't really look that much alike, yeah, like when she has brown hair and I have blonde hair, we don't look that much alike, so we didn't put that in. joke in the movies, but when people come and say I loved you in sex education, I just say thank you, thank you very much. I've also seen snippets of a lot of different things in case it was helpful if we intervened. It seems personal. got beef what happened what happened backstage bro hey buddy my friend my friend please please my friend Ken's thing is hard it's kind of like that Pillsbury um go with me on this Cinnabon blend, you know, once you open that container, everything just is It's very difficult once you open it, you're making, you're making Cinnabons, you know, and you love, you love making Cinnabons, don't you?
ryan gosling margot robbie the puppy interview
Yeah, because I don't know what a Cinnabon is, you don't know what. a Cinnabon is not what it is, it was a lot of fun so we had a sleepover with Barbie at the beginning and, um, we just wait for the always leg sweep in the middle, yeah, we had a sleepover with Barbie for all the Barbies, We went to Claridge's and Greta organized it and we were literally like in our pajamas playing and ordering room service. The Kens were invited in, but obviously were not allowed to stay overnight. Ryan couldn't make it, he didn't want to stay over anyway and instead he had other things.
ryan gosling margot robbie the puppy interview
What to do, he sent a singing telegram and yeah, there was like a knock on the door and everyone said who is it, we're all here and I was like jokingly, I said oh, that's the stripper I asked for and then when I opened the door. it's like I'm sorry for the older guy and mata came in and everyone was like oh this is going to be weird and I was like no I was kidding I didn't ask for a stripper I don't know who it is and then he started doing the Braveheart scene and then he played the bagpipes and it was really funny and then we do movies at church on Sundays, so every Sunday morning at the Notting Hill Electric we put on a movie that was somehow related to Barbie or as a reference. for Greta, for Barbie, so we could see him as his girl on Friday because it's like you know the beat they talk about or he could watch The Red Shoes, like you know they see colors and he knew you would if he was in it, he loves it. although he is the problem, it is him, yes, anything small and valuable, seriously, you know, and memories, yes, and good memories, but yes, it is small and it is like it could easily fit in your pocket.
I took my Harley Quinn and put it away. Yeah, have you seen jury duty? Yeah, oh, did you love it? You don't seem to like it. No, I don't mean, how's that guy? Is he okay? I was worried about him too, but I follow him too, you know? My Finster and I see that he has a lot to do, puts himself through a lot and still hangs out with him like the rest of the class. I mean, I don't know if you can tell I'm a bit of a fanatic. so I've been yeah, it seems like he seems like a good 90 day fiancé oh yeah, you love that 90 day fiancé.
Otherwise my mom would respond, I think she'd be the strongest, but Eva's mom, she's my favorite person to FaceTime with, why not? the good face talks and gives you the time I love that foreigner it was like being a supportive friend and having fun and I liked what I do with this little agent of chaos no don't let him go we live in a society brother, okay, so you have to Let me know, oh, he's back, young Hercules. I can't believe you guys knew that Ryan played young Hercules, yeah, but we're both answering questions, so I answered mine.
I was so excited when you revealed that and then I went down like an internet rabbit hole and kept screenshotting sending you pictures if I knew it was going to end up open again. I hope people see this and come back and see Young her Achilles or at least I hope the opposite just that little Ryan Gosling young Hercules looks at the puppies because it's amazing what a character you are I don't think it's like any of my characters that I play no I think oh um so cool when you actually look more like young Hercules, thanks for watching, you can rescue these puppies, adopt these puppies at Pacific Pup Rescue and you should because they are very cute, after having adopted a


from Pacific Cups, you should leave. see Barbie in theaters on July 21 of course now they calm down

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